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story time kiddos

okay, this is the highly embarrassing story of how i met ryan ross at renaissance fair. so, last year, i went to renaissance fair with my two friends, it just so happened that this was the same day as ryan ross. my friends left me to go buy food. someone bumped into me, and i assumed it was my friend so i mumbled ‘bitch’ under my breath, expecting a ‘jerk’ back (because we’re giant fuckin nerds) but when there was no response, i turned around and there, in all his glory, was ryaN FUCKING ROSS staring at me in confusion. my awkward ass started sputtering apologies and shit. he laughed and said it was fine and walked away, i was so embarrassed that i didn’t even ask for a picture, i just wanted this moment to end. my friends came back and i’m standing there when it hits me that i called ryaN FUCKING ROSS a bitch, so i basically start crying in the middle of renaissance fair and people are asking if i’m okay while my friends are just laughing. basically, this thanksgiving, i’m thankful that the he has most likely forgotten that i called him a bitch.

That moment when you search tumblr to see if you can find somewhere legit to buy henna from, because you really want to learn how to do it, and everything in the tag says that white people wearing/doing henna is cultural appropriation. 

I had always been taught that doing henna was okay regardless of race/culture, so long as you didn’t do dumb shit and you respect the meaning behind it. 

From Sunday, katsucon

Maybe Tumblr is the worst place to talk about this, but snapchat is too fast to talk properly–
but anyway
My school has the chance to go to Germany in 2018!! We will be going to Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Hungary. But the problem is I already have trip planned for the summer of 2018 to go to Norway, Ieeland, Sweden, Denmark and Finland then Germany.
Now the problem is, I have already been to everywhere in the first trip, but I will get to go again, but with friends this time
Or do I go on the trip with new places, but with people I hate….
Oh, why can’t I go on both??? Any advice?

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literally for a month now all I can think of is a drink that adds babies to your belly and speeds them up in age to match the others. like a guy pregnant with eight month triplets filming himself, swallowing it down, moaning and rubbing his tummy because it's growing /right there/ and just not being able to stop touching himself. and promptly going out to buy three more bottles. LIKE??? someone give me this I will pay in love

EVEN BETTER: they add time accelerators. so you’ve got a scrawny guy just barely showing with one, and he downs four drinks with a five-month boost and within minutes he’s burst through his shirt and pants just groaning at the sheer weight and new pressure of everything and he can feel them all growing and it’s /fantastic/. LIKE

This is So Fuckin Hot and he’s just going to get bigger and bigger so fast, groaning and moaning at all of the pressure and motion inside of him

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Yo I'd date the shit out of you. I'd buy you and me tickets to Comicon, I'd buy you all the fuckin merch I can carry, my strength it fueled by your gay. Ily man be my keef to my lance.

dude????? get the fuck over here and date me then lmao

The Signs as Things I've done
  • Aries: Freaked out at someone because they told me to go buy a mini fridge.
  • Taurus: Traded all my pokemon cards for one rare meganium card. (WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF)
  • Gemini: Tied my shoelace to someone else's shoe lace for a 3 legged race but then got stuck to that person for the whole day.
  • Cancer: Tried to pet a fish when I was 11 and ended up killing it cuz I squished it to death.
  • Virgo: Babysat some kids but ended up a "microwave safe" plate on fire.
  • Libra: Watched Anime for 7 hours straight then stared at a wall on the toilet contemplating life.
  • Scorpio: Fell asleep on the toilet at school.
  • Capricorn: Told the same pun over and over again under someone actually cried.
  • Aquarius: Sat in my room for 2 days straight drawing and going on tumblr.
  • Pisces: Tried to swim and ended up holding on for dear life onto a boogie board.

Made some frit spoons last night.

25 bucks for the ones without the marble, 40 for the one with the marble.

Kik zzvspecial or message to purchase. Read that line again. And again. Im sure someone is still going to ask me how to buy one.

Preferred payment method is PayPal.

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