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Retaliation- Clint Barton

Character: Clint Barton/Hawkeye

Prompt: “Why are you hiding behind me? What did you do?”

Warnings: None…just some silliness, some fluff, and some serious flirting. And let’s be real, this is full of some super cheesy goodness and I just don’t care!

Author’s Note: Can’t tell you how glad I am someone requested a Clint one-shot! I’m sort of in love with him think he’s super underrated. He deserves way more love! I mean, have you seen those arms? And yes I know Agent Coulson “died” but just as he is alive and well in the world of Agents of SHEILD, he’s also alive and well here! I loved every second of working on this! Thank you for the fun request! :D Keep ‘em coming!

For a Monday, I was in a delightfully good mood. For one thing, I’d just finished training with Natasha in the gym and managed to almost take her down. Of course, I wasn’t sure I ever would considering just exactly who she was, but in my mind, I’d come pretty close. Not bad for a new agent in training…or as Tony liked to call me ‘Agent Training Wheels’. Of course, what he’d failed to realize was that I’d been meticulously planning my response to this little nickname of his for weeks now…And I also considered this to be revenge for the time he switched the sugar with salt one morning when I went to grab my coffee from the kitchen. I’d smiled and laughed it off, but in my head I was already cycling through a list of possible counter-attacks against the troublesome billionaire who seemed to think himself untouchable.

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New Clint Barton headcanon:

About 40% of the time Clint can annoy his captors into just sending him back. It took him a while to be able to correctly guess which bad guys will just break his jaw (or other crucial bones) to get him to shut up and which ones will just gag him. Which honestly, Clint doesn’t need his mouth to be annoying. He has more annoying in his Pinky Toe than most people have in their whole bodies.

He almost stops after the one group puts a bow on his head and sends a note along that says “We’re pretty sure he’ll do more damage to SHIELD than we ever could.” That one was pretty demoralizing for a few weeks. But then someone (Coulson) had this great idea to use Clint’s super power for good on purpose instead of incidentally. The last time they used it, Clint got the lead scientist to promise to turn himself in if he would just “STOP giving answers to the tune of the song that never ends!”

Mistakes Were Made

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Characters: Chuck x Reader, OFC: Nikki, Fake Sam and Deans’

Request: “Could you write a Chuck one shot? The reader gets VIP passes at the Supernatural convention to meet Carver Edlund, but she makes a total fool out of herself (like walking in on him changing, saying stupid things, spilling stuff, making stuff sound dirty when it’s not… etc 😂) “ I really hope I didn’t let you down!

Warnings: Extreme Awkwardness

A/N: I loved writing this.  Chuck is the man (literally) and I like writing really awkward characters.  Totally makes up for the Differential Equations exam I bombed today.  Okay, it doesn’t.  But it definitely helps.  I used the convention from 5.09 as an example instead of something like Seacon.

Word Count: 1573

Not my gif.

“Wow, these have gotten, like, a lot bigger,” your friend, Nikki, said as you walked into the Supernatural convention

“Thanks so much for the tickets, I’ve always wanted to go to one of these,” you gushed, looking around the crowed convention hall with glossy eyes.

"Thanks for ditching that exam review to come with me!”

“Psht, I’ll just wing it,” you lied, knowing you would probably study all Sunday night.  “I can’t believe we’re really here!”  Nikki squealed, grabbing your shoulder and pointing towards the stage.  You heart hammered and your knees felt weak.  

There he was, the creator himself: Carver Edlund.  

“Aww he’s so adorkable,” Nikki cooed.

“Shut up, he’ll hear you!”  You batted at her with a hand that wasn’t holding your coffee and looked away, blushing furiously.  He was much younger than you’d imagined, and much more attractive, as well.

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Maybe you’ll get rewarded- Bucky Barnes Imagine

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, Dirty Talk.

Summary: The Avengers have a mission to kill some assassins that have caused many deaths. Turns out that Bucky is one of them. Iron Man throws a bomb, and everybody hides. Bucky, the only assassin surviving, comes to hide next to Y/N and turns her on to the point they nearly fuck in the middle of the street. They plan to meet that night at a club to take care of some ‘unfinished bussiness’.

A/N: English isn’t my first language, you might find some grammar mistakes here and there. This is an AU, so it DOESN’T FOLLOW THE WINTER SOLDIER MOVIE EVENTS. But it’s my fic and I really like my idea so deal with it. Shout-out for @mylittlefandomfanfictions , thank you for supporting me, doll. Hope you like it!

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 You’ve just became an Avenger two months ago and all that you’ve been doing was training. You became friends with everyone, considering that they were all amazing and good people. Clint was always by your side. If you needed to train, he would help you and he would give the best of him. If you were bored, he would make you laugh and suggest to watch a movie. You were aware now about his feelings for you. And you really liked him, but just as a best friend. 

Today you were going on your first mission against a bunch of profesional assassins. Your mind controlling skills have improved considerable, but you were still nervous. Yeah, you didn’t have to give the guy a punch, he would do it himself, but what if another one comes behind you? You would be screwed. 

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