someone got stung by this today

Sodapop Curtis Imagine

Warnings: Body Image


You never liked the way you looked. You always thought that there was someone better. Being Sodapop’s girlfriend didn’t really help your self esteem because you always saw beautiful girls that wanted him to be theirs instead of yours.

You got from work and it was a day sent to you by the devil. To make it even worse, you drove by the DX and saw a beautiful, blonde-headed girl flirting with Soda. Of course he was oblivious, and he thought nothing of it. And normally this wouldn’t bother you because it was normal, but today it really stung.

You walked in the door of your house and immediately went back to your room. You closed the door and sat down on the bed, beginning to think. You thought about how Soda deserves someone better than you. You looked over at the full length mirror and walked over to it. Looking at yourself, you started to cry. Your sobs echoed through the whole house, but you didn’t care. No one was in there with you.

Or, that is what you thought at least.

Soda walked in the door and heard you crying, so he was quiet. He walked back to your room and quietly opened the door, watching you. He had never seen you cry like this before. And the worst part was, you had no idea that he was watching.

You unbuttoned your flannel and took it off, leaving you in only your bra and your jeans. You found every little flaw. You found every stretch mark, every freckle, every mole and you started to cry harder. You thought that you were (too fat/too skinny) and you thought so many negative things.

“God,” you said quietly, “why am I not as pretty as these other girls? Why am I not like them? He deserves better than me. He has all these gorgeous girls wanting him, but he still chose me. I don’t understand. He picked the worst one.”

This is when Soda decided to step in. He stepped closer to you and said, “(Y/N), I did not pick the worst one.”

“Oh no,” you sniffed, “how much did you hear?”

“I heard just enough,” he walked over and gripped you in a tight hug. “Why did you say all that stuff about yourself?”

“Because it’s all true. I am ugly and you deserve someone so much better.”

“(Y/N) please, never think that. I chose you because you’re you.”

“But–,” he stopped you before you could finish.

“Look baby, beauty comes in all kinds of different forms, but yours is my favorite,” he smiled and you did too.

A/N: I am so sorry, this is so terrible and cringe. If you liked it though, good for you. Thanks for reading!


So someone requested a Balthazar one shot. And I promised I’ll post it no later than today. So here it is!!

“Look we had fun but I think it’s time we go our separate ways.” Adam said. His words stung making me cringe.
Before I could speak, I heard a click and then the line went dead. What the hell happened? Just last week we were talking about marriage. 3 years down the drain. My chest felt tight and the tears streamed down my face. This couldn’t be happening.
I got up and threw my jacket on. I walked past the boys in the library.
“Hey where you going?” Dean asked.
“Bar.” I yelped. Dean stood up and came over to me. “You ok?” He whispered.
“I’m fine.” I lied. Even though I am sure he noticed my puffy eyes and runny nose. But i didn’t feel like discussing my heart break, especially knowing dean he’d probably want to beat the crap out of Adam. But deep down id enjoy that.
Dean nodded and allowed me to walk out the door.

The cold air breeze felt amazing against my skin.

I opened the door to my car and slid in. The picture of Adam and I still on my dash. Tears began to stream down my face once again. “How could you do this to me?!” I yelled. I grabbed the picture and ripped it in half.
“Fuck you.” I whispered.

I drove in silence, listening to the faint music in the background.


I walked into the bar and sat at the end. I didn’t feel like chatting with anyone. The bartender handed my usual, whiskey on the rocks. But this time I wanted a shot of vodka. I didn’t want to feel anything but the alcohol stream through my blood.

“Hello sweetheart. Meeting your Romeo?” Balthazar came up from behind.
He always liked to pop in unannounced.
“Jesus Balthazar! How many times do I have to tell you! Don’t sneak up on me!” I yelled.
I regretted being harsh towards him but I was emotionally drained.

“Sorry love. Didn’t mean to frighten you.” Balthazar muttered.
“Sorry. Today hasn’t been a great day.”
“Care to share?”
My boyfriend who I was madly in love with dumped me for no reason. And now I feel lost and alone.
“Not really.” I said harshly.
“Don’t think it’s that time of month. Trouble in paradise I presume?” He said, almost sounding like he was taunting me.
“Balthazar is there a reason you’re here or are you just here to annoy me?”
He shifted in his seat and sighed.
“Sorry, love. I’ll leave you to your misery then.” He got up from his chair.
I felt horrible for being so rude, especially to the man who has never done me wrong.
“I’m sorry Balthazar. Adam and I-” I paused. I felt a lump form in my throat and tears began to weld up in my eyes. “We broke up.” I finished.
“Ah. The poison side of love.” He almost looked sincere.
I rolled my eyes and shot back the vodka. The alcohol burnt my throat.
“Well if you ask me, I think he’s
An idiot for letting you go.” He ushered for the bartender and asked for two more shots. I felt a smile grow on my face realizing Balthazar was being pretty sweet.

