someone hold them down

types of love

*check venus

Aries: Bold. Aries makes for extremely spontaneous lovers; they are full of energy and they don’t like to beat around the bush (unless that’s the fun of it. They love to tease.) They are surprisingly romantic and give off a child-like fun vibe with every move which keeps it exciting and adventurous. An Aries in Venus knows what they want, and will go for it directly and confidently. Their charm and in-the-moment actions will make them a memorable partner, even if it does not last long.

Taurus: Cautious. Taurus lovers are very careful with who they fall in love with, and will shy away from people who don’t seem secure. They find pleasure in the simple things such as hand-holding and a quick kiss before work. They are also very possessive, although, which may be a problem for some people, but their possessiveness branches from the fear of losing you. Either way, these signs are definitely marriage material for those who enjoy the simple, romantic things in life.

Gemini: Thoughtful. Gemini’s use their knowledge, wit, and stimulating conversations to win others over, and the fact of the matter is that it works. Gemini’s prefer a stimulating relationship over a comfortable one, as they like variety and to have plenty of fun. A Gemini is not someone who will let you hold them down, and they will not be stuck and cling to you. Gemini’s are full of life and adventure and are curious about the world around them which gives them a child-like innocence and approach towards love. However, due to their curiosity, they over-analyze every detail in their relationship, so be prepared.

Cancer: Sensitive. Cancer’s generally want a predictable, committed relationship that feels secure and comforting. It’s not that they crave a fairy-tale ending, but they know that if they hurt, it will hurt badly. They will pay more attention to your feelings rather than your words. They act out for your attention, and sometimes they want it just to know that they can still have it. They are very needy, but when their needs are met they return the favor with patience and love. They are kind, sentimental, and affectionate lovers, who crave the same sort of warmth from you.

Leo: Passionate. Leo’s crave that new, warm feeling in the beginning of a relationship and want that part to last forever. Settled and stale relationships drive them away. They love passion and spontaneity, as well as interesting and exciting people. Leo’s will love to brag and yap about you to anybody who will listen to them, and everyone will know you two are in a relationship. They can be quite demanding because they need to feel special, but everything you give them they will give back. If you can respect a Leo, and appreciate them, then they will never lose interest in you. Feel free to remind them that you have feelings too, and their affection will take into over-drive.

Virgo: Loyal. Virgo’s give devotion, nurture, and love rather than materialistic gifts. They give up their time and effort to see that a relationship works between you two. They enjoy when you appreciate the little things that they do for you, as most of what they do is small and seems insignificant, but they are strong believers that it’s the small things in life that count. They aren’t too keen on getting to know everyone at once, either. They are the definition of “taking things slow” but in the end, it’s all worth it, as they are devoted, loyal, and trustworthy. Definitely someone to take home to your parents.  

Libra: Idealistic. A Libra wants to impress you, and show you how kind and fair they are. These lovers believe that two halves do make a whole, and work in the relationship is 50/50. As long as you do your part, they will do theirs. While this is charming, they may compromise on too many things too often. If you like someone who can take charge and put people in their place, a Libra is not your best bet. They like to keep things civilized and peaceful, and don’t like to argue. However, they are true romantics. They will always consider how you feel, and treat you how you deserve to be treated.

Scorpio: Intense. These lovers are devoted, passionate, and emotional. Scorpio’s don’t beat around the bush when it comes to relationships, their approach is up front and direct. They try to win you over with their honesty and integrity, but even so they have their secrets that they keep to themselves. Scorpio’s are happy to devote themselves to you, but it important that you stay loyal to them as well because they have no problem with leaving you. What you may find although is that Scorpio’s are very controlling in a relationship, and are easy to explode with anger since they take everything to the extreme. They are not afraid of their own emotions but you may be, and that’s where part of the intensity in their relationships come from.

Sagittarius: Adventurous. They have a strong love for life and love to share that with everyone, and although that means they have a tendency to wander from their partner, they always come back. Sagittarius is a flirty sign, they are fun and pretty much open to anything. They always want to be on an adventure, and they want to share their experiences and happiness with you. Though it is sometimes difficult for them to make long-term commitments since they are not the settled type. They don’t like to feel like you are holding them back and not letting them explore, and may leave when things get far too serious.

Capricorn: Responsible. Capricorn’s impress you with their wit, their passion towards their goals, and their smarts. Relatively, they are very successful people with a drive to get things done and do it efficiently. Capricorn’s are generally attracted to those who are stable, serious, and have a set goal in mind with an idea of how to get there. Loose ends make them feel weary, as they take comfort in security. They try extremely hard to not hurt you, and to appear like the perfect partner because they strive for this sort of perfection. They want to be someone that you can count on, and they want the same from you. However, they are still warm and generous people, and have an old-fashioned charm to their love style.

