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Shawn Mendes x Reader

**Trigger warning: self harm and bullying**

Word count: 1,085

A/N: I’ve combined an anon request and a prompt I did and as I said, I wasn’t going to do this purely because of trigger reasons but the thought of this possibly helping someone encouraged me to do it. I love you and I’m here for you all. Lots of love.


Shawn smiles at me, his face not far from mine. “What?” I giggle. Shawn places his large, soft hand on my cheek, rubbing his thumb over it. “I’m just so lucky, I wish you could see it.” He says before leaning in and placing a soft kiss on my cheek. I wrap my arms around his neck and begin to kiss him, hard. My body begins to heat as I feel Shawn’s fingers begin to curl up the bottom of my jumper. I quickly pull away before he has a chance to lift it any further. I look up at his eyes, an utterly confused look displayed on his face. I flop backwards onto the bed with my arms splayed out. “Sorry.” I mumble, knowing Shawn is definitely getting frustrated by this repetition. Shawn rests his back against the headboard, letting out a huge sigh. “Y/N… Have I done something? Has something changed between us? I know I was on tour for a while but I haven’t changed… Is there someone else?” Shawn asks, concerned. I shoot up, feeling so guilty. “No! No! Shawn, I promise, nothing has changed with us. I just… I just had lunch and I’m really bloated.” I say, trying to sound convincing. “There it is again. Another excuse. You know I’m here for you, Y/N, but I can’t really handle your games right now.” Shawn says, sounding a little pissed off as he gets off my bed and puts his shoes on. “Where are you going?” I ask, so incredibly annoyed at myself. “Home. I’ll talk to you later.” He says before walking out my door.

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It's honestly so unbelievably frustrating when people keep insisting to use the fact that snape was a death eater as a 'gotcha' for how he's a terrible human being, because snape changed, he showed regret, he tried to fix his mistakes, and those people refuse to see that. How awful to be so unwilling to forgive, to insist that one action is enough to condemn someone forever. And it's so damaging to see that, because they're telling us that no one should forgive us for our mistakes.

it’s definitely a symptom of tumblr culture to look at his character like that tbh. in tumblr morality, the moment someone does ONE problematic thing (regardless of the “level” of problematic) they’re immediately and forever a Bad Person EVEN if they apologize for the problematic thing or if it happened years ago when they were younger and didnt know better and theyve done way better stuff since, and so on. it doesn’t matter bc all tumblr culture judges people on is if they’ve DONE a problematic thing, not the circumstances around it, the time it happened, the level of remorse the person feels for having done it, the badness of the problematic thing, and so on. 

so yeah, for tumblr the fact that snape joined the death eaters trumps the fact that he left, that spent nearly half of his life actively working against them, that he was instrumental to their demise, that he shows clear signs of no longer believing in their ideology. none of them matters bc he did the problematic thing. it’s the same with the mudblood incident - bc he said it to lily, it doesnt matter that he apologized for it, that he clearly regrets it, that he hates the use of it afterward, that he was under pretty heavy emotional stress at the moment when he lashed out, and so on. 

when it comes to call-out culture, nuance means nothing. complexity doesn’t exist. forgiveness is a foreign concept. all that matters is: this person/character did something Bad and therefore we must hate them and if you like them then you’re clearly a terrible person or ignoring the Bad thing they did. 

the fact of the matter is that yeah, snape joined the death eaters. he was young, he was stupid, and rowling makes it very clear to us that many of the young people who joined the de have little to no idea of what it actually entails. he makes a pretty huge mistake that ruins the rest of his life. and when he gets out, he doesn’t run away or hide or try and cover up his mistakes… he joins the order. he protects harry, he follows dumbledore, and he spends twenty years undermining the death eaters and helping to defeat voldemort. he changes. he’s a very different man when the series starts than he is when he was 20, and an even more different man when he dies. so it’s beyond frustrating to have people freeze him when he’s 15, when he’s 20, and refuse to see the adult the became - who is still flawed, no doubt, but who doesn’t hold the same beliefs and doesn’t follow the same regime. 

but anyone who’s stuck in call-out culture is never going to be able to accept that and it’s sickening and frustrating and it makes it really hard to discuss snape with them.

RFA: Gullible MC

What if MC was really gullible? Who would fight people who trick her and who would just not care? 

What if MC was gullible? I mean its almost canon! 