“Shut up.” I chuckled.
“I’m serious y/n. Knowing me, you know I’m not nice to your kind.” He smiled.

I couldn’t help but smile. We chucked our shots back at the same time. I watched Balthazar’s expression as he squeezed his eyes shut, but slowly easing back.

“Burns but feels oh so good.” He muttered.
I nodded.
I know he was just trying to be nice, well his version of it that is. But nonetheless, I wasn’t in the mood for talking. The love of my life was gone. He ripped my heart out and shredded it to pieces. I know I shouldn’t let it bother me, but being a hunter, it’s hard to open up to someone. Especially be with someone for longer than a couple of months.

“What was his ridiculous excuse?” He interrupted my thoughts. I inhaled and fought back my tears.
“He told me he wanted different things. But I’m sure he was never in love with me. I’m a mess.” I blurted out. Tears began to stream down my face and I felt Balthazar wrap his arms around me. He pressed his lips to my forehead and then released me.
“The best kind of people are always a mess y/n. You are the most caring and beautiful creature I’ve ever met. Don’t let that ignorant waste fool you.” He whispered.
Did this angel really call me beautiful? I felt the blood rush to my cheeks making me look down before he noticed.
“Thank you.” I mumbled.
He smiled and got us two more shots.
“One more before we head out.” He raised his shot glass and chucked it back.
“Where are we going?” I asked.
Balthazar stood up and reached for my hand.
“We aren’t going to dwell over that asshole in a bar. Let’s go To that one fantasy land that you love so much. You know, the one with the annoying mouse.” He huffed. My eyes widened.
“Do you mean Disneyland?” I squealed.
“Yes that horrific place.”
He rolled his eyes but smiled. I’ve been ranting about going to Disneyland for months. But the boys never wanted to go. Especially since it was a kids place. They preferred bars over Disney any day.
So why was Balthazar taking me?
“Wait why? I thought you despised that place?”
“I do. But you love it. And if taking you there will put a smile on that beautiful face-” he paused and took a deep breath.
“Well then, it’d be worth it.”
I smiled and reached my arms around his neck.
“Thank you Balthazar.” I whispered.
He squeezed.

We walked out to the parking lot, away from everyone.

“You’re not so bad, you know for an angel.” I teased.
“Ah. Better than the other angel? You know the one in the dirty trench coat?” He chuckled.

Balthazar pulled me in and held on tightly. Before I knew it, we vanished. I opened my eyes, and here we were. Disneyland.

Today at my sisters graduation party

• Someone got stung in the eyelid by a bee
• I put a paint mask on one of my inflatable aliens and my super amazing elderly neighbor thought it was cute
•The same lady saw my sisters friend in a werewolf costume and thought it was cool~
She is like late 80/early 90s and literally the best person ever
• She also brought nut roll❤️❤️❤️
• She thinks that furbies are called “Fergis”
• I caught the grill on fire ~it was the hamburgers (¬_¬)
• None of our relatives came and I think my dad is rolling in his grave
• The large spread we usually make accommodated everyone❤️
• More neighbors came and the card they gave my sister smells like Chanel
• I wore my pineapple outfit
• My sister cosplayed as the 10th doctor at 9-10 generation point
•I made a rad bonfire
• I disappeared into the woods with a saw and came back with more firewood and was a hero
• After all of the adults left I was the oldest one at the party ~
• We threw shade

@sarahwhat and I were talking about a soulmate AU where until you meet your partner you can feel their pain. So I wrote a little thing. 

“Are you all right?” Felix asked, looking up from across the fire. He shouldn’t have snuck out of Redcliff to meet Dorian, they both knew that, too much risk of getting caught; but hanging unsaid between them was the knowledge that they were running out of time together.

“I’m fine,” Dorian said, through gritted teeth, resisting the urge to rub at his aching ankle.

Felix raised an eyebrow, giving Dorian an infuriatingly knowing smile.

