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omg the christmas ask had me thinking: how would seventeen act if they were meeting your family?

Assuming they were invited for dinner…

- the most….. natural boyfriend ever
- talks as if he’s known your family forever
- gets along with them all, loved by everyone
- bonds with your dad over puns and dad jokes
- holds your hand under the table

- when they saw jeonghan, they were like APPROVED 100% W O W
- wins your family’s heart in .234517 seconds
- offers to help with dinner or the dishes
- “where…… did you find this perfect man…….”

- gentleman
- you know when people describe someone as “the type of boy you bring home”?
- joshua hong started that
- super polite and kind and cute and??? an actual angel
- acts really natural, but when you leave he’s all like “did they hate me?? omg i feel like i disappointed them??”
- no he didn’t
- your family loves him and asks about him every day

- shocks your parents with his handsomeness
- does super cool tricks without realizing throughout the meeting
- like easily catching the plate of food that almost fell to the floor
- and doing a kip up to get back on his feet when he slipped and fell
- impresses your parents by just breathing

- excitedly greets your family
- exchanges embarrassing stories about you with them
- talks nonstop….. actually never runs out of things to say
- his face lights up when your mom brings the food to the table
- nervousness hits him halfway through and he starts sweating profusely
- jokes about coming back for dinner the next day
- but your parents are like “COME BACK ANYTIME”

- stiff LOL
- “make yourself at home” “thank you (remains stiff)”
- perfect posture
- perfect table etiquette
- perfect manners
- speaks REALLY formally because he wants to appear as polite as possible

- robotic
- probably wrote down an entire paragraph and memorized it to say to your family
- really quiet at the dinner table because he’s scared he’s going to say something to make them hate him
- suddenly gets super passionate when he talks about writing music
- gets embarrassed for babbling and apologizes a lot

- L O U D
- screams about how excited he was to meet them
- doesn’t stop smiling the entire night
- makes jokes the entire time and makes everyone laugh
- does body gags, nearly knocks over your mom’s china collection

- makes the PERFECT first impression
- “you didn’t tell us you were dating a model????”
- helps your mom make dinner WOW MINGYU
- compliments your mom’s cooking, eats everything
- probably spilled the pitcher of water while trying to pass it to your parents

- shy but your mom finds it cute don’t worry
- smiles throughout the dinner
- accidentally answers a question in chinese
- doesn’t stop blushing for the rest of the dinner

- wears a suit let’s be real
- bows every two seconds
- brings a gift for your parents
- super nervous, but hides it by babbling about anything that comes to mind
- LOVES the food, flatters your mom when she sees how much he’s eating
- probably practiced in front of the mirror for three hours in different tones
- probably also got seokmin and hoshi to pretend to be the parents so he could practice

- awkward
- everyone can tell he’s really nervous
- the actual meme “(in his mind) act natural” “(out loud) today how you are”
- was holding his breath the entire time
- “i thought….. i was going to die….”

- brings flowers LOL
- got himself all dressed up for the occasion
- compliments your house’s décor
- compliments the food
- compliments your parents
- compliments you
- just throws compliments from every corner
- the biggest sweetheart

thank you for your request!!

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The scene with Lydia in her bedroom in 6x02 is like in 3x18 when Stiles was in the hospital and Lydia was in the car. Even when Stiles is erased from reality, Stiles and Lydia’s emotional tether cannot be severed. Someone hold me omg


Just watching this OVA gave me so many feels!!

I love the symbolism and parallelism in it. Omg someone hold me!

But seriously. This is Sasuke’s dream and it’s like Itachi is trying to show him that he is not alone. That Naruto is there and in the end Sasuke gets it. And that’s who’s missing! Naruto! It should’t be so quiet. And Itachi is trying to tell him that his BFF/Boyfriend is missing Fucking symbolism.

Hell. The fucking eggs could be some symbolism. So Itachi is trying to make the perfect egg for Sasuke but he can’t and runs out of them. So then this loud chicken comes along and Itachi is like, “Wait - I got this.” And so he managed to get one egg out of the chicken and out of that miracle egg comes out two yolk! (like it wasn’t alone) Like two peas in a pod - Like Sasuke and Naruto. And to put the icing on the cake Itachi draws their symbols on the fucking egg yolk!! He ships this so hard. “Shipper mind is probably talking right now” 

But then I just love how he got Sasuke to react. Sasuke’s reaction is a mix between confused and shocked. Its beautiful. And being the little snarky bitch he is, He’s like, “I’ve had better.” after he eats them. And, omg, Itachi just knows! I mean come on! We all know Sasuke’s mind switched to Naruto when he saw the symbols. That’s why he said that. Because, in reality, those were the best fucking eggs he’s ever had! He just doesn’t want to show it so he puts up that front. lol And Itachi sees right through it.

