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Crayola Crayon Color Asks

Macaroni and Cheese: What makes you think of your childhood?

Spring Green: How do you relax when you’re stressed?

Asparagus: What’s an unpopular opinion you have?

Bittersweet: Has someone you loved ever hurt you?

Eggplant: Explain your url and avatar.

Outer Space: Do you ever feel like you’re an outcast from others?

Cotton Candy: What is your favorite dessert?

Freckle: Do you have any marks on your skin? How do you feel about them?

Shocking Pink: Is there a trait that you have that others don’t expect from you?

Robin’s Egg Blue: If you were an animal, which one do you think would you be?

Granny Smith Apple: What’s something everyone else likes that you don’t?

Dandelion: What’s a pet peeve of yours?

Atomic Tangerine: What gets you motivated to do a difficult task? 

Wisteria: What’s your favorite thing about yourself?

Candy Apple: How do you think others view you?

Plum: Are you insecure about anything?

Sky Blue: Where do you feel the most at home?

Tickle Me Pink: How do you try to cheer others up when they’re sad?

Wild Strawberry: Do you care what others think about you?

Glossy Grape: Recommend something to your followers.

World Wide Web Yellow: What was the last thing you looked up?

Shadow Blue: Do you have a darker side to you that most people are unaware of?

Electric Lime: What genre of music do you listen to?

Night Owl: Describe a very interesting dream that you had.

Cornflower: What do you think about the most?

Grasshopper Green: Describe the area where you live.

Misty Moss: Is there anything you regret?

Tiny Toad Brown: Do you find beauty in something that people consider to be ugly or undesirable?

Sunny Side Up: Do you like waking up in the mornings, or would you rather sleep in?

Kitten Gray: Do you have any pets? If so, describe them. 

Rose Dust: Describe your aesthetic in five words or less.

Timberwolf: Do you give second chances when somebody has wronged you?

Freshly Squeezed: What excites you?

Firefly Red: What gives you purpose?

Tiny Teapot Tan: Do you consider yourself to be attractive/cute?

Rain Drop Blue: Describe the weather outside.

Sweet Pea Green: Do you have/want children?

Pussywillow: Do you like being around others, or do you like being alone?

Jack ‘O’ Lantern Orange: What’s your biggest fear and why? 

Baby Bunny Pink: Do you look young for your age, or do you look older than you are?

Mystic Maroon: What confuses you, and why?

Cosmic Cobalt: What’s your zodiac sign, and do you think it’s accurate?

Petal Pink: Describe your fashion sense as well as what you’re wearing right now.

Mountain Meadow: Do you like taking care of others, or do you prefer being care of?

Fuzzy Duckling Yellow: Is there something from childhood that you haven’t outgrown?

Brussel Sproutlet: Do you have any unhealthy habits?

Razzle Dazzle Rose: Describe an ideal date.

Periwinkle: What’s something ordinary that has personal meaning to you?

Mauvelous: Do you think you deserve a better life than you have now?

Blueberry Blue: Do you get sad easily?

Purple Mountains Majesty: How does someone earn your respect?

I’m so sensitive about Kara Danvers, as soon as I see someone saying something bad about her I’m like

OBVIOUS HISTORY-MAKING EVENT/MOMENT ASIDE, can we talk for a moment about how amazing the rest of Episode 007 was for both Victor and Yuuri’s character development???? 

We’ve seen Yuuri grow progressively more comfortable with Victor’s presence throughout the episodes of the series, from being an anxious, shy and nervous wreck to killing all of us last episode – and it all has to do with how Victor has slowly been taken off the impossible idol pedestal in Yuuri’s mind, into someone who Yuuri draws strength from on a true, flesh-and-blood level as a close (very close) friend and coach. This episode though - this episode was about Victor and his vulnerabilities, as a person and as a coach. We see glimpses in how sharply Victor responds to Yuuri’s nerves, how his first response is to harshness in the face of someone breaking down (and what does it tell us about Victor’s own personality and how he was trained?). 

