someone give this man children

If Tony even touches T'challa’s movie, I’ll fight everyone involved in the mcu esp RDJ with my bare hands 💪🏾💪🏾


This man just killed a dragon. A dragon. Teeth, claws, wings, fire, hugeness, irritating sense of superiority, the whole package. And all he cares about are that his children are safe. Someone give this man the Father of the Year Award, please.

And that last pic, as he’s being called out as a hero, he’s there like please don’t. All that matters is that my family is safe.

I mean, I just… If you don’t love Bard, there’s something wrong with you, heh.

all of these wedding photos of sherlock make me emotional because it reminds me that benedict still isn’t married and I just UGH


I was kind of sad about being single on valentines day but then I remembered that Benedict Cumberbatch is single too but now I’m even more sad like sOMEONE GIVE THIS MAN LOVE & CHILDREN