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I need to sit down please someone hold me this new miraculous fic is just 👌👌👌👌 I'm in love please help I need more ml 💕💕🐞🐱


I wrote this smallish drabble for you, please enjoy


BEAUTIFUL fanart by emthimofnight that sparked this whole au

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“What’s your best friend like?” 

Gon nearly let go of his yo-yo in shock. He leaned off the wall he was climbing just enough to stare down at Chat with wide eyes.

“What?” Chat asked.

“You…you asked me about my personal life. You.”

The leather-clad teen shrugged. “Sometimes I get curious too, you know. But if you don’t want to talk about it-”

“No!” Gon yelped. “I do! I definitely do! I’m just- I’m really surprised, that’s all. But I don’t mind talking about him.”

Gon never minded talking about Killua. He loved Killua, ever since they had met all those years ago. It had been pure coincidence that they had both been in the park that day, at that exact moment, shortly after Gon had moved into the area with Aunt Mito and his grandmother from Whale Island.

But meeting Killua- becoming friends, making matching bracelets, fighting for each other against bullies and Killua’s parents, not caring who judged them as long as they were together- was something that felt a lot like destiny. 

And he knew Killua felt the same.

“Okay.” Chat’s bright smile broke through Gon’s thoughts and his breath caught in his throat at the simple sight. “Go ahead and tell me, then. Is your friend really similar to you? Or different? It can’t picture anyone crazy enough to keep up with you in normal life.”

“You’re so mean, Chat,” Gon whined and his partner let out a bark of laughter.

Gon turned his attention back to the yo-yo and with a huff, started to pull himself up again. He could hear the scratch and scrape of Chat’s claws as he scaled the wall just below Gon’s feet.

“My friend’s not really like me at all, actually,” Gon confessed. “He’s really snappish most of the time. And he’s closed off about a lot of things, especially his family. He hates waking up before noon and he’s addicted to sweet stuff. But…”

“But?” Chat grunted to his right.

Gon closed his eyes from the sprawling city of Yorknew as it stretched out before them. Instead, behind his eyelids, he saw a skinny boy with alabaster skin and slanted midnight-blue eyes, a mess of white hair and a grin sharp enough to cut through steel.

A swell of adoration and love of his best friend swept through him, and it took Gon a moment to compose himself.

“But I think he’s brilliant,” Gon confessed lowly, his complete and total affection for Killua Zoldyck turning the tone of his voice awed and heavy. “He’s fast and brave and smart. Like, really, really smart; he’s good at pretty much everything! He could’ve left me behind a long time ago, actually. But he never turns me away no matter what. We do everything together.”

“Everything, huh?”

Gon opened his eyes, then blinked rapidly to adjust to the bright sunlight. Chat was several feet above up than him now. His partner’s lips quirked upward as he tugged at Gon’s yo-yo string playfully.

“Too bad your friend can’t help you get to the top of Heavens Arena before me,” Chat teased and Gon gasped.

“Hey! You distracted me on purpose!”

Chat snorted. “As if. S’not my fault you got wrapped up in story telling. Plus…”

Chat’s expression shifted into something softer, more gentle. There was a kind of warmth in his face that Gon had rarely seen before and his heart did a strange little flip.

“Plus,” Chat said, sounding almost distant. “We all have that one person who means more to us than anything else- someone so important, they make up a part of you that can’t be replaced.”

Chat glanced back down. Something inside Gon melted as that intense blue gaze focused totally on him. Chat’s voice was sincere as he said, “I’m glad you have someone like that, Ladybug.”

Gon swallowed thickly, mouth suddenly dry. He asked quietly, “Do you have someone like that too, Chat?”

A bright kind of light entered Chat’s eyes. “Yeah. I do.”

A strong breeze swept up the side of Heavens Arena. Gon shivered as goosebumps broke out across his skin under his suit. 

“Race you to the top!” Chat yelled out. He had twisted around and begun to scramble up the wall again before Gon could blink.

“Ah- HEY!” Gon hollered. Chat had made him forget! Again!

But the wonderful, addicting sound of Chat’s laughter was enough to make him not mind the disadvantage. Chat would make it to the top first, they would joke around for a while, and Gon would fight the building desire inside him to learn more, to press Chat for more hints about his civilian life and every little detail that made him Chat. Just like usual.

And after Gon would transform and head back home- back to Killua. Because while Chat was the adrenaline in Gon’s blood and the racing of his heartbeat, Killua was soft blankets and mint toothpaste and a shoulder Gon could rest on when he got too tired to sit up straight anymore.

Killua was home. And Gon wouldn’t have it any other way.


deku’s so fucking done with your shit allmight

I’m proud of you babe.
We’re worlds apart now but I want you to know that I still feel blessed to have loved and lost you.
—  i miss u
I just finished watching "Merlin"

And I know there are many, many posts of the reactions to the ending, many tears have been shed and many hearts were broken.
Yes, this is one of those. But it’s also a praise to how wonderful that show was, how captivating and emotive it was. The actors were wonderful, even the smallest roles made the biggest impacts. I will be forever thankful that I made the decision to watch it.
It’s not even noon and I’m already a crying mess, but this show will forever be in my heart, and I am eternally grateful to be a part of this wonderful fandom.

