someone kill it quick


list of random spirits encountered:

- a spirit haunting a lamppost on 3rd street. it asks for the umbrella of anyone passing by in exchange for a temporary alteration in reality

- a spirit haunting people with burdens on their mind. manifests as a pair of wings on their shoulders





Elliot Rodger stuff that hasn’t been released

Not all of these things would routinely be released in cases like this. I’m just saying they haven’t been released and that I’d like to see them.

  • The “Retribution” email. Elliot emailed his manifesto to 34 email addresses, but the contents of the email haven’t been made public.
  • Surveillance footage from 5/23/14. The police have the footage of Elliot buying a triple vanilla latte from Starbucks at 7:38PM, before he went on a shooting spree but after he’d murdered his roommate and their friend. They’ve never released that or any other footage from that night.
  • Two handwritten journals. These were taken from Elliot’s bedroom by police. The first one had entries dated April 5, 2010 to March 16, 2011. The second one had entries dated March 31, 2011 to May 23, 2014. They’ve only released snippets of a few journal entries.
  • 492 images saved on his iPhone 4. About 200 of these were selfies. Some of these, I’m sure, he posted to Facebook and we’ve seen them already.
  • 24 Cell phone videos. Several videos were of Elliot eavesdropping on his roommates’ and neighbors’ conversations. He also filmed: himself dripping blood from his nose into a bathroom sink; a pile of trash in the kitchen, while he complained about his roommates being lazy; himself sitting in his car saying he was angry two attractive girls ignored him when he said hello, and then he started to cry; himself driving down Del Playa with people walking along the street, and he exchanged expletives with a guy walking with a girl.
  • Complete search history from his laptop. Police released some of them, like “how to kill someone with a knife” and “quick silent kill with a knife” from 5/23/14. So, the day he stabbed to death his roommates and their friend, he Googled how to do it. He was also visiting porn sites. I’d be interested to see his complete search history.
  • Imgur posts. The police said he posted extensively on Imgur, but we don’t have any of the posts.
  • All and posts. Many of the posts are available online, but we don’t know if we have them all.
  • Emails, social media profiles, and Internet posts. I’ve seen some stuff, but far from all of it. The police served search warrants to get all of his cell phone activity, five email accounts, YouTube, social media profiles, and Internet blogs he participated on. They haven’t released any of it.
  • Findings from search warrants served at Elliot’s parents’ houses
  • Findings from the FBI’s investigation. This includes background info, and financial, academic and mental health records.
  • Crime scene photos from apartment #7
  • 911 calls and police dispatch communications from 5/23/14
  • Full autopsy report. A summary was released by police.
  • Statements from Elliot’s social counselors. This includes Gavin Linderman, who is mentioned several times in the manifesto.
  • Transcripts from Moorpark College, Pierce College, and Santa Barbara City College

Bad Ideas (8)

It’s going down, guys. I hope you enjoyed the fluffy chapters from before, because it’s NOT FLUFFY at all for a while.
Trigger Warning for violence (not too graphic) and Wade having a mental breakdown. Lots of language.
This was a tough chapter to write.

If you are new to the story, catch up HERE.
Otherwise, heed the warnings, and even though this was a hard chapter for me, I hope it works.

They came right after closing, several days later.

Wade had just gone to fetch Peter from the office where he’d made him stay all day. “Get upstairs and get whatever you need for the night.” He told him. “Hurry it up, so we can get to the house.”

“I’ll be right back.” Peter promised, and took off running up to his apartment. Wade paced the garage floor anxiously waiting for him. He knew anybody sent for him wouldn’t come during the day, so now that the shop was closed and the sun would be setting, his anxiety was ratcheting back up.

So he paced, waiting for the omega to come downstairs so he could lock him back up in the house, and keep him safe. Wade could handle whoever else showed up as long as he knew Peter was safe. He was fucking gone on the boy.

Peter had spent every night this week in his room, curled up in the nest he made of Wade’s bed, and Wade had spent every night trying his damndest not to join him upstairs. Ever since that first morning, when Peter had all but accepted Wade as his Alpha even if they hadn’t officially said or acted on it, and then later when Wade had told him about his past and Peter had just…accepted it– well Wade was fucked. Head over heels for the omega, and having a hard time pretending otherwise.