- Finds it kind of cute, like you somehow always manage to find a reason to trust people? That’s so adorable lemme squish your cheeks 

- When you then tell him he acts the same way, he just stammers

- Tries to protect you from things because “being too innocent can be dangerous”

- But he usually gets tricked too

- He’s probably more gullible than you


 - Zen would definitely protect you, threatening to fight anyone who takes advantage of you

- If you were insecure, he would just hug you and kiss your forehead, telling you that you were perfectly fine

- “Just… Don’t talk to random guys because they want your help”

-  But he really did find your trusting ways really endearing, since it was what got you into the RFA 


- Probably too logical to fight someone, since she doesn’t work out or anything 

- But absolutely will defend you verbally

- She would say kind things to you, reassuring you that being overly trusting was not a completely bad quality

-  She doesn’t particularly like pranks, so she has no problem shutting them down for you 


- Jumin’s mind works in numbers and documents, not pure emotions. So he doesn’t understand

- “Why you trust all these random people..?”

- But he doesn’t hate you for being gullible, since he knows that you can’t help it

- He gets very possessive though, since you occasionally get messages from guys trying to take advantage of you


- “ohohohoh my girlfriend is gullible?”

- Pranks. So. Many. Pranks. 

- But he does stop whenever you stop laughing 

- If you get upset from being tricked too many times, he just squeezes you tightly 

- Would fight anyone who takes advantage of you

- “You can only prank my 606 if she’s okay with it!” 

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BTS reaction to you coming home sobbing because you didn't get the Swan Queen part and when you explained to them why didn't the director give it to you, he told you that "You have an hourglass figure, it's too seductive for a white swan." And you ask them if your butt or boobs are too big.

Thank you so much for the request ((:

BTS Reaction: When you come home sobbing from a bad audition

Would be heartbroken to say the least, seeing as you were extremely excited beforehand to get the part you were so passionate about. Jin would be the type to reassure you that you are perfectly fine the way you are and that you have many other opportunities ahead.

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Yoongi (Suga):
He has never seen you break down before, and it was especially saddening to know that you were dying to get this part. Though I know he would never be rude or mean to be rude about just say it as it is.

“You may just not fit the role.”

While saying that, he would probably be holding a grudge at the director in the back of his mind.

He would definitely reassure you that you were were great the way you were and tell you to keep pursuing your dreams.

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Namjoon (Rap Monster):

Would tell you how you were of course fine the way you were, laughing a bit out of nervousness to calm you down. He would try his very hardest to look on the bright side, telling you this isn’t your only chance.

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Worried about what he would say, at first he would try and silently comfort you, holding and calming you down. He would probably say what you would expect, telling you you’re perfect and all that. 

I also have a feeling later on he would go on a hunt through open auditions, surprising you with a ton of new parts that are open and cheer you on.

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Hoseok (Jhope):

This ball of emotion would probably be on the verge of shedding a tear of sympathy, seeing how passionate you were and how much time you spent just to get that part you ended up missing. Hoseok would be the type to talk you through the whole thing, maybe even pulling the director to the side another day.

In the meantime, he would pull you in for a bear hug.

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Hopefully i’m not getting this wrong, I’m sure he said once that a good way to comfort someone is just to listen (which is true in many cases) so he would tell you to slow down your words and explain everything that happened.

In the end he would praise you for how well you did and that you don’t need to change anything about yourself.

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Taehyung (V):

I can find him getting frustrated at the director (who wouldn’t?) just at the rudeness in his tone and how he definitely could have used his words better. He would comfort you, arm wrapped around your shoulder and pulling you close.

“Please don’t cry, you have so many opportunities ahead of you.”


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beauty & the cat

member; kill me so softly jeonghan
genre: fluff, slight!fantasy
summary; when you wake up on your twenty-first birthday, there is a human boy in your bed. you’re pretty sure you have a cat, not a boyfriend.

As your televisions continued to voice Japanese words, you watched intently. While sitting on your bed, your cat jumped up onto your bed and laid its head on your legs. Absentmindedly, you petted its white fur as you focused intensely on the movie. Honestly, you weren’t sure why you were so focused on this movie. It was just another romantic comedy that you had no chance in participating in. And tomorrow would be your birthday. Another boring birthday, most people got incredibly drunk on their birthday, but you? You were spending the last night of being twenty with a movie you’re streaming and your cat. How was anything going to change tomorrow? You weren’t going to wake up reinvigorated and ready to take on the world. 