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Boyfriend, not a Bodyguard - Minho Imagine

A/N: Sorry for the long wait. Uni has been crazy busy. To make it up to you, I’m dedicating my weekend to writing imagines! xxx

You loved being a runner. Nothing could compare to the freedom it gave you. You could forget about what was happening back in the glade, all your worries would simply melt away.
You were one of Minho’s best runners, you would argue the best. You always made it back well before the doors closed and your maps were kept in perfect condition. While no one had made any progress on finding a way out, everything was going great.
You had just gotten back from your section and were in the map room drawing up today’s map. Not much had changed since yesterday.
“Y/N.” You turned to see Minho standing behind you.
“Oh hey, Minho. I was just finishing up today’s section.” You went back to your map.
“I need to talk to you.”
“I’m nearly do-“
Minho cut you off “Now!”
“Okay, alright. I’m coming.” You got up and followed Minho out into the glade. “What do you want to talk about?”
“You’re not a runner anymore. Effective immediately.”
You gaped at him on shock. “WHAT? I’m the best runner you have!”
“I’m sorry Y/N but your maps haven’t been up to standard and to be quite honest, you aren’t good enough anymore.”
“This is bullshit and you know it! I’m the best runner you have and like hell my maps aren’t up to standard. Why are you doing this? Did I do something wrong?” You pleaded at him. Running was the only thing you had, the only thing you could do.
“I’m gonna need your harness back. Drop it off later.” With that said, Minho turned his back on you and walked away.
Full of rage you stormed off to find some answers.
“Yeah, Y/N?” When you turned to face him he took a step back. “What’s wrong?”
“What’s wrong? You wanna know what’s wrong? I’ll tell you what’s wrong. Minho just dumped me from being a runner! Wanna tell me why the shuck he would do that? I’m the best he’s got!”
Newt looked confused. “He did what? This is the first I’ve heard of this. I’m sure he would have his reasons…”
“He said my maps were getting sloppy and I wasn’t good enough anymore which is the biggest load of klunk I’ve heard all year!”
“I’ll go talk to him, alright?”
“Good that. Thanks, Newt.”
After calming down, you gave your harness to another glader to return to Minho. You couldn’t bear to see him again.
You say alone for dinner, refusing to talk to anyone. You weren’t in the mood for cheery conversations, not after this afternoon.
The next day you spent with Zart in the fields. He wasn’t much of a talker which suited you fine. You pulled weeds and sowed seeds for most of the day. You were glad when the day was finally over, you never showed any talent for gardening. You were always meant to be a runner…
Newt came to sit with you over dinner.
“So I talked to Minho.”
“I don’t wanna know, Newt. I don’t wanna hear anything about it unless it’s from him.”
“Well, you may not have too wait long.” Newt smiled at you before getting up and joining the other keepers at a table.
You saw Minho stand up and make his way over to you. When he was less then a few feet away you got up and started to run to the deadheads.
“Y/N! Wait!’” You heard Minho yell after you. He had no chance of catching you, you were the only one who could keep pace with him.
You stopped in a clearing to catch your breath. A few minutes later you heard the snap of branches and soon Minho arrived in the clearing.
“Y/N,” Minho had his hands in his knees, trying to catch his breath. “I was trying to talk to you.”
“Well, I don’t want to talk to you Minho. Ever again. Goodbye.” You started to walk away from him when you felt something touch your arms.
“I did it for a reason. I promise.”
You shrugged his hand off. “As if I’d ever believe you again. You’re the one who didn’t want me, remember?”
“I had to do it. The maze isn’t safe.” He was pleading with you.
“What exactly am I to you? A damsel in distress or some other klunk? In case you haven’t noticed Minho, I don’t need a bodyguard. I can take care of myself.” You folded your arms across your chest.
“You shouldn’t have too.”
I shouldn’t have too, what?” You tilted your head in confusion.
“Your shouldn’t have to take care of yourself.”
“Are you saying I need help?”
“No. What I’m trying to say is maybe you should let someone else take care of you for a change. Like me.” Minho took a step towards you.
“Like I said, I don’t need anyone.”
“For shucks sake, I’m trying to tell you I love you Y/N!” He ran his hand through his hair in frustration.
“You, what?” You blinked in surprise.
“I love you, okay? Since the first moment I saw you. I didn’t want you running in the maze because it’s dangerous and I wouldn’t know what to do if you got stung.”
“But running is the only thing I can do! Ask Zart. I killed 5 plants today! I’m meant to be a runner.”
He sighed. “Fine. But you only run with me now.”
“On one condition.”
“Okay, shoot.”
“You’re my boyfriend, not my bodyguard.”
He smiled at you. “Deal.”

