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Ok but Amelie and Lena being really close when she was a pilot and the two of them being very excited about the test flight. The two make plans to celebrate after the flight.

Amelie waits at the pub for hours for Lena before receiving the news.

When Lena reappears months later Amelie has vanished without a trace.

I really wish the Dalish had retained a little more about Ghilan'nain.  I want an excuse for my Lavellan to call her ‘Mother of Monsters’ and use her name to curse people.

Ghilan'nain created a menagerie of horrors and wonders so varied and awesome that Andruil - the goddess who took regular jaunts into the in-universe version of HELL on HUNTING TRIPS - was finally like, 'yo, seriously, this stuff is too dangerous; we’ll make you a god if you destroy your pets and don’t make any more.' 

And the codex entry 'The Ascension of Ghilan'nain’ basically says 'she created a leviathan and a kraken and possibly Scylla and Charybdis and she was so proud of what she’d done that she let them live and just shoed them into deeper waters.’

That?  That is the kind of goddess you yell for when you want someone destroyed.  You might call on Elgar'nan for the ordinary, direct kind of bloody vengeance, but if you want someone to suffer?  You call down a goddess who can hand-craft horrors to haunt their steps, hunt them down, rend them to pieces and then crunch their bones to splinters.