Yuuri unlocks his nerves and finds his success in this episode by recognising Victor is not merely a real person but an imperfect person, who also has no bloody idea how to comfort a skater struggling with mental issues and who also needs to be supported and guided while he’s guiding Yuuri. This is about Yuuri realising he knows what’s wrong, and daring to voice his insecurities and ask for what he actually needs because he is finally secure enough in their relationship to ask for Victor’s faith in return. And because of that, he can finally get the courage to push himself to surpass Victor and get rewarded in excellent ways

  • interviewer: What would you say is your ideal type?
  • Bobby: someone who is cute and funny
  • Bobby: who has their own opinions and is hard working.
  • Bobby: with maybe a few tattoos and great abs
  • Bobby: Who is determined and a great leader for iKON.
  • interviewer: Are you referring to Hanbin?
  • Bobby: Wow i don't know where that came from...but sure let's call them "Hanbin".

Your book club is seated around a table. There is tension in the air - someone has voiced a controversial opinion. Someone else has disagreed. You offered your own take on the matter; a few people laughed, a few more nodded their heads thoughtfully or wrote something down. The debate becomes heated. No one can fully agree on the characterization, the execution of the storytelling, the role of the environment, the symbolism in the imagery. Did the author intend for this line to be read as homoerotic subtext? Was the protagonist’s commitment to his quest ultimately his downfall? Did the mid-series change in tone reflect the author’s growing awareness of and empathy towards social inequalities?

Suddenly, there is a gust of wind. The door has swung open! A figure stands silhouetted against the raging storm, shoulders stooped, as if weighed down by weary responsibility. All is silent as you wait for him to speak.

“Shit’s all fake, yo,” he says, grim voice rumbling like the thunder. Then he is gone.

It’s as if you have been plunged into cold water. Your mouth hangs open and your limbs jerk violently - once, twice - before going limp. You feel like a puppet whose strings have finally been cut. Fake? Of course… you must have known that, surely, once upon a time. All your concerns flow out of you, draining out of your brain, leaving you light and refreshed and clear-headed. Fake? Of course. Of course.

You look around, and everyone wears matching expressions of awe and relief. You are finally free. All of you! All because of that brave, mysterious stranger who dared to speak the truth. Everything’s changed now. The book club files out the door and disperses into the grass, staring up into the rolling sky while the rain washes your upturned faces. You are free. Thank god. Thank god.


people shipping fictional characters does not affect you or how canon things are or are not.

people shipping characters together is literally just

- hey, these people would look cute together. it’s not canon but this artwork is nice.
- wow look how these 2 personalities go together, i like it!!!
- i really like how this show/game/movie has x and y interact so i like posting/reblogging art of it
- i wanna see these two together

it literally has nothing to do with your opinion and telling someone that something they ship is gross will not make them stop. mind ya own damn business.


Hi guys - Great news! We finally have an expert opinion on the trademark ordeal. They looked over my post ‘Proof: Management lied to us’ & the prosecution history and answered a few specific questions I had.

The lawyer wanted to remain anonymous but has given me permission to copy and paste their answers here.

This is not only a lawyer but also a lawyer who has years of experience working in intellectual property specifically. This is such a valuable opinion. It is still just one person’s opinion, so don’t take it as fact, but it is a very informed opinion of someone who actually has the expertise to interpret the prosecution history and explain the terms.

I’ll make it easy and start with a summary of points to take from this: (a) The trademark deal doesn’t give LAND much - it’s mostly just about merchandise. (b) The deal doesn’t affect things like Camila promoting 5H. © It looks like they were working under the assumption that Camila was leaving. (d) It also looks like they purposefully prolonged the process so that the registration could be timed for PR purposes.

Meg: Starter questions - 1) What can they get from the trademark deal - is it just merch/sponsorships or music too? 2) Can their contract interfere with it and can the label still take money even though LAND owns it? 3) Can Camila be accused of trademark infringement because of e.g. promoting 5H on social media or wearing merch etc…?


A trademark is meant to be a physical mark designating the origin of something in trade. That’s all it applies to. There is trademark infringement when someone uses a similar mark to imply a similar source and confuse consumers as to the source of the goods or services. In the context of a band, it is relevant to official merch but that’s about it.

It has nothing to do, really, with touring or record sales. Their mark could be used on those things, and they would have to grant a license to the record label and the tour company to use the mark, but that in itself is not worth much because there’s no competition for their name. There aren’t multiple labels competing with each other to get to use their trademark like there are t shirt companies competing to be official 5H t shirts

They already have a record deal that obligates them to produce music through that label. Almost assuredly, one line in that record deal is a requirement that they grant a license for all relevant trademarks. Same for whatever their touring deal is.

