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Reasons to love Ishida

Okay Starlights, we really really really have to help VIXX get the achievements and attention and love they deserve

Because I love VIXX but the year end of 2016 probably didn’t go smoothly for them. Their performance got cut (I’M LOOKIN AT YOUUU SBS) they didnt even have as much special stages (I’M LOOKING AT Y'ALLLL KBS SBS MBC) they had THREE FRIGGIN AMAZING COMEBACKS THIS YEARR!!!!!!!! ALL OF THEIR MINI ALBUM SONGS COULD BE FORMED INTO ONE FULL ALBUM. Maybe even two. I mean was that all for nothing??

Each of their comeback concepts were amazing and mind blowing. Yet, i saw on twitter last night that someone made a post about how VIXX’s concept was basically copied off by other groups but they are getting the credit instead of VIXX.

That bullshit aside, VIXX HAS HAD FOUR COMEBACKS EACH GREATER THAN the last in 2016, but what’s this? What? They weren’t invited to MAMA2016. They haven’t been to MAMA once in four of their debut years. I’ll bet they won’t even be going to the one this year. And I don’t want to hear no shit about how this is because they have no talent whatsoever because acca-scuse me RAVI has produced most of their songs on almost every album of theirs and is preparing for his own mini album so no. They have talent. Lots of it.

But you know why they won’t be able to go? Because apparently they don’t have the fame like BTS EXO SEVENTEEN TWICE GFRIEND BLACKPINK and no hate to these groups because each is different in their own incredible way.

But VIXX is ignored in almost every humane way possible and it breaks my heart to see them looking disappointed but trying hard not to show it to their fans. And VIXX has shown in 2016 their effort and hard work. They’ve literally told us ‘its okay we are okay because we have you guys its hard but we can get though it together’ and our poor lovable boys were so let down when The Closer didn’t garner as many hype as they’d hope

And okay,fine if you think that im being biased then okay whatever but I seriously thought that The Closer’s concept was the best concept out of all the other concepts but yet people failed to see their amazingness.

And i just wish for VIXX that they get the love and appreciation they deserve because damn it they earned it. So much.

Stop overshadowing and ignoring them. They are as good as any other group.

Sorry for the rant but i just felt like they are so underrated and taken for granted and those stupid music shows keep taking advantage of them.

N wants the daesang. I say we at least have to work together as a fandom to help them. That’s the very least we international starlights can do. Don’t you guys think so?

A lesson in patience & forgiveness from a long time Degrassi fan

I was thinking a lot about how the Degrassi fandom loves to hate on Tristan for being biphobic, and Frankie for being racist, and now Goldi for being homophobic. The fandom loves to hate on these characters for being awful and just because they said something offensive without meaning to. These characters did not say these horrible things out of malice; they said them out of ignorance. When I started this post to initially talk about these harsh judgements made by the fandom really got on my nerves I realized something about the internet and how Degrassi has taught me a lot over the years. 

Degrassi has always been a show about real teens growing up, making mistakes, and maturing. To get their point across their characters are imperfect and makes mistakes quite frequently which is what makes them interesting (or at least to me). The episodes usually teach lessons to the characters (therefor the viewers) about right and wrong and growing up. This has got me thinking about one of the biggest things Degrassi has taught me over the years is patience and forgiveness, which is something the internet world seems to be lacking a lot of these days. It seems that the internet day and age has made it so that if one person says one tiny thing that someone finds offensive they are immediately labelled a bad horrible person by the internet. In todays world we seem to forget that people make mistakes and now our mistakes are recorded forever for everyone to see on the internet. The internet doesn’t take into account a persons age or upbringing or naivety before casting its final verdict. You say one thing that may not line up perfectly with the perfect ideals that the internet has agreed on and you are labeled as “racist/sexist/homophobic/ect…” forever. The interwebs has no patience to stop and consider that maybe ignorance is the reason for someone’s sin and immediately takes the “you’re with us or against us” stance. Furthermore the internet has no sympathy or forgiveness of ones mistakes. This is mostly from the fact that you cannot judge true apology from a computer screen. Even if there is no apology to be given, this technology has many people blind to the fact that the people behind text posts, tweets, and everything else are human. Humans have flaws and make mistakes. And often times humans don’t recognize these mistakes and they don’t always learn from them. If they do learn from them it isn’t always black and white. It isn’t as if one moment you were ignorant and now you aren’t. There can be a gray area. A slow burn into realization that maybe the thoughts you once had aren’t so true anymore. Your ideas can slowly be molded into something different before you even have the chance to realize that you changed. 

