someone kick me out of the fandom i deserve it

Anonymous said: August 11th 2015, 9:40:00 am · 2 days ago

Vee, I don’t mean this in the wrong way. As much as I dislike update accounts and their stalking, I think we shouldn’t collectively laugh at Louis unfollowing that UA. I don’t think anyone feels good after being followed and immediately unfollowed by their idol. I know we hate it when UA’s laugh at us over trivial things, but maybe we could try and be better than them. Why sink to the same level. I know we wouldn’t have liked Louis doing the same to one of us. (I hope I haven’t offended you.)

Hi love, you haven’t offended me at all (and apologies that I’m getting to your ask days-late). I understand exactly where you’re coming from and ordinarily I wouldn’t advocate us collectively kicking someone while they’re down…


…Update accounts like Radio1Direction are actively poisonous to the fandom. Not only is it really important that Louis specifically unfollowed them, it’s essential that the greater fandom is made aware of why their attitudes and behaviour are so worthy of our (and Louis’) derision. Their culture of entitlement, stalking and manipulating fans in a specifically anti-Larry way deserves calling out and their hyprocisy of first getting Louis’ follow and saying ‘fuck you’, then losing Louis’ follow and saying ‘if you make fun of us, you’re a bad person’ is, frankly, funny as hell.

They’re not something we can kill with kindness.