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I was told by several friends and tumblr users that my Fisher the Voidfish cosplay from The Adventure Zone was being shared uncredited via pintrest and tumblr, so I hurried to put out my big compilation post faster than I usually do. I would very much appreciate it if everyone could reblog this version of the post, instead of any other post floating around that doesn’t correctly credit the costume back to me!! As an artist and a fan, it was incredibly hurtful that this happened. Although the original reposter has apologized profusely for this and properly credited me afterwards, it’s incredibly difficult to undo the damage that results from the reposting of any uncredited image in a large fandom. 

All photos in this post are taken by either myself, scribblesafterdark, or by cowbuttcrunchies!! My darling Magnus is the other half of cowbuttcrunchies. I would also like to take this time to shoutout to my friend automb, who provided endless support with this costume and helped me with cutting and trimming all the tentacles on Fisher’s dress. They also made Junior for me under my guidance, while I was going nutso over the rest of the costume. 

Thank you again to everyone who commented and tagged me on the other post, and I hope that everyone reblogs this version instead!!! As usual, more information about my work process will be under the cut, so if you’re interested in that kind of thing, read on! 💙 

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A Pearl never forgets.


so the humans are space orcs posts where we can just hide emotions from our customer service skill set, why don’t we take that a step further.

What about actors, who literally train for years to act different behaviors for different roles, from good guys to bad guys. One minute the human is kind and gentle, the next he is arrogantly addressing the pirates who invaded, all from his acting days.

Their strict memorization can help them recall lines for any situation. They can cry on cue, motivate their crewmates with a well place monologues, become the life of the party with one liners and comedic sketches.

Hell this can apply to dedicated fans. The ones who try to get in character at cosplays, or memorize entire dialogues from their favorite scenes.

Really I just want someone to write alien fic where a human quotes the wallet scene from pulp fiction and just fucking terrifies them

Aizawa and his collection of loud/smiley blondes. Based on my biggest fans from another account. It was too cute of an idea not to draw.


UGH OH MY HOLY CHUCK can’t believe I’ve finished this – I freakin ADORE this au; IT’S PRECIOUS
& the idea of an Eclipse is what I live for; finally able to touch eachother for such short and rare occasions

I’m sorry if I get Things wrong (& I’m sorry if there’s something in there beautiful Outfits I forgot & I’m sorry for the rings on their arms, I couldn’t stop drawing shiny Things) PLEASE DON’T HATE ME, I DON’T KNOW THE RULES FOR AU FANART

btw, there was some cute dialogue-stuff going on on the Sketches, but I’m bad at writing and I’m afraid it would Sound edgy and weird so JUST PRETEND THERE IS CUTE STUFF LIKE “I love you my sunshine, to earth & back”

a desert mirage 


Another pregnant zhanna doodles

What is a legacy? It’s planting seeds in a garden you never get to see.

some people make me feel so worthless, it hurts sometimes, I just wish to sleep for over a week without dealing with anything.


Do you remember when you were a child

and your mother kept telling you

“Don’t look directly at the sun or you will go blind.”


Well, you are the sun.

And I keep looking, looking, looking,

Until my eyes burn and tears fall down my cheeks,

But I do not close my eyes.

You burn so brightly I can still see you clearly behind my eyelids when my night falls because I live for your light and I cannot let you go, and even if I will turn blind I want you to be the last thing I’ll ever see, your hand clasped in mine.

A love letter to you from the Moon, from Dionysus, from Grantaire.


Jeffersons Personal Secretary: Mr. President, we received 4 more assassination threats today.

Jefferson: FOUR??? Where the hell are these people? 

Secretary: *shrugs*

Jefferson: *heavy sigh, rolls chair across room, exits oval office and proceeds to the kitchen, grabs two pans and makes his way out onto the south lawn, proceeds to bang pans together* HELLO!!!! I’M RIGHT HERE! PRESIDENT OUT TAKING A WALK BY HIMSELF! NO GUARDS, NO ARMOR! *whistles* OH NO, WHATEVER SHALL I DO WITH SOMEONE FIRES A GUN AT ME RIGHT NOW? IT WOULD APPEAR I AM COMPLETELY UNPROTECTED! COMPLETELY VULNERABLE TO BULLETS AS I AM A MORTAL AND CAN KILLED BY THEM! *continues banging pans together* IT WOULD BE SUCH A SHAME IF SOMEONE SHOT ME RIGHT NOW! *no response* I SAID IT WOULD BE A SHAME IF SOMEONE SHOT ME RIGHT NOW!