Recently a lot of people have been complaining about how certain characters have done offensive things and yet the plot never seems to call them on it. While I get their point, maybe we should stop to realize that not touching on these errors makes the show that much more realistic. To me, this is what separates Degrassi from other shows aimed at teaching lessons to kids. It’s realistic that not every flaw is corrected. It’s what makes the characters human - I mean if we didn’t make mistakes we wouldn’t be human. And believe it or not we don’t always learn from our mistakes in grandiose ways like most TV likes us to believe. The imperfections and mistakes are what makes Degrassi and our own reality - for lack of a better word - real. So here’s your lesson, don’t jump the gun and immediately start hating someone for their transgressions. Notice the difference between malice and ignorance. Don’t throw hate in a world that severely needs more love. I know TV characters are fictional but your hate for them isn’t. Be patient with others and their is no harm in forgiving someone you think is unworthy (it’s called grace). Last but not least, practice the love you preach.  

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I'm sorry if I'm being slow haha but what's this about choking?

okay so you remember this one eatjin broadcast on vapp jin said something that was supposed to be innocent

and then someone just had to spill more fuel to the fire by posting this screencap


yeah and then glea being kind enough to burn us yoonjin shippers on twitter to ashes by drawing an nsfw fa of jin being choked im adgfsajhfd

Thieves Are NOT Welcome.

Hi Everyone,

Normally I don’t post things like this but I’m beyond upset and annoyed over an incident that has happened. One of my dearest and best friends in this fandom and in real life miss @mybeautifuldecay has had this incident happen to her. 

Most of you probably know MBD creates not only beautiful fanfiction, but absolutely stunning artwork, particularly Outlander fanart. She’s created multiple drawings in different mediums starting with graphite and up through photoshop digital paintings.

One such of her magnificent digital paintings has been STOLEN! Someone has ripped her art from where she posted it and then “edited” the file. I’ve seen both images and really all the person did was add a slight color filter to the art then slapped their name to the drawing. 


The drawing was posted to twitter and by turn of fate, Caitriona retweeted the tweet the art was attached to. MBD has (much nicer than I have) asked the person who tweeted it to include her tag and has shown proof that the drawing in question is hers. She’s being attacked and made out to be the villain in all of this, all because she stood up for her work. Stealing fanart and claiming it as your own is PLAGIARISM. Adding an “edit” to someone’s work does not make it yours. 

If any of you see any fanart please, please, please seek out the artist! Tag the artist and show that it is theirs! This is a very frustrating and demoralizing thing to happen to someone. When you’ve put your time, effort and love into something only to have it stolen and claimed as someone else’s is disheartening and anger inducing. 

If you see @BriannaFraser10 on Twitter please block, report or do whatever you can to stop them from claiming MBD’s art work is theirs. 

Lore Misconception

A lot of people want to read Mercy’s character as evil. It’s a common theory that has a lot of people speculating. However, besides Michael Chu basically denying this theory on twitter (if I remember correctly he made a post wondering where the theory came from), most of the evidence that points to mercy being evil is based off of assumptions and misconceptions. 

The biggest misconception I’ve seen is about her history with Genji. With all the Gency discussion going on lately I’ve been seeing it more and more. (from both anti and pro Gency!)

As someone who hyper-fixates on lore, this theory being widely regarded as fact drives me bananas, so I had to make a post to get it off my chest…

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hi everyone! so, since i recently just hit 11k (omg thank you so much) i decided i would make another faves page, due to the fact the last time i did one i had just hit 4k so i feel like its due


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i’ll be choosing when i feel like this has a decent amount of notes and i have some spare time (uni is taking over my life) - if this fails we will pretend it never happened 

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Jess sorry for confusing you. I was in a hurry 😥 The autograph hunter sells autographed things on the Internet. Maybe that's the reason to close his personal account but I follow him. Anyway he just posted this on Twitter and there are no photos,so no evidence . I asked now and he said that Sam was not with luggage, so maybe he was waiting someone...? He said cuz of bad weather many flights were delayed at LAX. Sorry for the mess!

Ah there you are. Thanks for coming back anon! I’ll take the sighting with a grain of salt as always but if he really was there and he had no luggage and was waiting for someone, maybe it was Cait :) 

someone: can you help me stan this group?

me: sure here’s all the members real names, stage names, positions in the group, hair color each member has had, personality traits, every TV program the group as been in, 37 fancams of each member, every single song, music video, solo performances, dance practices, vlogs, memes, twitter posts, instagram posts, mnet link, naver link, directions on how to stream music videos properly, tumblr blogs to follow, and schedule for every month…but yeah thats just the basics I just really like them idk :)

I normally don’t post about this or post at all but due to Josh’s Twitter, I had to say post something about this. It is not okay to attack Josh Keaton when all he is saying “Ship whatever you want and don’t hate on others if they like different ships.” He explained even more because someone had asked to and he did. And what does he get? He has people bringing his children in. Honestly though. Josh Keaton was right. Learn the definition of what it means. Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult experiences sexual attraction to children. CHILDREN! Meaning 12 and under. For some reason, y'all are thinking pedophilia is adult with anyone who isn’t an adult? And I honestly think you need to stop right there! Leave Josh Keaton alone and shippers alone. Ship what you like and don’t hate. Learn your definitions. That is all. I’m done.