In his usual blunt way, Wade had told Peter that they needed to wait for anything while he was still this worked up over the men who were supposed to be coming after him. Already feeling overly protective, overly possessive, Wade didn’t want their first time to be… well, when an Alpha was feeling anything other than perfectly content, innocent cuddling could quickly turn into sex, and often times non consensual on the omegas part, because they couldn’t fight off a determined Alpha. It was a sad truth, but still a valid one, and Wade wasn’t even going to get close to that line. No way in hell.

Peter had simply nodded, and scooted away a little, to give Wade some space because he understood, and even that little bit of acceptance from Peter made Wade fall all that much more for him.

But today, Wade had been jumpier than usual, and when he had gotten up to check on a customer, Peter had stood up as well, brushing close to him and baring his neck so Wade could scent him, knowing the action would calm the Alpha down easier and faster than any words.

So Wade had given in, done what he’d wanted to do all week, and buried his nose against that soft skin, holding the Omega as close as he could, closing his eyes to feel the empathy, understanding, yes alpha want you close coming in waves from the boy.

It was just a quick moment between them, but a huge one for Wade, and he just wanted all this to be fucking over so he could get back to courting his omega.

His omega. Just the thought made Wade want to growl with pleasure.

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A Dedication to Lord Satan

Things you can use if you wish (Though all you truly need is yourself and your intentions)
A candle (black/purple/ or dark blue candle)
incense (dragons blood if you have or can find some)
a fire safe bowl
chalice or something to give a toast (drink your choice)
a rose
candle snuffer
A bowl of water to have set on the altar (represent the blood of the earth)
A bell to ring before and to end your ritual if you choose to

1.Set your items on an altar or a place where you are comfortable. You write what you wish on the paper before you start, something like , “My Lord Satan, I know that you are very much apart of this world and that this world is very much apart of you. Of my free will I acknowledge your power. Of my free will I commit myself onto you. Hail Satan!” Or you can write this during the ceremony. Do not rush into this, do it when you are ready. If you have to relax, meditate, listen to music or such to get your body, soul and mind relaxed and ready do so. Also, make sure you can do this without being disturbed. There is nothing worse than being deep into magic or ritual and then having a cell phone ring or someone knocking at your door. It kills the energy quick. Unless you plan on using music, no electronics.

2.When you are ready you MUST CLEANSE AND PROTECT YOUR AREA, do this as such, lite the incense and say, “In the name of you Lord Satan, I offer you this incense, may it cleanse and protect this place so that only you are present! “Do this at the four corners of your room or in a circle. The choice is yours.

3.Lite your candle and offer it to Lord Satan, you can say something like, “My Lord Satan, I offer you this candle in honor of you, may you find favor of me as I pledge myself to you.”

3.After this it is time to call upon the dark forces. You do this to keep your ceremony further protected. You do this counter-clockwise starting west by saying, “Dark forces of the West, I ask for you to watch and guide this ceremony in the name of Satan.” Repeat this to the South, East and North. If you are not sure of your directions you can say “Dark Forces of West, South, East and West, I ask for you to watch and guide this ceremony in the name of Satan,” while facing your altar. When all Dark Forces are called you say, “In the name of Lord Satan may this ceremony begin!”

4.Take this time to offer a toast to Lord Satan, raise the cup/chalice overhead and say something like, “I drink the blood of the great mother, for it is her blood that created us all. Lord Satan, first born of the great mother, I give a toast in homage of you this night, Hail Satan!.” Take a drink and bow your head for a few moments. When ready, take this time to say what you wish to say, he is listening and hears even your thoughts. When ready or if you decided to skip to the next part here you go.

5.Next, take your letter that you have written and read it allowed. If you haven’t written it yet, do so now and then afterwards read it allowed. Take your fire safe bowl, lit the corner of the letter using the flame from the candle and place it in the fire safe bowl. Please be careful doing this. And do not worry if the whole letter doesn’t go up in flames. Take another toast to Lord Satan.

