someone give this girl a mirror

lemme tell you i am so fucking tired of angsty vampires. its enough. 

give me a newly-turned twenty-something vampire who hears about their newfound immortality and is like “thank god,” then proceeds to invest in some promising startups and fucks off to take a nap for two decades

give me a vampire thats only the tiniest bit phased at the blood diet because “eh, i tried paleo a while back and it was just as weird”

give me a vampire with self image issues who never has to avoid mirrors again because - bingo - no reflection

give me a genderqueer vampire who finally has an answer when someone asks their gender. “are you a boy or a girl?” “i am a vampire.” “but whats in your pants?” “fangs.” 

best of all, give me a vampire chick who is so stoked about being nocturnal because she’s never been able to walk alone after dark before and it’s nice to be able to walk her friends home and know theyre all safe with her

The Girl Made of Starlight

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The Girl Made of Starlight

Beast!Adam x Reader

Prompt: What do you think of an imagine where the reader is Adam’s favorite character in a book, who he asks to see in the mirror at least once a day, slowly falling in love with her?

Note: Aaaaaaaah! <3 C U T E

Edit: I think I’m going to make this into a series? Someone please give me feedback? Thanks!

“It’s getting late, my little prince.” The kind queen chided her son as he sat upright in the bed. “I’m afraid it’s time for you to sleep now.”

“One more story! Please!” The young boy begged eagerly. After thinking for a long moment, the queen met the prince’s gaze. His eyes were sweet and blue, full on innocence. She sighed.

“All right, one more. And then, you must sleep. You have a big day ahead, you know.” Her smile was soft as she searched the small shelf in Adam’s room. What was there here that she hadn’t read to him yet? And then she found it.

It was an old book. One she hadn’t laid eyes on since she was at least a teenager. It had been a favorite of hers. The Girl Made of Starlight.

“Here’s one.” The queen sat down in the chair beside Adam’s bed. “I haven’t seen this book in a very long time.”

“Where was it?”

“Hiding, I suppose. Waiting for the right moment to make itself known. But nevertheless, the sooner we finish, the sooner you’ll be asleep.” She took a breath and opened the front cover. “Once, in the Kingdom of the Sun, there was a girl. To everyone around her, she appeared ordinary, boring and quaint. And as she grew up surrounded people who thought of her as nothing but standard, she began to believe that ordinary was all she ever was, all she could ever be. But that was not the case.”

“What was she?” Adam practically bounced with enthusiasm.

“Eager tonight, are we?” the queen smiled. “(Y/N) was truly more than just the daughter of the miller. She was a child of the stars.”


After reading a large portion of the book, the queen decided that it was getting far too late for her little prince to be awake given the events waiting for him the following day. So, despite his many, many protests, the queen placed a bookmark in her treasured favorite and put it on the shelf for another night.

But the queen never got to finish her story.

She soon fell to illness and became too sick to read. Soon after, she was gone. And as the kingdom grieved, the king became twisted. Her death was the end of him. And so was it the end of the Adam that was hopeful, the Adam that was kind.

Years later, when Adam had reached adulthood, came the curse that twisted him into an enormous, fearsome beast. The story of the star girl was long-forgotten. Adam spent years in isolation, wallowing in his misery. His selfishness had done this, his vanity. He had taken so much pride in his looks, in the beauty of the things he owned, and now that it was gone, he felt as though he had nothing.

As time passed, Adam ventured from his West Wing more and more. He didn’t want to gaze upon the cursed rose any more than he had to. It was only a reminder of his mistakes, of the grim deadline that hung over his head. The library became a refuge, a place where he could escape. The book the Enchantress had given him sat idle on his shelf, and instead, he found a home in literature. As he searched the shelf, something fell and hit the floor with a soft thud. He looked down, and there it was: The Girl Made of Starlight.

Adam slowly bent down and picked up the book with his massive paws. He brushed off the cover, and his blue eyes widened. Thoughts of his mother came rushing back to the surface. He was tempted to put the book back, to forget he had ever found it, but instead, he carried it over to the couch and began to read it.

Inside the pages of the book waited the story of (Y/N), the miller’s daughter, who was just about to discover she was not as normal as she had been raised to believe.

~Losing her mother had changed (Y/N). Every day, the glimmering star that hung around her neck only served as a reminder of the magnificent woman that had left her daughter behind. Her mother’s words were ingrained in her mind. With her last dying breaths, she had put the necklace around (Y/N)’s neck.

“Remember that there is light in everybody.” Her lips pulled into a frail smile as her husband and daughter sat beside her in tears. “And there is light in you. You don’t know it yet, but you will. No matter where you go, no matter how far you travel, I will always be with you.”

Iridessa squeezed (Y/N)’s hand as the life in her began to fade.

“You are a child of the stars. A beautiful girl with more power than you know.” She pressed a finger to the center of her chest and whispered a final goodbye as the life left her eyes. “I believe in you.”~

Adam took a deep breath and adjusted himself on the soft couch that sat beside the hearth. He had a feeling he would be there for a while.


Over the course of the week Adam had read the book at least twice a day, only taking brief breaks for meals and sleep. He was a man obsessed. He didn’t know why, but of all of the books in the library, this one had captured his attention better than anything he had ever read.

After finishing it for the tenth time, a strange idea occurred to him as he brushed past the enchanted rose that had doomed him to this fate, the wretched timer, an eternal reminder that his day was coming. Then, he would be stuck like this forever. Beside the rose sat the Enchantress’ mirror. The moment his eyes settled on it, he reached out for it.

He took a deep breath. This was stupid. This was a dumb idea. It would never work.

But what if?

“Show me…show me the girl made of starlight.”  

The surface of the mirror rippled, and then there she was, just as the book had described. Her hair had flooded with white, and her silver eyes shone like stars. Her cloak of the sky was wrapped around her shoulders, and the necklace her mother had given her hung around her neck.

She was running. From what, he didn’t know, but at the sight of her, after watching her and realizing she was real…or at least, she was real somewhere, he almost dropped the mirror. He took a long, labored breath. She was real. She was actually real. And she needed help.


Days passed. Adam tried not to watch her too often, but it was hard not to. She was real. She existed, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was someone or something after her. She always seemed to be rushed. She had quick meals in little taverns, and took cautious sleeps at haphazard inns. She carried very little and showed her face to very few, most often keeping hidden in her large cloak of the sky.

With her, she kept very few things. Aside from her cloak and necklace, all she had with her was a map, a worn leather book of stories, and a pouch of coins. There was something about the book with her. Adam knew it was important to her, but he didn’t know why.

Perhaps it was why someone was chasing her.

Again, I kind of want to do a series on this, so feedback would be awesome. I love you guys <3 

Draco x Reader

Requested by @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch

You’re walking down the hallway with your textbooks cradled to your chest and your gaze on the tiles beneath your feet. A nasally laugh causes the breath to freeze in your lungs. Before you can even look at the owner of the sound, your textbooks are slapped from your arms and strewn across the ground. Your anxious eyes meet the cold ones that belong to Pansy Parkinson. She has two girls flanking her. All three have the same haughty expression worn on their faces. 

You swallow nervously as you pick up your textbooks. One of Pansy’s sidekicks sweeps her foot out and launches it across the hallway. You shakily step over to the far wall and bend down to retrieve it. The other sidekick is desperate to prove herself as she steps over to you and pushes you over in your half-bent state. You fall to the ground and the books that you’ve already retrieved fall to the floor once again. Pansy cackles and begins to walk away. Her sidekicks take the que and follow her with hollow laughs echoing throughout the corridor.
You had never done anything to those girls yet they are cruel to you often. You don’t understand where their motivation comes from, but the source is limitless. Their humiliation has varied from casual shoves and glares to calling you detestable names in front of large crowds. Once they had even stuck gum in your hair resulting in you having to cut a large portion of hair from your head. You cannot fathom a reason that these girls think it okay to be this merciless to another human being. You’re getting sick of their mental torture. Soon, they’re going to have a rude awakening.

You walk into the Great Hall alone the next morning. As your face is seen, most of the Great Hall erupts into laughter and begin to snicker to one another. A flame spreads across your cheeks. You have no idea what’s going on, but it’s obviously directed at you. 

You sit down at your table quickly. Your eyes dart around the students surrounding you. Most students are behind newspapers, which is odd. These kids don’t read the newspaper. You look at the next table over and catch sight of what has enamored everyone’s attention. 