One Night Stand - Jack & Conor Maynard Imagine

A/N- the reader is jack twin/conor sister, think shes pregnant after having a one night stand with joe? and she goes to josh because she knows her brothers will get angry, josh and her go and get a test unaware that fans are actually following them / they posts pictures on twitter, they get back to the apartment and jack pushes josh up against the wall shouting at him, y/n tells them the truth there and then?

Long story short, the boys invited me on a night out which i happily accepted. I’m a Maynard, what do you expect? The night was going great, loads of drinks, dancing all fun and games until the next morning when i woke up in someone else’s bed.. not along might i add. Taking a look around i instantly knew where i was as i had been there a few times to film videos. Joe has always been a good friend to me, i could pretty much say i was the closest to him out the rest (a part from Josh, i was very close to him too) but it wasn’t close enough for a relationship. By the looks of it we both had too many drinks as none of us was clothed. After we both processed what happened, we ended up laughing about it and promised not to bring it up around the others, but that had to change a month later. 

“Josh what happens if i am pregnant?” Dramatically falling back onto his bed i let out a long sigh due to the fact that i was late. 

“How can you not remember if you used protection or not?” Josh questioned as he re-positioned up right against his headboard on the bed.

“I dont know maybe because i was drunk” 

“Well did you see anything when you woke up?” Trying to remember back to that morning, i didn’t remember seeing anything. 

“Ugh no! I swear if the pill has failed me im screwed” 

“I wouldn’t want to be you or Joe right now. Jack and Conor will kill you both” He let out a laugh causing me to hit him in the leg.

“This isn’t funny Josh! My brothers will literally kill him” They both warned the boys not to try anything on with me when they first introduced me. A few of them said they wouldn’t only because dating me would be like dating Jack. Understandable as we were twins. 

“Well there’s only one thing you can do and that’s go to the shops and buy a test” 

“Come with me?” I looked over to give him puppy dog eyes as i didn’t want to go alone. 

“Y/N i hate it when you do that face, i can’t say no to it” Josh sarcastically sighed picking himself up off the bed starting to get his shoes and jacket on. I chuckled and followed. 

After looking around the shops and picking up a few tests and paying. I went straight to the bathroom because this couldn’t of waited. I needed to know now as it was starting to eat me alive. What feels like a life time, the 3 minutes were up and i nervously looked at the sticks i used. Negative. Negative. Negative. Well the smile on my face couldn’t get any bigger. I let a sigh of relief out now knowing no one was going to get hurt. I wanted to jump and scream with enjoy but i remembered i was in a public toilet, that wouldn’t look right. All i can say is thank god for the pill. I kept the spare tests in my bag just for emergency’s in the future. You never know what will happen. 

“Well you don’t look scared or shocked so i take it it was just a scare?”

“Im not pregnant” I sang throwing my arms out with enjoy. 

“Now thats over, can we head back before your brothers decide to ask questions” I chuckled knowing how protective they were and we then started to make our way home. However, the response we got when we arrived home was one we both did not expect to say the least. 

“What the fuck have you done to our little sister?” Jack arguably spoke pushing Josh against the door with force. Don’t get me wrong this was a little funny because Josh look petrified even though he’s a lot taller than Jack but Jack had more strength. I glanced to look at Conor but his eyes did not move from the direction of the two boys. “You’re meant to be our best friend” 

“What are you on about?” Josh questioned. Even i was confused. 

“Jack let go of him” 

“Shut up Y/N. Ill deal with you in a bit” I was a little taken back with the way he spoke. What had gotten into him all of a sudden. “Do you think it’s ok to use my little sister? Huh? Just because she’s around here all the time doesn’t mean you can use her!” Now i was really confused.

“Seriously Josh you could at least of told us something was going on” Conor added, not said a vile as Jack’s words but you could still hear the anger and disappointment. 

“What are you guys on about seriously?” 

“Don’t play that game with us” Jack let a dry laugh.

“Honestly Mate-”

“Don’t use the mate card in this” I kept looking between the 3 of them trying to get an understanding. 