Aquarius: Provocative. Aquarian’s say that there is no rules when it comes to love, as well as no restrictions. They love fun, unique relationships, kind of like the type that really can’t be described in those prime-time shows. They want to be loved for their brains, their uniqueness, and their personality above all. When they commit to a relationship, they actually commit. They are spontaneous, free-souls with high intellect which is easy to be drawn in by. However, they are known to stir up controversy and arguments from time to time, and can be very stubborn when it comes to how they want it to be.

Pisces: Unconditional. Pisces are dreamy, warm-hearted lovers with an old-fashioned romantic charm to them. Definitely someone who care about what’s on the inside rather than on the out, Pisces want to love you passionately and unconditionally. They want to help you through your hardships. Although, Pisces can stretch the truth a little bit, and are not the most reliable when it comes to information, but this comes from the fact that they don’t want to hurt you. Sometimes they forget that it will hurt more later when the truth comes out. They are empathetic, though, and sensitive. They tie in humor with love, and are gentle with affection.

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Hehe so when I was a kid, I used to be deathly afraid of car washes because it's dark and loud. How would baby jeon fair in the car wash? Would he cry and scream as he crawls into y/n's lap in the passenger seat despite everyone telling him to stay still? Or attempt to get out of the car because tae tae told him the car is taking a shower thats automatic and jungkook thought if he could join the car, he doesn't have to shower at night?

the day that all of you found out that jungkook was afraid of car washes was the day that seokjin decided it would be an easy all-kill day because everyone was out already, the car wash place was nearby the apartment so it would be better for all.

not exactly, no.

you thought jungkook would be excited because he’s curious about everything and anything. but when the machine starts and the loud repetitive noises shake the whole vehicle, jungkook whines and is unable to keep still in his seat. jimin’s panicking because he’s the closes to the three year old and it doesn’t help the two main people that could calm him down are in the front seat.

he tries to take things to his own hands by unbuckling jungkook’s seatbelt and pulling him over to his lap. he tries a small hum of a lullaby but it does nothing to the havoc and vibrations outside, pressed to the metal of the car. it’s not long before everyone takes notice of jungkook’s squirming and threatening cries that are about to blow.

you look over your shoulder and go wide-eyed at jungkook’s i’m about to cry but i’m trying not to here face. your arms immediately extend out to reach him, a natural instinct and jungkook reacts by trying to get out of jimin’s hold. he leans forward and his tiny hands grab onto yours before you lift him up and over to your lap. the reaction is instantaneous: his face already buried in your neck, arms hugging you tight the best way possible and his legs finding purchase to slot them above your hip.

seokjin blinks at the sight, but can’t help but be in awe because… it’s attractive to see someone calm down a child just by holding them. even more when they’re not bloodlines so let seokjin live.

“you’re really good at this, y/n,” seokjin murmurs, staring at how you stroke jungkook’s head down to his back and all over again as you continue to usher him things will be fine.

“thanks, jinnie.”

((let the war begin because-

“really good at it, huh? what about me, hyung?”

“yeah, we cleaned your kitchen for four hours and you didn’t even say shit!”

“who’s the one who messed it up in the first place? oh yeah, i remember. the one that thought cakes should be left in the oven for two hours until it god damned almost burned the house down! so pipe the hell down or i’m kicking your ass out,”

“…wow, jinnie,”


“…that was cool.”

let it all begin again because-

“that was cool?! y/n i drove an hour to get you that bag you wanted and you didn’t say it was cool!”))

The Signs And How a They Are As A Person

Aries: They always put up a front, a sort of persona that they really aren’t. Sometimes shows off and tries not to make it obvious but it is usually very obvious. Very mentally intellectual and has a lot going on constantly with their mental and emotional health. always tries to feel for others and just needs someone to be there for them for once.

Taurus: Trustworthy, makes any problem their problem and will stress about it alongside of you until you both figure it out. Will never ever give up on people. Friendships that last FOREVER and they will beat themselves up over the littlest things that aren’t even their fault. Put themselves through the toughest shit just to make sure someone they love is alright. Always concerned for the people around them to the point it keeps them up at night. In need of someone to hold them down and keep them grounded while they maintain everyone else to remind them of their worth and just say, “it’ll be okay”. Usually mentally wise and great advise giver.

Gemini: Very flaky. Funny as hell, but will do or say whatever to fit in. Can get very very annoying at times, depending on your sign. They have good intentions and don’t wish any harm on anyone and rubs off the complete wrong way sometimes but purely accidental. Doesn’t feel emotion very much, unless it’s annoyance of anger.

