someone help this poor kid

Haven't made an angsty headcanon post in a while, so

Ninja frequent nightmares headcanons

Kai: Nightmares he can’t explain about his sister dying, and he’s not able to do anything about it (hint: it’s a subconscious memory from the alternate timeline)

Jay: Has a lot of nightmares about his time with the Sky Pirates, and probably a lot about all the Ninjas leaving him alone

Zane: Still occasionally has nightmares about the ice dragon going rogue

Cole: Has a lot of nightmares about fading away and/or being alone

Nya: Definitely has nightmares about the tiger widow venom incident

Lloyd: holy SHIT where do I begin
- Has nightmares about getting trapped in the Temple of Fire when he was little, which got worse after Morro possessed him due to Morro actually dying in the Caves of Despair
- Has nightmares about all his battles with the Overlord
- Has nightmares about having his powers drained and leaving the Ninjas helpless
- Has nightmares about sending his father to the Cursed Realm
- Has nightmares about leaving his father in the Cursed Realm
- Has nightmares about Morro possessing him and making him fight his friends again
- Has nightmares about someone attacking his friends/family and he can’t do anything to help
- Poor kid has a lot of nightmares
- Protect this child

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The Mama Servamp was something I was curious about as well~! I'm partial to the adopted idea myself, which is why I headcanon that Hyde calls him 'Creator' (since he sort of 'created' their family). Though perhaps Kuro is the only real child he had, but his wife died during those early years even though she wanted a big family and to make up for it he saved a whole bunch of kids from bad situations? Idk, I'm still thinking over why he wouldn't be around so much. Overworking himself probably?

Well, I’m glad I was able to clear that up a little. ^^; Yeah, I had another person tell me they were in favor of the adoption idea as well. I was also thinking about the idea of making Kuro being the only real child “creator” had, I mean they already look alike right???

I mean?????? you guys have to agree. 

And yes, my excuse for him not being around so much is cause he works a bunch, it would make sense especially if you have 8 KIDS. He needs to be able to support them right? (me in real life I come from a family of 5 kids so I know what the struggle can be like. Oh god.)

 I also mentioned in an old age au post, that the reason Hugh has a part time job at 16 is so he can help support the family even just a little. My exact words were:

“ HUGH - Has a job(unlike his NEET older brother) at 16. He’s claims he’s the reason this family survives at all. I mean 8 kids is a lot. Someone has to help their poor single parent/dad. (aka the “creator” or “sensei”)”

So yeah…. poor “creator”…. I like that idea too, about him saving kids from bad situations, it hurts me kinda but it would make them more indebted to him as well. Thanks for the ask! ^^

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*finishes episode 7* AH?? AAAHHH!!! I... I... oh my god, someone help these poor kids? Teach them healthy ways to express themselves?Please tell me Ritsu gets an actual rolemodel who understands and supports him and shows him there is an in-between to being an upstanding ideal and completely wrecking people? There's a middle ground, sweetheart... (Also the scene where Reigen cons the con artists made me really happy, but the tonal whiplash on this show is making my head spin... I love it but...)

hahahahahahahaha oh you sweet summer child

also yes i absolutely adore mp100′s layers of jokes????

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Would there be times when Dipper would find it hard to double cross people in deals? Like his humanity would show more? For example if a kid sumoned him to save the life of a sibling. I dont know if that made any sense.

Yes. Yes yes yes omg. There would be plenty of times where Dipper couldn’t wait to fuck someone over, but then there’d be times reality would slap him hard in the face and he’d come back down to earth so hard it would knock the air out of his lungs.

It would go against everything he is, but there would certainly be times he’d tell someone not to ask for a certain deal because the price they’d pay wouldn’t be worth it. As a demon, he has to hear someone out, but he doesn’t have to accept any deal for any reason, and I’m sure there are some he refuses simply on the grounds that he wouldn’t want to see someone innocent suffer. To him, it would be like refusing to step on an ant in order to gain a million dollars - every inch of him is screaming that he should accept the deal, but he has enough of his humanity to realize that no, no he shouldn’t.

There would also be times he would gladly screw over some sadistic bastard specifically to help someone. Some asshole at some point kidnapped a poor kid to use her soul as collateral in order to get a huge sum of money to get out of a massive debt he brought on himself. Upon summoning Alcor, the guy offered “this one’s soul”, and gestured to the bound girl in his shady hotel room in exchange for an untraceable priceless gem he’d be able to cash in at a nearby museum.

