someone hug me

i know we asked for a jonas voice over to end the show the way it started but you can’t just go from a speech about how evil capitalism is to this, my heart was not ready and i’m a mess 


Favorite Final Fantasy Couples (Valentine’s Day Edition)  

When this world is no more, the moon is all we’ll see. I’ll ask you to fly away with me. Until the stars all fall down, they empty from the sky.  But I don’t mind, if you’re with me, then everything’s alright. 

It just got deeper

Luciels nickname is 707 and he nicknames his girlfriend 606. Well in certain operating systems 606 and 707 are errors. (They are a bit difficult to find modernly, I think they are application errors. Key word, I think)

Error 707 means that a part or even all of the hard drives memory cannot or is unable to be erased…

Error 606… Means reset…

Can someone please hug me right now?

today i reached 1k follows! i’m really surprised and it means a lot to me! thank you!