And yes, the label can still take money. The label or management make the deals. The trademark is just a small part of that. The deals would require a license and would pay a fee to the owner of the trademark, here, the girls. In theory, if they could withhold the trademark, the deals would fall through because the trademark is necessary for it to be official, but, again, almost assuredly there is a clause in their contract requiring them to appropriately grant licenses to the mark when they make other deals.

The only think not owning the mark would do for Camila is that she couldn’t license the mark out for merch. She can still say she was in the band – that’s a fact. If there is a particular logo, she probably can’t use that (like on her website or something) but stating a fact about her involvement in the band isn’t trademark infringement. And whatever she fails to do – like promoting, etc. – only has to do with her obligations under her record, management and PR contracts. It has nothing to do with the trademark.

Think of a trademark as a seal or a sticker. Whoever owns the trademark gets to decide who has permission to put that seal or sticker on something and designate it as “official.” That’s really all a trademark gives you.

The reason the girls owning their trademark is important (and the boys of 1D) is that no one else can ever officially be 5th Harmony. Their label can’t decide to fire them all and then hire new girls and keep calling the 5th Harmony.

That’s come up with 1D where people wonder whether the boys can leave Syco, reform as another group with a different name, and Syco could create a new 1D. While they can form another group if they want, Syco doesn’t own the 1D trademark, so it can never use that name for anything in the future.

Meg:  So basically the girls could technically refuse to give the label permission to use their mark in order to make money off of sales and touring, but that would only make the deal fall through, and it probably doesn’t apply anyway because their contracts probably have clauses set up for this scenario where they have to give the label the right to use the license?



It’s not nothing, because it means no one else can ever BE 5th Harmony without their permission, but it doesn’t give a lot of tangible rights other than licensing fees for merch and stuff.

Meg: That makes so much sense.

Lawyer: Intellectual property is complicated, but the names of things really give away what they are. A “trademark” is literally a mark for trade. A “copyright” is literally the right to make copies. 

The devil is in the details, but those are the broad strokes.

Meg:  Honest opinion though - I know you can’t judge for sure - but do you think that if the band partnership (without Camila) was formed in dec 2015, the assignment happened in April 2016, and the registration happened in dec 2016 at the same time as Camila left….   do you think they all knew she was leaving?

Lawyer: Yes, or at least they were working under that assumption.

Meg: Yeh thats how i feel - I don’t know much about law but I’m trying to explain to people that these things take a lot of time, effort and preparation.

Lawyer: You can’t just up and quit one day. It takes negotiations and preparations.

[After looking through and working out the prosecution history]

Meg: What do you think about the extensions and the timing? The registration came through 2 days after Camila left. I find that suspicious. They filed an extension request to submit the Statement of Use (SOU). Do you think they were trying to time it right by submitting the SOU in august?


Yeah, I don’t know why they’d do that. It was allowed back in 2014. So they fixed everything by then, they just needed to provide examples of how it was being used. You’re probably right that it was some internal thing that was delaying things. But it’s so weird, because a trademark is easily assignable. There’s no reason not to complete the registration and then just assign it to some other party later once you’ve worked things out. There’s no reason that the party that registers it needs to be the party who eventually ends up with it.

So, Simco could have gotten it registered and then assigned it just to the 4 of them when all was figured out.

Meg: that confirms what I suspected. They basically used the registration date as the big PR event and acted almost as if that was the assignment. But because fans don’t understand the terms, they don’t question it. So basically they ‘saved’ the registration so that they could use it for PR and bring the trademark deal to light.  i.e. saved it for when Camila left to set up a positive publicity narrative for the new 4H era.


That makes sense.

Because I see no other reason for delay. If you had a company that hadn’t done anything yet, putting together the SOU would be hard, but they could have done it easily. There’s no practical reason to delay that.

I think that the assignment in April to just the 4 of them is pretty definitive proof that they knew as of then that C wouldn’t be continuing with them.


Meg: I did have a debate with someone recently who said “its not proof, - they could have added C into the partnership if she decided to stay for another album”. But that just doesn’t make sense to me - surely if they didn’t know it would be the other way round - they would put her in and then take her out if she left.



If you have a 5 person band, the default is to include everyone. Why would you leave her out when she’s part of the status quo at the time?


I hope everyone reads this whole thing carefully. This clears up so much confusion on the deal and the terms. Their interpretation of the timings just from looking at the prosecution history also confirmed a lot of my suspicions. Especially the stuff about prolonging the process so that the registration would happen in late December after C left. I am so grateful to this lawyer for taking the time to look at it and answer my questions. This is a rare piece of gold in the sea of misinformation that is tumblr. 

