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*eyes widen and turns bright red* W-Why me? *mumbles* I mean I'm the one who's a flustered mess next you *meets his eyes shyly* I-I distract you? /okay I bet I look like a tomato/ -.🌱❄ (Happy Valentine's Day~~ ^^ hope you're having a nice day with your friends)

RK: *scoots closer to you* Yes, you do…

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In fact… *leans closer so your faces are only inches apart* 

I don’t think I’ve ever been so distracted before in my life~

((I know this is belated, but thank you!! ^o^ I hope you had a lovely day as well~ <33))

Astro RPs/Bias Talks are open!

Tony Stark deserves so much more than he’s ever gotten. And no, I don’t mean money because I know that he has plenty of that. I mean that life has given him so much shit and it physically pains me. He’s such a broken man at this point because his life is just a series of back-stabs, losses, and people telling him that he’s a fuck up. Ever since Iron Man 1 after Afghanistan he’s just been trying to help people. He saw the damage he was doing and tried to repair it and become a better person. He genuinely cares about the well-being of humanity and he’s just trying to make everything okay. Tony is scared and he’s suffering from so much and nobody in the entire Marvel fucking universe stops for one goddamned second to consider that maybe he sometimes acts somewhat irrational BECAUSE HE’S SCARED AND JUST NEEDS A FUCKING HUG.
Everyone needs to stop seeing him as a rich, egotistical playboy and take one second to realize that he’s just a sad, scared man who is trying to make the world a better place.
Someone better give that man a hug and finally address his obvious anxiety and PTSD before I lose my shit I stg.

a rap I thought up







okay but please imagine

lao as a dad

imagine lao being the embarrassing dad that takes photos of anything and everything his kid does

imagine lao being kinda standoffish and awkward around people but?? as soon as his daughter shows up?? he just SMILES and LAUGHS and everyone is like… what is this witchcraft…

imagine lao hauling charmaine and chenshi along for a FAMILY BONDING CAMPING TRIP but none of them have a clue on how camping works and they just cuddle up in the suv for the night

imagine lao and doug meeting up for coffee and lao is just ‘lemme tell you what chenshi did today YOU WON’T BELIEVE’
'did she look at you’
'she was CUTE ABOUT IT’

also imagine

imagine lao always hugging his kid because he’s a softy and she’s embarrassed by it but!!! she loves it really!!

imagine lao seeing a bit of his daughter in lin and him trying to look after her when it’s actually… her… looking after him…

just imagine

papa lao

and then
imagine him after his family dies

I absolutely do not ship Drowley. I mean how could you - *fanfic falls out of my sleeve* - Um. How could you think that I would ever like something like that? *drops an edit on the floor* That’s not mine. Who is this C-Crowley character, anyway? *meta bursts out of my pockets and begins filling the room.* B-but Destiel is going to be canon and I would never ever- *voice is muffled by the thousands and thousands of reblogged drowley posts to come*

Do you ever just get stabbed in the gut when you think about Hopper not only openly stating “I’m not saying that you’re crazy” (and Joyce’s heartbreaking response “no but you are” how many times did Lonnie make her feel this way) but actually proving she was not crazy, that she was right all along and then going to tell that to her face right away while everyone else turned their back on Joyce “over the edge” Byers?

Because I do

Surprised to see that many fans are of the vein that Kara was insensitive to the fact that Alex needs her, but I’m kind of like… of course she doesn’t know she needs her.

Alex doesn’t tell her. The closest she comes is when she brings up that she was supposed to help in finding her father. Hell, that’s a loss that, within the conversation, she blames Kara for. (Not exactly the best way to go about telling someone that you want them to stick around- telling them that they are the reason for the bad parts of your life.)

The only time that Alex conveys that Kara isn’t a burden, that she’s needed, is when she’s going to lose her to the Black Mercy. But Kara lost her planet again and then her aunt. I don’t think that that revelation, that Alex might be better off with her around, was gonna stick after all that. Of course, she reassured everyone that the only reason her perfect dream was of Krypton was because she’d been feeling down in her current life. That she would choose Earth, something that I don’t think anyone could reasonably ask her to do.

Someone on here said that they didn’t buy that Kara doesn’t think Alex is better off without her, that it was an excuse so she could fly off with Clark. But look at what Kara thought some of her last words were going to be:

“I want you to have a good life. I want you to find love and be happy. I want you to do all the things that being my sister kept you from doing.”

Kara really truly believes that she’s keeping Alex from having a good life. And Alex kinda sorta regularly reaffirms this belief.

I think the issue is that some people are reading Kara as selfish for not picking up on Alex’s needs, but Kara’s face-value nature, inability to tell when Alex is lying, and hero worship that views Alex as too strong to need anything, blinds her to Alex’s more closed-off nature. (Also, we all should know Kara has only one selfish bone in her body and that’s reserved for food hogging.)

Ultimately, I think that the search for Alex’s father is a cover for Alex, so she doesn’t have to admit that she needs Kara for emotional reasons and not practical ones. Alex is likely unaccustomed to asking for things, forced into a caretaker role, so it’s a lot easier to list off the things she’s sacrificed for Kara to guilt her into staying than to ask Kara to stay because she wants her to.

