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Bts reaction to you being a drummer,main dancer and rapper in a GG

Bts reaction to falling in love with their psychologist

Bts reaction to you only kissed girls before

Bts finding you crying over a non-effecting diet

Bts reaction to their idol gf having a wardrobe malfunction 

Bts reaction to you being chubby

Bts reaction to you in their hoodie in bed with morning hair

Bts reaction to you being chubby

Bts reaction to their child waking them up

Bts reaction to you surprising them on their birthday

Bts reaction to finding out you’re gay

Bts reaction to them taking care ofr you on your period

Bts reaction to you being pregnant

Bts reaction to you having strech marks

Bts reaction to your ‘soreness’

Bts reaction to others checking you out

Bts reaction to you not being afraid of horror movies

Bts reaction to you having cold hands

Bts reaction to first kiss

Bts reaction to you bein disabled


Bts reaction to you being bratty.

Bts rection to you wiggling on their lap

Bts reaction to cumming on your face

Bts reaction to you liking rough sex

Bts reaction to you having nipple piercing

Bts reaction to them being your first

Bts reaction to riding their thigh (Hyung line)

Bts reaction to you riding their thigh (Maknae line)

Bts reaction to eating you out

Bts reaction to you having an impregnation kink

Bts reaction to you having a Daddy Kink

Bts reaction to being jealous

Bts reaction to you having a mommy kink

Bts reaction to you giving them a boner in their lap

Bts reaction to you giving them a blowjob in the dorm

Bts talking dirty/acting to you

Bts receiving a blowjob while on the phone talking

Bts reaction to you having a biting kink

Bts reaction to you sending them nudes

Bts reaction to BDSM

Bts reaction to mirror and window sex

Bts reaction to multiple rounds

Bts reaction to teasing under the table

Bts reaction to you being needy in public

Bts reaction to watching their girl fucking another

Bts reaction to you bending down for them to see their ass

Bts reaction to putting a bullet vibrator in you

Bts reaction to someone walking in while doing it

Bts reaction to you calling them “Daddy” for attention

Bts favourite position

Bts reaction to you being a mess for daddy

Bts reaction to you wanting a threesome

Bts size

Bts reaction to food play


Bts reaction to you having a complicated family

Bts reaction to you having panic attacks and anxiety

Bts reaction to them being used by their crush

Bts reaction to you using the safe word























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Got7 reaction to you being awake *smuttish*


Got7 reaction to you teasing them on your period

Got7 reaction to you wearing a dress t-shirt around the house

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Kard reaction to their s/o leaving them a hickey

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Btob reaction to you teasing them under the table

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iKON reaction to you wanting a second round

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Produce 101/Wanna One


Produce 101 forgetting your birthday


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Bts teasing you under the table

Bts finding you mastrubating

Special reactions (submitted)

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Blackpink reaction to you getting hate *submitted by @imagine13idiots

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BTS Scenario | Kinks

A/N: Hi guys! It’s Admin Sunshine, thank you for supporting me. I’ll be re-posting my reactions & scenarios on my blog.

PS: All of my reactions/scenarios and fictions will be fixed and there will be new things added in.

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Warnings: Smut

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The Girl Made of Starlight

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The Girl Made of Starlight

Beast!Adam x Reader

Prompt: What do you think of an imagine where the reader is Adam’s favorite character in a book, who he asks to see in the mirror at least once a day, slowly falling in love with her?

Note: Aaaaaaaah! <3 C U T E

Edit: I think I’m going to make this into a series? Someone please give me feedback? Thanks!

“It’s getting late, my little prince.” The kind queen chided her son as he sat upright in the bed. “I’m afraid it’s time for you to sleep now.”

“One more story! Please!” The young boy begged eagerly. After thinking for a long moment, the queen met the prince’s gaze. His eyes were sweet and blue, full on innocence. She sighed.

“All right, one more. And then, you must sleep. You have a big day ahead, you know.” Her smile was soft as she searched the small shelf in Adam’s room. What was there here that she hadn’t read to him yet? And then she found it.

It was an old book. One she hadn’t laid eyes on since she was at least a teenager. It had been a favorite of hers. The Girl Made of Starlight.

“Here’s one.” The queen sat down in the chair beside Adam’s bed. “I haven’t seen this book in a very long time.”

“Where was it?”

“Hiding, I suppose. Waiting for the right moment to make itself known. But nevertheless, the sooner we finish, the sooner you’ll be asleep.” She took a breath and opened the front cover. “Once, in the Kingdom of the Sun, there was a girl. To everyone around her, she appeared ordinary, boring and quaint. And as she grew up surrounded people who thought of her as nothing but standard, she began to believe that ordinary was all she ever was, all she could ever be. But that was not the case.”

“What was she?” Adam practically bounced with enthusiasm.

“Eager tonight, are we?” the queen smiled. “(Y/N) was truly more than just the daughter of the miller. She was a child of the stars.”


After reading a large portion of the book, the queen decided that it was getting far too late for her little prince to be awake given the events waiting for him the following day. So, despite his many, many protests, the queen placed a bookmark in her treasured favorite and put it on the shelf for another night.

But the queen never got to finish her story.

She soon fell to illness and became too sick to read. Soon after, she was gone. And as the kingdom grieved, the king became twisted. Her death was the end of him. And so was it the end of the Adam that was hopeful, the Adam that was kind.