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Him - “About 6 months.”
Her - “Not even, I’d say 4. It’s a pretty crazy story though.”
“Let’s hear it.”
Him - “We met on Instagram. My picture got posted on a beard site-
Her - "Wait, let me tell it-
Him - "Ok-”
Her - “So I saw his picture on Instagram and said, ‘Holy crap, you’re so handsome, I wish I didn’t leave Michigan-”
Him - “That’s where I live, and where she’s from. And I said, 'You’re gorgeous, I wish you didn’t leave too’. And she looks and sees my Facebook page link on my Instagram-”
Her - “And I had only just gotten a Facebook page because I wanted to get a Tinder. So then I go like all his pictures on his Facebook page like a creep-”
Him - “And then she sends me a message saying, 'you seem like a cool guy, text me’. So I do and BOOM, non-stop texting for a week”
Her - “And after a couple weeks we started Skype-ing-”
Him - “Then after a month she came out to Michigan to visit. She’s been out to Michigan about 4 times and now this is my first time coming to San Francisco.”

Him - “I love that she’s so easy going. Everything I do with her feels natural. There are no freak out moments.”
Her - “Even though I got stung by a bee today. That was kinda freak out.”
Him - “Yeah, but it still was fine.”
Her - “It was fine. I only scared because I had never been stung before.”
Him - “A lot of relationships feel like someone is always trying to cause drama or get attention. We just give each other attention. All we do is care.”

“He’s the best guy I’ve ever met. Heart of gold. Always positive, very calm and proactive. I lost my phone and instead of being like 'You’re dumb, why’d you do that’ he was just like 'Okay, let’s find it’.”

“So you gonna move out here or what?”
“I’d like to. I need to get a job. I was thinking about doing some modeling, for guys with beards and decent physiques.”
“I’m pretty sure you can swing that here.”

Abandoned Town AU || Theo & Cait

She had headed off to work, as was usual for Cait. Making sure she had everything packed away safely in the trunk of her car. Phone, keys, some decent clothes to change out of the tightness she wore now. Then the blonde set off. The hotel she had arranged to meet Thomas at was an hour drive away, and she knew she was making good time at least.

            It had struck around half ten that night when Cait had to pull over from driving to get herself a little bit of coffee in order to wake herself up. She pulled into a distant car park along the freeway and found herself strolling up to the Starbucks located inside of a travel centre.

            The drink was clasped firmly in her hand when she stepped outside into the cold nights breeze. Thankful to have had her jacket over herself in order to stop the questioning looks. Her curious green eyes took in the area. Just how dead it was, except for one white van and her own car. She thought nothing of it entirely, perhaps they were just needing a quick break too. So, without a second thought, she climbed into her car.

            Caitlin should have taken the first sign of something being wrong to be the fact the hood of her car wasn’t entirely all the way down, but in the darkness, she had failed to see it at all. The second sign was the one she noticed. Her car failed to start. It sparked, it tried, and it did nothing to move itself out of the car park.

            “Jesus fucking Christ, trust my luck.” Sighed the blonde, forcing herself out of the car to check the front of it herself. “I do not have the time for this shit today.” She muttered, to the car.

            “Ma’am?” Came a voice from behind her. A guy seemingly leaving the place she had just walked from, yet Cait didn’t remember him being inside of there. “Ma’am, do you need a hand?” Suddenly he sounded closer to her, as if he were right behind her.

            "No thanks, I got this.“ And then she reached down, lifting the hood with a worried look. It felt rough. As if someone had pried it open moments ago.

            Something sharp dug into her back, it stung like a dull needle meeting one of her arteries. “I think you don’t.” The guy said, watching her fall limp and into his arms. Out cold for definite. 

Waking up she found her head to be pounding, as if she had done a night of drinking and drugs, along with a little chloroform to top it all off. She groaned out, a hand pressed to her forehead before her eyes had even managed to open. When those green orbs managed to open, Cait was stunned to say the least. There was no recollection of the night in her mind what so ever, but she guessed a hotel room wasn’t all too peculiar. She was heading to work after all.

            There was the minor fact that no body was laying next to her in the bed. That worried her more than anything. A frown etched onto her face, eyebrows knitting together as she rose off of the bed on wobbly legs. She swallowed hard, trying to process the situation.

            Cait stumbled to the door, pulling the door handle to open it onto an empty, quiet hallway. Far too quiet, even.  ”What the fuck did I do last night?” Mumbled the woman, a hand still clasping her pounding head. She was wearing her clothes from the night before, surprisingly. So she must not have been to work in order to get them off, and then to change.