Besides, you didn’t even have plans for your birthday. Instead, you just wanted to stay away from people, and continue to have a lovely slow day for your birthday. As much as you enjoyed being around friends, being around good people, and everything inbetween, you just wanted a day to yourself. So when the movie finally ended, you looked down to your mewling cat, and smiled. 

“You’ll be with me on my birthday tomorrow, right, Carrot?” 

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Things To Remember For The BBMAs
  • Don’t get conceited - unless bangtan actually win an award there is no guarantee that they will receive one, so don’t get over confident
  • If bangtan win, don’t brag about it. Be proud, yes, but don’t start acting arrogant and like you or bangtan are better than everyone else
  • They are going to get more attention after tonight, and if they do perform (as is speculated but not confirmed) then this attention will be even greater
  • It’s going to be messy - with more people focusing on them, things from the past will be brought up and people will scrutinise everything the boys and we as their army do, so please be careful
  • If someone is being rude and disrespectful (which undoubtedly will happen), don’t lash out at them - remember what our boys taught us and be the better person - educate them politely and kindly and with facts, and prove to them that we are stronger and better than they thought we were 
  • New people are going to join the fandom - whether it’s just for a short time whilst they ride the wave of “ooh new and shiny I want” or if they genuinely fall in love with bangtan like we have and want to be a part of this family - be kind and understanding. Again, educate them, especially since they’ll likely be new to the kpop world, and show them by example what the proper way to behave is
  • Don’t get frustrated if someone makes a mistake - we are all human and we all make mistakes. Yes people should do their research and try to understand bangtan and us armys, but yelling at them and treating them like filth isn’t going to accomplish anything but embarrassing bangtan, and that is definitely something that we don’t want
  • We are the face of bangtan, and everything we do reflects directly on them, so let’s not give anyone any reason to insult them
  • And last but not least - be proud. Bangtan have come so far in such a short amount of time and have achieved things that no one even thought was possible. Regardless of the outcome of tonight’s awards, just the fact that they were nominated and invited to such a prestigious award show is an incredible feat in itself, and we should be so unbelievably proud of them.  
What’s Up with “Dissatisfied” and “Unsatisfied”?

Confusing, right? 🤷🏻‍♂️

Dissatisfied (not “disatisfied”) applies to people who are unhappy, frustrated, or disappointed with someone or something:

  • Professor Bower was dissatisfied with her students’ poor essays.
  • The company’s dissatisfied employees organized a boycott.
  • We were dissatisfied with our insurance company’s customer service.
  • Sakura was completely dissatisfied with Naruto’s attitude. 😠💢

Unsatisfied refers to the feeling of wanting more of something:

  • The restaurant’s delicious but meager appetizers left us hungry students unsatisfied; we wanted more of everything.
  • I was unsatisfied with the game’s intriguing demo: it was too short.
  • I was completely unsatisfied with my 15-minute nap, so I’m going to sleep some more. 😪

💁🏻 NOTE: Only unsatisfactory is a valid adjective (definition: unacceptable because poor or not good enough), and only dissatisfaction is a valid noun (definition: lack of satisfaction or contentment).

For example, “Princess Bubblegums’ dissatisfaction with the unsatisfactory lab results was evident to all.”

@meltymermaiid Asexuality is the lack of sexual attraction. It is not a lack of sex, or even a lack of a desire to have sex. You can want sex without being attracted to someone.

Have you ever considered that I’m fucking tired of educating you all? I shouldn’t have to say the exact same thing to every discourser who comes to my blog. It’s just as easy for you to ASK ME what asexuality is/if your definition is correct, or even just GOOGLE ASEXUALITY FOR YOURSELF (!!!!!) than to come to me and insult me and other ace people because, for some reason, you didn’t hear us the last 3628326373700 times we tried to explain this concept on this hellsite.

That’s why I’m frustrated. Because this isn’t a new thing. Your misinformation is your own fault, because aces don’t define ourself by how much sex we have. It isn’t MY JOB to bow my head in understanding every time someone comes up and says “aces just can’t get laid, that doesn’t make you LGBT+!!” or “being ace just means you don’t want sex, that isn’t an orientation”.

Yes, I try to be polite when people just genuinely misunderstand. But this wasn’t a misunderstanding. This was rude and insulting based on a definition that has been debunked REPEATEDLY. So excuse me if I get frustrated when I literally see this every day, and I see countless people correcting this definition, only to be ignored because??? Who cares, right? Lmao.