Cancer: Very timid and quiet, but aggressively themselves when they’re comfortable around you. Usually the odd one out, but everyone still thinks is cool and appreciates their words and doesn’t take them for granted too often.

Leo: Very judge mental at times, but also extremely understanding. Very VERY flakey when it comes to keeping loyal relationships with lovers of they feel as if they’re being taken for granted or not as loved as they wish to feel. Hard to become one of their inner circle people, and hard to maintain that status. Great person to do random and dangerous shit with. Is extremely sneaky but just looking for a good time. Also knows when enough is enough… usually.

Virgo: Very self centered and selfish, but doesn’t mean to be. LOVES talking about themselves and compares everything to themselves and turns it back onto them. Very paranoid about what people say about them and extremely easy to get angered and heated. Best person to help get you riled up and makes you feel good about yourself because they’re always shooting you compliments. Very much into looks and outside appearances but appreciates the littlest thing. The first to give you tough love.

Libra: Extremely sensitive. Horrible at making you feel better, but since they have such a genuine want to make you happy, you are just because of that. Usually long lasting friendships that are rocky and tough but so very worth it. Easily neglected and feels berated or lonely easily. Just needs someone to show them how to calm down and appreciate things, because of their rushed attitude, they miss out on a lot of things.

Scorpio: Nothing is as tough love as a Scorpio. Doesn’t show much emotion, is a raging bitch on the outside. Definitely puts up a front to scare off people who can’t handle them on their bad days. Has a deep extremely personal side that even the ones closest to them will hardly ever find out about. Very secretive when it comes to sexual things and doesn’t boast about it. Is very confident and judge mental but is one of the realist friends you could possibly have alongside a Taurus. Holds few people close to their hearts and you will be damned if you touch a hair on one of their heads.

Sagittarius: Judgemental and usually bitchy. They kind of put up a front, but it only lasts long enough until you’ve walked out of hearing distance and then it’s down to shit talking. Very funny and random, extremely random people. Makes amazing memories and is fun to have around when there are no opinions involved; even though with a Sagittarius, there’s always an opinion.

Capricorn: Very quiet with a very wild side. Has the most fun and gets very heated, very fast. Maintains few friendships but no matter how long you haven’t talked to a Capricorn, they’ll always pick up right where you left off. Hard to have relationships with, due to the judgemental nature of them and really needs someone who will put the time and effort into showing them what life is really about.

Aquarius: One of the most interesting people to ever talk to or know. Easy to talk to, extremely difficult to become close with. They hold their anger and depression deep deep down and spew it out in fits of rage, usually at the ones they’ll regret taking it out on most. Extremely hard to handle but so so so worth it if you can get some sort of grip on them. They take awhile to fall in love but once they do, it’s fragile and consuming on both ends. Doesn’t put effort into things unless you really mean something to them. With an Aquarius, you need to appreciate the little things they do, because they are the biggest in their mind. Very low key and has a loving and extremely concerned side to them hardly anyone EVER sees; and if you do, consider yourself lucky.

Pisces: Very cool people, usually calm. Can get crazy, but still remains settled somehow. Friendships always seem to pick up right where they left off and you have a friend for life as long as you don’t step all over them. Will put up with a lot of shit but will gladly leave you when you forget their worth. They’ll deal with a lot but will definitely not let you fool them more than once.

The Breath Aspect and its God Tiers/Classpect Roles

Keywords: Disconnected, Apathetic, Indifference, Detachment, Options, Liberties, Freedoms, Independence, Movement, Separated, Flexibility, Airy, Immaterial, Intangible

Symbols: Pnuema, Wind, Wings/Flight, Bubbles

Breath is one of the 12 Aspects of Homestuck. Its Opposite is the Aspect Blood. When I think of Breath, I think of the pure Disconnects between yourself and everything around you. It is the choice to be Apathetic and Indifferent with maintaining the Bonds that you have. It is any and all Detachments from anything that you willingly have. It is the Options and Liberties that you willingly make or have for yourself. It is your Freedom from the matters and concerns of anyone other than you. It is your Independence from people and their Independence of you. Breath is what Moves and Separates you. Those Flexible things that you pick up and put down on whims. It is the Airy world of the Immaterial and the Spirit of the Pnuema, those things that exist Intangibly that you can’t touch or hold. Breath fills your Spirit with the Air and Lifts you Up on Wings, Separating you from everything. It is this Flexibility of Movement that lets you go wherever and whenever you please, nothing able to hold you down in one place.