Dipper accepts, and upon upholding his end of the bargain, releases the girl and sweetly tells her that she might want to step out while he collects this man’s soul. When the guy starts screaming at him angrily and Dipper ushers her out, he politely points out that not only did the man use poor wording (using “this one” instead of the girl’s name), but you can’t offer someone else’s soul as payment - only your own.

So after a few minutes, Dipper walks out of an empty room (muttering under his breath about how disgusting greedy souls taste) to see the still very confused and terrified girl still standing there. He then produces the gem that he had given the man earlier and gives it to her, saying something to the affect that since his previous employer is suddenly “nowhere to be found”, she can have it.

He leaves shortly after, but hangs around in the Dreamscape just a bit longer to make sure she makes it home alright.

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So you think the Billboard article is a good thing? If so, can you explain why?

I do think it’s a good thing. I think that the articles that made it to non-gossip-rag publications, namely MTV UK, Billboard, and Jezebel were largely positive for a few reasons.

First, they were very levelheaded in their approach. They would have been completely justified in raking Louis across the coals for his blatantly homophobic comments, but they didn’t.

Second, I think that the articles actually served as seeding for Louis, Harry, and them as a couple. The headlines are particularly relevant:

MTV UK - One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson: “I Am In Fact Straight”; After years of speculation, One Direction’s Louis has finally opened up about his sexuality…

Billboard - One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Denies Gay Allegation

Louis Tomlinson is not known to the general public. For someone hearing of his for the first time, what do they learn? That there are allegations that he is gay and that there have been “years of speculation” regarding his sexuality. Many people adhere to the idea that “where there’s smoke there’s fire.” These headlines alone act as seeding for Louis to come out, because his name has been connected with the idea of being gay in people’s minds.

The Billboard article doesn’t have much for content, mainly just Louis’ tweets and Jenn’s responses. [Which are golden in and of themselves].

The MTV UK article, on the other hand, includes seeding for Harry:

Louis’ declaration of heterosexuality comes a week after Harry set tongues-a-wagging by declaring that he didn’t consider gender to be important in choosing a romantic partner.

A YouTube livestream interview with Ben Winston over the weekend saw the band collectively refuse to acknowledge Harry’s comment in a show of solidarity, leading to an awkward silence before Liam Payne put everyone out of their misery with a lovely joke.

A reminder about Harry’s implication that he is non-straight, and even pointing out the fact that he failed to clarify or address the rampant media speculation in the livestream. A livesteam that the general public otherwise would know nothing about. So now regular media consumers know that everyone thinks Harry isn’t straight, and he failed to address the rumour despite having an opportunity to do so.

The article also includes further seeding for Louis and for his relationship with Harry (which was largely missing from the articles regarding Harry alone).

The question of One Direction star Louis Tomlinson’s sexuality has been much speculated over the years.

Both media and the band’s huge fan base have often questioned whether or not the singer is into boys or girls - with many shippers subscribing to the so-called ‘Larry Stylinson’ theory that Louis has been in a long term relationship with bandmate Harry Styles ever since their X Factor days.

Again, the general public has never heard any speculation about Louis’ sexuality. But now they know that such speculation has been going on for years. Again, where there’s smoke there’s fire. They are also introduced to the idea that many people think he is dating Harry (who, coincidentally, very well may be non-straight himself). Note that the shippers are not bashed in any way, nor is the theory treated as ridiculous. This is seeding for the relationship.

As to why it’s happening, there are two possibilities. Both are based on the premise that the offensive tweets came from Modest, which I do not think is controversial.

  1. The media knows the truth (that Harry and Louis are together but heavily closeted). They also know that they will be coming out in the foreseeable future. Therefore, they made the decision on their own recognizance not go easy Louis for his unjustifiable twitter activity and also to hint at the truth. So that their later articles will be consistent and they don’t look like jerks for bashing on a poor closeted kid.
  2. Someone other than Modest is helping the boys interface with the media. (Azoff, Sony, Sony with Azoff’s unofficial advice, etc.) This entity spun the story and then contacted the more credible news agencies and convinced them to adopt their spin, which they were happy to do for the reasons in point 1.

Given that we have also seen other evidence of assistance being rendered to the boys (i.e. Louis being papped in the Apple shirt and in front of his lawyer’s office), and in light of the fact that the “not that important” articles also adopted the most seeding-friendly spin, AND because of all the other reasons we have to think that the Azoffs are involved, I tend to lean towards Option 2.

No official transition yet, but there is a power struggle between Modest and Sony behind the scenes. The war is getting ugly, and I don’t think it’s over yet. Gird your loins.