6.Finally, lay a rose upon the altar and say something like, “And as a token of my dedication to you Lord Satan, I lay this rose upon your altar to please you! May you find love and pleasure within it!” Take one more toast and bow your head for a few moments. You can say anything you wish, how you wish to grow, how happy you are, how you feeling, your goals, your relationship with him. Anything just as long as it is respectful.

7.Finally it is time to close the ritual, go clockwise this time, (East, South, West and North) saying something like, “Dark forces of the East, I thank you for your coming, hail and fare well.”Again if you are not sure of your directions yet just face the altar and thank the dark forces for their presence. Next you should thank Lord Satan for his presence, something like, “My Lord, I take leave of this place but my love and praises of you I take with me. I thank you for being with me this night, may you have a god night!” Now take the candle snuffer and put out the candle. Do not blow it out as this is seen a bit rude.

8. There you go. A simple dedication ritual! Or maybe a re-dedication ritual for those who feel they need to re-dedicate themselves. Let me know if this helps!

By Lyssa Linnel

Hospital For Souls Part 1

And then I found out how hard it is to really change

Even hell can get comfy once you’ve settled in

I just wanted the numb inside me to leave

No matter how fucked you get

The sun will return and you come back down!

The funny thing is all I ever wanted I already had

There’s glimpses of heaven in every day

In the friends that I have, the music I made

The love that I feel, I just had to start again

Your mind can go places when you are alone I should know. I haven’t had a visitor in months. I have no friends here and I’m a high risk case according to the psychiatrist here. Arkham Asylum is full of people. Murderers. Rapists. Cannibals. Thieves. Insane people. I was none of these things when I first arrived. I was admitted because of a mental disorder. When I got here, thoughts I never had before came to me. Actions I have never done were fulfilled. I said things I had never allowed out of my mouth before. It started a year ago, when I was a intern under Edward Nygma.

He was so sweet and nice. I couldn’t see why everyone was so mean to him. His riddles always got my mind working and his charismatic behavior enthrilled me. He was my first crush. Sure I found guys cute before and I often lusted after them, but Ed made me feel something more. Every time someone insulted him or was rude, I debunked their bad manners. Ed and I evolved into friends. We played video games together and he let me spend the night at his home sometimes when the fighting between my parents prevented me from getting any rest. I asked Ed a question one day,

“Why do people get married Ed? Why do it when more than half the time it ends in violence in this city? You are the smartest guy I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, so you must have an idea.”

He flushed at my compliment and adjusted his glasses,

“I can start a war or end one,
I can give you the strength of heroes or leave you powerless,
I might be snared with a glance,
but no force can compel me to stay;
What am I?”

I knew the answer instantly and I smiled sadly,


Ed was happy that I got the answer right, I usually do but not always right away. I sighed,

“I wish I could remember my parents being in love. All I can remember is their yelling and throwing and late nights when neither of them would come home. I’m 17 for goodness sake. They should be divorced if the love is gone. If nothing can make them love each other, they shouldn’t still be together.”

Ed placed a hand on my shoulder awkwardly,

“I’m sure you are the reason they stayed together. I guess it would be so that you would have both of them in your lives so to speak.”

I shifted on my feet at the thought. Shaking my head, I went to go to his kitchen when I collapsed right to the ground.

My parents didn’t have the money to pay for my medical bills. Without my consent they sent me to this pit and never looked back. Ed didn’t visit. Not even Harvey who looked after me from time to time. I saw in the newspapers that the Wayne family was assassinated, all but their son. While everyone felt sorry for his loss I was happy for the boy. He wouldn’t have to grow up to watch his parents waste their lives away and end up disappointing you. A year in this abyss and I lost my mind.

Perhaps it was always there. Perhaps I always knew it was. Change like this didn’t come easy. I changed from the ambitious girl I was to this volatile woman with an unknown need. I didn’t know if it was the asylum that caused my change, but this carnal desire to harm everything in sight just became my only activity. I attacked guards who ran their mouths too much around me. I attacked other patients. I almost killed a few. The solution the asylum came up with was to put me in solitary. I guess they didn’t know that silence is also violent. I screamed after 2 days in solitary. I learned afterwards that they kept me in for a week and a half. My psychiatrist thought it would help me, but it only made me hate her. She allowed me to be locked in a cage by myself. I wanted to gouge her eyes out with that bloody red pen she kept jotting notes on her notepad with. Her diagnosis was that I was mentally unstable and shouldn’t have much interaction with the other patients.