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sea witch stuff

Small list of things I associate with typical sea witch stuff! It’s a small list because I am pretty minimal in my craft. Plus, I use a lot of colored and textured rocks instead of shells. Please feel free to add or make your own and tag me! I love seeing what other people associate

Anomiidae/Jingle shells- Money, prosperity, financial gains, etc. This is my first association, I think it’s because I also know it as “mermaid money”. I like to put these in my treasure chest as part of a money spell. My other association for cleansing and positivity. They are just so pretty, light, and bright- it reminds me of happiness. When you shake them all together, it jingles, something I think could be used for cleansing in the way that bells are used!

Driftwood: I mainly use it in the creation of wands, honestly. Given the name though, it could be used for traveling spells, or for guidance in feeling lost.

Sand: Usually blank, but I use it for grounding as well, as I meditate on the beach a lot and feel like I become one with the sand.

Sea glass: Sea glass is a really blank thing for me. I use them based on color associations generally. I also think, since they are man-made but shaped by nature, can be used for transformation spells and rituals.

Sea-weed: I like to use these in curses. Preferably, to hold/tie someone down, keep them stuck, or even choking (metaphorical!) I’m sure there are other uses but this is my main use for sea-weed. It’s green so, always could be used for prosperity!

I need someone to be there for me when I’m feeling down. Someone to hold me to them, play with my hair, and give me little kisses. It’d be the best kind of therapy

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Love your stuff and this actually inspired by that Divorced! MC ask so, yay~ REQUEST: RFA+ V's reactions to discovering that, oh, MC has a young child (toddler-ish age I guess) that looks just like MC and nothing like they're other parent? How would they interact with this smol being?

eeeeeeeeeee thank uuuuuuu!!! and this was so fun to write omg


  • he did not know this and seven definitely failed to mention this to him and Jumin makes a mental note to scold him
  • this is a child after all and honestly he has,,,, no clue what to do???
  • this man isn’t fantastic with children he can’t even hold the toddler properly and it is hilarious when he tries
  • jumin invited the chef once just to heat up a bottle of milk in the microwave. sir it is 2am. please.
  • he can’t change diapers either lol shout out to mc and the maid but once he learns he just. is traumatized but whATEVER he will!!! be!!! a good dad!!!
  • like he talks to this lil toddler like it’s a full grown adult and as if they could even respond
  • he’s a little taken aback because the resemblance is so uncanny??? did mc just have a kid with themself or 
  • the moment this drooling toddler grasps his finger with their whole hand he’s sold he loves this smol bean so much
  • mc swears his eyes sparkled looking at the baby
  • he swears to raise the child like his own and honestly he’s just very satisfied that mc is his and if that comes with a child in tow by all means, sure thing
  • i mean he knows like 0 things about how to raise a kid but he tries and makes jaehee suffer for it lol when will she get a break
  • once he does learn though he actively likes to reach out for the baby when he’s at home and he just wants the best for them and there will be so many designer baby clothes it’ll be nauesating


  • WHAT
  • he’s mentally screaming because he too knows like 0 things about children, okay maybe like how to hold a baby and how to microwave baby bottles but still 
  • he’s struggling with the concept
  • “you…. kid.,,,,, birth…….. child???” yes, this was gone over in sex ed if you were ever in class zen
  • he at least knows how to hold the tot
  • zen lowkey dies every single time he’s left alone with the tot because he’s just so confused about how to interact with a baby?
  • i mean for sure you’ve gotta give positive reinforcement and be nice to them and all that he’s not dumb
  • but…. how do you talk to a baby? what age do the even start?
  • so zen just makes a lot of dumb cooing noises and reenacts his musical numbers and the kid loves that shit
  • he’s really shocked that the kid looks just like mc and he needs a side by side comparison and can’t get over it like
  • he sends the photo of mc holding their child in the RFA chat and just can’t comprehend that they look the fucking same
  • who even was that dad??? nah nvm he doesn’t care he’s just glad mc is with them
  • he babyproofs the house with duct tape and whatever he could grab at his nearest convenience store
  • also adds a lock on their door just in case because he doesn’t want this smol innocent bean to walk in on zen and mc doin the nasty