Printed largely inside of the newspaper, as if it is a poster, is a picture of you posing provocatively. The worst part is that the only thing you were wearing is the seductive smirk on your lips. You know that this picture is not real, but the rest of Hogwarts does not. 

You choke on your own saliva as you twist to see everyone with these pictures and have their gazes turned on you.

Why doesn’t the Earth swallow you whole when you want it to? You think as you sprint from the room.

Hearty laughter echoes after your retreat. You run throughout Hogwarts with tear-filled vision. You turn into Moaning Myrtle’s laboratories.

“Hello Y/N,” she calls miserably. 

Your reply is choked sobbing. She looks at you sympathetically.

“Are those wretched girls giving you a hard time again?”

You nod your head yes as you wipe your tears on your robe sleeves. She sighs mournfully.

“I understand what you’re going through. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t stand up to my bullies before I died. But now I have eternity to regret that.” 

She sighs again before shooting herself into an open toilet. You stare at your tear-stained face in the mirror as contemplate what Myrtle had said. You jump when someone begins to knock on the bathroom door. You panic, thinking it was Pansy or the other girls trying to deepen the wound, but slightly calm down a bit when a male voice is heard.

“Y/N, are you in there?”

You stay quiet, hoping that he’ll go away, whoever he is. A sigh is heard.

“Okay, let’s try this again. Y/N, I know that you’re in there. Do you mind if I come in?” 

“Go away! I have diarrhea!”

You step over to a toilet and flush it to emphasize your statement. 

“Y/N, I’m not daft. I’m coming in.”

You pull your wand from your pocket as a guy steps through the door. Your mouth falls open slightly as you realize that it’s the notorious Draco Malfoy. He raises an eyebrow at you.

“You’ll raise your wand to the guy seeing if you’re okay, but not to the girls that spread your pornographic pictures across Hogwarts?”

You blush and lower your wand although you keep it in your hand just in case.
“I’m fine. You can leave now.”

“I’ve seen the picture. I know you’re fine. I just wanted to know whether you wanted any help.”

You flush at the brash compliment.

“Help with what?”

“With growing a spine when it comes to Parkinson. I don’t know what you did to antagonize her-“

“I didn’t antagonize her! Me being alive antagonized her!”

He pauses.

“Oh, it’s that situation. I see.”

You raise an eyebrow.

“‘That situation?’” you repeat.

“Yes.” He begins to pace as he speaks. “She sees you as weak, as inferior. That obviously isn’t true, but that’s her thoughts. She’s toying with you. She messes with you to prove to herself that she’s better than you.”

You raise your arms in exasperation.

“And how do I change that?”

He pauses mid-step and turns to you with a smile on his face.

“You prove her wrong.”

For the next few weeks, you two meet often. He coaches you on most Slytherin’s weaknesses and how to prey on them. He shows you how to be ruthless with your words. He also becomes a friend, and very quickly at that considering the circumstances. 

You plop yourself into a bean bag that has been Transfigured from a library book. 

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to do it later.”

He grins from his slouched position on the bean bag next to you. 

“I know. I’ve taught you well.”

“You’ve taught me how to be a ruthless asshole.”

He raises an eyebrow.

“And your point is?”

You laugh at him.

“That’s not a great friendship skill to have.”

“What if friendship isn’t what I’m aiming for?”

“Excuse me?”

His grin reappears although there’s an anxious edge to it. 

“C’mon Y/N, don’t act so surprised. I saw this beautiful boy/girl being abused by this bitch that I’m ‘friends’ with and I go behind her back to train you in the ways of being heartless so that you may conquer your problem. If you haven’t noticed, Slytherins don’t turn on each other unless it’s a damn good reason. You’re a damn good reason.”

You stare at him for a long moment.

“I’m not sure what you want me to say,” you admit.

He laughs and his Adam’s apple bobs nervously as he does so. 

“Well, you have two options. You can reject me or admit that you like me as well.”

A smile creeps onto your face as you lean in slightly and lock eyes with his mercury ones.

“How about this: if I survive this confrontation, I’ll confess my undying love to you. Deal?”

He nods slightly and closes his eyes. You lean in and kiss the tip of his nose. He opens his eyes and smiles.

“Then let’s get this over with, yeah?”

You return the smile and stand up. He stands up as well and follows you into the hallway. As you planned, the corridor is crowded because it is dinner hour. As your heart threatened to pound out of your ribcage, you scan the crowd. Towards the middle, you spot the one you want.

“Yo Parkinson!” you call.

Everyone pauses mid-step and crane their neck to gaze at you. Pansy turns to see who dared yell her name out in such a manner. Her eyes light up and a sinister grin upturn her lips when she spots you. The crowd splits as she stalks towards you.

“L/N, this is a-“

You hold up a hand to interrupt her. Surprisingly, she takes the hint.

“I will keep this message brief because I dislike speaking with you. It feels ridiculous, like conversing with a toad or a common earthworm.” 

She looks at you in disbelief.

“Excuse me? Who do you-“

You hold up your hand again and fix her with a steely glare.

“I would keep quiet if you want to keep your teeth.”

She opens her mouth as if to say something, yet when you raise an eyebrow, it closes. You could hear a quill drop on the floor above because everyone is dead silent to attempt to hear what’s going to be said. You lock eyes with your tormentor for the past several years.

“I want you to listen carefully. Your attitude towards me is unwanted and will no longer be tolerated. That goes for anyone else that you may humiliate because you are under the illusion that you are better than them. Here’s the pin that may pop your ego: you’re not.  Compared to myself and the others, you are a small, insignificant buzzing in our ears. I expect you to stop all your harassment. If I’m not satisfied, I’m going to kick your ass.”

There’s a silence before Pansy breaks it by laughing.

“What, you suddenly grow a backbone and you expect me to bow to your every command?”

You shrug.

“Okay, I tried this the easy way.”

You rear your arm back and punch her square in the face.

“Pansy, there are approximately 1,013,900 words in the English language, yet I could never string any of them together to explain how much I want to hit you in the face with a chair.”

She holds a hand to her nose, pulls it back, and looks at her bloody hand in shock.

“You’re psychotic!”

“No. I’m just done with you toying with me and anyone else. If I catch you being an ass to anyone else, there aren’t enough deities that you can pray to keep yourself safe from me. You understand?”

She nods and begins to shove through the crowd away from you. The witnesses surrounding you begin to clap. You smile at the acknowledgement and do a small bow. You catch Draco’s eye in the crowd to see him grinning and clapping as well. You motion with your head to the library door and he nods in understanding. You push through the people and enter the double doors. Moments later, Draco joins you.

“That was bloody amazing! You did a great job!”

You grin at his praise.

“Thanks, I had a fantastic teacher.”

He smirks.

“Yeah you did.”

You step closer to him.

“And as an amazing teacher, I think you deserve an award.”

He raises an eyebrow.

“And what would that be?”

You eye his plump, pink lips before leaning in and snagging his bottom lip between yours. He gives a small moan as you massage his bottom lip with your tongue. You pull away and lean your forehead against his. 

“Draco, I’d be honored if you became my boyfriend. What do you say?”

He smiles.

“I say hell yes.”

You return the smile before leaning in and connecting your lips once again.


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Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Warnings: mentions of cheating and cursing

Prompt: basically your partner cheated on you and you have to go on as Peggy/Maria and Anthony is there to comfort you.

Word Count: 1,424


When you walked into the Richard Rogers theater, eyes puffy and earbuds plugged in, he knew something was up.

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mundane au | clizzy | after a breakup, clary decides to dye her hair pink and isabelle is her hairdresser

(somewhat inspired by this & anyone who ever made a gifset of clary with pink hair)

“Do you think I’d look good with pink hair?”

Simon looks at Clary, the slight surprise in his eyes fading as his thinking face comes out, like he’s honestly trying to picture it, because Simon is the kind of friend who wouldn’t even question why she’s asking.

“I think you might actually be able to pull that off,” he says after another few moments, a genuine smile on his face. While Clary was only half serious, having Simon think it’s a good idea makes her think she should actually do it.