Then he came. Red hair. Contagious smile. His body dripping with pride as he was escorted to the recreational room. I saw him long before he was me. He was hard to miss. His face stood out unlike all the others. He wore a smile like I had never seen and his ego was not swayed in the slightest by his knew home. His calculating eyes scanned the room but never found me. No no. I can see everyone, they can’t see me. I’m in the room, but they can’t see me.

Because we all walk alone on an empty staircase

Idle in the halls and nameless faces

I am powerless

Everybody wants to go to heaven

But nobody wants to die

I can fear death no longer

I’ve died a thousand times

At least that’s how it all was supposed to go. Next thing I know, a body is next to mine. Sitting directly beside me. I could feel determined eyes glued to my face and my hands started twitching. My eyes rolled to look to my left hand side. There he was. Smiling at my face with a wide grin. His eyes bright with curiosity. It was his eyes that made my hands twitch. I got lost in them for a moment. My non-expressive stare didn’t effect him.

“Hello, goregous. I’m Jerome.”

I said nothing. I hadn’t said a word since I got here a year ago. My only vocalizations nowadays is growls and purrs. But to Jerome, I said nothing. He leaned towards my face and said,

“It’s rude to not introduce yourself you know. I gave you my name, I should at least know the name to your beautiful face.”

My hands twitched again at his words. All activities stopped in the room. Jerome finally looked away from me. Turning his head to scan the room again, I got a good view of his neck. I could she his veins pulsating as he turned and I growled lightly. His head snapped back to me and he looked confused for a moment that I had changed my position in the short moments he looked away. I was now on my palms and feet in my chair, staring him down. I waited for him to move. Instinct driving over my mind as I waited for him to act like prey or to move at all. Any excuse would too. A patient suddenly called out,

“Someone get the guards quick. She’ll most likely kill this one.”

Jerome’s eyes never left mine at the comment. He was frozen still, like he knew it would trigger me. Another patient started crying,

“Where are the guards? She’ll rip his throat open like she did to Mickey. He’s still in recovery. I doubt this one would make it, he’s all skin and bones.”

Then more began to murmer,

“She’s crazy.”

“A cannibal.”

“No, she never tries to eat anyone, only maim or just kill. I should know. I’m an actual cannibal.”

“I heard the boy killed his mother with a hatchet. Bet he wishes he had it right about now.”

“Oh please, like he stands a chance. I bet you $100 she kills him.”

“Isn’t betting what got you in this place, shut up.”

“Whatever, I haven’t seen this bitch in action since they last out her in solitary. It’ll be entertaining to watch her mangle someone again.”

But to everyone’s disappointment, the guards came in and surrounded Jerome and I. My gaze daring him to move now. One of the guards started to speak, he was a nice guy, shouldn’t be working in this hellhole. But nice. I knew why he was speaking, he was the only guard I never attacked.

“Come on Lya. You’ve been doing good for a while now. Do you really want to break you streak?”

I didn’t respond, only tilted my head slightly, still waiting for Jerome to make his move so I could make mine. I suddenly smiled and shifted in my seat, sitting back down and leaning my head back. My gaze now on the ceiling as I held my hands up in the air. A different guard approached me with handcuffs. They were going to escort me to my cell. But I wasn’t through just yet. I wanted to feel something. Pain and cause it. When the guard was close enough, I rapidly found my body wrapped around his.

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

In this hospital for souls

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

Hold me close, don’t let go, watch me

In this hospital for souls

The guards eyes and mine locked and I saw shock and lust in his eyes for a split moment. All was quiet in the room as time seemed to slow down. Unwrapping my arms from around his neck, I used my body weight to arch my torso downwards and towards Jerome who also stared. The force of my body caused the guard to flip and go hurling into the wall behind Jerome as I did a complete backflip. On my feet, my stance was crouched and ready to fight. Time still moved slow as I moved onto another guard. My nails raked across his face as I kicked another in his torso. Time sped up and I fought three guards at once. My furiosity driving me to fight animal-like. All the while, Jerome watched with an insane smile on his face. I screamed as I felt multiple tasers hit my side but didn’t stop fighting. All three men were down on the ground in agony and bleeding. I was about to attack more guards when I felt something prick my skin. Pulling it out from my neck, a tranquilizer dart. I faintly heard Jerome laughing as I screamed in fury as my eyes began to blur.