  • hol d the fuCK up what
  • i mean it isn’t a problem for her but it’s not what she expected so immediately
  • she buys baby clothes right off the bat and goes out to babyproof her place because god no this is a child 
  • it’s like a cat no shedding and more pooping and jaehee’s pragmatic side is actually fucking yelling but she adores mc so it is okay
  • she almost attacks seven for not telling about this earlier and he knew 
  • she knew he knew for sure 100% confirmed
  • and she was ready to strangle him but she still adores mc so she’s trying for her
  • the toddler keeps bothering jaehee whenever she has to do work but that’s okay, so jaehee just plops the lil thang on her lap and gets to watch her do her thing
  • honestly the kid calls jaehee mama once and jaehee literally falls over into a pit of hell she will now defend this baby for the rest of her LIFE
  • mother hen jaehee now actually has a lil chick to help raise
  • it’s a little hard at first but then the baby starts growing on jaehee and eventually she likes to be around the lil bub
  • sometimes the baby falls asleep on jaehee’s stomach and jaehee is just chillin, reading through files and not wanting to move
  • she’d rather die than disturb the sleeping baby
  • they are so pure, so small, so sweet,
  • but jaehee cannot change diapers and looks it up online
  • the concept was much cleaner and much easier oH God
  • jaehee genuinely considers signing up for newborn parenting classes


  • a baby helping raise a fellow baby
  • his tiny college dorm will not suffice for adequate baby-ing
  • his dorm barely suffices for himself what do you m e a n 
  • he’s so awkward he’s only played with his younger cousins probably and like
  • he’s just. so conFUSED. what do babies need?? they eat and they poop it can’t… it can’t be too hard right
  • everyone teases yoosung for dating a milf n he doesn’t know what that means
  • smol innocent bean, no one tell him ever please
  • like everyone else he warms up to the little one eventually, probably the fastest to tbh 
  • the kid just looks so damn cute snoring and sniffling like that but once the crying begins oh no what the fu c k 
  • he cries when they cry lmao good fucking LUCK mc
  • he’s not used to waking up at 3am just because the little one is crying and wants someone to hold them but he’s very flattered that they calm down when yoosung plays with them for a bit
  • he luckily fares better than jumin did because at least yoosung knows where the baby aisles in supermarkets are
  • regardless this baby grows on him and yoosung likes pulling the whole “peekaboo” thing with the hands over his eyes
  • watching yoosung play with the baby is almost cuter than the baby
  • what a great future dad


  • he knew oh boy o boy he knew
  • he’d honestly make the baby try on some of his wigs and take dumb photos to send to the rfa chat
  • memes the baby and its absolutely ridiculous
  • takes pictures of the baby when they’re crying n sends to the chat like “tfw u run out of phd pepper”
  • no seven attend to ur s/o’s TODDLER FUCK 
  • saeyoung really does try when he’s not cracking up about how funny it is the baby looks just like mc
  • he really finds it endearing and cute and wants to play with the lil bub all the time 
  • it’s even funny that they have the same haircut like lmao mc okay sure you’re not an alien that can make mini me’s
  • he takes great pride in teaching the bub how to walk!!!! even though mc knows that babies can learn to walk by themselves let him have this he’s so precious.
  • he really enjoys watching the baby fall like yes its potentially dangerous but cmon they look so fuNNY falling over on carpet flooring
  • sneaks the tot honey buddha chips even though mC SAID DON’T FUCKING DO THAT 
  • you gotta start them young yanno???
  • the toddler sleeps between seven and mc when they sleep jus cause the kid is so darn cute he cant resist
  • he’s basically a dad to that kid alright he is the alpha dad it doesnt matter who the biological father is he’s gonna call himself alpha dad and changes his name on the rfa messenger to that fight him 


  • the most qualified of the bunch besides from jaehee
  • he didn’t expect this but his reaction is a little watered down because internalizing his feelings 101 
  • he’s all like “oh. who’s this?” he knows who this is his brain jumped to the conclusions already o b oy o boy
  • and it’s undeniable that his hypothesis is correct because fucking look at that kid it looks like a smol bean copy of mc
  • he’s sweatin on the inside but on the outside his dumb art hipster boi turtleneck is just like i got u, dw u still look cool
  • is pretty good with knowing what a baby wants and makes baby formula for the lil one
  • not too great with changing diapers, but you know you can admire that he tried even though one of the legs is in the wrong hole but wha t e v er
  • enjoys letting the lil tot look at his photo albums and stuff and he takes endless photos of them because babies are just so cute
  • him and the toddler have naptimes on the couch together!!! mc has a photo of them as their wallpaper.
  • the most domestic family life e v e r v wakes up extra early to cook breakfast for the both of them 
  • v especially likes playing music throughout the house to stimulate the brain for the baby 
  • it’s probably like classical art or some underground indie chill music i stg
  • regardless he adjusts to this lifestyle easily and mc thinks v is just good at adjusting to new things but no
  • he just called every parent friend he knew when mc wasn’t around asking for advice and what to do and eventually picked up on things himself


i just watched this and choked then called a friend screamed for 10 minutes. HAJIME ISAYAMA WHAT ARE TRYING TO DO TO ME? WHAT! WHY DO PLAY WITH MY FEELING LIKE THIS? “TALL PEOPLE” TALL PEOPLE ARE YOU SERIOUS

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tbh if i ever did a hold for someone instead of having them tie me down id tie them down... so id be all pretty and desperate and squirmy and they couldnt even touch me... maybe id get myself off in front of them. theyd just have to watch. im evil tbh

that is….. equally hot……….. oh my god.