“Do you really think we wouldn’t of found out? Found out that you two had sex and now she’s pregnant?” Now this makes sense. “And we had to find out by pictures over twitter? How low can you two get?” What me and Josh didn’t realise was that there were fans who had found us and had taken photos of us buying the tests. And now the internet knows. Isn’t this just peachy. 

“Oh god” I cursed at myself as them words weren’t meant to come out loud. I sighed knowing my little secret couldn’t stay a secret anymore. “Jack let go of him. He was just being a friend to me” Conor turned to look at me confusingly while Jack looked between me and Josh looking for answers.

“I don’t think you can keep this up anymore Y/N” Josh spoke.

“What are you on about?” Jack asked letting go of his grip and fully turning towards me. I looked down nervously knowing what was about to happen wasn’t going to go down well. 

“Ok you both have to promise me you’ll stay calm”

“No promises” they both said in sync. 

I took a deep breath and just let it fall out my mouth. “Basically im late. Instantly thought i was pregnant but don’t worry im not just a scare-” 

“Why think that? You haven’t had sex” Conor questioned. 

“That’s not entirely true” Even though i was old enough Jack and Conor always cringed when my sex life was mentioned, only because i was there little sister. (Well only little to Jack by 2 minutes) The two of them stared blankly at me waiting for me to continue. 

“Remember that night out we had a month ago? I didn’t exactly go home on my own. I went home with Joe” Both of their eyes grew wider in shock .

“Joe?” Jack repeated. 

“Yes Joe” 

“Oh he’s got it coming, I’m going to kill him!” Jack rushed to get his shoes on before practically running out the door with Conor following.

I immediately got my phone out to warn my best friend.

I would hide if i was you, Jack and Conor found out and they’re on their way over. Stay safe lmao text me asap x

Oh bloody hell, i better run! x

my darkest secret is that i once looked my url up on twitter, because it coincides with the name of a video game character i wanted to find cool screen shots of, and i stumbled across someone who had been dedicatedly shittalking me for like 2-3 weeks because i made a post on tumblr about how i dont want to fuck anduin wrynn from world of warcraft. so now you know

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Random question, if we had any fanart someone wanted you to see where would be the best place to post/send it?

Here and Twitter for sure. Putting the hashtags #OGchan #OGFanart #OGfam help me filter it too :)

Sometimes sets can get a bit… wacky.  I once saw a version of Richard III that looked like it was set in some sort of post-apocalyptic England.  Trash and metal everywhere.  When characters were killed, they were thrown into a large dumpster with graffiti on it.  Someone had to sit in the dumpster to catch people.  Since it was onstage almost all the time, they couldn’t leave.  They created a twitter account and live tweeted from the dumpster.  And it was the best thing ever.

Shunya and Daichi’s twitter convesation on Cat’s day (22/2)

Shunya posted these god damn adorable pics of him wearing cat themed head gear and he was an absolute angel. And of course his boyfriend had to go and reply telling him how cute he is hahahahaahha. So someone asked me to translate it.


やってしまった、、、 そういや!! 猫やろうと思ったら猫系の服多かった笑 ってか知らず知らずに 猫の服着て仕事行っていた今日このごろ、、、 よし!!今日から猫になるか にゃんぺいと呼ばれる日も近いな… 大地くんに( ¯ ¨̯ ¯̥̥ )

I’ve gone and done it….

Oh yeah!

Now that I think of it I have a lot of cat themed clothes.

It happened without me knowing.

I’ve been wearing cat themed clothes a lot at work lately….

Ok! Let’s be a cat for the day!

The day when I will be called Nyanpei by Daiki-kun is close  ( ¯ ¨̯ ¯̥̥ )


にゃんぺい。貴方は人です。目を覚ませ。峻也一度ふざけてにゃんぺいと呼んだが、内心はちゃんとせいという気持ちが湧き上がっています。しっかり大人の男性になろう。以上俺から言えることは、 君は猫じゃなく成人男性(天使)


You are a person.

Wake up.

Shunya, I called you Nyanpei once as a joke, but I’ll say the feeling that is rising up in me.

Become a proper grown man.

All that you’ll get from me is that you are not a cat but a fully grown adult.


(Shit are these two guys so cute. I love them so much. and usual disclaimer that some of the translation might not be the 100% accurate)

Vegans I need your attention!!

So I want to know something and I just had a discussion on it and well I am curious.. Do you mind people who hunt their own food??

See I was arguing that yeah, being vegan is being vegan and that because we are omnivores we have to option to be vegan and then someone asked me was it ok to if you hunted your own food but I am not vegan so I don’t know. So I decide to go to tumblr and I’ll post on my twitter cause I am interested in this topics!