By time I got out of solitary again, Jerome did not approach me, but instead watched from afar. A week passed and he made no move to talk to me. I sighed audibly and got up from my usual spot in the room. All eyes snapped to me as I made my way to the table were the red head was talking with his buddies. His back to me, he slowly turned and watched me approach. I saw caution in his eyes. I sat next to him, facing him sideways. My hand went into his hair without his permission and I felt its softness. His head was turned to me and we made eye contact,

“My name is Lyanna Grimm. Pleasure to make your aquaintence Jerome.”

He smiled now and opened his mouth,

“You held back that day. As much as you fought, you held back from killing them.”

My fingers gripped his hair firmly,

“I don’t kill my toys. It makes it so much more fun to watch them squirm in fear of me. They’d never expect a straight A honor student to turn out insane and capable of having them at her feet within seconds. It’s fun.”

“Well, Lya, I haven’t had may toys in my lifetime, but I’ll take your word”

eruri untitled au

Levi doesn’t care about his targets. If they are not just as bad as his clients, they are worse. Drug lords, corrupt politicians, amoral businessmen… he has his pick of the worst of the humanity. He only has two rules, not involving children and not killing lovers or ex-lovers, he doesn’t really care about bed business of people.

This new mission is kinda unusual. The target this time is not one of the typical kind of criminal he is used targeting. The guy is a plain office worker, an accountant. The assignment is to find some important files the guy stole from the office before being fired. Important enough to be killed for it.

Levi spends days checking the target movements. The guy has a sad life, and that’s saying something if even Levi thinks that. He doesn’t have any visits, not a trace of a partner or lover, not friends, not a pet. He only goes out to buy some groceries every once in a while and even then his trips to the shops are short and fast.

It’s quite usual that when someone is selling trade secrets the first sign of something going fishy is when people is spending way more money than they earn. A low level employee who suddenly wears a pricey watch, a middle manager with a Jaguar car… But this guy isn’t even profitting from his theft, living in a flat in a part of the city that while not bad, is far from being good.

In the end it doesn’t matter to Levi. His curiosity is piqued, but his work is to go there, kill the guy and recover the documents. It’s not his problem if instead flying away to the Maldives the guy decided to remain in his sad, empty apartment.

A couple of days more of observation don’t bring anything new. Sleep. Eat. Work. Home. Eat. Sleep. And repeat. Killing someone like that is almost a waste of talent, but work is work.

Levi picks a night like any other, a week after he picks the job. It’s easy, there are no alarms, not even a doorman at the building. When someone does something that brings a contract killer to their doorstep, they usually sorround them with protection: bodyguards, dogs, state of art alarms, and so on.

A quick shot is the fastest way to kill someone in this situation. Quick and swift. It’s almost a pity the target is asleep, because there is a seed of curiosity in Levi. Why? Why has this lonely sad man stolen something that put him in a hit list? Why he is still living like an average person?

“You have been sent to kill me” a voice startles Levi. It’s not really a question, so he doesn’t offer an answer.

The man is still on the bed, his eyes are open but he isn’t moving, just waiting for Levi to finish his job.

“Why?” talking to a target when it is not needed is stupid but curiosity is pushing him to ask.

“I stole some documentation” the blond man is calm, talking as if a gun wasn’t pointed at his head.

“No shit” growls Levi “Why are you still living in a shitty flat like a hermit when selling that information would pay enough to live in a tropical island like a rich fuck”

“You don’t know what is in those papers” another affirmation.

“Obviously something big enough to be killed for it” he snorts.

It’s not strange, when faced with the prospect of dying that the victim tries to fight. Some others beg or try to pay Levi to call the hit off. But this man, his victim today, is just there on his bed with a calm face. As if expecting this development.

“What is your name?”

“Levi” what does it matter if the man is going to be dead soon?

