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Treasure hunt: pt 1

A/N: Hiiii so I’ve had this idea for a really really long time but I always wanted to put it in a longer fic I’ve been thinking of..but anyways I just had to get it out, hope you enjoy!

Summary: Somebody stole the reader’s underclothes.

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Warnings: None

Your pov

That’s it, this was the last straw. The boys always pulled stupid pranks on me since I was the only girl in the Glade but this one was taking it too fucking far. I stomped out of my room and walked towards a group of gladers who were making their way to breakfast.

“Ok you Shanks, where are they?” I spat

“What are you talking about?” Chuck answered looking a little confused

Jeff chuckled “Some one play a nasty prank on y/n again?” I shot him a glare and he immediately stopped.

“I know one of you must have a clue about it, so just tell me where the shuck are they?” Clint seemed quite lost “What are you talking about y/n? What did they take from you?” I looked at the three of them and they looked back at me with a question mark etched on their faces. This just irritated me more

“MY FREAKING UNDERCLOTHES THAT’S WHAT!” I yelled and I heard a few gladers near by burst into laughter.

“Aww y/n someone take your lacy bra?”

“That’s a shame, are you gonna go running to Newt now?”

“I feel bad for who ever took it, Newt’s gonna give him hell if she cries!”

I curled my fists into a ball, there they went making fun of me and Newt. Newt always helped me out when these shanks caused trouble.He was always making sure I was alright, primarily because I was the only girl in the Glade and I was new but after a while I warmed up to the rest of the guys and they got extra cheeky with me. In the beginning it was harmless but then it got annoying and Newt always stepped in to help me. It wasn’t like I always asked him, he just helped, that’s how Newt was, loving, friendly, kind, handsome, cute, perfect-

“Already causing trouble for Newt again y/n?”

I turned around to see Gally walking towards us.

“I haven’t even spoken to him yet!” I huffed

He shrugged “Yea well, he is going to help you anyways, just goes to show girls can’t handle anything themselves” What the? how could he! Gally was always a male chauvinist pig but his comment now just really struck a nerve in my feminist side. This just wasn’t done I was the only girl here, the only girl these guys know, I could not let my gender be considered inferior in their eyes. So it was time I made everyone play by my rules.

At breakfast I sat with Thomas,Minho and Newt as usual, I could hear a few boys chuckling and whispering about me but I paid them no attention.

“Is everything alright love?” Newt asked me, his lips curved into a frown and his beautiful brown eyes full of concern. I turned to him and gave him my best smile “Nothing you need to worry about Newt” He didn’t seem to believe me but before he could question me further Alby called him away. Perfect now that Alby and Newt were gone I could put my plan into action. I stood upon my bench and clanged my spoon to the plate.

“Listen up you shanks!” everyone in the room looked at me, including Thomas and Minho who were looking very confused.

“Some slinthead or Some slintheads have stolen a pair of my bra and panties!” A few Gladers chuckled and whispered but quite a few looked pretty disgusted especially Thomas and Minho. The two of them were really close to me and although they loved fooling around with me, they respected me and made sure everyone else did too.

“You guys think that’s funny? I came up to this hell hole with three freaking pairs of underclothes including the one I was wearing, you think it’s easy for me to survive on just those? I’m not as disgusting as you shanks to go days without washing! and it’s not like I can steal any of yours like some of you do!”

this seemed to shut a few people up since they realized I was really angry.

“Now listen up, I will give you one day, by tonight if anyone finds my panty and bra they will get a reward from me”

“What kind of reward?” asked Ben. I smiled “ A kiss” everyone gasped. I smirked, I knew these hormonal teenage boys would fall for the bait so I continued

“And that’s not all, if any of you find my underwear and bring me the culprit who stole them as well” I looked at Winston whom I knew had a soft spot for me “He’ll get a kiss that lasts for ten seconds…with tongue” Before everyone could react I quickly added “If anyone uses Alby or Newt’s help, the deal is off. So if Alby intervene’s in any way no one gets a kiss, plus I’ll probably get my underclothes back”

“What kind of bra is it?” Zart asked

“Black with red polka dots and a little lace, it was a matching pair. Y’all have until I go to sleep, if I don’t get it by tonight then the consequences will be dire and no one will be left happy!you can be sure of that.” saying that I walked out of the room and as I did the whole room burst into chaos and as I walked towards the medjack hut to start work I saw boys running out in different directions excitedly. Minho called out to me and I waited till he caught up

“Aww y/n that’s not fair”

“What’s not fair Minnie?”

“That I don’t get to compete for that kiss duh”

I laughed “Aww Min, tell you what? if no one finds it I’ll kiss you instead.” he laughed and winked at me, “I’m holding you onto that then y/n”

I waved my hand “Sure, just go run Mr Keeper! your runner has already come to fetch you” Thomas came upto us

“Ready to go Minho?”

“Yep, Bye y/n”

“Bye guys, stay safe!” I said with a smile and I turned to walk back to the medjack hut but before I could start Thomas called out to me

“y/n! you could always just tell Newt you know..I’m sure he wouldn’t like being kept out of the loop”

I smiled “Its alright Tommy, Newt has handled enough of my troubles already. I can handle this! Don’t worry” Thomas nodded but he didn’t look very convinced, but he knew there was no way he could persuade me on this matter so he just turned and followed Minho to the maze entrance

The day was eventful, gladers kept checking on me at the medjack hut asking me if anyone had found my bra yet, a few gladers even got into a fight when they found each other going through one another’s things. I continued my work as always helping Jeff .

“You’re evil y/n “

“I think the word is brilliant Jeff. “

“ Alby won’t be happy if he hears about this”

I smirked “Exactly, IF he hears. It’s okay Jeff, as long as you keep your mouth shut you’ll be fine.”

“What if Newt finds out?”

“He won’t, the only ones who’d probably tell him are Thomas and Minho who’re in the shucking maze.”

“Okay. Oh, and are you really willing to make out with any glader who finds them? I mean even Gally?”

I cringed at the thought, okay so maybe my plan wasn’t so well thought out. I started going through a list of gladers who I wouldn’t mind kissing and I realized none of them were involved in the search, and the only person I would like to kiss, was Newt. Would Newt mind if he found out if I kissed someone else? would he feel jealous.

“Stop kidding yourself” I laughed.  Suddenly Gally barged into the room looking very smug. He was using his left hand to drag Chuck by the collar and his right was kept behind his back. He looked at me and smirked

“Well pucker up doll, because I won.”

Heyy hope y’all liked it! please do read part 2!