–Mod Mercy

Homosexuality was legalised in Portugal in 1852 (then criminalised again during the dictatorship and then decriminalised again when it ended).

The age of consent used to be 14 for heterosexuals and 16 for homosexuals, but that was changed to 14 for both.

The age of consent is 14 years old for relevant sexual acts — kissing included — and 16 for copulating, oral sex, and anal sex.

All good, right? No. Definitely not all good.

Let’s consider a minor someone between 14 and 16 years old:

As an adult, engaging in relevant sexual activity with a minor of the same sex, or leading them to engage in such activity with another, will earn you up to 2 years in prison or a fine up to 240 days.

As an adult, copulating, having oral sex, or anal sex with a minor of the opposite sex (but not other relevant sexual activity), or leading them to engage in such activity with another, will earn you up to 2 years in prison or a fine up to 240 days, IF you took advantage of the minor’s sexual inexperience.

This means that an 18 year old​ and a 15 year old of opposite genders can engage in any kind of sexual activity they please, as long as the youngest has sexual experience.

However, two people of the same ages but also the same gender, and regardless of sexual experience, cannot even kiss, lest the 18 year old face up to 2 years in prison.

Once you turn 14, you can give and receive hand jobs to and from an adult, as long as you do it with someone of the opposite gender. But if you do it with someone of the same gender, the adult goes to prison.

And you wanna know where it gets better?

CÓPULA (in infopedia) — DIREITO relação sexual que supõe, especificamente, introdução de pénis por via vaginal

Which means that the act of copulating specifically implies, according to Portuguese law, the insertion of a penis in a vagina. Which means fingering​ (penetration included) is not copulating, therefore being included in the “relevant sexual acts” section.

What does that entail then?

If a 15 year old fingers, or is fingered by, an 18 year old (penetration included) of the opposite gender, it’s all fine and dandy, because it’s not copulating, oral sex, or anal sex. But if a cis 15 year old girl fingers, or is fingered by, a cis 18 year old woman (penetration included), it’s considered a criminal offence.

So a straight minor/adult couple can do anything they want as long as the the minor is at least 14 years old and isn’t a virgin, but cis wlw (and God knows the law must be even more unfair for non cis people) can’t have sex until they’re both 16+, lest the older one end up in prison. hell, LGBTQ+ people in general can’t even fucking kiss without committing a crime.

A Seat At The Table -
A well written album by Solange Knowles
This to me represents current social black issues & events, the frustration, anguish yet thought provoking all while giving you soulful harmonies that heal. She is an artist

What is the definition of an artist to me?

An artist is someone who creates timeless pieces of beauty. They are influenced by their surroundings and what time has to offer. … they are not famous because of their work, but because they inspire us. If not a collective, but a single heart is touched by their body of work then their work is done. Therefore that makes them, her an artist. Not by the amount of CDs sold but the hearts they influence and inspire.

The Hedgehog’s Dilemma

Pidge bounding about the castle humming Don’t Bring Me Down from ELO. She wasn’t sure why, but she was just in the best of spirits. With a full night’s rest under her belt she felt ready to tackle anything the universe through her way. She trotted down the hall in pursuit to find someone to share her good mood with. Maybe springboard some new ideas that she’d come up with while she was sleeping. However, no matter who she spoke to the mood in the castle adamantly fought against her upbeat feelings. Even the castle itself felt a little somber with it’s dimmer than usual lighting. 

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can I have headcanons for the cast's reactions to finding out their s/o is trans? ^^

Of course, Anon! As a trans person, I’m more than happy to help out with this - Admin Avery

Finley - She will be so supportive of you, won’t belittle you for getting frustrated at certain things a lot of others would tell you to brush off. She’d stand up for you with it. She’s not usually one for violence but if someone intentionally continues to use pronouns that aren’t yours, she’ll definitely deck them. She’s gonna buy you so many outfits, too, you can’t stop her. Nobody can.

Landry - Immediately asks you if he can help out with transition in any way, he knows it’s a never-ending process with how long someone would have to take estrogen or testosterone, and even if you’re already along with that he’d want to help out somehow. He’s also tall enough to terrify anyone out of misgendering you.

Hayes - Immediate hug, if you’re comfortable with hugs. He will make sure you know he’s there for you, and while he’s not too sure how he can help, he’ll break through his nervousness to correct anyone who may misgender you. If they don’t stop, his magical poetry will have something to say about it. He’ll weave the correct words for them.