“Levi, do you know about Rentech Pharma. About their clinical trials for a new antibiotic?”

“I don’t ask more questions than I need to finish a job”

“This drug just entered into the Phase I, the first trial using people. The tests have been done on children, orphans, from 3rd world countries. Already 15 children and 10 adults died. They didn’t even know they were part of a drug trial and it’s still ongoing”

“And what can you do about it? You are just a man about to be dead” Levi is unnerved.

“Everything is set in motion, even if I die the information will reach the goverment, several newspapers and some TV stations”

Levi never paid much attention to the value of good and bad, but there is something interesting in this man, on how he is willing to go to such extreme with nothing to gain beyond doing what he thinks is right.


The hit is already taking too long. Erwin should have been death ten minutes ago and Levi doesn’t have a reason to stall. Kill the target quick and clean.



“Help me fight against Rentech”

“Are you crazy?” Levi can’t believe what he is hearing.

“Everything is set in motion, but that’s not the end of it. There is a possibility that there will be a cover up.“

This man is crazy. And Levi should shot him in the head.

“Levi, you can do something to change the world for good”


“Shit” Levi places his gun back in the holder on his side “You fucker. You better pack fast and pack light”

Levi sits on a nearby chair. In less than an hour his life has been rearanged by this deranged man who thinks he can win against one of the biggest corporations in the world.

And he accepted to offer his help.

Crazy. He smiles.

anonymous asked:

It's strange in the commonwealth how dwellings have massive holes and gaps in the walls and roofs. Like, it's well established that the radiation storms will kill someone pretty quick, yet the architecture doesn't reflect that at all? And if there are so many radiation storms scouring the land then how are crops even good to eat? How come the commonwealth doesn't just look like the glowing sea?

idk,, maybe the writers wanted post apocalypse aesthetic without really thinking too much about it???

So, I realized there’s almost no old people in the Shadowhunters Universe. Nobody seems to have grandparents and I think that is just sad.

And then Lightwood Grandparents headcanons hit me. I am not sorry.

