someone in my head


Sebastian Stan laughing because he was telling a story about your guys’ child.

“It was really late at night, and I just hear these weird noises in the kitchen, so of course, I think the worst and think it’s some type of robber or someone.” Sebastian scratched his head and chuckled. “So, I go out of my room, ready to fight, but as soon as I flick on the lights to catch the culprit, there’s our kid. They’re just standing in the pantry, eyes wide, with their mouth stuffed with cookies.” Sebastian starts cracking up, remembering the moment. “It - it was honestly hilarious. I was laughing so hard that Y/N ran out of our room to make sure I was okay.”


frick.  heck.  shoot.  i’m doomed.  i know i’m in a ship too deep when i want other people to write it for me.


every time someone keysmashes i literally hear this in my head

It annoys me when people type “an Unoa” because it’s not pronounced that way. When I see someone write that I hear in my head, “An oo-no-ah.” It’s “Yu-no-ah” as per Japanese phonetic writing. Pet peeve. I can only imagine how many people pronounce it wrongly as “Oo-know” or something similarly horrible.


What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.
Think about Yuri reuniting with Otabek.

Think about Yuri reuniting with Otabek.

Think about Yuri arriving hours before Otabek’s plane arrives. 

Think about Yuri pacing back and forth, not knowing what he would say and planning every word.

Think about Yuri forgetting everything as soon as he sees Otabek appear on the screen in the arrivals. 

Think about Yuri dropping his phone, his jacket, his keys, and running as fast as he can towards Otabek.

Think about Yuri being so excited and happy that he trips midway and gets up immediately to continue running.

Think about Yuri pushing past the crowds of people surrounding the exit, attracted like a magnet to the iron of Otabek’s presence. 

Think about Yuri jumping onto Otabek before realizing that people are watching and he’s in public.

Think about Otabek’s gorgeous expression upon realizing that someone had been expecting him.

Think about Otabek’s tender smile when he realizes just how much Yuri missed him and how good it feels to be needed. 

Think about Otabek picking up Yuri and carrying him all the way back to their ride because Yuri can’t physically let go.

Think about Yuri starting in surprise when Otabek brushes something off his cheek because he didn’t know he was crying. 


so the humans are space orcs posts where we can just hide emotions from our customer service skill set, why don’t we take that a step further.

What about actors, who literally train for years to act different behaviors for different roles, from good guys to bad guys. One minute the human is kind and gentle, the next he is arrogantly addressing the pirates who invaded, all from his acting days.

Their strict memorization can help them recall lines for any situation. They can cry on cue, motivate their crewmates with a well place monologues, become the life of the party with one liners and comedic sketches.

Hell this can apply to dedicated fans. The ones who try to get in character at cosplays, or memorize entire dialogues from their favorite scenes.

Really I just want someone to write alien fic where a human quotes the wallet scene from pulp fiction and just fucking terrifies them


Difference between the three youngest and the two eldest

Seungjun’s “wahh” is literally the cutest thing ever

also lol @ the MC who was done with their extra-ness halfway through Heejun’s part 

‘Let me tell you a story.’

‘I swung once’

‘I missed’

‘Then I swung,’

‘and I swung again’

‘Missed both times’

‘This went on for several hours’

‘I swung once again’


‘Then I passed out in the snow’

“I woke up’

‘And swung’

‘Guess what?’

‘I missed’