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Following from that Bob's Burgers post, have you ever watched Archer and if so, what's your opinion on it. In an odd sense, I find it like one of those comfort shows, something that's good to watch every now and then and you feel like of relaxed when watching it, which is strange considering I like maybe 3-4 of the main characters and the rest I wish would just die in a horrible Scott Tennerman's parents-style way

I enjoy Archer quite a bit, but it’s not in my lineup of shows that I tune into regularly, haha.  Like, I’ve been around people who put it on as background noise while they work, or for stay-in date nights, and I’ve always found it pretty funny.  The writing is sharp and the delivery is really funny.  And I like the characters just fine, but I don’t care about them an awful lot.  Which isn’t a bad thing, not every show sets out to make you care about characters or whatever and I still enjoy plenty of shows like that.  I’m just not super compelled to keep up with it. I guess I’m kind of in the same boat with you… it’s nice to watch every so often!  I enjoy it when I do.
If I Can't Find You There, I Don't Care--Chapter 3 | Archive of Our Own
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Yuri rolls his eyes, and takes his free skate from the top, one more time. But he still stumbles twice; he even has to drop a leg to catch his balance when his mind wanders to Yuuri during an especially shaky Beilmann. Under Viktor’s watchful eyes, Yuri can barely transition from one step to the next without stumbling. It’s been a long time since he’s been this clumsy on skates, at least since his growth spurt at 16 when he was fighting to find his balance…

“You’re holding yourself back,” Viktor calls from the rink’s edge. His eyes narrow, and he’s doing that thing he always does, pressing his index finger against his lips and chin as he watches someone skate. “Give yourself to the choreography, Yuri.”

Not with you watching, Yuri thinks. Because if he were to do that, he’d be thinking of Viktor’s husband’s lithe brown body, above, behind, and inside him. If he were to give himself over to the music while Viktor watches Yuri’s body bend, Viktor would see . He would know . There will be no way to hide the things Yuri’s body knows: the way his muscles move will give it away and somehow his coach will recognize Yuuri’s hands in the shapes Yuri’s body makes on the ice. Somehow Viktor will know how Yuuri has touched him, even if the red scrapes he’d left behind have already faded from Yuri’s neck.

Settling Down
  • Jane: Okay, just hear me out before you say no.
  • Maura: Jane...
  • Jane: No! Maura, just... just... okay, look. *huffs* All I'm saying is that we should get a puppy.
  • Maura: You had a dog, remember? You never had time for Jo, she was always alone, and I'm pretty sure you forgot about her as often as you remembered her. No, Jane.
  • Jane: That's not fair! It was a different time. We were different people. Besides, that was before the new job, the whole teaching thing, and the whole coming back to Boston thing. Come on, Maura! We need a puppy. Think about it. Wouldn't it be great to have a little guy running around? Someone to play fetch with? Someone to watch movies with? Someone to keep you warm on cold nights and do that cute little running in their sleep thing...
  • Maura: I have you for all of that. Why would we need a dog? I really doubt there's anything you can say to persuade me to agree to us getting a dog.
  • Jane: I can handle it! You know I can, and, frankly, I think you're being unfair about Jo. You know I took care of Jo just fine.
  • Maura: What about the tortoise?
  • Jane: Uh... tortoise?
  • Maura: Watson?
  • Jane: Oh! The *tortoise*. Well...
  • Maura: Exactly. The answer is no.
  • Jane: Man! This is so unfair. How are we going to get ready for kids if we don't even have a puppy to practice on? I mean, it's a puppy. Who doesn't love puppies?
  • Maura: You can't crate train a child, Jane.
  • Jane: Well, I mean, you *could*...
  • Maura: *heavy sigh* No.
  • Jane: So no on the puppy?
  • Maura: No on the puppy.
  • Jane: No on kids?
  • Maura: Maybe on children. We've only been officially dating for a few months. Give it time, Jane. I'd like to eventually adopt a child and raise them with you, but I'd like to get through our first year as an official couple as a start. You can understand that, can't you?
  • Jane: Yeah, sure. It's just that it feels like we've been dating for years, you know? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I am SO ready to settle down with you, Maura. I think... I just think it's time.
  • Maura: Well... maybe we can start looking into it?
  • Jane: Adoption?
  • Maura: A puppy.
  • Jane: Yes!

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I think I'm in love with your brain. You are so good with words. I'm just here in awe enjoying your answers in your asks.

😂😂 oh my gawd I’ve never laughed so hard. But one of my favorite quotes relate to what you have just stated: “It’s beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind. Someone that wants to undress your conscience and make love to your thoughts. Someone that wants to watch you slowly take down all the walls you’ve built up around your mind and let them inside.” 🌹


Doyoung “mom” protecting the kids 24/7  👨‍👦👦   

Sometimes, I’ll just be going about my day and it’s just an average Tuesday and then sometimes – this feeling hits me out of nowhere.

This super heavy feeling in my chest that makes me feel like I can’t breathe sometimes.

And sometimes, when that feeling hits me, it feels like you’re with me and I can breathe again.

And in that moment, I will laugh because I remember something funny you did or how easily and unconditionally you made me feel love – especially today, in a world that doesn’t seem to love easily. A world that doesn’t seem to love at all.

And somehow, even if just in that moment, it seems like I’ll be okay again.
Maybe not today.
But someday.
Someday I’ll be okay again.

The world around us may have changed, but we haven’t.

And then sometimes, I remember you’re gone… but then, I’ll remember your smile.

And then I smile.

—  I miss you. I miss you so much.

Samurai Jack season 5 behind the scenes

“sorry i’m thinking about cats again”

(based on something that happened between a friend and myself, except that i was watching dog videos)

(also im sry i changed my url haha sweats)

Team Japan: watching Shoma spin, sitting still, clapping

Yuzuru Hanyu: Closely following each move he makes, nodding head in Shoma’s rythm, sending him secret mental support and strength

EDIT: Bonus close-up

Me, at least once a day : *tearing up* i love mob psycho 100 and its characters so much

I wish we didn’t have to lose our minds so completely / in order to heal. I wish the world didn’t see / the crazy on us, or if they did, labeled it nothing / more than a sane response to have one’s wick lit. But I know / we all do have to go into the stinking rotten cave / of echoes in order to rescue the parts of ourselves / that got left behind.
—  Tara Hardy, from My, My, My, My, My; “Upon Watching Someone You Love Lose Their Mind”