It’s been a while since she’s done anything purely for herself, a while since she’s wanted to, especially after Adrian and her broke up. Well, if you can call him being an asshole and dumping Clary out of nowhere them breaking up. Simon calls it the best thing to happen since The Force Awakens came out, and Clary is finally at a point where she knows he’s right, Adrian was an ass and she’s better off without him.

And maybe making a visible change in her life might be exactly what she needs to fully put this behind her, to start fresh, as cheesy as that sounds.

She pulls out her phone and calls her hair salon, even more certain of her decision when it turns out someone had just canceled and there was an opening in about an hour, giving her just enough time to get there from the coffee shop she and Simon are at.

“Are you sure it’s okay that I leave?” she asks again as they reach Simon’s subway station.

“Yes, of course, go and do your thing, we see each other every day,” Simon reassures her, giving her a hug and taking another long look at her after he pulls away. “You are gonna look so badass.”

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Peter Parker |Peculiar and beautiful

Count of words: 819

Warnings: well it’s not a warning but plus-size reader… trigger possible, hurtfull comments , swearing(mild, maybe once), fluff

A/N: So had this idea cause Loic Nottet is perfect and he inspired me so here…. Inspire by Peculiar and Beautiful by Loic Nottet… But like it’s very different from the song.

ps couldn’t give you a link to the song cause it’s not on youtube…




She had just returned home from party, once again all those skinny girls showing of their perfect bodies, while she kept hidding her beautiful and natural curves, with the belief that they made her ‘ugly’ and ‘annatractive’. But, as much as she was trying to shield herself with those loose clothes, there was someone that just wanted to embraced those, he wanted to help her.

So here she was again, in front of the full size mirror in her bedroom. She was only in her underware, so that all her flaws were visible. Really, she was just trapped into the mirror’s game. It’s a vicious thing, the mirror. It knew just how to play tricks with your mind, making you wonder is what I’m seeing true or is it a lie? The answer is mostly a lie. Cause what you see in the mirror, is not always what other people see in you. It doesn’t reflect who you are, but rather your flaws, and you into that game, just lie she did; just like we all do. Right now, she was looking at her flawed body up and down, naming everything wrong. “My fat legs… big stomach… love handles/ muffin topping… stetch marks… thunder thighs… under arm fat… chubby cheeks…” And the list goes on, a tear falling for every insecurity. She hated who she was, but she didn’t acknoledge that the body hidding in the shadows loved it all.

He loved her beautiful, godess-like legs, he loved her comfortable stomach, her love handles, her beautiful battle scars, her big thighs; that was actually turning him on a bit, but he couldn’t admit it, he loved her arms and her cute cheeks, that he could pinch and squeez and smile at forever. But, he didn’t have enough courage to tell her this himself, in fear of redjection. I mean, who would like the nerd of the school, especially when they don’t know that underneath all that ‘nerdiness’ hides a superhero.

He’d be keeping an eye on her for a while now, so it didn’t come as a surprise that he knew where she was that night. She was sitting on her fire escape, crying over God knows what. Peter, or well, spiderman, would go on patrol and when he was at it he would check to see if she was alright. Usually, he wouldn’t stop but this time his heart broke at the image of the girl. She really did have him wrapped around her finger, but she didn’t know.

As mentioned, the girl, was sitting on her fire escape, legs hunging off the edge, as she cried over some hurtful comments from those, so called,  'perfect’ girls in her school. Spiderman, of course wasn’t aware of the reason, but he wanted to help. Swiftly, he flew to the girl, sitting beside her without scaring her. There was a comfortable silence, until she decided to break it. “So, what is the Spiderman doing on my fire escape on this fine night?” She questioned, a slight playfull tone evident, almost overshadowing the crack in it. “Well, he was on patrol and saw you cry. So, he wants to help. What is bothering you, darling?” He responded, a sudden confidence obvious in his voice, but the girl was rather oblivious. “Nice story, spiderling , but you don’t even know me. Why would you care?” “Well, first, don’t call me that. Second, I do know you and I do care, so please let me help,” he requested, his voice soft, as if pleading the girl to let him help her. “Well, here goes nothing,” she mumbled. “It’s just my insecurities, really. It’s stupid, but these girls said some things about me today. I mean, they were right. I’m fat. I could use lo-” “No,” he said aggravated that those girls made even conside that they are right. “You don’t have to lose weight, you don’t need to, unless it affects your health. In your case it doesn’t so stop. You are breathtaking, beautiful. It’s the mere fact of being you that makes you peculiar and beautiful. And, it’s the mere fact of being you that makes me fall for you more everyday,” he informed, a rush of adrenaline pumping through his veins. And then the unexpected. He removed his mask and kissed the girl softly, but with so much love and passion involved. “You are perfect just the way you are. Just be you, simply you. It’s enough.” He said after he pulled away. The girl was shocked that her all-time crush had just kissed her, but also about the fact that he was here favorite superhero. Peter searched her eyes for any reaction and he was relieved to see her smile and nod. “Now, two things. First, would you like to be my girlfriend? And two, how about we cuddle and eat pizza?” He offered and the girl chuckled, pulling him inside her appartment.


Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s Note: Part four for you guys, and, as usual, it’s huge! I have some good and bad news for you. The good one is that I’ll make a part 5! Hahahah and the bad one is I have absolutely no fucking idea how to end this, so I literally don’t know how many parts it’ll have, I’m so so so so so sorry about it. Also, this part right here, there’s *insert Chris voice* DRAAAAMA! Hahahah enjoy sweet angels!

Update: The beautiful Alyssa rewrote this chapter so it’d look good! Go check her amazing fics on @imyourliquor-youremypoison ;)

Part 1.

Part 3.

Part 5.

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Oh my gosh, you guys. I am having a great time at this new job. One aspect is in my second week, my boss (nice guy in his early 40’s) and I had a conversation about games we enjoy, and he was completely interested in the Nancy Drew games I recommended. He started on Shadow at the Water’s Edge last week and my day is just made better whenever he stops by my desk to update me on his progress.

  • “Your game scared the crap out of me! I’m in the sauna, going through people’s baskets, and then there’s this freaky girl in the mirror!”
  • “Well I haven’t died yet, but I did get kicked out because I asked the wrong person to translate the article for me. So now I’m saving my game before asking each person.”
  • “That robot cat and I are going to have words!”
  • “I feel kinda bad going through all of this girl’s stuff, but who gives their key to someone they just met?”

He’s currently suffering through the Bento boxes. :D

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Dear mom and dad,

Dear mum, let me thank you first for raising me right. You’re my hero i look up to you and everything you are. You’re the strongest person, i know sometimes you might think that you’re a failure but you are far from it. You raised me and my brother all on your own. raising two kids is hard enough but you raised my disabled brother and never gave up i know things were hard i know he was never out the hospital and you practically lived there things were tough you were a young mum with a son who needed your full attention 24/7 i know your trust was broken from the man that took your virginity because he was too much of a dick for not taking no for an answer. You worked your ass off day and night to provide for us. I know you hate me for saying this but i do wish you never met my dad because i know you would have been happier without him in your life you wouldn’t have got hurt the way he hurt you. this is the hardest thing i’m going to write but i thank you for not giving up on me when i didn’t see the point in living anymore i want to thank you for holding me and telling me it was going to be okay and that i was going to make it through this hard time because i was the strongest person you knew, no mum you are because you picked me up when i was down you cleaned my cuts when the blood wouldn’t stop and most importantly you never gave up on me and you believed in me when i didn’t believe in myself. I love you. 

Dear dad, i do love you.,, People ask me why i do and i honestly can’t answer that question. Every time i see you i get flashbacks to the things you done. I used to envy my friends because their dads didn’t hurt them their dads didn’t take drugs and their dads didn’t beat on their baby girl’s. You’re the reason i don’t trust you’re the reason i flinch when someone tries to touch me you’re the reason i can’t look at myself in the mirror without hating the girl looking back at me. You’re the reason i had to fake a smile and pretend i wasn’t sore. You’re the reason my hair fell out and you’re the reason i gained weight you’re the reason i hated myself and you’re the reason i tried to kill myself yet i love you and when you end up in the hospital i still take your calls to make sure you’re okay i give you money and i still hope and pray that you’ll change but i know you never will. I want to thank you though because what you done made me into the strong ass beautiful girl i am and you’ll never take that away from me i won dad and i’m gonna keep winning. 

