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Hard To Tell - Jeff Atkins/Reader

chapter 6: confession

word count: 1890

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When you went to school the next day, you received stares. Does that come as a shock? When you were rifling through your locker, two hands were placed on your hips.

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TXF WriteIn

This is what I wrote yesterday for the first writing exercise during the amazing Write In @lepus-arcticus hosted. I basically just added an ending to it, cause I didn’t manage to finish it last night. I edited it a bit (I originally used a word that was not English so it had to go), but tried to keep it as it was. I’m still not happy with it and that’s the reason I want to share it. If that makes sense to anyone but me. 

The prompt I used was ‘diner’ and I imagined it somewhere in season 6.

“Mulder, what are we doing here at this poor excuse for a restaurant at 3 am?” Scully stands before him in the harsh, flickering light the diner provides. Unflattering light, Mulder thinks, though Scully still looks breathtaking to him. He’s holding the laminated menu, his fingers absent-mindedly playing with a loose edge.

“I thought we could eat something. Breakfast, Scully.”

“Eat?” She repeats the word as if it were a concept she’s never heard before.

“Yes, eat. You know, when you put edible things into your mouth for nourishment. You’re a medical doctor, Scully. You should be familiar with it.” She huffs and finally sits down in a creaky chair opposite him.

“Thank you, Mulder, for explaining it to me,” she answers and snatches the menu out of his hands, “I just thought you wanted to get to Pennsylvania as soon as possible.” She raises an eyebrow as she studies the menu; yeah, he knows they don’t offer much here in this not so cozy, very deserted diner in the middle of nowhere.

“I got hungry.” He shrugs and snatches the menu back.

“Mulder, there are three items on this menu.”

“Makes the decision easier, doesn’t it?” He chuckles, staring at the words in front of him. Nothing sounds appealing, but his stomach grumbles angrily.

“Not really. Give me the menu.” Instead of taking it from him, she holds out her hand.

“I haven’t decided yet.”

“You said it’s an easy choice,” Scully reminds him.

“Easier, yes. I’m still not done deciding yet.”

“Mulder, you have an eidetic memory. Give me the menu.”

“In a moment.” He promises, but apparently, Scully doesn’t have said moment. The chair creaks again and before Mulder knows what’s happening, she sits down next to him in his booth. Their thighs touch, warm against warm, and she’s leaning against him so she can look into the menu.

“Hm,” she mumbles and sounds deliciously, “What do I want? Do you know what you want yet, Mulder?” You, he thinks, and swallows hard. She is not on the menu, he reminds himself. Her face, though, is awfully close to his and he has to force himself to look away.

“I think scrambled eggs are the safest choice. Think they’re going to serve eggs at this time?” Scully sighs and leans back against the headrest, closing her eyes.

“It’s on the menu,” Mulder replies, glancing at her and then at the waitress who strolls over; her expression torn between boredom and anger.

“What can I get you?” She asks in a voice that makes Mulder wonder if they’re going to get spit in their food.

“I’ll have the scrambled eggs and a coffee, please,” Scully tells her and Mulder nods,

“I’ll take the same.” The waitress takes the menu from him and throws it onto another table as she leaves for the kitchen.

“I’m not sure this was a good idea, Mulder. Why are we here again?” The exhaustion is apparent in her voice and he feels a slight pang of guilt.

“To eat, Scully. To eat.”

“It’s 3 am, Mulder.”

“So? Are you going to give me a lecture how it’s unhealthy to eat in the middle of the night?”

“None of this is healthy, Mulder. We should be sleeping.”

“Together?” He smirks at her and she rolls her eyes.

“What is it we’re looking for? What did you call it?”

“A ghost, basically.” It’s more than that, of course, but he can tell that she couldn’t care less. She didn’t care when he explained it to her the first time hours ago. She called it a ghost then so that’s what it is. Essentially.

“A ghost, Mulder,” she yawns and puts her hand on his thigh causing Mulder to startle; does she know where she just put her hand or is he, against all odds, dreaming?, “Why couldn’t we have done this tomorrow? Why did we have to leave in the middle of the night?”

“It was 11 pm,” Mulder reminds her, clearing his voice; his hand on his thigh feels warm, hot even, and he has trouble concentrating, “that’s not the middle of the night. I couldn’t sleep anyway, so I thought we could leave right away.”

“It never occurred to you that I might be sleeping?”

“It did. That’s why I called you first.”

“You would have gone without me had I not answered my phone?”

“Possibly.” He shrugs. They both know that he definitely would have gone without her.

“You would not have called… someone else.” She doesn’t look at him, but he turns to her.