He Just Knew

Words: 350ish

Summary: Just a little Drabble about Castiel and his mind reading. Side note: How sappy is too sappy?

Castiel/Misha Tag List:
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You knew Castiel had the ability to read your mind; although you didn’t care about it as much as the Winchesters did. He only wanted to interact with you and the brothers on a social level, but often didn’t know how he was supposed to react in certain situations. So he cheated and peaked into your heads from time to time.

The funny thing about his mind reading capabilities was that he didn’t only pick up active thoughts, but subconscious ones as well. In fact, he knew how much you loved him well before you realized it yourself. This caused him to pay even closer attention to what was happening inside your head as he felt the same about you.

His consistent observation of your subconscious proved helpful, if not completely necessary after a rough hunt where a mistake had gotten Sam hurt. Even though Castiel was there to heal the damage, you felt deep regret, embarrassment, and fear from what happened. Every time someone tried to tell you that it was ok, you’d get defensive and lash out. Sam and Dean eventually left you to hide in your room, believing that it was what you wanted. Castiel knew better, he could hear your voice scream “Just leave me the hell alone!” but he could also hear that tiny voice inside your mind whispering “Please, someone just hold me and tell me everything will be fine.”

After being together for the last few years, he didn’t have to look into your head anymore. He picked up on your facial expressions, body language, and personality changes to know exactly what you needed.

That’s why tonight, after you weren’t able to save a teenage boy and his little sister from a vampire attack, he didn’t need to read your mind. Through your tears and screams for him to go away, he simply held you tighter and stroked your hair until your sobs quieted and you fell asleep allowing him to chase away any nightmares from the evening. You never had to say out loud what you needed on nights like tonight, he just knew.

  • Harge Aird: How do you know my wife?
  • Carol Aird: Harge, please...
  • Therese Belivet: CArol Aird? I dont know her I just work at Frakenberg's– [trips] [hundreds of pictures of Carol fall out of her dress] s-she just ordered a train set–ok listen uhUHH these aren't mine I didn't take these i JUST [tries to gather them up frantically][sweating] uH–HH I don't even have a decent camera ok–I'm jsut i'm not even fond of Carol just listen [thousands of pictures of Carol spill out onto the floor] UH–i'm just holding them for a friend ok jUST LISETN

all I’m saying is a modern day au where Finn walks in the chippy and plops down and is like ‘right any tune requests?” and pulls out his phone opening up spotify. And Rae is  like, “I got it covered.” and then they bicker over their play lists and don’t realize the others left. 

bonus: when they are driving to the concert Rae keeps plugging the aux chord into her phone and Finn has to keep swatting at her hand until he is like ‘right I’m gonna hold hands with you for the next hour so you’ll stop.” 

and neither mind. lol. 

AU things

I’m sorry I had these in my phone’s notes for a while now and as you might have noticed I’m in an au mood so HERE WE GO! They’re cute to cliché to weird … Idek

* I woke up with a name tattooed on my body and I have no idea who that WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT’S YOUR NAME au
* we met on Omegle 3 times now, this can’t be a coincidence au
* we pretended to date for the fun of it and now I don’t want it to stop?? au
* this flight is boring but the person sitting next to me is kinda cute au
* arranged marriage au
* I have nightmares, but it’s okay when someone holds my hand, hold my hand please or yknow just hold me? au
* we had a one night stand like four years ago and now we’ve met again what is this awkward tension au
* our parents dragged us to church for christmas, wanna leave and make out just to spite them? au
* I hate you but now we have to sing a romantic duet in choir au
* your Pokémon suck. Let me help you out au
* bonding over mutual hatred au
* we’re forced to watch a bad romance movie and the protagonists’ names are the same as ours au
* what do you mean there’s fan fiction about us au
* you accidently readjusted all the important settings and now I have to do all of it again fuck you au
* no, I am not the person you think I am, who are you au
* I don’t know why but I can’t fucking stand you but everybody loves you and I’m there in the corner pretending you’re okay but wAIT DON’T ACTUALLY BE REALLY COOL THAT WASN’T PART OF MY PLAN au
* can I stay here? I kinda got lost and it’s raining. A LOT. please? au
* you’re destined to destroy the world, I’m destined to save it, we should probably stop kissing and start fighting au
* you saw me crying on the train and thought something had happened but I really just read a sad fic au
* you, an irl acquaintance, have seen my nsfw blog, I am now going to die, goodbye au
* omg that irl acquaintance is into the same weird shit as me according to their nsfw blog au
* every single one of our classmates and teachers ships us au
* I love you so much but our friendship is what keeps me together and if you don’t feel the same way things will never be as they were so I’m not going to say anything and instead live a life of pain and sorrow au
* ALPACAS. amirite? au
* I’d appreciate if you stopped coming into my shop trying to buy stuff we don’t sell au
* what on earth have you done to get kicked out of a toy store au
* you stood by me in that ugly anon fight on tumblr au
* I know you don’t like me but PLEASE you’re the only person who I know has read that book I just finished and I NEED TO VENT au