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Prompt: Alex's first hickey

It hadn’t dawned on her at the time. Why would it have? A beautiful woman’s lips had been roaming around her body; her mind was understandably elsewhere when it had happened. Yet, when she woke up and looked in the mirror, she saw it, instantly.

A hickey. Her first ever hickey.

Well, maybe not. There was also a similar mark on the inside of her right thigh and she wasn’t sure which one occurred first.

‘Wear it with pride, Danvers.’

Alex ran fingers over the mark and sighed. ‘It’s noticeable, isn’t it?

Maggie stepped forward and wrapped strong arms around Alex’s waist. ‘C’mon, you really think that someone would dare give Alex Danvers a hard time over a hickey?’

‘It’s not that, it’s…’

Maggie filled in the blanks as she remembered the girl she had just started dating had one foot still firmly in the closet. ‘Oh.’

‘And I’d have to make up some imaginary guy and that wouldn’t feel right. I don’t want to lie, not about you. What sort of girlfriend would that make me?’

‘One that isn’t fully out yet and that’s okay.’ Her hold on Alex tightened. ‘Lying about me won’t hurt my feelings. I understand, Alex and I don’t want you to have to come out any earlier than you have to.’


‘Yeah,’ Maggie smiled. ‘But, c’mon Alex. So what if anyone says anything about a little bruise? You’ve got an amazing sex life.’

‘I do…how times change, right?’

‘Right.’ Maggie’s smiled developed into something a little less innocent and a little more teasing and her lips started to wander, again.

‘Don’t you dare. I can deal with one visible hickey, that’s all, okay?’

Maggie sighed. ‘Fine.’

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Ready or not|free choice|rucas week


It all happened so suddenly. One minute Riley was calm with her boyfriend and hers relationship, the next she felt like there was an enormous amount of pressure on her shoulders.

It all started on a Thursday night when Maya tumbled into her room and confessed to her that not twenty minutes before she had lost her virginity. Once Riley had checked that she was under no influence, she wanted to and that she was safe she was happy for her friend.

But after Maya’s confession Riley got to thinking about how many other 16 year olds have had sex. She didn’t sleep well that night thinking about the fact that Lucas was one year older. She couldn’t stop thinking about how maybe she was holding him back from something.

The next day Riley got to school incredibly exhausted. She slumped over to locker to get her books and couldn’t help but hear a group of girls conversation from behind her. They were all talking about who they had ‘gotten’ with the night before or the weekend before. From her tired state Riley took a long time to realise what 'gotten’ with had meant.

She quickly grabbed her books and ran the bathroom to think about things. While she was running she felt someone hit her shoulder and she fell back slightly. She looked up to the perpetrator and saw none other than her boyfriend.

He looked down her with slight amusement and laughed before holding her steady.

'Hey where you off to.’ He asked looking down at his girlfriend who was fretting to escape from her grasp.

'Uhh period toilet that kinda thing.’ She mumbled and Lucas let go not wanting her to be uncomfortable. She ran off to the toilet and quickly locked herself off in a stall.

As she was thinking she heard the clattering of heels and the smell of perfume. She could see their heels stop in front of the mirror and she prepped herself for their conversation.

'6 guys this week Charli. I’m very proud.’ She heard a girl yell and Riley’s stomach clenched, she couldn’t even prep herself to get with one guy.

'Yeah but there’s one guy that I still really want Liv.’ Riley assumed this Charli girl said.

'Oh shut up about Lucas friar he loves Riley.’ She sassed and Riley’s heart clenched she needed to do something. She stood up and opened the store toilet and rushed out of the bathroom leaving the two girls shocked.

She rushed past her dads classroom and saw the shocked faces as Riley was ditching a class, her fathers class. She could hear slight yelling but she keep walking until she reached where she wanted to go.

Riley climbed her fire escape a massive Victoria secret bag in hand. She quickly clambered into her closets And changed before walking out and sitting on her bed waiting. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw all the incredibly revealing lingerie. Through the clothes she saw an innocent young girl who wasn’t ready, but she would make herself ready. She didn’t want to give Lucas up so he could have sex with someone else. She was going to make her self ready for him.

Right on que she heard a knock on her window. She peeked her head out through the curtains and saw Lucas head there. Trying to be as sexual as possible she moved the curtains out of the way and moved back to her spot on the bed. Lucas stammered in and fell back abruptly when he saw Riley like that on the bed. His Riley, as lying there practically naked on her bed.

He couldn’t say he didn’t love it because he did but something clicked in his head. This wasn’t his Riley, this was a young girl pressured by social standards. Riley was being manipulated to believe that her body was an object and that if a boy was ready, then she had to be ready to. If Lucas was being honest he didn’t really think he was ready either.

He sighed as he wiped his forehead and moved slowly over towards the bed. On the way he grabbed her robe and covered all her skin, she didn’t want to be so exposed.

'Riley.’ He sighed and Riley’s eyebrows knitted together in confusion, did he not want her.

'Why don’t you want me.’ She whimpered moving away from him. His heart clenched at her tone and he moved to follow her towards the other side of the bed.

'Of course I want you. I want you in every way Riley, but not now, not like this. I know this about Maya and probably plenty of other girls. But Riley this is your body. It isn’t mine, it isn’t the medias or the worlds idea of what you should do with it. It’s yours and yours only. You don’t have to have sex with me just because you think you should. God forbid we break up you never have sex with a guy who tries to persuade you into having sex because we should. Riley I respect you and your body and I respect that you aren’t ready. If I’m honest I’m not really ready. When we have sex we will have talked about it and we will know that it will be amazing, it will be special and safe and secure and it will be when you’re ready and I’m ready. Not when one of us is.’ He finished his rant by kissing her dainty hand. Riley instantly turned around and hugged him.

'Thankyou for that. I needed it, I’m not ready and I don’t know when I will be. I’m not even on birth control for God sakes. I’m sorry for leaving and scaring you and everything.’ She uttered her head hung low.

'Hey you never apologise for everything. I just wished we could have talked about it before you went out and bought lingerie.’ He joked and Riley hit his arm jokingly.

'For the future, mr feminist.’

'For the future Mrs friar.’

demi & selena {dirty imagine}

“do you even know how fucking sexy you are?” ms. lovato mutters in my ear as she bends me over her desk. i moan feeling her fingers, slide up my ass slapping it nice and hard. “ughhh fuck ms. lovato!” i whimper. “you like that you nasty whore?” she whispers in my ear, biting down on my earlobe. her hands slide my undies aside, ramming two fingers inside me. “oh fuck yes!!” i moan gripping the sides of the desk. “such a dirty slut selena.” she smiles against my skin. her lips kiss down my neck. “do you want to cum baby girl?” she asks, swirling her fingers inside me. my eyes close shut, as her other hand reaches for my clit. “ohh you love that dont you?!” ms. lovato giggles rubbing harder on my swollen bud. “yes yes please make me cum!!” i shout rocking my hips. “thats it selena, cum for my baby, cum i want to taste all your sweet juices.” she whispers filling my hole with her three fingers. i grab onto the desk even more as my legs start shaking, and the knot in the pit of my stomach starts to rise. “ selena, selena….”

“selena!!!” my teachers voice, drags me back to the plain classroom. “huh? what!” i nearly shout looking around the class. everyones eyes are on me. “pay attention! we have a finals next week and your not going to pass sleeping through the review!” ms.lovato says smacking her ruler on the board. i try to contain a moan as i imagine her smacking my ass with it, bending me over her desk and letting the ruler connect with my ass cheeks. i can feel the slippery feeling in between my legs. i bite my lip watching as ms.lovato scribbles things on the board. i watch as her ass moves from side to side in her tight pencil skirt. i imagine having my tongue inside her making her yell out my name, having her hands tangled in my hair pushing me further and further into her sweet pussy. i shift in my chair, rubbing my legs together. her white almost see through blouse is a perfect fit, you can see the shape of her breasts, round and big. oh how i want them in my mouth. “selena.” ms.lovato says. “yes.” i say looking at my sexy teacher. “what is the answer to this.” she says, pointing to a simple problem written in purple marker on the board.

 my eyes dont want to focus on anything else but her. “the answer.” she says, looking down to my legs as i keep rubbing them together. “i dont know.” i finally say, not letting my eyes fall from hers. “i know ms.lovato!” the girl in front shouts rising her hand high. “whats the answer emily.” ms.lovato says keeping her eyes locked on mine. emily shouts the answer proudly. “very good.” ms. lovato smiles finally letting our gaze drop. 