“Called who?”

“Oh, you know.”

“Actually, I don’t know, Scully. Enlighten me.”

“Diana, Mulder.” It’s more of a sigh than a real answer.

“Why would I call Diana?” Scully shifts, but leaves her hand on his thigh. She glances at the kitchen door, unmoving, most likely hoping that the waitress returns with their food.

“To go ghost hunting with her or whatever it is we’re doing.”

“I only want to do it with you, though.” It sounds stupid, he realizes, but there is no humor in it. Scully is quiet next to him; too quiet. “Scully, calling Diana never even crossed my mind.” She nods, still silent, her hand still on his thigh. Without thinking about it, he puts his own on top of hers, to let her know that he wants this.

“You’re the only person I want to sit in a sleazy diner with at 3 am, Scully.”

“That really makes a girl feel special.” but this time there is amusement in her voice and finally she tilts her head to look at him. There’s exhaustion in her expression, yes, but also a sense of happiness. Mulder hopes it’s because of him.

“I can do other things to make you feel special.” He mumbles.

“Oh?” The challenge in her voice, and her eyes, is what makes him do it. He closes the distance between them, which really isn’t much, and their lips touch briefly, warm on warm, soft on soft, and just as Scully presses against him more solidly, as she deepens the kiss, two plates land on their table with a loud clang.

“It’s not that kind of place, you know.” The waitress lets them know before she runs off again. Mulder and Scully glance at each other, lips still glistening, mouths slightly opened.

“Next time I pick the diner.” Scully tells him with a smile before she digs into her scrambled eggs. Mulder wants to reply, say something clever, but his mind is empty.

“Eat, Mulder,” Sculy tells him, chewing happily, “That’s why we came here in the first place, isn’t it?”

“Stop talking about your mom like she’s not your family, kid.” Emma sounds weary, and if Regina didn’t hate her so much in that moment, she might almost feel sorry for her.

“I know she’s kind of a hardass,” oh, and now Regina definitely doesn’t feel sorry for her, “but she really does love you. It’s easy to see.”

“What do you know about it, anyway?” Henry grumbles.

There’s silence for a long moment, and then Emma says, “I know how much it sucks to realize that someone gave you away before they even knew you.” Her voice is thick, and she clears it awkwardly before continuing. “But I also know you were really, really lucky to get the mom that you did.”


Manni Boo, Manni Boo, what do your rat eyes see?

Did somebody say giant alt masterpost? I definitely think I heard someone shout something along those lines.

There are 14 of each faction. Half n half exactly.

And despite how much I love espers, I think I accidentally made the fewest of them and I am ashamed. 

Anyway, enjoy the old toons and the new ones! I know most of you know next to nothing about all of these newbies, but if you’re curious or have any questions, shoot me an ask!

On the Line (Part 3)

It was a silly dare, a fun game at your best friend’s bachelorette party. It was late, and you were all drunk and tired. None of you were thinking straight when you started playing truth or dare, and that’s how you ended up calling a local phone sex hotline. It was stupid and silly.

But what happens when you hear that voice one night, out in public? What happens when you meet the man you’ve been talking to? When you meet Sam?

Part 1 

Part 2

Summary of Part 3: You and Sam talk in person. Then talk again…

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 2400ish

A/N: This one is off to a really fun start, and I appreciate everyone’s kind words and feedback! Y’all are the best!

Sam stared at you for a long minute in surprise, and you couldn’t quite tell if it was a good or bad one. You heart stopped, everything around you moving in slow motion as you waited for him to say something. Anything.

Slowly, the corners of his mouth turned up into a smile.

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(this gets VERY VERY sentimental, just a warning lol)

hey, fellows!! i somehow reached 600 followers on Christmas Day! the only explanation is that you all joined up together in secret to give me this ~rad~ surprise 

but (thank god) it’s also pretty much the end of 2016, so it might be nice to tell my mutuals how much they meant to me this year. and because it’s such a coincidence, it’s Sherlock-Christmas-themed… 

so I made some categories, each a different character’s attitude to Christmas. (mostly the ASiB christmas asklhdsa i’d rather not include Agra) 
That character’s attitude to Christmas is pretty much my attitude to your blog. Sort of like a tag yourself, i guess, but i tag you, so it’s not really a tag yourself at all. so I get all the fun and you just get judged???? this idea is getting worse and worse by the second. sorry lol

okay let’s go 

Sherlock - he loves Christmas. compares things he loves to Christmas. can’t wait to get back to Christmas 

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John - he’s happier during Christmas, but not as loud about it as Sherlock. how much does John really like Christmas? no one knows, he never talks about it. except when he’s alone and working on his own blog - he’ll say privately that it’s the best Christmas he’s ever had. 

