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They Don’t Teach You This In SexEd-Joji Miller Imagine

“Joji/reader fic where reader loses her virginity with Joji in the heat of the moment despite making a promise that they would wait for a special occasion? All consensual of course.” -Anonymous

Never non consensual here anon! I refuse to write a detailed non consensual smut on this blog <3

Also Joji isn’t a virgin in this because i didn’t know if you meant that both of them were or just the reader :) Sorry if it’s not the way you wanted though


WARNING: SMUT SMUT SMUT SMUT SMUT (did i mention there’s smut)

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reading your paper rn and wow like i was always aware of the robot comments and how chinese national athletes are trained but i never realized how gross some of the things said have been like what tom daley said abt qiu bo wtf disgusting bye


like im so disgusted

Prompt Challenge: Day 53

Write a story based on an old receipt. No word count.

View the competition FAQ, here!
Submit to the February submission page, here!
For competition rules and information, visit the original post here.
You can also submit your own prompt ideas, here!

This prompt is for February 22nd. The deadline for your submission is March 5, 2017.

I thought this was a really cool idea so I made it into a writing prompt. Take a receipt and write a story based on the contents. There’s a few ways to pick your receipt. You could use the same receipt that was issued to the directors, which you can see in the video. You could also use an old receipt that you find from a purchase you made or someone you know made. If you’re up for the challenge you could look near trash cans/shopping carts/self check registers at a store and find a receipt that someone leaves at the store.


Admin A

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So would you mind if someone made a nsfw drawing of gator girl for you? she seems to be popular recently for you ^-^.

Hahha people draw NSFW of her all the time!! I dont mind if people draw her NSFW or SFW! ^^

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lol how can someone even like something about you highspecs bitch? your last highspecs post made me vomit in my mouth a little.

Originally posted by cratermania

{ there’s more of highspecs incoming specially for you , love ~ can’t let you miss that one since it’s more kissing stuff incoming . are you gonna cry more after i post it ?? are you gonna tell me to kill myself again ?? good thing you’re posting this from anonymous window of your google chrome , cause i can’t unfortunately block you , but at the same time , i am having quite a lot of fun . }

We all carry baggage, leftover mementos, memories, and emotional scars from past relationships..

Some baggage is heavier than others, some baggage takes longer to put away, some baggage will never make it neatly into a drawer, never to be seen or felt again, but will linger in the corners of our minds, a handy or not so handy reminder. Depending on perspective.

Is it fair?

No, not always, but if you care about someone, you’ve made the conscious decision to let them into your life, baggage and all.

It just is..

You have to actively help them unpack their baggage, fight their demons, over communicate if needed, be OK that sometimes you might pay for Sins you didn’t commit.

Realize demons can be louder than your intentions, realize what seems silly or trite to you maybe a deal breaker to the person your investing in..

Realize you might have to try harder, fight to break down walls, only to break them down again when they pop up..

This might be too much work, too much effort, if it is and that is your mind set, walk away, save you and the person with the baggage the emotional let down.

Be honest..

Be present..

Over communicate.

Figure out what the person your professing to care about needs to feel secure, cared for, loved, and they will flourish knowing your intentions are true, your feelings are pure, and that you believe they are worth it..

Because they are worth it…


RPGs, or relentlessly persistent girls by cassandrha

at this point im just abusing the star brush


neil, you lil shit

happy holidays, foxes! its only been a few months since i joined the fandom, but i can honestly say that it’s the best one i’ve been in; the books and the fandom saved 2016 for me (that and yuri on ice but i digress)

so thank you, foxes, for everything 


i was just on youtube and saw this in my reccomendations

thank you stranger

~admin ran (thanks from all of us though. bless)