about a hour later the bell rings for lunch and we all dismiss without a word from ms.lovato. iam the last one to leave the room, when i look back at her she is bending down picking up a paper she dropped. i get a peek at her bright pink undies. i bite my lip rushing into the bathroom, looking down at my soaked undies once i reach the inside of the stall. i dont want to do this in school, but ms. lovato looked so fucking good today, how can i not!!. i slide my hand down my body, going under my skirt rubbing my clit slowly. i lean against the door trying to be quiet. i push two fingers inside me pumping ever so lightly. “ohh.” i whisper covering my mouth as my fingers slide in knuckles deep. i pump faster, listening to my wetness as it makes splotching noises. 

the restroom door opens and i freeze. heels walk by my stall door, i look through the crack of the door to see who just walked in but i see no one. the heels walk by once more and the door opens and shuts. i take a breath, relieved that i didnt get caught. i unlock and walk through my stall door. ms.lovato is standing right in front of the restroom door with her arms crossed in front of her chest. “so what were you doing in there selena?” she smiles. “what do you mean?” i say not looking her in the eye. “oh i think you know what i mean.” she whispers locking the restroom door. can this be really happening?! i must have fallen asleep again. “how long have you been looking at me the way you do?” she smiles walking closer to me.

 i open my mouth to talk but nothing air comes out. she presses her body behind me, grabbing my hips. i watch her in the mirror, as she leans her head down to my ear, biting my earlobe ever so lightly. i gasp, feeling her warm hands run up my stomach then back down. “i bet you taste wonderfully.” she mutters, kissing just behind my ear. i grab her hand, when she pushes under my bra feeling my breasts. “look at yourself.” she whispers turning me to look at her through the mirror. my shirt is wrinkled with her hand under it lifting it to where i can see my whole stomach. i can see my bra about to slip up releasing my breasts. her other hand is tracing the him of my skirt ready to push down. “i want you to watch as i make you feel good okay?” she whispers, pushing her hand past my skirt and undies. “fuck.” i whimper as she cups my pussy. “ohhh look at you.” she laughs, making eye contact with me through the mirror. my mouth falls open when i feel her playing with my little bub between her fingers. her fingers slip inside me triggering me to fall back against her.

 “soaked through, someone is a dirty girl.” she mumbles kissing down my neck. “are you a dirty girl selena?” she asks sliding another finger into me. i bite down hard on my lower lip, trying my hardest not to scream out. “are you?” she repeats ramming her three fingers inside me. “ahhhh yes fuck ms. lovato ! iam such a fucking dirty girl!!” i nearly scream, she smirks at me. 

a bang at the door scares us both. “whos in there!?” someone yells from outside. “shh.” she whispers walking towards the door. i look towards the mirror again to see my shirt all messed up along with my hair and skirt. we hear footsteps walk away. “now go to my class, while i give the janitor an excuse .” she tells me fixing my shirt, while i flatten down my hair and straighten my skirt. “now dont be late.”she smiles, reaching for my ass grabbing it roughly. i moan in response. “go.” she smiles opening the door. walking down to her class, i cant even think straight. images of us in the mirror flicker through my head. i cant fucking believe it. walking into her class i hop up on the her desk moving her things aside. my legs dangle off the edge as i wait for her. 

the door clicks, ms. lovato walks in. she locks it behind her then makes her way to me. “just how i wanted you.” she smiles standing between my legs. “i want a taste of this pussy.” she whispers pulling her lips to mine. “can i ?” she asks as if i was going to deny her. “please.” i whimper, laying back on her desk. her kneels down lifting my skirt up, her fingers trace my inner thighs. rushes of excitement run through my body, waiting for the moment i wanted since i was assigned to this class. she rubs both her hands at each side of my covered pussy. “please.” i beg reaching down to her hands. she laughs, leaning her head forward nipping at my pussy through the fabric. “ohhhhh.” i moan deeply arching my back against the cold wooden desk. “more.” i breath out grabbing her hair in between my fingers. she shakes her head violently between my legs, causing a high pitch moan to leave my lips. she pulls off my undies tossing them aside then pressing her tongue against my pussy lips. “you are really killing me” i smile looking down to her. she smiles sticking her tongue inside me. i feel her warm tongue, slip inside running over my clit, my body reacts almost instantly. “shit yes ms. lovato like that.” i moan pushing her face into me more. “moan my fucking name.” she snaps spitting on my open pussy. “fuck yes !! ms.lovato!! tongue fuck me just like that ms. lovato please dont stop!!” i shout, she hums into me. the sensation nearly throws me over the edge. i whimper wrapping my legs around her neck, “shit shit shit.” i whisper as her tongue swirls around inside me. she smacks my ass, gripping it. “ughh yess.” i grunt grinding my pussy on her face. “uh huh you like that?!” she mutters sticking out her tongue so i can grind down on her. i nod, grabbing my breasts. she pulls away standing up. another whimper leaves my lips, from the lost of her touch. “now stand up you dirty little girl.” she demands walking over to her white board. i do as told and stand letting my skirt fall back down covering myself. “now how bad of a girl have you been?” she asks lifting the ruler from earlier. a small gasp leaves me, thinking back to class when i imagined her doing dirty things with that damn ruler and now its happening. “how bad?!” she snaps, slapping the ruler down onto the desk. “very bad.” i reply, just wanting her tongue back inside me. “really?” she smiles walking over to me. she stands behind me once more. “what were you doing in the stall?” she whispers gliding the ruler up my legs. “i-i was umm…” i start but soon get lost in my thoughts to finish. the ruler traces the sides of my legs then under my skirt touching my ass. then sliding down in between my legs, laying flat on my pussy. “what were you doing?” she hisses slapping it against my pussy. “ugh.” i moan leaning over the desk. “i was touching myself.” i breath out, feeling the sting between my legs.

 she leans against my back, running her hands up my body. “show me.” she whispers in my ear. i turn towards her, sitting down on her desk. she smiles watching my hands as they slip under my skirt. i suck in a breath as my fingertips trace over my clit. i play with my little bud, rubbing down faster and harder with my index and middle finger. i moan, bucking my hips. ms. lovato smiles placing both hands on my knees spreading them wide. my fingers slip inside me, triggering me to moan out. she pulls me forward against her removing my fingers. “i want to do that.” she smiles pressing her lips to mine. the taste of sweet strawberry enters my mouth as her tongue fights mine. she wins in the end, but i dont mind one bit. her hand travels down to my core rubbing me gently then pushing two fingers into me. “please make me cum.” i moan rocking my hips down on her hands. “its so sexy how fucking wet you are.” she smiles pumping her fingers faster. “lay back.” she says pulling down my skirt, and practically ripping off my shirt. “now try not to moan to loud baby.” she laughs, snaking her arms around my thighs, pulling my pussy onto her mouth. i whimper grabbing a handful of her hair, pushing her tongue deep inside me. her lips wrap around my clit, my body reacts all on its own shivering and jerking forward. her two thin fingers, slide easily into me causing a loud whimper and moan to echo through me.  “yes yes ms.lovato !! fuck just like that dont you fucking stop!!” i shout as her tongue circles my clit. “cum i want to suck you dry baby girl cum all over me cum for me.” she mutters against my core. my legs begin shaking, my heart races more than before, and my knot is my stomach feels like it is going to erupt. thousands of dirty words tumble from my lips, as i rush through my high.

 ms. lovato continues licking and nipping on my pussy until there is no more cum leaking out. she rises and sits in her chair with the biggest smile on her face as she watches me lay breathless on her desk. “that was so fucking amazing.” i gasp looking at her. “well iam glad you enjoyed it.” she laughs crossing her arms in front of her chest. “now its time to make you feel good.” i smile standing up, kneeling down in front of her. she smiles slightly, as her eyes follow me. i push her pencil skirt up her thighs, and get a look at her undies that i saw from earlier that day. “god the things i would do to you.” i mumble spreading her legs in front of me. 

