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Here’s special images I wanted to share. This is like the second part of the relationship chart I posted last month.

 Take a look at these chef ikemen. So Dreaaaammyy..

 Also then there’s shun, looking cool as always 😎😍 

 In making parfait, Shun got first place btw ^^;; 

 Shun should make me his special parfait since he got first place lololol 


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Someone send help lololol I’m done XD SOMEONE TELL ME WHO IS HE XD

Please give credit to this blog and ask permission if you ever take something that was originally posted from this blog ^~^ thank you. 

All credits to Voltage Inc.


Ok I need some help please
When I was in high school one of our art teachers asked us to paint something but we most show her a pictures of the thing we want to paint before we paint it

I fond a digital drawing of gravity falls digital drawing but the name of this artist is not on that drawing someone repost it

when I saved the drawing I start searching who is the real artist
my teacher doesn’t really care but I should give this artist his/her credit

Sadly I didn’t find him/her

I paint the digital drawing but I never post in the internet , but I hanged it on my wall in my room

But this Time I post it because I really want to know who are they the one how draw the original idea

Can you help me who is that amazing artist please 💙

i saw a post that said “bucky saved sam during the fight w/ peter bc he knew that steve would be devastated if something bad happened to sam that’s so precious!!” and it’s like well maybe he saved sam bc so far he’s done nothing but help steve help bucky and instead of trying to kill him or being afraid of him there’s an understandable amount of caution that sam has with him which is more than 99% of people are willing to show him. give bucky some credit that he can tell when someone is good and is trying to help instead of making his actions solely about pleasing steve

So this was the previous reposter that I dealt with. I wanted to show you guys how this went.

I reported them to insta, the next day they immediatly took the drawing down. And then they were asking me if they could repost again? Like are you being serious? This was not the worst reposter I’ve dealt with but it was one of the most unsenstive. If you want to repost someone’s art first ask the artist if you can do it. If you don’t know them(like in this shithead case) DON’T REPOST.

There are a bunch of artists, like me, that don’t mind people reposting our art WITH PERMISSION. So please if you ever see a repost of art with no credit at all and you know the artist please notify them. This is unrespectful and just pure “not giving a shit about your feelings” people.

So let’s try to change this a bit. Probably won’t do any big difference but it can help an artist.

So let’s kill this motherfuckers.

Oh, Baby (Namjoon x Reader) Pt. 3

[Pt 1] [Pt 2] | [Pt 4] [Pt 5] [Pt 6] [Pt 7] [Pt 8] [Pt 9]

Pairing: Namjoon/Rap Monster x Reader
Rating: M
Genre: Smut/Mafia-ish AU

Words: 3,117

Summary: You were only supposed to have seen him twice. Only twice, no more, but now you’re getting dragged into situations you never wished for and Namjoon just keep showing up.

A/N: 20+ PEOPLE MESSAGED ME ASKING FOR MORE AND HERE YOU GO!! :D I really love getting messages from you guys, it’s touching to see you all enjoy it.

So! From now one this isn’t strictly smut!! I plan to incorporate some in here or there (or at least have some frisky moments), so don’t expect smut every chapter~

Alright, let’s see how this goes~

Oooh? Who’s that little beauty I see?” the copper haired male gasps happily, scooting forward in his seat when he spots one tiny, angry looking Min Yoongi tugging you down the street. He can see the peeved creases on Yoongi’s forehead, and also the confused and scared look on your face, and he becomes intrigued.

He watches the front of Namjoon’s building every day and yet nothing like this has ever happened. Yoongiis a normal occurrence, coming and leaving the hotel at least once a day, but you, on the other hand, are an unforeseen piece in this puzzle.

He’s excited.

“Who are you~,” he singsongs quietly, sipping on his cup of coffee as he fetches his phone from his pocket. With practiced ease he zooms in the camera, snapping a pic or two of you before Yoongi hauls you into the lobby.

Once the two of you are gone, he looks the photos over, humming appreciatively at your features. You’re pretty—but why is Namjoon’s right-hand toting you around like a toddler that fucked up?

Once again, he’s intrigued.

