someone help me give credit please


Hello my beautiful followers. I’ve been receiving anonymous messages telling me that a designer stole one of my poems and used it on a jacket without giving me credit. I was skeptical at first but I followed the source and it turned out to be true. I am absolutely horrified. I was given no credit and I was not asked for permission. I honestly don’t know what to do right now. I’m just a small poet, I write because I love it and I put so much thought and effort into my work. The thought that someone else would just take credit for it fills me with such sadness. I feel like I have been taken advantage of just because I don’t have a voice. Please help spread the word. I want people to know how disgusting this is. 

Page number one from four. I understand that some fans are not agree with this ship and all the stuff but if you ask me, I am 50/50, I will be happy if this becomes canon and also if not.

I think Steven could not help Jasper in the first place because as a child he used to see the world in a black and white perspective and after bubbled episode events he just start to realize that world does not work in that way. 

Is not like Steven not wanting to help Jasper, is just that he does not know how to do it, there is where Greg enters, he is an adult whose perspective of world is different. Jasper is an adult too and needs someone can understand and talk to her instead of being hostile all the time. Jasper is not a character who fights without provokations, and that was other of steven mistakes and thats why I believe Greg could play a role in her redemption.


PSA ...again (⌇ຶД⌇ຶ)

It’s sad that I have to write a post like this, but lately I have been dealing with a lot of very rude people who are taking my art. It’s been killing my desire to draw.

So I am going to clear things up once again.
My art is free to use, but I expect you to credit me! I spend hours on drawings and the credit really does help. If you find my art without knowing it’s from me, cool, I understand, but if someone else or I find out and ask you to give credit I expect you to do that. If you’re going to outright refuse then /no/ you CAN’T use my art. I am not aiming to please rude people who have little concern for artists or art itself.


I have encountered a couple people doing this and using special profile photos I made for other’s as their own, as well as taking it upon themselves to edit and crop these images. DO NOT.

When it comes down to it, if you are not going to respect me, my art, or the community in general then you might as well unfollow this blog.

I Guess It’s My Turn

To be disgustingly sentimental and get a little more sentimental here

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a fandom that was ever as supportive nor as excited of and for my creative endeavors than the Homestuck fandom.

Because of this fandom I’ve made so many unforgettable friends.

Alex and Steph, I adore you both but who the fuck knows your urls anymore.

While I technically made friends with @missrinachan in a completely different fandom, our friendship grew in this one. And god damn it, I’ll give it the credit that’s due.

If it weren’t for homestuck I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to work with wonderful people and make what I can be assured are now life-long bonds with pals like
the literal only Egbert for me, @denten02.
The hottest Rose possible, @totalspiffage. 
The resident tipsy dames, sweet @redasatomato and the brilliant @cyaato.
Literally Dave Strider, @miketooch.
Fish fuckboy @everyonelovesrobots.
Someone please help @veggieblt​ with those spiders on his dick? 
My little sister, @aph-lithuania.
The only Merry Gams for me, @kitsubasa.
I got to literally actually physically hug a smol @fivetail-lite.
My big Strong Jay, @lunarchitect.
My mama Pyrope and guardian of pals, @celestialtoxophilite. 
A Tavros I actually like and possibly the hottest Summoner, @lolzman87

and last but DEFINITELY not least

@fadeintocase​. I can’t unhear your fucking Karkat, I can’t get over how crazy connected we are. You’re my best friend. My moirail, if we wanna get that fucking ridiculous. (We will. Because it’s fucking 4/13)

We formed this group called the Fruity Rumpus Asshole Chat to do some livestreams and do some homestuck reads and it was a pretty magical time for me.

We came together to collaborate on SO many projects, homestuck or otherwise.

This fandom gave me all of you, all of the memories we’ve made. 

I couldn’t ask for better, honestly.

You’ve made the past few years of my life some really great ones and I’m so, so, SO grateful for everything you guys have done for me.

I love you all and thank you for sharing this wild ride with me.

If I forgot to mention anyone well
just goes to show you how many friends I got out of this cray ass fandom.
(I still love you pals)

((See you fuckers in Featherbent lol.))


when you ask for people to give credit when they repost but you don’t give credit!!! lmao!!! i’m in class but if you guys could try and grab this account’s attention to get them to give credit for ours and many others’ stolen posts. sourcing tumblr is like sourcing google–it’s not sourcing at all. i’m going to dm them after school. i ask of this because another bigger instagram account was scolded by astrology blog owners (including myself) for not giving credit. now they give credit!! please help, i feel like someone robbed me omfg. i know our posts are actually scattered everywhere across instagram, but i can’t control that. i want to help limit this. thank you for your time :^) -charlie

SOMEONE PLEASE HELP HIM (he starving on my dashboard eeek)!!!! HE NEED FOOD  TT^TT (HAng in there Takizawa ….. someone will help you ) TT^TT Plz …. Omg i almost cry …. he need to be protcted

\(TT^TT\  ) = (  /TT^TT)/

Art by me (plz give a right credit + dont edited or delete url)

ori by Ishida Sui (god of tragedy)…..
// Runaway …..