“like what?” she asks in a soft tone. my fingers trace the curves of her thighs, soaking every little detail of her skin. “like kiss every single inch of your beautiful body.” i whisper kissing her inner thighs. she whimpers, “i would lick this pussy every single night.” i mumble placing my head between her legs, and nibbling at her covered pussy. she moans, rocking against my mouth. a small wet spot appears right in front of my mouth, as my lips kiss her core. “fuck selena.” she moans grabbing her breasts in both hands squeezing them. “i would want to her you moan my name all nigh long.” i say gripping both sides of her undies, dragging them down her legs. “now i want you to moan my fucking name while i eat this delicious pussy.” i purr sticking my tongue inside her. she moans out grabbing each arm rest of the chair. “shit !” she moans. “moan my fucking name!” i demand slapping her open pussy. “oh shit selena!!” she shouts. “thats it baby let everyone know who the fuck is making you feel this fucking good.” i smirk grabbing her thighs pulling them apart. “no no ughhhhh so deep!” she whimpers in a high pitch voice that ive never heard before. she mutter dirty things under her breath, as i tongue fuck her. “yes selena, please more.” she pants, wanting more. i shove my three fingers inside her. she screams out my name, guiding me to where her favorite spot is. once i find it i attack it. curling my fingers inside her soaked pussy, hitting her g-spot in a fast and hard pace. “holy shit! selena yes baby your making me so fucking wet, this is your pussy. make me cum i want to cum all over you!!!” she moans letting her head fall back against the chair, sinking down. “yes !! iam cumming ! keep fucking my pussy!! ohhh shit selenaaa!” she shouts clenching around my fingers, cumming all over me. i connect my mouth to her pussy, licking her walls clean. “your so sweet.” i smile looking up to her, giving her sensitive clit a long lick. “mmmm” she hums straightening back in her chair. “well that was a fun lunch.” she smiles reaching for her undies, and dropping them in the drawer of her desk. “what a bad girl.” i smile, fixing my skirt for the thousand time in less than  hour. “maybe you can do something about that later tonight.” she winks as the bell echos the halls. “maybe i will, i do need more help to bring my grade up in this class.” i smile. 

hope you enjoyed it ! sorry for the crappy ending…. let me know what you think! thanks for reading! xx 

anonymous asked:

So im a cis guy, but honestly like i like women a lot, i think they're beautiful. I wish I could be beautiful like that. I'd like to try in general a more feminine appearance. I'd like to have some level of androgyny or fluidity. I look in the mirror, and want to see someone prettier. Not give up being a guy, but be able to be a girl if I felt like. Does that make since? Or is this an example of a cis guy trying to be a part of LGBT when he's not?

Well, I’ll say this. An interest in fashion and looking good is not directly correlated with being queer, my friend. The two subjects tend to go well together, and more often than not, it’s the queers of the world that spearhead the fashion industry as a whole, but being fashionable and being queer are not mutually exclusive. 

If you want to dress femininely and you are a cis man, I think that is exactly what it is; a choice in fashion. I don’t mean to downplay your question, because I believe it was asked from a genuinely innocent and curious standpoint, so know that what I say is not meant to be chiding, simply observant. Equating your desire to be more feminine with being transgender or non-binary/androgynous is not wrong, nor is it right. Simply misplaced. Your gender never dictates what you must wear or how you must behave. Your gender is simply another part of your identity, like your sexuality or your favorite kind of food; it’s your perception. 

You were not wrong to wonder if it had something to do with a change in perspective, and therefore, a sprout of change in the realm of your gender identity. From what you’ve told me, I simply believe that this is more so a choice in presentation, and that’s a good thing to discover, too. Keep exploring, of course! There’s always more to know, especially about yourself. And hey, if you ever change your mind and feel that androgyny as a gender is something you’d like to explore, I’m always open to talk! Equally so if you end up deciding that you’re not queer at all. I simply hope that you do well and find what you’re looking for. 



Also, if you do so believe that you are experiencing some kind of curiosity or desire to explore further into the realm of gender fluidity or androgyne, you are more than welcome to be this way. If you are secure in your identity as a cis man, then my previous statement stands. But if you are questioning and believe that this might be the spark of a new discovery, then by all means, please explore it and try to understand it. I did not mean to sound as if I was dismissing your curiosity, I simply wanted to cover the possibility of being confused about feelings if you were secure in your identity as a cis man. 

By all means, again, if you feel you are queer or non-binary in any way, you are more than welcome to the community and our support in exploring this part of yourself. Even if it comes to be that it was not the case, it will have still been a worth-while venture to know for sure. If you are experiencing dysphoria, then we should talk about that. I would like to know more if you were willing to speak with me, but with what I have now, this is the assessment I have made. Hopefully it helps.

Bookstore Mayhem

I asked for your help getting a book off the top shelf and and you laughed at my taste and called me a nerd so I shoved you into a table of nonfiction best-sellers and that’s how we both got banned from the quirky community bookstore AU 

[not my gif. Prompt via @dailyau & @lizdexia

Tony Stark x Reader

“I still don’t know how you convinced me to come in here.” Tony Stark complained. You had done your best to ignore him up until this point. He might be your best friend, but good god could he be a real pain in the ass without meaning it. You turn you head away from the shelves you’d been perusing just in time to see him wink at a passing store clerk. 

“Oh don’t give me that look!” He smirked at you. “You know you’re my number one girl.” You cross your arms and mirror his smirk. Of course you were his number one girl. The pair of you had known each other since…well you couldn’t really remember how long, which was probably due to the countless number of birthday tequila shots he’d encouraged you to down the night before. 

“I’m just impressed you found someone in the this city you haven’t already slept with is all.” You laugh, turning your attention back to the bookcase beside you. 

“Something like 8 million people live in this city. So there are pretty good odds against me having slept with that particular shop girl.” He pointed at the woman in question. She was now leaning against the counter whispering to another one of the bookstore’s employees. You rolled your eyes. Another clueless girl completely smitten with the man, the myth, the legend that was Tony Stark. 

“What is the population of Manhattan alone, like a million?” You try to change the subject since the two bookshop clerks had taken to throwing some serious hateraid your way. 

“Its actually one million, six hundred thirty six thousand, two hundred and sixty eight, but you know, who’s counting?” You could see him shrugged in your peripheral vision. 

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Trick or Treat - Dylan O’Brien *SMUT*

Author: stephobrien25

Pairing: Dylan X Reader

Warning: SMUT, it’s pretty long 

A/N: So, this is my first smut that I am posting. I’ve had it hidden for a long time and I’ve only shared it with some friends on Twitter who encouraged me to post it on here. There’s a couple other smuts that I’ve written, which if everything goes well with this one, I’ll continue posting more. Since it’s October I found it fitting to post this one first. I hope you guys enjoy it and happy reading ;)


“Get out already!” My best friend shouted from the other side of the dressing room.

“No. I look slutty.” I heard her sigh and could practically see her rolling her eyes.

“Isn’t that the point? Come on let me see!”

I looked at myself one more time in the mirror. My costume was supposed to be like one of the costumes Christina Aguilera wore in Burlesque. The corset is blood red color with black lace creating different patterns. My boobs were practically spilling out of their confines. The lower back of the corset flared out a bit and covered most of my ass. My lower regions was covered by some sexy laced, black hipster panties. On my legs I had on some sexy red fishnet stockings that are connected by the red strings of the garter belt. And to finish up, some black ‘fuck-me’ pumps.

Slowly I opened the door.

“Oh my god! You look HOT! Dylan won’t be able to keep his hands to himself!”

“You don’t think it’s too slutty?”

“Trust me when I say there will be other costumes that will make you look like Mother Teresa.”

I laughed, “I do look hot, don’t I?” I posed sexily and she wolf whistled. “I’m taking it! Now all I need is a wig, contacts and a mask.”

“Why do you - wait. You were serious about your plan?”

I rolled my eyes, “Yes. Do you really think Dylan would make a move on me knowing it’s me?”


“Don’t,” I interrupted. “You and I both know he only sees me as his best friend and nothing more.”

“But, this is your V-card we’re talking about.”

“I know, but what better way to lose it than with someone I love?”

“And him not recognizing you?”

“You see? Now you’re getting it! Can you help me untie this corset?”


I looked at myself once more before leaving my room. I didn’t look like myself at all. Perfect! The woman before me had luscious black locks, green eyes were barely seen behind the mysterious mask, her plump blood red lips giving the mirror a sexy smirk.

“Ready to go?!”

“Hell yeah!”