Mason - She won’t care. Not in a bad way, but more in a “this doesn’t change how I feel about you” way, but she will be more talkative with reassurance when you need it. She definitely knocks out anyone who talks negative about you already anyway, a few more punches aren’t much to manage.

Reese - You will find yourself with so many new clothing items courtesy of Boy Luck, suited for how you personally prefer to present. He buys you pronoun necklaces and bracelets, and tries to teach you a glamour for passing, if you so want it. He doesn’t think you don’t pass, he just feels glamours are a huge help.

Graves - Like Reese, he offers a glamour but points out it’s not necessary, and asks you how you wish for him to deal with the ones who don’t accept you. If you don’t want them dealt with magically he’ll accept that, but he’ll always correct them. If anyone in the cafe doesn’t accept you, he will make sure they know they’re not welcome in his establishment.

Take Me Home (Barry Allen X Reader)

Author’s Note: Here’s my new imagine with my new favorite character, Barry Allen. The TV show barry allen cause I can’t resist his charm and that cute ass smile. I also do not own the song. It’s ‘4 am’ by Alex G. I apologize that it took so long to get this out. I had a lot of stuff going on. Not sure if I’ll want to do a part 2, if you want a part 2 let me know. Also if you wanna be tagged, just let me know here. Enjoy!

Summary: Nine months ago, Y/N’s life was rocked by the decision of someone who she thought she would marry and spend the rest of her life with. But what happens when nine months later, she ends up with an unexpected guest returning back into her life.

Nine months ago…

“Are you saying that you just want to be friends?” She asked looking at him.

“It’s not that, Y/N. I just think that right now isn’t the best time for me to be in a relationship right now.” Barry reasoned as he saw the tears forming around her eyes.

“Is this because your feelings for Iris are starting to resurface? Because we’ve been together for almost nine months and we’ve never had this problem.” She asked as he gave her a questioning look, “I’m not stupid, Bar. I can see the way you look at her. It’s the same way you used to look at me when we started dating. You’re in love with her and maybe that’s what’s best right now. That we just try to be friends so that you can be with the person who you were really meant to be with.”

“Y/N…” Barry began to whisper but she cut him off.

“No Barry, I’ve always known that I wasn’t going to be the one person you saw yourself living with for the rest of your life. I guess I just believed that…no I hoped that it was. I’ll…” She wiped the tears that were forming around her eyes as he reached for her but she stopped him, “No…please just let me be. I’ll have my stuff out of your place today.”

“Y/N, you know that I love….” He interjected but she held her hand up.

“It’s okay you don’t have to say it. I understand. I wish you the best, Barry.” Y/N said kissing his cheek as she waltzed out of his lab and life.

*Hours later*

Barry sat in his chair in the lab recounting the event that had just transpired hours before. Was he really doing the right thing? Did he really want to sacrifice loving Y/N, who had put up with all his problems, for someone like Iris? But Iris was someone he had loved his whole life. She was the one that always seemed to interject his thoughts. But then Y/N had come into his life and everything started to become different. The idea of being able to love someone else other than Iris was definitely out of the picture but then that changed. He saw himself wanting to spend more time with Y/N and wanting to be around her. Around her carefree, self-loving, and fun-loving personality. He shook his head when he heard someone calling his name. Looking at the entrance to his lab, he smiled when he saw Iris appear.

“You ready to head to the atom smashing thing?” She asked as he chuckled.

“The Particle Accelerator?” He asked.

“Yeah whatever that is.” She said snatching a fry from his desk.

“Hey those are my fries. Get your own.” He said as she held her hands up, “And yeah I’m just about ready.”

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anonymous asked:

How to be vegan when I'm autistic? I hate more than 3 colours on my plate and more than 2 textures. The food can't touch unless they have different textures (e.g, pasta and veg). I want to be vegan but it's hard, I don't like tofu or meat replacements. I'm already vegetarian so meat isn't a problem I just want to make that final leap! Sorry if this is too hard to answer though because I have no clue.

Since I’m not autistic, the best resource I can offer is just tales from autistic vegans themselves! There’s a blog called Thoughts From An Autistic Vegan you can check out with some pretty cool posts, and there are some folks out there speaking out about their experiences as autistic vegans

There are also Tumblr users out there like Autistic Broccoli, Autistic Vegan (tons of recipes with pics!) and Helen Lupton who might be able to lend some good resources.