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Mycroft - he’s hoping for a peaceful night in on Christmas. But by the end of the night, he’s staring through the window, pondering everything he thinks he knows about life 

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Lestrade - He doesn’t get as much credit as he should. Yet he shows that he is a genuinely good person in being friendly to everyone at Christmas, listening a lot, very kind when talking with everyone else :’) 

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Mrs Hudson - makes everyone feel at home on Christmas. comes close to adopting them tbh. would make food for them if she could. (trash crew ajsagdsajjasl!!)

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I’m just trying to say in a really odd and incoherent way that… I’m really glad that I crossed paths with all of you and I appreciate u a lot. If one of the above characters wasn’t present at the bbc sherlock christmas, then the christmas just wouldn’t be the same. Similarly, if we were missing any one of you from the fandom, it just wouldn’t be the same, it wouldn’t be as nice. ummm this is getting really sentimental so I’m just going to say that you are all ~rad~ and merry christmas/happy holidays :’)

okay there are some people who I wanted to give longer thank-yous to but I’d rather not clutter up your dash so… read more lol if i tagged you below or if you just want to read anyway…

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Twilight: The fact is, I’m a princess now. I’m sovereign to local region and to an idea–the ideal of friendship. I have royal responsibilities to my subjects–they are, perhaps, my children. Can I afford to have a biological child? Would that not take my attention away from my people? Can I can risk that responsibility for a selfish desire?

Long ago, early in their reign, Celestia and Luna took mates and produced children… it was a difficult time for them, and they do not recommend it me.

But even if I decided to try it anyway–I know that right now is definitely a bad time.

Rainbow: I can keep telling her I can handle it! Sure, I know I’m still trying to get into the Wonderbolts, and running my own Junior League Flyers team–but I still can make time for a kid. I gotta have someone to take on my legacy and teach all my best tricks to, you know?

Twilight: What about Scootaloo? Did you still want to consider adopting her?

Rainbow: Maybe yeah–Scoots is awesome and all. But it would just be a paperwork thing. She’s already almost an adult herself. I missed a good chunk of her childhood. She really is more like a kid-sister to me than anything else…


Elsa Never Trusted Hans Opinion/Headcanon

I have already made an analysis that shows just how much Kristoff and Elsa have in common, including how their reactions to Anna’s engagement to Hans are very similar. And while I already explained how Kristoff had a distrust for Hans based on this (even though they never officially meet), I wanted to do a follow-up to show how Elsa feels the same way.

Like Kristoff, Elsa’s shocked reaction to the rushed engagement refers to her practical, serious nature. She knows and does not believe that love can happen in a very short amount of time. To Anna, love is all about romance. It is like a fairy tale, where the man and woman flirt and dance. It is easy to recognize and happen. But to Elsa (and Kristoff), love is complicated and deep. It is enduring and does not happen quickly. It is largely about sacrifice and putting the needs of others before your own. While she does not appear to be interested in romance or marriage, she knows that falling in love takes time because of getting to know someone. I’m sure Elsa also understands that there is a lot more to marriage than just a “happily ever after.” She knows that it is a very big commitment and people can only be happy in a marriage if they know each other well and are compatible.

Anyway, even though Elsa has some brief moments with Hans, because of her practical beliefs, and like Kristoff, I don’t believe Elsa ever trusted Hans. Now when she learns of the engagement, just based on his proposal, I definitely believe that she did not think Hans was evil. However, because his proposal is very impulsive (and more so because Anna accepted), I am sure that Elsa was a little suspicious of him and questioning his true motives. Because the couple only just met that day, she believed that Hans likely did not love Anna as much as she (Anna) thought he did. Even though I don’t think Elsa realized that Hans wanted to take over her kingdom, I do think she thought that Hans wanted to marry Anna for the wrong reason, that he was merely taking advantage of her, and that he was just using her for his own possible selfish gain.

Elsa does not distrust people in the way Kristoff does, but her refusal to bless the marriage shows that she does not take trust in new people lightly. Although she does object because she worries about her secret being exposed, it is also because of Anna’s safety and well-being. She knows that Anna can be naïve and impulsive, so she worries that Anna could be setting herself up for a big disappointment, or even bigger trouble, because of her easy and immediate trust in Hans.

I even have a hunch that Hans quickly suspected that Elsa did not trust him based on her dialogue. Her puzzled announcement of “Marriage?” along with when she says, “You can’t marry a man you just met” made Hans realize that Elsa was more realistic than Anna. All of this, along with her flat-out refusal to give her blessing, told him that he was not going to easily (if at all) deceive and manipulate Elsa like he had already done so well with Anna.