Humming, the male twirls around in his seat, his playful attitude not seeming to match his neatly styled hair and unbuttoned suit attire. However, even so, people know that he does his job right.

He’s known by few—but he’s feared by many. The feeling is nice. It helps him sleep at night.

“And now you’re gone,” he mumbles when, a few minutes later, Yoongi slinks out of the building, hands shoved into his pockets angrily.

He’s alone.

“But where is she…?”

Eyes narrowing with suspicion, the man smirks in interest at the scene laying out before him. It’s not uncommon for Namjoon to drag random girls back to his home, but none of those girls are you—dressed appropriately with so much emotion written onto your features. You contain a spark of life, whereas his cheap prostitutes don’t. You look like a girl who hasn’t seen the darkest corners of world, whereas the other girls know struggle, and the corruptness of human kind.

You are a clean slate, just waiting to be tainted—and if you’re involved with Namjoon, then it won’t take long.

Sighing, amused smile stretching at his lips, the man continues to stare out of the large window on the second floor of the café across from Namjoon’s building. A quick glance at his watch tells him that he’ll be late for his 4 o’clock meeting, but he doesn’t care. He’s currently watching the best show he’s seen in a long while, and wants to see how this episode will end.

However, 20 minutes in his phone rings, and he knows his fun is going to end.


“Taehyung!” his receptionist scolds. “Jaehyuk is here for the meeting! Where are you?”

“People watching,” Taehyung hums uncaringly, eyes shifting back to the front doors of Namjoon’s building. He doesn’t want to miss you if you come out—because a part of him wonders if you’ll even make it out alive.

“Can’t you reschedule?”

No! You already put him off twice!”

Taehyung sighs irritably. “Fine. I’ll be there in 15.”

Before his receptionist can respond Taehyung drops her call, quickly scrolling through his contacts and clicking on another number.

What?” the male on the other end questions when the line connects, voice gruff with sleep, and Taehyung raises his eyebrow in amusement.

“Rough night, Jiminie?”

Shut up,” the older hisses, sheets shifting. “What do you want?”

“There’s been…a development.”

“…do share.”

“Well,” Taehyung grins, pushing to his feet and smoothing out his suit. “A girl caught my eye—because she seems to have caught Namjoon’s eye as well.”

There’s a pause, and then a quiet laugh.

I like her already.”

Taehyung’s eyes twinkle.

“I was hoping you’d say that.”

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Hook Vs. Regina Redemption pt. 1

Here it is folks the meta you never asked for, from the tumblr user you’ve never heard of. And it’s extra long and does use some points others have used in the past mostly @anothershadeofgreen but I’m making a few additions of my own. 

WARNING: This is extremely anti Captain Hook and Captain Swan. 

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guys this is a system i’ve recently adopted in an attempt to be a more active textbook reader! it’s so helpful, honestly. so, in the beginning of your notebook for any particular subject, dedicate a set of two pages or so to be a dashboard! here, you put sticky notes with assignments, readings, page numbers, figures, vocabulary, main ideas, thoughts, and questions! keep it organised and functional, and it will pay off! it’s the best system for textbook reading i’ve yet to find! i saw someone posting about it the other day (if anyone knows who, please message me so i can give them credit!!!) and it really inspired me to share it with the rest of you!


This was drawn by my good friend and senpai @lazuen01. She does NOT appreciate it when people upload her drawings without her permission and especially do not give credit. These kind of people really irritate me. Is it at least that hard to give someone credit? 

I’ve noticed how this has many notes, and I want to stop it. Please help me get this post down. Please message this person @homestuckcosplaygirly and help me get this post down. It makes me so sad and disheartened when people like these post artworks and give no credit, have NO respect for the artist whatsoever. 

I have given this person a message and a warning but I have no reply. Please help me take this down. And while at it, please know that artists give so much time and work to make these beautiful piece of artworks for you fans, and if you guys don’t respect the artists themselves, she might as well not draw. (I’m serious! She’s very hesitant on posting things online now because of people like her!)

Please REPORT @homestuckcosplaygirly and STOP THIS POST. 

Thank you! 