Once at the party I realized my best friend was right; the girls here looked like they walked off a porno shoot. Shaking my head I looked at her, “I’m going to try and find Dylan. Wish me luck!” I shouted above the music.

She looked like she wanted to argue, but I walked away before she could say anything. I didn’t need cold feet when I was this close.

Dylan told me he was dressing up as Spider-Man this year - unfortunately, so did other guys. Making my way to the kitchen, I heard a laugh I would recognize anywhere, turning around I saw him. There he was with his mask off, all his muscles showing in that latex suit and drinking from a red cup.

God, did he look hot. His body in that tight suit was doing things to me. The image of him kissing me upside down, flashed in my mind and I couldn’t help the giggle that escaped me.

I don’t know how - I guess I laughed pretty loudly - but somehow above the loud crowd and music, Dylan must’ve heard me because his head cocked to the side and his eyes locked on me. A small smirk played across his lips and he made his way towards me.

‘Oh God,’ I thought. ‘Here we go.’

“Hey, were you able to hear our conversation over there?” For some reason he looked nervous as he tried to look anywhere but me.

“Hmmm. What if I was?” I had practiced talking a bit more deeper that my regular voice, so he wouldn’t recognize me.

His eyes widened, “Well, what you heard - I mean - We were just - “

I couldn’t help but laugh, “Relax, I didn’t hear what you guys were talking about. I was laughing at the fact that a certain Peter Parker, isn’t good at keeping his identity a secret.”

He suddenly looked down at his costume and laughed, “I guess not,” he held out his hand to me. “I’m - “

I quickly put a finger to his lips, “Let’s keep up with the Halloween spirit, yeah?”

Dylan looked at me strangely , but smiled. “Wanna dance?”

Twenty minutes later we were both still on the dance floor, sweaty and having a great time. At one point Dylan gripped my hips and pulled me even closer to him, nuzzling my neck in the process. I could feel his hard bulge pressing up against my stomach. Smiling to myself I abruptly turned around pressing my barely covered ass into his groin and smirked when I heard him groan. Dylan lowered his head and began kissing my neck making me shiver, his grip on my waist tightened as he kept pushing his hardness into me. I couldn’t suppress the moan when he lightly bit my neck and licked the slight pain away.

Upon hearing me moan, he swiftly turned me to face him, and I nearly melted at the look he was giving me. His whiskey colored eyes were dark with lust and he was looking at me like he wanted to devour me. His eyes landed on my lips and I couldn’t help but lightly bite my lower lip. DYlan’s eyes got even darker if that’s possible, “Fuck it.” He said before lunging for my lips.

Kissing Dylan was indescribable, his lips tasted like alcohol and sin and I couldn’t get enough. His rough hands gripped my ass and a moan escaped my lips granting his tongue access to mine. My arms went around his neck, softly tugging at his hair making him groan into my mouth.

I felt his hands make way to the ties of my mask and I quickly broke away. “Wanna head upstairs?” I whispered into his ear. Instead of answering he grabbed my hand and practically dragged me up the stairs. Thankfully, I knew the people who were throwing the party, so I already knew which room we could use for the night.

Once inside the room, I had barely closed the door when Dylan turns me around and presses his lips back to mine. My hands went up to his hair and I started to softly tug. The soft moans he was making was driving me insane. His hands went up to my breasts and he started to roughly grope them, making me break the kiss and gasp into his neck. Again he turned me around and I felt him push the bulge of his dick against my ass, “I can’t wait to see you out of this costume.”

I slightly turned my head to look at him and smirked,” What are you waiting for then?”

He growled low in his throat and began to untie the corset. MInutes later I was just left in my underwear, stockings and heels. I didn’t dare turn around, but I could feel his eyes practically burning into my skin.

“Turn around,” he said huskily. Shivering at the sound of his voice, I slowly turned around. I was nervous, but at the look on his face my nervousness vanished. The way he was looking at me was the way I’ve always dreamt of. “God, you’re a walking wet dream.” At his words a surge of confidence went through me and I slowly walked towards him.

Without taking my eyes off his I slowly kissed my way up his neck to his ear, “This is better than a wet dream baby,” I bit lightly on his earlobe. “Touch me,” I whispered. Dylan didn’t need to be told twice and his lips were back on mine, while his fingers started to pinch my nipples. When his wonderful mouth latched onto my left breast, my knees almost gave out on me. He chuckled deeply and looked at me, I saw his hand lift up to untie my mask again. Quickly I reached down and gropped his hard dick through his costume. “Unzip your suit and sit down on the bed.”

I saw his adam’s apple bob, as he nodded and started to unzip his suit. Once his spidey suit was off he was completely bare and my mouth watered at the sight of him. As he sat down, I made my way towards him and slowly trailed my fingers down his chest loving the way he trembled under my touch. Kneeling in front of him, I reached for his hard cock and licked my lips and how delicious it looked right in front of me. My pussy was practically throbbing from how turned on I was.

In an agonizingly slow pace, I began to move my hand up and down, rubbing the tip with my thumb. Dylan’s loud groan brought me out my trance, looking at his face a wicked thought came to mind and I smirked up at him. Keeping my eyes on him, I licked from the base all the way to the tip and lightly sucked. When I felt his hands on my wig, I stopped and ‘tsked’, “Nuh uh. Keep your hands by your side. If you so much as move your hands I’ll stop what I’m doing. Got it?” Dylan could only nod. I brought my lips back to the tip and began to softly suck. His taste was addicting and I moaned around his cock.

Right after I moaned, I saw his hands move and I stopped, “What’d I say Spidey?”

“Fuck! I know, I know, but your mouth feels so fucking good wrapped around me.”

“Mmm,” I licked the tip. “Be a good boy and stay still alright? Next time I’ll stop.” Without waiting for an answer, I took his balls into my mouth and sucked. Dylan’s arms tensed and his eyes were screwed shut. Knowing that I’m making him feel this way was enough for me to feel like I could combust in any moment. Taking him back into my mouth, I began to suck and suck hard wanting to taste his cum.

“Fuck! Oh God, I’m gonna cum,” he groaned.

That was all the encouragement I needed and I tried something I’ve never done before. I deep throated him and he all but screamed, as his cum hit the back of my throat. Once I swallowed everything I kissed my way up to his chest and straddled him before bringing my lips to his in a fierce kiss.

Suddenly I was underneath him and I could feel his dick getting hard for me again, “I’ve never cummed so much before. Where have you been all my life?” I could see the softness in his eyes as he looked at me in awe.

‘I’ve always been here,’ I wanted to say. But instead of saying anything I brought his head back down and kissed him with as much passion as I could. I felt him try to take my mask off again and I backed away, “Please,” he begged. “Let me see you.”

“I promise tomorrow you’ll get to see the real me,” I lied for I’ll be gone by the before morning. “But for now let’s keep the magic going,” I rubbed my leg on his already hard member.

Sighing he kissed my neck, “Promise,” he whispered.

My heart tugged, “Promise.”

Dylan began kissing my neck, leaving marks in his wake all the way to my breasts and he slightly sucked making me arch my back. He bit onto the nipple making me gasp aloud and writhe underneath him. His treacherous tongue made his way over to my other breast giving it the same attention. After a while I felt his tongue leave a trail of saliva all the way to my soaked through panties. Looking down at him, I saw him grab the hem of my underwear with his teeth and oh so very slowly pull them down to my feet. I felt his fingers unbuckle my heels and he slowly massaged the soles of my feet making me hum in pleasure. His lips was suddenly on my legs kissing his way up to my thighs. Dylan softly bit on the insides of my thighs and blow on my already sensitive core, turning me into a writhing mess. A mess completely at his mercy and touch.

Looking at me he lowered his head and licked from the bottom all the way to my clit. The most loudest and vulgar noise left my mouth and I didn’t want him to stop. “You like that baby? You tasted ravenous,” he growled into my pussy. It was a feeling I would never forget, he would go so slow, I’d think I was going to go out of my mind; then he would pick up the pace as if he couldn’t get enough. I lost it when he stuck two fingers inside my pussy and sucked on my clit at the same time. “That’s right, cum for me baby.”

I couldn’t stand it anymore, I needed him inside me. “I need you,” I whimpered. About a year ago, I had broken my hymen, so when I did have my first time, it wouldn’t hurt as much. I was ready.

“What’s that? You need what baby girl?”