Kristoff and Elsa both were never given a good reason to trust Hans. Even though are very alike regarding their practical natures, they don’t balance each other well as a couple. But this is how they both balance with Anna, who does need a voice of reason now and then, with Kristoff as the love interest and Elsa as the best friend.

i need to talk to somebody about the women of marvel and how they would stand with this registration act in civil war.

So far, from what we know, Nat is on Tony’s side and Wanda is on Steve’s. But what about Maria and Sharon ??? I’m going to guess that Sharon would be on Steve’s side. But Maria? I’m not sure. I don’t know what her mind set on this would be. And she’s friends with both of them. Well, she works for Tony anyway…. Also, Pepper? Just because she’s with Tony, doesn’t mean she would be on his team for definite?? And what about Elektra? (If this event also links to Daredevil, which I’m not so sure it would do, but would be very interesting if it did?) And Bobbi Morse, Jemma Simmons, Melinda May and Skye/Daisy ??

But what about Laura Barton? How does she feel knowing that her husband is fighting with Nat, someone we was shown she was very close with. How does Helen Cho feel about all this?? Who’s side is she on??? 

How do the women of marvel feel about this ????

ssjb4blank12  asked:

Steph I know there is a high chance you won't answer this but my girlfriend and I have been drifting away and just having normal conversations friends would have, is there any way that you think might help with this? Thank for reading if you did.

Its never too late to talk about it. Like I know it’s really hard when you feel like someone is drifting away, and sometimes there’s nothing you can do, but bringing it out into the open will definitely improve your relationship. If not then it means it wasn’t meant to be anyways, and you can finally get some closure and move on. Hope this helps ^^

Formal: Luke Hemmings AU Oneshot

You felt obligated to go at least for a while, so you got ready with your friends and headed there casually late, not that anyone shows up on time anyway. You mingled around, complimenting friends on how nice they looked, and repeated this process until you made a full loop around the joint. Six…eleven…eighteen songs had gone by and you were more than ready to leave. You knew Luke 

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Kissing In Cars - Vic Fuentes One Shot

anonymous said: can you do an imagine where you’re in high school and you’re really close friends with Vic and like all your friends (except Vic) tease you because you haven’t had your first kiss yet and Vic always defends you when they bring it it and he really likes you and you like him but you’re scared to tell each other and then one day he just goes out on a limb and tells you and finally gives you your first kiss and really cute and long and flufffyy! GIMME SOME VIC FEELS YESS!! thank you! :) <3

A/N: I warn you… fluff overload :3 Title credit to Kissing In Cars - Pierce The Veil.

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anonymous asked:

Applied for a job last week, where the only application you had to fill out was to submit resume and a cover letter. Naturally, wanted my resume to be as good as possible, so had a friend look it over for me, who gave some great advice. The day after I sent the stuff in, got an email from the executive assistant for the organization, gently saying that they'd received it, but that I had left the document comments turned on, and she wanted to let me know that I might want to (1/2)

be careful of how I am presenting myself to employers in the future (some of the comments were, like “hey, stop changing tense in the middle of sentences, dummy”). She did mention that she had printed out a copy for the hiring manager that did not include the comments, but…I am terribly embarrassed, and I figure I should just write that job off, yeah?

Oh Anon :D I’m sorry I’m laughing, I’m picturing myself in that XA’s shoes. Also, I know this is no comfort now, but this’ll be a great story for you to tell later. And I bet you never make that mistake again.

In all honesty, people know that other people are human and make mistakes. If she’s giving it to the hiring manager, that means:

a) It made it past her filter of “shitty resumes I don’t have to pass on”
b) She’s not the ultimate one making the call about hiring
c) She likes you, because she called and told you, so that you wouldn’t do it again. 

I wouldn’t write the job off. She probably didn’t tell the hiring manager about the comments, and those comments themselves show that you worked really hard on this resume, so she knows the job is important to you. 

I would definitely send her a nice thank-you note, though. That was a kind thing she did. 

But you know, if you don’t get an interview, there could be a lot of reasons for that – hiring manager didn’t like your resume, upper-level boss decided you didn’t have all the requirements, someone else just fit the job better, et cetera. Never make the mistake of thinking you know the reason you didn’t get a job. Sometimes it’s the weirdest possible reason. 

Anyway. Save up this story until the embarrassment passes, and use it someday when you’re consoling some younger person on not getting a job. :) Good luck in your job search! (If you do get this job come back and tell me, oh my god, I must know.)