It feels kind of like a co-dependent relationship, where one person needs the other and the other needs to be needed. But Kara thinks she’s the only one who benefits, and Alex isn’t emotionally aware enough to know that she likes being needed. (Still workshopping this idea…)

In the end I don’t think either of them is the bad guy, but I also think Alex said some hurtful and not fully truthful things to avoid being fully vulnerable. For instance, as we saw in the flash backs, Alex didn’t become a DEO agent because of Kara, she became one because she was drowning in her current lifestyle. This is the path she chose. When Supergirl came on, her job entailed protecting her, but she likely performed the same job for her fellow agents. As Alex said before, “protecting you isn’t my actual job”. Also, having Kara help her find her father doesn’t feel quite accurate, because when Alex disappeared in season one to find him, she was fully prepared (and even seemed to want) to do it without Kara.

I don’t think Alex really intended to hurt Kara, but she certainly played dirty, implying that she blames her for her father’s disappearance, that she’s sacrificed everything good in her life for her, and bringing up that, conversely, Clark abandoned her. The last was something that Kara should probably know, and I’m so happy Alex said it, but I wish it wasn’t used to manipulate Kara into staying with Alex. (I don’t mean the word ‘manipulate’ in some villainous abusive way, but the way we all utilize from time to time. More like convincing someone of something by using what you know to your advantage. Not quite clean, but not innately bad.) I wish it was “He didn’t treat you right,” without the addendum, “but I did.” I don’t think the words were meant to be malicious at all, but I do think they hurt Kara.

And finally, if Kara knew that Alex would wanted her to stick around, she wouldn’t have even brought the idea up. This is evidenced by the simple fact that as soon as Alex conveyed that she didn’t want her to leave, she didn’t leave.

tl;dr Kara does think that Alex would be better off without her, but Alex can’t properly express when she needs things, so she won’t really tell Kara that she’s wrong. She, instead, pretty much guilted her into staying by saying that Kara owes her for everything that she has sacrificed. It did the trick for now, but I think their relationship has some major things to work out (and I have full faith that these things will be explored).

do you ever just wake up and you know you’re going to have a bad day

Okay, if any of y'all know me, you know that I’m not one to give out praises for everyone’s fave egg man all willy-nilly.

But I absolutely cannot help the little heart-eyes I get when you talk to him after his personal quest + having the highest approval rating and he so very gently says ‘my friend!’ as a greeting. Like, he’s just so happy and awed that someone would legitimately be his friend? He’s so used to being alone, to being the strange outcast even amongst the Inquisitor’s inner circle, that the fact they actually take the time to come talk to him, to ask him questions and genuinely care, to take the time from their incredibly busy schedule to help him help his friend (who’s a spirit, no less), that he can’t help but to be overjoyed at the thought of being wanted and liked by this incredible person.

I mean, to everyone else, he’s that strange loner apostate. To the Creators and the Forgotten Ones, he’s Fen'harel, the Dread Wolf, a traitor.

But to the Inquisitor? He’s just Solas. He’s a friend.

Brother and I discussing Pacifist Papyrus
  • Me: I didn't know there was any way other than getting captured
  • Me: he makes bones that are un-jumpable
  • Me: wait, no
  • Brother: don't worry Sis, you can always jump Papyrus' bones

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CRYING ah wait hardly possible ANYWAY HEART BROKEN AKASHI? I want him to suffer....he broke our sunshine and our carrot....(This sounds so evil xD)


It is said that karma is a strange thing. Some get tortured by it, and some don’t, not in this life. We attone for our sins with punishment, through pain, immense pain. He who usually gave out the punishments, the mighty and unique Akashi Seijuuro, was now being the one scourged by the unexpected whip of karma.

A little fire of disgust started in you when you saw him for the first time. It was not a strong feeling, you didn’t even know him so you couldn’t say what kind of person he was, let alone judge him, but his behaviour was what has drawn your attention. He was different from the other students at Rakuzan, very different. His background, his stance, his pride, his position, his attitude - there was not a single thing that was not irritating you. As much as he irritated you, that much he also fascinated you, but with his play, nothing else. He masked himself as an adult, someone who always knew better, someone above. He destroyed others like it was nothing. “Lower your head.” “Know your place.” People like him needed to be brought back to Earth, and this one was your liability.

It was only another sign of karma that soon enough you caught his attention too. Is karma truly cruel? Were you cruel right now? You thought about it a lot. Was life fair to begin with? Was it really okay to just stand aside while someone is hurting others? How many lives did he make miserable? How miserable was his life? Did you have the right to punish him? It was not like you wanted to hurt him purposely, you had truly positive intentions. Yes, it would be painful, but, it’s better for him to hit rock bottom now, later it would throw him off his throne and he wouldn’t be able to climb to at least some decency.

