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Is your avatar your normal pony cutie mark? *shut up my curiousity*

its suppose to be my placeholder avatar until i can get myself to draw a proper headshot of my sona but i keep pushing the work aside and got lazy.maybe one day i will finally make my proper icon XD

also its fine,i love the questions~ and am honored that someone would like to know a little more about me~

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No matter what fans of the murderverse say, the mcu made more money, that is a fact

I have answered a question like this before, but I’ll gladly answer it again.

Let’s look at the money (all of these numbers come from Box Office Mojo and are easily verifiable):

There are a few things we can see here:

- each of the first three movies in the DCEU made more than each of the first three movies in the MCU;

- Man of Steel made more than 8/14 MCU movies; BvS more than 10/14; Suicide Squad more than 9/14;

- the total of the first three movies in the DCEU is bigger than the total of the first three movies in the MCU ($1,472,535,104);

- it took the MCU five movies to surpass the amount the DCEU made in three;

- Suicide Squad made that money without China;

- the DCEU is the third fastest franchise to reach $2 billion (right after Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter);

- it’s not fair to compare 3 movies with 14; it is fair, however, to compare 3 movies with 3 movies, and when you do that, the DCEU wins.

I know what you’re thinking: it’s Batman and Superman; they are cultural icons, they should have made more money. And, as I did before, allow me to quote someone else (

1. Due to the popularity of the heroes, everyone has an idea of what Batman and Superman are “supposed” to be like, thus making many people disappointed, unlike with Guardians. It is also the third cinematic Superman and sixth Batman, so it had to live up to their standards.

2. Controversial casting

3. The mixed reactions to Man of Steel

4. A month after Deadpool, a month before Civil War

5. Generally shit on by the media, including over-exaggerating the negative responses and saying stuff like it failed ^^

6. Coming after years of MCU movies, which have made people think there is only one way to make a superhero movie (A serious superhero movie? What??? They have to be self-mocking because superheroes are for NERDS)

7. Mass confusion due to it coming only four years after Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

8. A three-year wait that made many people lose interest.

9. An attempt to start a franchise eight years after Marvel did. 

If you’re going to talk about money, then be accurate.


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Taking a short break from editing, I’ve been scrolling on my dash, not really paying attention, thinking about the people I miss who have left the Glee fandom. That list is growing, and I get it–the show is winding down, the characters have evolved, and maybe not in the ways people hoped they would. And sometimes fandom itself can dampen the experience; I get that, too. A lot has happened since that glorious time that was S2.

So why am I still here? Because I still believe in Klaine.

Now, that statement might inspire many eye rolls; I know some people perceive me to be a Pollyanna around these parts. But understand that I grew up in a time when the only queer representation on television ended up dead, or homeless, or forced back into the closet–for the five minutes that token character was allowed to be on television. Gay teenagers in love? Millions of people tuning in to watch them? A relationship on par with the leading hetero pairing? If you had told me that would happen even ten years ago I would have said, “Are you high?”

And I believe in Klaine because they are iconic, and because I know they are supposed to be. They get the same treatment as all iconic romantic couples, and that means pain, and odd twists, and conflict. Because they are iconic we get more than a side story; we get a “saga." 

Maybe I’m still here because I’ve lived long enough to know from experience that it is possible to love someone even when you don’t trust them to do the right thing, even when they piss you off, and stop making sense, and yes, even when you wonder if it will work out in the end. And I apply that to Glee. So, I’m sticking it out, man. For me, this is too important, and still so much fun.