someone keep school away

friscontent  asked:

hi, i was wondering if you knew any spells that could help someone with ptsd who goes to school w their abuser?? to keep them away from me, my friends, keep myself from being afraid, ect.... sorry

I only have a banishment spell, which if done with enough feeling, should keep them away;

As an extra precaution, you could charm jewellery and belongings in a similar way, adorn yourself with discreet sigils, etc. 

When with friends, visualise a wall of light that protects anyone inside it from them. 

If you do any of those, just the feeling of being protected will make you feel less scared c: Consider it like a really powerful security blanket! 

If anyone else has a suggestion, or a spell suited for this, please add it because it’s so important to keep everyone safe.

I really wish the best for your safety and well being.