Slowly but surely you got sucked in his life. It all started with your first meeting at the student council. That was followed by a dinner of introduction. After that it came to your first official date. You found yourself thinking about him more that you wanted, why is he so different when he is not alone with you? Why does he have to wear that mask? He is sinking deeper and deeper into his delusions. As time passed, your dates became more frequent and your head was filled more and more questions regaring him. You couldn’t deny that you already had developed feelings for him, but you had keep your calm. In the end you could become the reason his ego would jump even higher. Thus his confession was something that surprised and touched you deeply. He let go off those things that irked you, for you. As his thoughts passed his lips, you felt your heart beat faster. Maybe he wasn’t as hopeless as you thought. You started changing him step by step. He himself gave you permission when he stripped himself from all the lies and deceptions that were buried deep in his being. You had full access, there was nothing that could stop you from destroying him, from inflicting punishment to the punisher, only if it wasn’t for your emotions. You loved him as he loved you. He trusted you as you trusted him, and you couldn’t betray him, not after everything. What to do now? Loving him means accepting him fully, without wanting to change even one thing, but, no matter what, you had to change him, for his good. If not you, then who should do it? Who could? There were two ways for you right now: putting aside your own emotions and bend him as you wish, and, accepting your feelings and accepting and helping him. The change you had planned since his figure caught your eyes was intented to be helpful, only that you didn’t care if it would be ruthless, he deserved it. But there is so much more to people. Humans are complicated. They have so many emotions at the same time, even contradictory ones, it doesn’t stop them from living and functioning. Everyone is marked by their past. Everyone’s action are under influence of that past. One cannot erase their past, for it would mean they would erase their present self. Can someone judge us? Can someone who has not been in our situation even thinking about judging? Who gave us humans the right to inflict punishment on others solely based on our perception? Is it right to judge? Is it right to not judge? Getting involved with someone has more impact than we even realise, and yet we simply move in and out of others’ lives as it pleases us. Is it right to let a sinner escape? For we are all sinners. We are all different, yet same. Our sins have no boundaries, yet they all stay sins. Who are we to play with someone’s life just because we want to? None of those questions has an answer, yet it’s crystal clear for each individual. You made your decision. If life meant committing sins, you could take it, but you couldn’t take to consciously destroy another person. Guilt and innocence are two sides of the same card. Everyone is guilty and everyone is innocent at the same time. Akashi Seijuuro made mistakes, he committed sins, but in the end he is just another human being and therefore deserves forgiveness.

Even with losing your intention of changing him, you succeded. He was a lot gentler to the people surrounding him, he started losing the stoic look that marked his face since his mother passed away, his eyes were starting to radiate warmth again - it made you incredibly happy. Truth be told, you were glad he realised his mistakes on his own and willingly changed himself and improving in the right direction, but what really made you happy was his happiness and self-acceptance. Just looking at him while a small smile graced his features filled your heart with joy. It was all so perfect, until that match. As he encountered his old teammate and present rival Midorima Shintaro, he showed his true colours. It was devastating. Was it all a lie? Was it just another game planned out by him? It was too much. This game was another sign of karma, but who’s, yours or his? Who is the true sinner and who deserved punishment? This pain was your punishment, as for his, you would make sure to make him suffer. It’s true that love changes people, but it’s undeniable that pain does the same thing, if not having an even stronger effect. It was only after the match of Kaijo and Seirin that you made yourself visible for him. There was that fakeness again, again those eyes, that smile, that coldness covered by a thin layer of warmth. You could see it now, he was always like that, he never changed, he only created another lie, again an action made solely for you. As he moved closer, you backed away, until your back hit the wall of the hall beside the exit. “Don’t come closer.” The shock was evident on his face, another fake. “What is with you, my love?” “How dare you call me like that?” You continued talking right after seeing him hestitantly opening his mouth. “It was a rethorical question, Your Highness. I guess you didn’t see this coming, not even with your precious Emperor Eye.” All your anger was lashed out at him, he felt your words burning into his skin. “You are a liar and nothing more. I actually pity you, you are no emperor, you are a fake, nothing more and nothing less. But, since I know how you love to act all high and mighty I shall give you a new title - King of Fakes. I hope that takes your pride and ego to new levels so you can see that in the end you don’t know everything.” Your Highness? King of Fakes? What happened? What did he do? Where did he go wrong? Akashi felt his heart sinking to his knees, an already known feeling suffocating him - fear of losing a loved one. He prayed that he was dreaming all of this or that this was a joke, a really bad joke. He felt his whole world breaking again and again and again while watching your eyes constantly filling with new disgust and coldness. “Consider this your punishment.” He was speechless, for the first time in his life. He wanted to hold onto you for dear life, begging you not to leave him, explaining how much he loved and needed you in his life, but, he couldn’t move, not one bit, his body betrayed him, just like you did. Only his eyes could trace your figure until you passed him. He was left alone, again; he felt unbearable pain, again; in atonement for his sins.

ilostmyshoe-79 You stayed out of timeout on a formality- there was no smut in that chapter!!! The fic must have smut and angst to get you to smut timeout! Besides you resolved the angst before Wednesday so you probably just would have been sent to bed without dessert (Like deansdirtylittlesecretsblog) or no recess or something lol.