I grabbed onto his head and kissed him, “I need you to fuck me. Right now.” I said against his lips. Dylan just groaned and kissed me so hard our teeths crashed together. I felt the tip of his dick rubbing against my wet folds making me squirm, reaching down I guided his dick into my pussy. Without any warning, Dylan plunged inside and I cried out in pain and pleasure. I was so wet and turned on I could barely feel any pain and immediately began to rock my hips against his.

“Fuck, you’re so tight.”

“Keep going. Oh, please don’t stop.”

He scoffed above me, “Yeah right.”  

I was about to laugh when he rolled his hips in a deliciously way and hit a sensitive spot, making me groan aloud. My hands went to his back and I scratched as his hips slammed harder into me. My thighs wrapped around his waist as I kissed his neck, “Oh god, oh god. Shit so good. Mmm I’m gonna - oh fuck.”

“That’s right baby cum for me. Cum.” His words became my undoing and I saw stars. “Oh my god, Dylan!”

I felt him grunt and pull out before spilling his seed onto my stomach. Last thing I remember was snuggling into his chest, smiling and drifting off into a blissful sleep.


When I woke up the next morning, I felt deliciously sore in all the right places, but I felt somethings were wrong. One, I forgot to take my contacts off so my eyes were burning. Two, I was not in my room. Three, I felt a hot rigid body next to me. Turning around I saw a sleeping Dylan and I froze. Shit! I forgot to leave unnoticed. I quickly tried to think on what to do when I felt Dylan stirring awake.

Once his opened and he saw me, he smiled softly. But then, his smile faded away and a look of confusion came across his face. Apparently while we were sleeping my wig and mask came off, and by the look on Dylan’s face he recognized me immediately.

“What the fuck?!” He yelled as he got off the bed.

“Ummm….trick or treat?” I smiled.

“What the hell is going on? Did we - of course we did. Fuck I should’ve known. I can’t believe I was so stupid.”

At this point I was beyond upset and embarrassed. “Stupid?! You’re calling yourself stupid?! We have an amazing night and all you can think about saying is that you’re stupid?!” I was trying not to cry.

He looked at me and saw my eyes wet with unshed tears “Oh baby, - “

“NO! Don’t ‘baby’ me! You see this is exactly why I planned it out like this. You weren’t supposed to know! I just wanted my first - “ I stopped and looked away from his stunned face.

“Your first time?! I was your first? But why? This doesn’t make any sense.”

I sat up exposing my chest and scoffed, “You really are an idiot Dylan.” I saw his eyes linger on my bare chest before looking back at my face. “These past couple of months I’ve started to develop these feelings for you, but no matter what I did, I could never get your attention. I just figured you didn’t want me. So, I came up with this brilliant plan of having a one night stand with you, and just try to move on.”

“Move on?” He whispered.

I looked at him then, “Yes move on, Dylan. I can’t keep on being in love with my best friend. I’m so tired of having these unrequited feelings. It hurts knowing you’ll never feel the same. And now - “

My words were cut off when his lips were on mine. My eyes widened in surprise, but I kissed him back.

“You’re not going to move on, because you are mine. And I’ll be damned if I see you ‘move on’ with some jack off who can’t please you or love you the way I can. The truth is, I love you too, so much it hurts and I didn’t know how to tell you. I was afraid to fuck up the friendship we have. I went out tonight to get my mind off of you, because I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re always on my damn mind. So when I came up to you last night, it really wasn’t to ask you that question, I felt drawn to you. And turns out that last night ended up being the best night of my life. I love you so much.”

I couldn’t stop the grin that spread across my face, and I kissed him with everything I had. We made love again that morning, and again when we reached his apartment.

Since then Halloween became our favorite holiday.


          He reached out hesitantly for her hair, the once choppy cut was not well past the middle of her back, the only real care she took of it was the small headband she threw in. Since she had been stuck in Ishgard rather than hunting, she didn’t give it really any thought until now. 
          “You can put it up if you like.” He beamed at her and began to brush through the tangles. She noticed it was taking a little longer but paid it really no mind as she hardly really had moments like these with someone. A small click of the tongue let her know he had finished, she glanced up at a dirty mirror at the wall, glancing over at herself. She opened her mouth to speak before being interrupted but the Innkeeper, “Girl, you gonna do somethin’ about that bedhead of your’s, it’s hideous.”
         V’qoja’s face immediately fell and he reached for her to take it down before she stepped back defiantly, “No.” His ears fell back as he looked away with a pout of disappointment, a small low whistle letting her know that he was sorry.” She reached up and gently tugged at a strand of his own hair before she smiled up at him, “I love it, thank you.” His face lit up and smiled back at her, a strangled but warm response, “Always.”

giant headcanon dump of  things i want to draw for hp!au

  • annabeth and percy being shoved in the great lake together and the giant squid fishing them out.
  • i’d like to blame lili for the muggleborn!annabeth headcanon thoughts that won’t leave me alone because now i am picturing jason being lowkey protective of her after thalia leaves school, mostly in regards to her bloodstatus
  • aka: jason’s first detention in his entire academic career is because he punched someone so hard he knocked teeth out. fun fact: they never called annabeth mudblood ever again
  • or really called anyone anything racist again because piper was so pissed about it there was a pretty nasty prank waiting for that guy involving a speech jinx lol
  • annabeth is both touched and perturbed and kind of extremely glad neither percy or thalia had witnessed it like jason had.
  • leO ALMOST GETS HIMSELF, PIPER AND JASON EXPELLED BECAUSE OF AN INCIDENT INVOLVING A SMUGGLED BABY DRAGON cough festus cough. beckendorf deals with it so the three dont get into trouble but silena absolutely rips into them for bEING SO RECKLESS I CANNOT BELIEVE THIS IS WHAT YOU THREE GET UP TO YOU COULD HAVE BEEN HURT DRAGONS ARE DANGEROUS etc etc /loud sisterly rage
  • :( piper’s sad eyes did not work on her that time
  • (thalia was mildly impressed though. good job jason?)
  • percy/annabeth/grover discovering acromantula in the forbidden forest
  • piper pulling a ginny weasley and joining the slytherin quidditch team in her 5th year because someone said girls aren’t even good at quidditch.
  • (big sisters silena and drew cheering for her!!!)
  • leo bugging the shit out of octavian i am not sorry yOU KNOW HE’D DO IT. 
  • leo’s match commentary.
  • jason’s face approaching nuclear-levels of blush at some of the things leo says
  • jason realizing he can’t handle prefect duty AND being a quidditch captain so he gives up and asks frank if he’d be gryffindor prefect instead bc he’s better suited to handling it/better for the job
  • …dumb dorks finding the mirror of erised while roaming the school
Gym etiquette 101

1. Clean your sweat.

2. Use deodorant.

3. If someone gave you a tip, say thank you even if it’s useless.

4. If someone asked you to spot, you spot. Unless its too heavy for you.

5. Put your weights/plates away when you’re done with them

6. If more than 2 people are using the same machine/bar/rack, don’t ask to work-in.

7. If someone asked you for a spot, you ONLY spot. Don’t lift the whole weight for him, don’t stand back looking while he is about to get crushed, simply spot.

8. Don’t curl on squat rack. “nonnegotiable”

9.If you see someone with a terrible form or doing a wrong workout, correct him, don’t record him.

10. Sometimes the gym gets crowded. If someone bumped into you, doesn’t mean they are looking for a fight.

11. If you found a lost item, give it to the desk. If that was your phone, you would want others to do the same.

12. Unless you legally own the gym, you have to wait in-turn like any other person no matter how big you are.

13. Be confidant, not cocky.

14. If you talk more than you lift, shut up.

15. Don’t text and lift.

16.If you see someone about to start a set, don’t start a conversation.

17. Don’t block someone’s view if they are using the mirror.

18. If someone smiled at you, smile back EVEN if you are in “beast mode”.

19 girl are here to workout too, not to hookup.

20. Shout, Yell, Make Noises, whatever you need to do when you lift heavy, but watch your tongue.

21. Respect skinny, overweight people. You were like that one day, and you are at the gym working hard to change.

22. Don’t ask random guys if they are on steroids just because they look big.

23. Don’t use more than 2 equipment in peak-times.

24. If someone went to drink water, doesn’t mean its okay to take their bench/rack/weights.

If you have any more, go ahead and add

- Stay strong and humble ;)