someone help jade harley :(

anonymous asked:

You ever think about the fact that people explore the fuck out of Dave and Rose having trouble communicating their sibling issues with each other, but never John and Jade? And how John and Jade have problems, too? Like how they'd probably ignore the other one doing something they disagree with to avoid trouble until one explodes on the other? Where it's not that they have no problems, but it's that they have the opposite problem as their Derse counterparts?

/NODS VIGOROUSLY for real, like. i think a lot of people get sidetracked by the particular flavor of rose and dave’s banter (it’s so snarky!!! and semi-contentious, kinda sorta!!!! but it’s also goofy side-stepping nonsense more often than it’s Sad And Serious and HMMM oddly enough most people seem to forget that hmmmm). so on a surface level jade and john read as substantially more functional, what with how cheery and open they seem to be in most of their convos

but that’s also exactly it. like, they are never going to be mistaken for dave and rose’s brand of Tryhard vis-à-vis assuming facades that do no good at all at hiding nothin’ because they’re teenaged and so bad at this and leaking the contents of their true hearts all over the place. jade and john are perfectly happy to wear their hearts on their sleeves - most of the time. upbeat is their m.o. and comfort zone, while dealing with negative junk is… well. jade consciously tries to keep it all buttoned down for everyone else’s sake, regardless of the expense to herself, while john will displace it on a subconscious level and/or paper over it - both p ineffectually - until he’s bottled this stuff up to bursting point (more on this over here; cw for self-hate)

ergo you get the sort of scenario you talked about. like, they probably get into frequent snits about silly stuff because they’re different enough from each other for that, but they’re also in sync enough to make up p easily. but when a Big Problem turns up they just sort of skirt around it until it’s no longer possible and one of them lits into the other

there’s also how they kind of “blow up” in different directions. jade is more likely to get to the heart of the matter sooner i think, because she’s usually aware of the source of upset going in (and if not she’ll pinpoint it p quick). john might still displace junk though, even while being more visibly fed up about it than before, because he still hasn’t figured what he’s REALLY upset about and that he’s unconsciously fronting for that. until he becomes self-aware re: that it’s probably something he’d have to be walked/talked through

in short: EMOTIONAL CONSTIPATION TWIN POWERS ACTIVATE. someone please help them