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(*tosses OC at you*) Riya was walking down the street when she accidentally ran into someone. She looks down and holds out her hand to help them up "I-I'm sorry, I didn't see you there" (Immigrants-and-Travelers)

Greed slightly growled and avoided their hand, getting up and dusting himself off “It’s fine… Next time watch where you’re going-”

Planet Earth: Chapter Two - Will they make it?

This is Chapter 2 of Planet Earth Read Chapter One ________________________

Your name: submit What is this?

“Hey you? Are you okay?” A girl who was sitting next to you asked you.

“Where am I? And who are you?” You asked confused while you touched you neck, it still hurts from the injection.

“All your crimes are deleted from the files. You only have one Mission - stay alive. Good Luck!” You recognized Chancellor Jaha’s voice.

“You’re in the Exodus ship. You must have done something really bad when they have given you a syringe.”

“I beat a friend of mine bloody and I spit in Kane’s face.” You had to smile when you told her about the Kane thing. “I wanted to be here.”

“Why would someone want that?” A guy next to you asked. “I’m Atom.”

“And I’m Octavia.” She said with her eyes closed.

“I’m Y/N, Is everything alright with you?” You asked Octavia.

“Nah, I think going to Earth with 100 criminals in this dropship isnt okay.” She laughed sarcastic.

“I think you’re right.” You laughed too. “When will they start the ship?”

“Few minutes I think.” Atom said. “Nervous, Ladies?”

Octavia and you had too laugh “You not?” Octavia said to Atom.

“No I’m good.” The guy with the brown hair and eyes said relaxed. “I’m not a prisoner anymore and if we survive this, everything is fine.” Atom said laughing.

“Ouh whats that on my Arm?” You asked. “And why cant I get it off?”


At the same time on the Ark:

“Are the transmission bands okay, Jackson?” Abby asked when she came into the control center.

“Yes.” Jackson said and smiled to her.

“What’s this?” The Chancellor asked confused.

“With this bands we can see how their Heartbeat is.” She said.“We can see if they die or survive.”

“All ready to start, Chancellor, Sir.” a guy said.

Jaha and Abby looked in each others eyes. Jaha took a deep breathe.

“Okay start the Exodus ship.” Jaha said.

“5,4,3 -” a Computer voice started to count.

Kane came into the room

“Is it already started?” he asked.

“2,1 START”

“It is now.” Abby smiled.



“What is happening?” Octavia yelled.

“They started the ship.” Atom yelled too.

“We all a going to die” A Girl said with tears in her eyes.

Everyone started to scream, it was a hard start.

After 5 Miniutes all of you were good, you were in Space.. No actually, you were going down to Earth.

“So let’s talk about our crimes.” Atom laughed. “Y/N you first, why did you do that to your "friend” and why did you Spit in Kanes face, I mean he’s an ass but you know .. why?“

"Hey stop, you first. I mean, is it not Ladies first?” Octavia laughed with you.

“Okay well, I had stolen something, from Kane.” He said. “It was just a pillow, you know.. Officers have too much and give nothing to those who have less.”

“You’re like Robin Hood.” You smiled at him.

“Like who?” Atom and Octavia asked confused.

“It was a story on earth with a thief who had stolen from the rich and gave it to the poors, dont you know that?”

“No, where do you know a story from earth?” Octavia asked.

“My mom told me, and her Mom told her.”

“Okay, okay Y/N now is your turn.” Atom smiled.

“Okay my "Friend” was a girl, her name was Raven and she should help me to get here. I’m very good with self-defense so it was easy to get her nose broken.“ you laughed. "And I spit in Kane’s face because, hm.. he deserved it. He took my best friends. He put them in Jail.. I’m here for them and my cousin.”

“You’ve a Cousin?” Octavia asked shocked.

“Yes but actually he’s like a brother for me. My best Friends Monty and Jasper are here too.. Hm well, I dont know if any of them are here but I hope so. The Doc said they wanted to send all criminals down on Earth so they have to be here.” You said while you looked down. You hoped that Finn, Jasper and Monty were on the dropship, you wanted to believe it. “No I’m sure, they have to be here.”

“How do you know that they wanted to send all down?” Atom asked.

“I have a microphone attached to their control center.” you laughed. “I spied for 6 Months.”

