someone help this poor kid

hey can anyone help me time travel through fiction to give young dean winchester a hug

Haven't made an angsty headcanon post in a while, so

Ninja frequent nightmares headcanons

Kai: Nightmares he can’t explain about his sister dying, and he’s not able to do anything about it (hint: it’s a subconscious memory from the alternate timeline)

Jay: Has a lot of nightmares about his time with the Sky Pirates, and probably a lot about all the Ninjas leaving him alone

Zane: Still occasionally has nightmares about the ice dragon going rogue

Cole: Has a lot of nightmares about fading away and/or being alone

Nya: Definitely has nightmares about the tiger widow venom incident

Lloyd: holy SHIT where do I begin
- Has nightmares about getting trapped in the Temple of Fire when he was little, which got worse after Morro possessed him due to Morro actually dying in the Caves of Despair
- Has nightmares about all his battles with the Overlord
- Has nightmares about having his powers drained and leaving the Ninjas helpless
- Has nightmares about sending his father to the Cursed Realm
- Has nightmares about leaving his father in the Cursed Realm
- Has nightmares about Morro possessing him and making him fight his friends again
- Has nightmares about someone attacking his friends/family and he can’t do anything to help
- Poor kid has a lot of nightmares
- Protect this child

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Imagine this AU: No one dies/Everyone lives (except a few who are better off dead, like Hojo), but every time someone fucked up in the mind is defeated, Cloud drops by and sends their asses to professional help. Seph being batshit crazy? Psychologist. Genesis and Angeal degradation affect the mind? Therapist. The Remnants? The Tsviets? Cloud and his friends by the end of it all? Someone get them professional help. So much could have been avoided if more attention was spent on mental health.

Honestly, all the characters could benefit so much from just sitting down and getting some proper professional help!! Poor messed up kids. Especially if someone paid attention to Seph & the SOLDIERs in the first place, maybe everything with Nibelheim and the resulting chaos could have been avoided. D:

Time travel AU in which, after AC, Cloud’s spent so long looking through medical and psychiatric journals in search of ways to fix geostigma and then help his own issues that eventually he just gets properly qualified as a therapist himself. Goes back in time to Crisis Core era, rocks up to ShinRa as a qualified professional and damn well insists someone works with the SOLDIER boys. Gets the response, ‘if you’re so insistent someone should do it, do it yourself’. Proceeds to save the world just by letting Sephiroth get some goddamn therapy.

(Also re: your other ask; don’t mind me I’m just totally shitty at responding to things in my inbox. >>;; I tend to pop on to Tumblr in the morning just to catch up on the dashboard and check the queue is stocked, but it’s too early then to do the whole word thing for replies. And then I forgot to come back to things later because I’m a bit of a mess like that. orz But it’s not a bother!)

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The Mama Servamp was something I was curious about as well~! I'm partial to the adopted idea myself, which is why I headcanon that Hyde calls him 'Creator' (since he sort of 'created' their family). Though perhaps Kuro is the only real child he had, but his wife died during those early years even though she wanted a big family and to make up for it he saved a whole bunch of kids from bad situations? Idk, I'm still thinking over why he wouldn't be around so much. Overworking himself probably?

Well, I’m glad I was able to clear that up a little. ^^; Yeah, I had another person tell me they were in favor of the adoption idea as well. I was also thinking about the idea of making Kuro being the only real child “creator” had, I mean they already look alike right???

I mean?????? you guys have to agree. 

And yes, my excuse for him not being around so much is cause he works a bunch, it would make sense especially if you have 8 KIDS. He needs to be able to support them right? (me in real life I come from a family of 5 kids so I know what the struggle can be like. Oh god.)

 I also mentioned in an old age au post, that the reason Hugh has a part time job at 16 is so he can help support the family even just a little. My exact words were:

“ HUGH - Has a job(unlike his NEET older brother) at 16. He’s claims he’s the reason this family survives at all. I mean 8 kids is a lot. Someone has to help their poor single parent/dad. (aka the “creator” or “sensei”)”

So yeah…. poor “creator”…. I like that idea too, about him saving kids from bad situations, it hurts me kinda but it would make them more indebted to him as well. Thanks for the ask! ^^