Additionally, if you find yourself limited on how many online resources you can find, it might just be the kind of scenario where you have to forge your own path. Look up vegan recipes, ask around, and spend some time tailoring them to your needs. Everybody is different and as such there’s no surefire Guide To Veganism out there that can solve all our problems and get rid of all obstacles. Some people are going to have it easier than you and I, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for us! 

If you need somewhere to start looking, I would probably suggest Raw Food blogs. Raw recipes rarely contain a wild variety of textures, and the colours of whole foods are typically very uniform and easy to organize! It’s also a good place to look if you don’t like processed meat analogues, since it’s a shift in focus from processed foods to more basic ingredients. (Watch out for raw food mommy bloggers who treat their autistic kids like… well, for lack of a better term, animals. There are some unfortunately nasty pseudo-scientific hiveminds out there that try to argue they can “cure” autism with vegetables.)

As a statement to general readers, not liking tofu doesn’t prevent anyone from going vegan. It’s one food among the millions available on a plant-based diet! It’d be like if I said I can’t be vegan because I don’t like brussel sprouts - like yeah, it’s a vegetable, and vegetables are vegan, but we can??? eat other things too??? No matter how popular an ingredient is among other vegans, you’re never obligated to eat it in order to be vegan (my Vegan Super Powers™ would have been revoked already from the sheer lack of avocado in my life).

Everybody faces different obstacles in life. For me, it’s mostly poverty and depression, and how that affects my choices as a vegan and as a human being in general. For other vegans, there are obstacles such as various disabilities, allergies, personal relationships, and more. If anyone reading faces these obstacles, please take the time to share your experiences! It will definitely help someone out in the long run.

Luckily, these obstacles aren’t cages - they can’t stop us from moving forward, they only make us take an alternative route to our goal. At times we might be frustrated that certain things are harder for us than they are for others. But it doesn’t make us any less capable of positive change. We’re still autonomous individuals, and we should never be afraid to do what we know is right.

Let’s also spend a moment to draw attention to the shitty organizations who use autism as a scare tactic in order to get people to eat fewer animal products. I’m lookin’ at you, PETA. There are better, more productive ways to talk about veganism, or the benefit of plant-based foods - ways that don’t involve treating people living with autism as the enemy.

Vanity left the trio in a bit of a lurch last year when she decided to leave and start a solo music and film career. We weren’t surprised that she wanted to leave. We were always aware she wanted to pursue a solo situation. We were surprised it happened when it did. We had just finished a new Vanity 6 album which has been put on the shelf and the movie ‘Purple Rain’ was just starting to happen. It was frustrating but we’re still friends. There are no hard feelings.
We had been looking for someone to fill the spot and hadn’t made a definite choice. Prince had us come over his house one night and look at the videotape of all the girls auditioning for the female lead in 'Purple Rain’. We must’ve looked at 200 girls and when Apollonia came on the screen, there was something that seemed to work. We asked where we could get in touch with her, and he had this funny smile on his face and said “It just happens I’ve chosen her for the movie.”
Apollonia 6 is currently serving as publicity ambassadors for 'Purple Rain’ and working on videos for songs from its first album. The trio plans to tour in the spring. With Apollonia’s influence we’re doing more of a sensual, erotic sexuality rather than the straight sex approach we did with Vanity. A lot of people thought we were just a novelty, but I think we’ve established ourselves pretty well.
—  Brenda Bennett, 1984

anonymous asked:

What kind of music do the characters listen to?

Bellamy Blake:

Originally posted by buckynctasha

Bellamy likes to sneak off on the rare occasion with an old MP3 player and headphones and listen to some indie folk.  It helps him to clear his mind, especially bands like Iron and Wine, Bon Iver, and Noah and the Whale.  Anything with lots of acoustics and good, old sounds.  He likes music that sounds the way the forest during autumn makes him feel.

John Murphy:

Murphy likes to jam to music.  He uses it to get out anger/frustration/jealousy/despair, so he mostly listens to alternative rock.  Bands like the Meat Puppets, early Nirvana, etc.  He’d be mortified if someone saw him rocking out because it’s a very…spiritual experience for him.

Jasper Jordan:

Jasper would be into bands like 21 Pilots, Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and anything with an upbeat sound but real lyrics.  He’s definitely one of those people that memorize every word to every song they’ve listened to more than twice and he subjects anyone around him to listening to him sing along.