“Octavia, now is your turn.” Atom laughed.


At the same time on the Ark:

“They will enter in 2 minutes into the earth atmosphere.” Jackson said to Abby, Kane and the Chancellor.

“Good, thank you Jackson.” Kane said.

“They will make it.” Abby said with a smile.

“I hope so.” Jaha said.



“What is happening now?” you asked. “Whats is this alarm?”


“Octavia, I think you have to tell your story later.” Atom yelled. “We enter the Earth atmosphere.”

“I TOLD YOU WE ALL ARE GOING TO DIE.” A girl shouted again.

“God, SHUT THE HELL UP!” Octavia yelled back at her.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Everyone was screaming.


"How do you know that?” You shouted.

“My Dad was an astronaut.” He yelled back.



At the same time on the Ark:

“Abby! What was that?” Kane asked.

Everyone was in panic.

“There was a blackout when they got in the atmosphere.” She said. 

“All communications devices are dead.” Jackson said nervous.

“Abby what is going on, can we fix this?” Jaha asked with a serious and nervous look.

“Not from here, they are now on their own.”



“Are you two okay?” Atom asked.

Your seats opened 

“I think so.” Octavia said. “Y/N are you okay?”

“Yes I’m fine, come let us go downstairs.” You smiled. “I want to see the Earth.”


When you were going down with Octavia and Atom, you saw more criminals. It was a big ship with 3 levels.

“Is this Octavia Blake?” Someone asked whispering.

“She has a brother.” Some other said.

“Blake, Blake.. I heard that name once.” You thought.

“Octavia?” A guy in the front said. “Octavia!”

Octavia ran forward and hugged the guy in the front.

“Bellamy!” Octavia said and started to cry.

“Oh no, not that guy.” you said quiet and annoyed but someone behind you heard what you said and had to laugh.

“Look who’s that..” A familiar voice said behind you. You turned around and saw Jasper.

“Jas! I knew it! Where are Monty and Finn?” You asked with tears in your eyes while you hugged him. You were so happy to see him alive, to see it wasnt for nothing to do all the things you had done.

“I didnt saw them, yet but I know Monty is here. I think upstairs.” Jasper said with a smile. “I know you said you wanted to rescue us but, that’s a little over the top.” He laughed sarcastic.

“Oh shut up.” you laughed too while everyone talked about Octavia and Bellamy. No one even noticed Jasper and you. It was like you were on the Ark again, where no one noticed your friends and you, but this time you were totally okay with that. 

You saw that Octavia wanted to hit someone but Bellamy hold her back.

“Octavia calm down, dont let them remember you as the girl who was locked up because her mother had two children.” Bellamy said. “ Let them remember you as the girl who made the first step on the Ground again. He smiled at her and wanted to open the gate.

"STOP!” A blond girl said behind you. “The air could be toxic!” She said and walked forward to Bellamy and Octavia.

“We will die, if we not open that Gate.” Bellamy said and opened it, the only thing that were between all of you and the Ground.


At the same time on the Ark:

“Are they alright?” Abby asked Jackson.

“I think so, the transmission band say that they are not dead.”

“Yet.” Kane said with a serious face.

“Wait! Something is happening.” Jaha shouted as he looked on the Computer. “Their heartbeat is high.”


Zzzzzzschuuu - The Gate opened

Octavia was in the front, she breathed the air of Earth. Bellamy kept the others back, he wanted his sister to be the first human who stepped on Earth again.
Octavia walked forward.. until the end of the Gate. She jumped on the Ground.

“WE’RE BACK BITCHES.” She yelled happy and lift her arms up.


At the same time on the Ark:

“Sir, I think they are excited!” Jackson said with a smile.

“They made it!!” Abby shouted and hugged Jaha.

Everyone in the control center was happy and hugged each other.

“Our kids made it.” She whisperd in his ear.


The criminals went out of the Dropship but Jasper held you back.

“Wanna do it together?” Jasper asked you.

“Like in the first class? When we walked over to Monty and asked him if he wanted to be our friend?” You smiled at him.

“Exactly.” He laughed and took your Hand. “And after that we’ll look for Monty and Finn, we’ll find them.” He smiled at you.

You nodded 

“Lets do this.” you both said smiling like in the first class and stepped on the ground.


So guys, I hope you liked Chapter 2! 

If you want more parts or have some Ideas for another part, let me now! :)

Fraxus week
Day 2: Cuddle

This moment was just for them.
Sharing all their feelings and thoughts, even if they were hard times.
To wrap their arms around eachother was alsways the most caring gesture.
To hold someone. Hold them when they’re near to fall down. Near to break.
But also to cheer someone up, showing the close feelings.
To feel the other’s warmth.