  • Grandma Lightwood spoiled Alec rotten when his parents brought him to visit. He was her first grandson, her perfect little boy, who liked to sit in the kitchen while she baked him cupcakes.
  • Grandma Lightwood loved him the most and defended him from Maryse and Robert’s stern looks. She loved Izzy and Max too, of course. But Alec was the one who got an extra piece of lasagna on Sundays.
  • Grandma Lightwood always asked him about his life and remembered all his little interests. She collected articles about whatever Alec was into as he grew up and she hand-sewed a case for his first bow.
  • So when Alec came out, he received a call from her a few days later. He answered right away, after all, it was grandma.
  • And it broke his heart, because she was crying and asking how could he have tricked her all these years.
  • It was hard for Alec to see the way his parents looked at him. But it destroyed him to listen to his grandmother asking him never to go see her again. To hear her saying she lost two grandsons in the same year.
  • A couple of weeks later, Alec received another call from his grandparent’s house. He did not answer it, but his phone kept buzzing.
  • He still didn’t answer.
  • Magnus had to convince him that it would be ok. So, when the phone buzzed again, Alec answered.
  • It was his grandfather.
  • Now. Grandpa Lightwood was never too affectionate. He never liked kids. He was rude and stern, and he barely spoke to his grandchildren. Whenever they visited, he stayed in the garden, tending to his plants. He scowled Izzy when she tried to pick any of his flowers and terrified Max with his angry glares.
  • He greeted Alec in the same way he always did. “Good afternoon.”
  • Alec was used to have polite conversations with his grandfather. Sometimes, he’d ask for a practical favor, for him to come and get rid of some minor demon that had been bugging their house for a while.
  • So, when his grandfather asked him to come and kill some minor demon, Alec didn’t make much of it.
  • But grandfather stopped for a second, breathed in and said. “Bring your warlock friend too. My flowers are sick and I need a magical solution”.
  • And so they went. Killing the demon was easy and Magnus was able to get rid of what was bothering the plants in seconds. Grandpa Lightwood thanked them. Offered them a glass of water and sent them their way.
  • Just like he always did.
  • And it was like that for years. Whenever Alec’s phone with his grandparent’s number, it was always his grandfather in need of a quick demon kill, or for someone to fix the house somehow. Grandma was never there when Alec went to answer the call, and he’d refused the glass of water, before coming back home.
  • Years later, Alec was already living with Magnus and they had Max and Rafael to take care. Being the Head of the Institute, he had no time to worry about such irreversible things.
  • So, when Izzy asked him if he was going, and Alec answered “going where?” and saw the realization and anger coloring his sister’s face, he was just mildly upset. “Grandmother is hosting a big family lunch on Sunday,” his sister told him in between clenched teeth, “I’m not going if you’re not going.”
  • “You have to go, Izzy. They are old and won’t be with us for much longer.”
  • Alec didn’t mean to rant about that to Magnus when he got home, after convincing his sister she had to go. He didn’t mind not being invited. They even had plans for that Sunday, so they wouldn’t make to the family lunch anyway. He had his own family lunch.
  • But rant he did. And Magnus was not happy in the least when Alec was finished. He said nothing, though, and comforted his husband the best way he could.
  • So, on Sunday, they got the boys ready and Alec was assembling the picnic basket while Magnus took his sweet time doing his face. He wore his best clothes, his most expensive makeup. Alec was at the verge of yelling at him when Magnus walked out their bedroom looking fabulous.
  • “Not fretting, Alexander. We can use a portal.”
  • However, when they walked out of the portal they were not at the Central Park. They were standing inside of Lightwood Grandparent’s house.
  • Alec was ready to turn back and walk away. His entire family was there, looking at him with mixed expressions of surprise, offense and amusement.
  • But Max, who had been restless the entire morning, escaped from Alec’s arms and ran straight to Maryse’s. His little horns were growing and he wanted to show his grandma what a big boy he was.
  • Rafael - who was hiding behind Alec’s leg, since he wasn’t used to so many people - followed his brother at once. He had gotten his first scar from training, and he wanted to show off too.
  • Grandpa Lightwood stood up and started slowly assembling a small table. Alec recognized it as the kid’s table, the one he used to sit with his siblings while the adults ate at the grand table.
  • And Grandpa Lightwood shot an annoyed look at his oldest grandson and said. “Are you going to help an old man or are you going to just stand there?”
  • So Alec helped him and Magnus made two other seats for his husband and him. Grandma Lightwood didn’t say a word during the entire meal.
  • Once lunch was over and Alec went to fetch the boys, who have both disappeared with Izzy and Jace to take a tour around the house, he found his sons at the kitchen, their little legs bouncing without touching the floor as they talked excitedly to each other.
  • Alec called for them, telling them to get ready to leave, but when he entered the kitchen, he saw that they weren’t alone. Grandma Lightwood was getting the cupcakes out of the oven and she frowned at him.
  • “The boys haven’t had their dessert yet,” she said seriously
  • Alec tried to tell her they had eaten too much already, but Grandma Lightwood raised a hand and shut him up. “Then you’d better bring them here tomorrow. So they can have their dessert.”
  • And so they did. Once very month, for as long as Great-Grandma Lightwood lived.

i’m about to go to my brothers graduation where there’s a fuckton of people i don’t wanna see and i’ll be asked questions they don’t care about such as “how’s school” which i don’t wanna answer bc i don’t wanna be reminded of it.

can someone just like come kill me real quick??????

smith-hadeon  asked:

♘ :How you prefer to kill someone

“An interesting question…honestly my preference is quick, by knife or some immediate means, to the back, severing the spine, or slitting the throat, or some sort of paralytic or poison from afar. Magic, though I have my affinity for it, leaves easier tracing, and I prefer not to have to watch my step that much.” Mav sighed. “My least practiced manner is brute physical strength. No one realizes how difficult it is to strangle the life out of someone with your bare hands.”

Real Talk: there are a lot of muses Adam respects for their frightening skills and abilities but isn’t afraid of, ie: punisher, elektra, big boss, selene

but john constantine?

BOY OH BOY adam knows enough to never dare cross him. If he ever got on his bad side enough that constantine decides to come after him he’ll just like… legit ask someone to kill him quick and easy. not that that would stop constantine going after him anyway lmao.

INTERPOL: has a monster sized file on the Hellblazer