And then the scene switches to Naruto waking Sasuke up by flicking him in the head. It’s like he’s saying, “Hey, Sasuke. I can’t replace your brother but I’m still here, you’re not alone. So let’s go together… - its what Itachi would want.” *Shipper headcannons. Im sorry lmfao!”

And if I could add more Episode stills I’d add the scenery and the position they are in.

Like Sasuke is under a shadow - darkness. And Sasuke wakes up to see Naruto standing under the sun - light. Sasuke is literally looking up into his light and its so fucking blinding that he’s in a daze. ANd then we have Naruto running away from him and Sauce is all like, “Wait!” (don’t go! *shipper mind*) And chases after him. (So I’m like”well, Look who’s chasing after who!” LOL) But to the real point: This really reminds me of that one Shippuden Ending where we see Sasuke shrouded in darkness and Naruto is desperate to get him out of there. But here we have Sasuke getting out of the darkness on his own to get to Naruto. Its like the character development that we have seen Sasuke having lately.

Anyway, the scene changes to a god-like Itachi standing over them smiling. Smiling because Sasuke went after Naruto and is with him. And then Sasuke smiles too because he gets it! He made Itachi proud because he chose the right path. To get out of the darkness.

Omg my feels and this episode my not need this because it really is self explanatory but I couldn’t help myself. *dies from feels*

Omg. fixed! I wrote like this whole analysis and tumblr deleted it so I had to rewrite it.*dies from feels again*








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Pedobear Weeaboo

Me and a friend registered on german chat called KNUDDELS (I bet most of the germans and austrians know it, haha) Days went by, we found the manga & anime chatroom, a specific chatroom for… yeah, manga & anime lovers. I eventually uploaded a picture of myself, and so did my friend. I shouldn’t have done that. Of course there are creepy guys in chatrooms, but also nice people. I got many lovely compliments, and then… HE wrote me.

“OMG YOU’RE SO BEAUTIFUL” He also wrote in big letters. I asked him if his caps lock key is broken, but he said it’s just his writing style. okaaaay. He called himself Naruto. I know you shouldn’t judge someone based on looks, but when I saw his profile pic… omg. WEEABOO ALERT. His age said 17, but he looked way older - he had greasy hair styled in a spiky way (to look like Naruto, I guess… reminds me more of Brock from Pokemon series). Then it became… even more strange. Our conversations were almost always about how insanely beautiful I was, that he only saw a girl with a beauty like mine in china, but she smoked and he didn’t like her then. WTF? He told me he searches for the perfect girl to hold her as his sex slave. After that, he said he almost raped a girl when he was 11. At that point, I didn’t even wanted to write with him anymore. I thought he was joking, but he wasn’t. I was shocked and spoke to my friends about it. My boyfriend said he’s just a creeper and brushed it off, but told me to block him. I did.

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Ok, so I often get comments about how “inaccurate” my transistor sword is! And how “obvious” it should be to make it out of acrylic or something transparent. A lot of people have already made it out of acrylic, so it’s sort of ‘already done’. My focus was to get the color and dimensions right. And I didn’t want to use a fortune on buying acrylics. 

And there has also been a lot of comments about how any sword is going to be “obsolite” when Volpin makes his Transistor sword. (omg he is really a god!) 

But I just kind of wanted to make this for my own comparison I guess. And I feel like the sword that my boyfriend and me made a year ago still holdes up! I know it does’nt light up and talk like Volpins.

So back to the point of this! Even though you’re not a prop god, you can still pull of pretty cool cosplay stuff! And that you shouldn’t be scared if someone already has made- or is going to make “the perfect version”. (that actually has light and audio, dear god all mighty)  It’s cosplay, have fun with it!

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yeah but also: eren running n skidding right into HQ common before Levi gets there n goes IT'S A 8.9 EVERYONE SCRAM n literally everyone do scram because if Jaeger rates the Pissy Scale an 8.9 you bet your ass you better scram cause Levi gon' fuck shit up n when everyone's mysteriously gone Eren just calmly sidle back to Levi's side with tea n neat stacks of documents. BUT OMG HE MAKES EYE CONTACT WITH MOBLIT N THEY NOD N HE KNOWS THAT MOBLIT WILL MAKE SURE HANJI IS 1000X MILES AWAY THAT DAY.

oMFG the pissy scale— someone hold me because i’m literally dying over here AND OMG IMAGINE THE CONVERSATIONS MOBLIT AND EREN WOULD HAVE

“My girlfriend almost got herself killed today.“ 

"My boyfriend almost killed someone.”