[Yea it’s more a hug, but… Have this pic for the Fraxus week.]

There's something in my mirror

There’s something in my mirror. I saw IT six days ago. My roommate was gone, I was home alone. Brushing my teeth, ready for sleep. I bent over, spit, raised my head. In the mirror IT stood there, behind me. Two eyes, a dark body, head skewed to the side. I blinked and it was gone. Perhaps IT was a trick of the light, I thought to myself…just my imagination.

Five days ago, I saw IT again, this time early, before dawn. Right after my shower, I was wiping the steam off the mirror in slow, twisting circles, and then, IT was there again. Behind me to the left. I knew I saw IT this time, a gaunt face, hollow eyes. I spun around quickly, my heart pounding out of my chest, yet I was alone.

My roommate was still not back four days ago, when I saw IT again. This time in daylight. I was washing my hands, looking down, away from the mirror, when something flickered in my peripherals. One quick glance upwards and I saw IT. This time ITS arms were raised, menacingly, holding something above ITS pale head. I ran down the stairs, and fearfully dialed 911. The cops came and searched the place, while I stood, nervously rubbing my hands together. Of course they found no one. “You look like shit,” one said to me “Are you getting enough sleep?” I shook my head and they left my house. How could I sleep with IT on my mind?

No mirrors three days ago. Every mirror in my house I covered with a cloth, hoping to keep IT from my sight. My house looked dark and lifeless, like it was in mourning.

When I got to work that day I was immediately sent home. “Take a day or two, you look like you need some rest.” I tried to refuse, but the boss wouldn’t let me stay. I lay in bed the rest of the day, alone, too anxious to eat, praying for sleep to come. A faint stench hung in the air around me. Perhaps due to humidity, I thought, as I struggled to fall asleep.

Two nights ago, IT returned, this time in my dreams. I could see ITS face fully this time, ITS mouth twisted in a crooked grin. In ITS hand it held a knife. I woke up drenched in sweat, gasping for air. I lay the rest of the night with the lights on, one thought circling through my head–Where had I seen that face before?

Yesterday I didn’t get out of bed. The stench was stronger, sluggishly hanging around the house. My body screamed for sleep, but I resisted. By nightfall, my head was pounding. I took aspirin, then tylenol, but nothing worked. Slowly, my body gave in to the sleep, I fearfully tried to resist, but it wore me down and took me over.

Last night the dreams were vivid. IT was there, in my basement with a knife. IT was holding someone down, stabbing them as they screamed for help. I watched helplessly, as IT turned ITS head and smiled at me, still stabbing the victim beneath IT. I woke with a scream.

I lept out of bed, as my adrenaline took over, widening my eyes, dropping my stomach. The smell was almost unbearable as I crept downstairs and approached the basement with dread. I hovered at the edge of the basement unsure of what I would discover down there. My roommate? IT?

With a sweaty hand, I turned the doorknob, flicked on the light, and went down.

There was blood everywhere. Dark, pooled, fetid blood. I gagged and covered my mouth and turned. In the corner was my roommate. Bloated, rotting, with 17 red holes in his shirt. Bile rose quickly to my mouth and my vision blurred. I stumbled to the bathroom, slammed the faucet on, and splashed my face with water. A flutter of movement materialized above me as a piece of cloth fell lightly into the sink. I slowly turned my head up, staring in the now uncovered mirror. There IT was, bloodless, ashen, with its empty eyes. It stared with a smile as my mind screamed with recognition.

There’s something in my mirror… IT’S me.

there is this perception that being in a relationship would hold someone back or slow them down. i believe that a bad relationship does that. being with the wrong person does that. being with a person that’s right will be a compliment to life, not a hinderance to it. the right person will assist you with your dreams and you’d grow together and travel and plan and live life together. that’s why i never enjoyed calling it “settling down.” because being with a person that makes life invigorating and adventurous means that it’s anything but settling down for me

You know what I want?
I want to cuddle someone.
I want someone to give me neck kisses.
I want someone to be there in the middle of the night when I wake up so I can snuggle into them.
I want someone to hold my hand walking down the street.
I want someone to grab my waist and pull me close to them.
I want someone to play with my hair when we sit for hours watching Netflix.

In reality I just want a bunch of things I’ll never have.


Alphys says

* Finding out the person you really like is with someone else…
* It can make your soul feel crushed and broken…

* But sometimes…
* Just seeing how happy they are…
* It can fill you with a similar sense of happiness.

* I know it must hurt to see them with someone else, but you can’t let that hold you down.
* Be strong and move on.

* Your life shouldn’t revolve around them.
* Your life should revolve around you and only you!