Clarke Griffin:

Originally posted by dontwantthenextcommanderiwantyou

Clarke totally denies being into any type of music and insists she doesn’t have time for it but she really likes anything she can groove to.  That’s right; Clarke is groovy.  When she’s sure no ones looking, she’ll put on some Bob Marley, or Smokey Robinson, or anything she can just bob her head to.

Octavia Blake:

Octavia loves to listen to anything with a powerful female lead.  Paramore, the Runaways, and The Pretty Reckless all get her pumped up and kind of give her a boost.  She loves the sound of a belting girl backed by electric guitars and honestly feels like she can take on anything after a few songs.

Raven Reyes:

Originally posted by etherealchilds

Raven likes to listen to music when she’s in the shop or working on a project, and she’s more of a Indie Pop type of gal.  Marina and the Diamonds, Halsey, Melanie Martinez, and Walk the Moon for example.  She cranks it up and goes to work with the music blaring.  The type of person to turn it up louder if someone complains.

cellophanenoise  asked:

I caught my friend stealing your art (he claims it is his, but clearly it is your art) for his animations class. How might I approach him about this matter?

((I hope you don’t mind me posting this publicly, I thought it might be useful for other baby animators, just let me know if you’d rather I take it down))

Hmm that’s a tricky one, you could advise him that if he emails me and asks permission I’m usually happy for my work to be used for non profit/ study purposes (just give me that sweet credit all tumblr artists crave!), but also let him know that if he’s always tracing other people’s poses outright he’s unlikely to learn very much himself (and if he *is* going to copy or trace for learning purposes - which is totally valid so long as he doesn’t then claim it as his own work- he should definitely use a site like disney screencaps which has some old classics that will teach him MUCH more than my work can about animation posing)

It’s tough, copying is a big part of learning and if you’re only a beginner it’s frustrating to see how far you have to go, but struggling through creating poses and designs yourself is what allows someone to develop… Just tell your friend he can get in touch with me and talk it out if he’s finding it hard, I’m pretty sure that’s something all artists will continue to struggle with, whatever their skill level. 

Good luck! it will probably be an awkward conversation however things play out..

((p.s If he just continues to deny it and you’re 100% certain it’s lifted I’d let his teacher know, because then he’s just being a butt =D ))

anonymous asked:

Hamburr fake marriage/dating au?? (And maybe they end up falling in love? •3•)

I’mma assume this is for the 5 headcanons thing :D

1.) Alex absolutely loves it, at the beginning not b/c he loves Burr, but b/c he roped this cool, classy, emotionless politician to fake marry/date HIM. He sees it as a victory over Aaron 

2.) Alexander takes it for all he can, he’s touchy/feely, calls Burr petnames at home and in public

3.) Aaron actually finds it incredibly nice, though of course he’d never admit it. But having someone else in his apartment, or staying w/ Alex in his, is just really nice since he’s been so used to living alone. Sure he gets frustrated when Alex drinks all the milk and leaves the carton in the fridge empty, or leaves his clothes lying around for Aaron to trip over, but then he also comes in and wakes Aaron up during a nightmare, or makes breakfast/lunch/dinner so Aaron doesn’t have to. It’s nice.

4.) Alexander is definitely the type to leave sticky notes everywhere, “buy more milk” “Jefferson called, what an asshole” “don’t forget your dentist appointment today!” and then one day, Aaron gets up late bc its his day off and Alexanders already gone, and stuck to the lamp on the side table by Aaron’s head is a little yellow sticky note with a simple ♥ Aaron keeps it for the rest of his life and shows their grandkids! (they adopt Theodosia and Philip)

5.) Alexander is just really mindful of when Aaron’s tired or upset or exhausted, b/c he knows what a job like the one they have can do when one doesn’t take breaks, since he runs himself ragged all the time. But he doesn’t want that for Burr so whenever Aaron comes home later than Alex or has to stay up all night to work on a separate case, Alex does little things, like giving him back massages, or making him food so he won’t forget to eat, and one day, after a particular week of non-stop work, Aaron finally finishes and then goes to do all his chores to find Alex has already done everything, laundry, vacuuming, dishes, it’s all done. And when Aaron goes to thank him, Alex just waves it off like, “well i live here too and i didn’t want it to be messy” but Aaron knows that’s not it, and watches Alex go back into the bedroom with a smile.

Ugh, this got too cute ^////^