I think we can safely say that the trademark deal is a little bit of benefit for the girls, a whole lot of PR and a pretty solid chunk of evidence towards idea that Camila’s exit was known and planned way in advance.

Thanks again to this wonderful human being for taking the time to help us confused harmonisers.

Stay woke,


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Les Misérables Character Asks

Azelma: Who is your role model?

Babet: Do you lose things often?

Bahorel: Have you ever been in a fight?

Bishop Myriel: What is the last random act of kindness you did?

Bossuet: What is the unluckiest thing that’s ever happened to you?

Claquesous:  Tell us a secret about you.

Combeferre: What is the coolest random fact you know?

Cosette: What are 3 things you like about yourself? 

Courfeyrac: Do you have a crush?

Enjolras: What is your vision of an ideal world?

Éponine: What’s something you miss about your childhood? 

Fantine: What’s the biggest sacrifice you’ve made for someone?

Fauchelevent:  What has someone (or something) done to make you change your opinion about them?

Feuilly:  What is something that your proud of that you had to work hard to achieve?

Floréal:  Have you ever had to chose money/stability over love? 

Gavroche: Do you trust your instincts?

Gibelotte: Do you have a nickname?

Grantaire: What is one thing that inspires you? 

Gueulemer: If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?

Javert: What is something you try to live your life by?

Jehan: What’s your aesthetic?

Joly: Are you superstitious?

Louison: Name five things you couldn’t live without.

Marius: Do you speak more than 1 language? If so, which ones? 

Montparnasse: What’s the laziest thing you’ve ever done? 

Musichetta: If you could ask your future self anything, what would you ask?

Napoléon: Who is someone (or something) you like that everyone else hates? (Or vice-versa?)

Thénardier: How far are you willing to go to get what you want?

Tholomyès: Have you ever ghosted someone? 

Ursula: Are you frequently mistaken for someone else?

Valjean: Have you ever been punished for doing the right thing?


Whoniverse: Class -  33/? times there’s more to Miss Quill than meets the eye. (1x08)

  • Tumblr: On this website you can express your opinion freely, ship whoever you want, draw however you want, like whichever character you want and do absolutelly what you love without being judged by anyone! because this website understands that everyone has different opinions!
  • Someone: -does that-
  • Tumblr: How fucking dare you you heartless uneducated son of a bitch? go kill yourself!

SOME of yall truly need to get off your fucking high horses sit the fuck down LITERALLY NOT A SINGLE PERSON IS FORCING YOU “”“TO BEAR IT ALL”“”“” oh hey look at me im so brave to post my opinion even if i’ll have backlash idc i stayed true to myself!!!!! oho poor you driving your mind crazy trying to make sense of everything, “"i cant handle this only this can make sense!!!” Fooling yourself into thinking u know it all and if not then “only this can be true!!!” shut the fuck lmao fucking hypocrites everywhere telling people it’s only an opinion but getting mad when someone has different ones, ridiculing nasty stalkers and uas when youve been camping outside harry’s hotel for days, i swear some of you are so fucking selfish i cant even put into words. poor you having to go through it all THROUGH THE INTERNET. GUESS FUCKING WHAT. TO LOUIS THAT IS HAPPENING IN HIS LIFE. TO HIM IT DOESNT END WITH JUST A CLICK.

cyberwanderings  asked:

How do you approach conversation with someone who has different opinions or beliefs than you do? Do you think the division that exists in this country right now can be mended?

On the internet, I don’t bother because it’s just too contentious and as of late I have no patience. Off line and in my writing, I try to remember that we all hold the beliefs we hold for a reason. I try to respect where they are coming from. It’s not easy but the older I get, the more I try to engage with people who have different opinions. 

I respect your opinion. I don't agree with it, but I respect it.

Respecting that someone else has a differentiating opinion than yours doesn’t mean you have to agree with it, it means that you can at least be civil about it and agree on one thing- Not everyone thinks the same thing as you.

I respect your opinion, even if I don’t agree with it entirely.

anonymous asked:

Teej can you comment on John's statements vis a VI's black American and black British actors because imo he and Femi are sounding mad ignorant rn. John has used an American accent in his biggest role to date and has played Americans in movies. For him to be tone deaf on this issue especially as his star seems poised to rise is not cool.

I mean…what is there to say? You’re right. It’s an L for him and Femi on this. *Kanye shrug*