someone help before i cry out all my tears

Unconditionally (Bumbleby)



That’s a very interesting offer you’ve just made. But I’m afraid I’ll have to ask you to humor me a little before I give you my response. You see, I feel as though I should tell you a story. Something to help clarify why I’m going to answer as I do.

You’re looking at me as though I’ve grown a second head – what kind of girl tells stories in the middle of a battlefield - but honestly. Haven’t I always been a bookworm? Isn’t life a battlefield, in and of itself? Aren’t we all stories, when we get down to it?

And aren’t you curious to find out how the White Fang and I end?

It’s a story about my girlfriend and I. Yang Xiao Long, more than me. And her effect on my life, since I’ve known her.

“Yang? I think you and I might need to talk about something.”

“Wuh-oh. That’s never good!”

“I … wish I could say you were wrong, just this once.”

“Well, hey. You and I? We can handle anything, together. Hit me!”

“ … alright. But be warned that, despite everything, there are some blows even you can’t shrug off with a smile.”

“Duh. S'why I have you.”

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you know that chokey feeling you get in your throat, right before you’re about to cry? this feeling fascinates me beyond compare. there is something so soothing and smooth to this rough feeling in my throat. i haven’t cried a lot lately actually, which reminds me that you dont have to cry to feel this feeling. we all know how everyone needs a good cry every once in a while. whether it be from a sad song, a tear jerking movie, not getting your way, finding out someone you love is gone, any way you can think of - crying helps. but that chokey feeling, i wish i could explain to you how i made me feel. it’s so raw, and lonely. it’s the damn to a river being broken whether or not behind it is water or air. release, and relief. i don’t think i’ve ever felt a more comforting feeling, as contradicting as that sounds. i’m not sure where i’m going with this. maybe just trying to figure myself out, per usual, maybe just indulging in a truth that is not so easy to understand, if understandable at all. i don’t know, i just don’t. but i know how i feel about that chokey thing, i think its one of the most beautiful feelings i have ever felt in my life. this is one thing i know about myself.

Chapter 1: On the run.



I became alarmed to the sound of my father’s groans in his sleep. My spine cringed just imagining his face, I got up quietly out of bed and walked over to India’s bed lightly, but forcefully shaking her.

“India!” I whispered loud enough for here to hear. She tossed and turned before opening her eyes with a frightening and innocent look.

“Huh..w-w-whats going on?” she asked with a lump in her throat as if she was gonna cry at any minute.

“We’re getting out of here.” I handed her a duffle bag full of clothes and materials as I grabbed  one of my own. She threw on a hood before putting the strap of the bag across her chest. Opening the bedroom door easily, I stepped carefully on the hard wood floors and walked down the hall to my fathers bedroom. 

I smelled Jack Daniels getting close to his room. I peeked in and saw him laying halfway off the bed with his hands gripped on the bottle. Turning on my heels, I grabbed India’s hand and tip-toed silently to the door. I gripped the knob tightly, turning it until it wouldn’t turn anymore. India looked at me with so much fear in her eyes, Without thinking about how much noise would be made, I snatched the door opened and dashed out down the road with India right by my side. 

Christopher (Breezy)


I was on the corner with Micheal or his street name “Tyga” trying to hustle up some money. Me and Ty been by each others side since we were youngsters. That was my nigga, I’ll die for him bruh.

“Man business is slow today.” he said looking at his watch, then around the tore down neighborhood. I nodded in agreement.

“It is, I wonder where they at..we usually get good business with about 15 people.”

“Who the fuck knows?” he shrugged his shoulders. 

We talked and laughed about our experiences with selling and hoes we had until we heard footsteps hitting the pavement and someone breathing heavy. We looked at each other before seeing two girls appeared in front of us with tears rushing down their face.

“Please help us, we ran away from home.” one cried out. She had freckles, wild hair, and plump pink lips. she stood about 5'4 and was thick as hell.

“Why, whats going on?” Ty asked as I scanned what all they had on them. 

“My father he’s….he’s been abusing us since we we’re younger and we had to get away.” the other said before breaking down and crying her eyes out. Ty looked at me and I looked back at him before hesitating.

“C-come on, we got you.” They looked at me hesitate before the wild hair one grab the other’s hand and followed me and Ty to our truck. They got in and I drove down the road.

Something tells me that this experience is gonna be interesting