Kent didn’t remember it, but clearly his mother did and she photographic evidence.

“Aw, you are looking so–” Kent didn’t understand the last Russian word that Tater had slipped in there.

“I don’t even want to know if that’s a good thing,” Kent muttered from the couch.

Tater looked up from the picture album he was currently thumbing through with an impish smile. Kent stuck out his tongue, just as his mother came back from the kitchen with a plate of Christmas cookies.

She glanced over at the picture Tater was smirking at and sighed fondly. “Oh yes, that one. Kenny always did have a fondness for cats.”

“He is bigger Kit,” Tater agreed.

His mom put the plate down on the coffee table. “I remember that year for Halloween, we barely had enough money to cover rent. I couldn’t afford to buy him a costume and I have no sewing skills to speak of. Kenny, I think you were three or four at the time?” She pulled the photo out of the plastic sleeve and held it up for him. He squinted dimly at it and shrugged.

“Maybe.” He made a mental note to contact Tater’s parents for embarrassing childhood photos as payback.

“So, the neighbors had this cat that Kent loved to play with, and come Halloween, Kent wanted to be a cat. He was very insistent on being “Kitty”. That was what he called the cat, by the way.”

“Only because they named him something stupid and unpronounceable,” Kent threw out.

His mother gave him an amused look. “His name was Caesar, dear.”

“‘Kitty’ was a better name.”

“Anyways, the best thing I cat costume I could come up on a limited budget was dress him in black  and then draw on the nose and the whiskers with my makeup. I bought the ears for fifty cents at a thrift store.”

“He not have tail?” Tater asked?

“Oh, he had a tail. I cut an old shirt of mine and stuffed it with leftover cotton from a pillow.” She laughed, but it was tinged with sadness.

Kent remembered those years when his mother had to work two jobs trying to make ends meet. His hockey was expensive, and he had lost count of the number of times he had told his mother he would quit, only to have her shake her head and tell him that they would make it work… somehow.

He got up from the plush, oversized chair and went to go settle on the arm rest by his mother. “Thank you,” he said sincerely as he pressed a kiss to her temple.

“You were so happy,” she sniffed. “You didn’t even care that the tail was literally stapled shut at the seams.”

“I’m happy I have you.” Kent said softly. “Both of you,” he added with a glance towards Tater who met his warm gaze. Kit, who must have sensed that she was being left out, abandoned her watch from under the tree and came over to jump on Tater’s lap. “All of you,” Kent amended when she joined them.

And he was.


Look, someone mentioned the other day that Kent Parson probably has a picture of himself with the cat face drawn on (or something like that), but I can’t find the post. Please help me so I can give proper credit to the idea. :)

GUYS please do not repost other people’s work unless they give you permission. And idgaf if you made an edit with it or whatever, but you do not have the right to demand credit when you are not properly giving it and are not even bothering to respect the artist.

This is not meant to be rude, but more as an eye opener if you do this and do not realize how damaging and hurtful it is to the original creator. You are not helping out the artist; you are stealing from them.

And just in case someone says anything, this is only if you did not get permission. With that being said, please also let me know if I ever reblog an unpermitted repost.

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hello! i'm a japanese major (& a psych major) and i'm actually gonna be starting my advanced classes next semester (after 3 semesters of 6 hour credit classes) & then studying in tokyo for spring semester 2018!! if you want any materials, i can send some over from my first semester. :) [also i'm on anon just in case i'm over-stepping boundaries ashdowjfjwncal] if you have any questions also, i got you. i can also give you the best materials online that i've known to help me through my classes!


Please, please, PLEASE send a message my way because I would LOVE YOUR HELP!! Ahhh!!! You are so amazing I would love someone to talk to about this and get resources from. You’re an angel, seriously, I’m freaking out right now. Thank you so much for offering aahhhhha;slkdfjas;dlkfajsl;d 

When someone brought attention to the fact that the outline of the prince kind of looked like Mutsumi, I couldn’t help myself~ XD

(I swear I had this drawn out before the shipping wars episode)

If you want to use this image please ask for permission and give proper credit. DO NOT REPOST.