Years later, when Adam had reached adulthood, came the curse that twisted him into an enormous, fearsome beast. The story of the star girl was long-forgotten. Adam spent years in isolation, wallowing in his misery. His selfishness had done this, his vanity. He had taken so much pride in his looks, in the beauty of the things he owned, and now that it was gone, he felt as though he had nothing.

As time passed, Adam ventured from his West Wing more and more. He didn’t want to gaze upon the cursed rose any more than he had to. It was only a reminder of his mistakes, of the grim deadline that hung over his head. The library became a refuge, a place where he could escape. The book the Enchantress had given him sat idle on his shelf, and instead, he found a home in literature. As he searched the shelf, something fell and hit the floor with a soft thud. He looked down, and there it was: The Girl Made of Starlight.

Adam slowly bent down and picked up the book with his massive paws. He brushed off the cover, and his blue eyes widened. Thoughts of his mother came rushing back to the surface. He was tempted to put the book back, to forget he had ever found it, but instead, he carried it over to the couch and began to read it.

Inside the pages of the book waited the story of (Y/N), the miller’s daughter, who was just about to discover she was not as normal as she had been raised to believe.

~Losing her mother had changed (Y/N). Every day, the glimmering star that hung around her neck only served as a reminder of the magnificent woman that had left her daughter behind. Her mother’s words were ingrained in her mind. With her last dying breaths, she had put the necklace around (Y/N)’s neck.

“Remember that there is light in everybody.” Her lips pulled into a frail smile as her husband and daughter sat beside her in tears. “And there is light in you. You don’t know it yet, but you will. No matter where you go, no matter how far you travel, I will always be with you.”

Iridessa squeezed (Y/N)’s hand as the life in her began to fade.

“You are a child of the stars. A beautiful girl with more power than you know.” She pressed a finger to the center of her chest and whispered a final goodbye as the life left her eyes. “I believe in you.”~

Adam took a deep breath and adjusted himself on the soft couch that sat beside the hearth. He had a feeling he would be there for a while.


Over the course of the week Adam had read the book at least twice a day, only taking brief breaks for meals and sleep. He was a man obsessed. He didn’t know why, but of all of the books in the library, this one had captured his attention better than anything he had ever read.

After finishing it for the tenth time, a strange idea occurred to him as he brushed past the enchanted rose that had doomed him to this fate, the wretched timer, an eternal reminder that his day was coming. Then, he would be stuck like this forever. Beside the rose sat the Enchantress’ mirror. The moment his eyes settled on it, he reached out for it.

He took a deep breath. This was stupid. This was a dumb idea. It would never work.

But what if?

“Show me…show me the girl made of starlight.”  

The surface of the mirror rippled, and then there she was, just as the book had described. Her hair had flooded with white, and her silver eyes shone like stars. Her cloak of the sky was wrapped around her shoulders, and the necklace her mother had given her hung around her neck.

She was running. From what, he didn’t know, but at the sight of her, after watching her and realizing she was real…or at least, she was real somewhere, he almost dropped the mirror. He took a long, labored breath. She was real. She was actually real. And she needed help.


Days passed. Adam tried not to watch her too often, but it was hard not to. She was real. She existed, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was someone or something after her. She always seemed to be rushed. She had quick meals in little taverns, and took cautious sleeps at haphazard inns. She carried very little and showed her face to very few, most often keeping hidden in her large cloak of the sky.

With her, she kept very few things. Aside from her cloak and necklace, all she had with her was a map, a worn leather book of stories, and a pouch of coins. There was something about the book with her. Adam knew it was important to her, but he didn’t know why.

Perhaps it was why someone was chasing her.

Again, I kind of want to do a series on this, so feedback would be awesome. I love you guys <3 

anonymous asked:

Hello... wonder if there is any chance that you made another part of "did you steal this" story... pretty please?? That's so amazing... thank you so much for writing it... ^^ ^^ (you are amazing, you know that, don't you?)

Here you go, sweet Nonny. <3

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3: 

“So you’re going to wear the vest,” Plagg drawled, watching Adrien button it up. “Just like that, ‘Hi, Marinette, I’m Chat Noir’, huh?”

Adrien paused, looking at his reflection in the mirror. “Are you saying I shouldn’t?”

“Do what you want, Kid.”

He frowned. “This seems a little unlike you. You usually don’t want anyone to know my secret.”

“What can I say? I think Bakery Girl is cute and you can trust her. Also those cheese danishes she gives you are amazing.”

“I think I can trust her too.” He turned to slump against the counter. “Ladybug might get mad at me though. I still don’t know if I’m making the right decision, but it’ll be such a relief to have someone know and Marinette is so awesome–”

“And cute and sweet and blah, blah, blah,” Plagg finished. “You don’t have to convince me, Kid. I’m on your side.”

He nodded. “Okay, here goes nothing.”

“I think you meant to say everything.”

Adrien blanched.


He sought her out immediately, having put Nathalie and Gorilla on lookout duty. Her cheeks went pink as she held out a gift, not fully looking up at him yet. 

“You look beautiful, Mari,” Adrien said softly. “I knew you’d make an amazing dress, but this is beyond even what I could’ve imagined.”

He could see the moment the pieces fell into place in Marinette’s expression. She knew now. There was no going back. She looked at his face with wide eyes and then slowly down to the matching vest, inhaling sharply.

“Please don’t freak out,” he whispered, stepping closer. “I shouldn’t have done this so dramatically. I’m such an idiot sometimes.”

“I’m not freaking out,” she squeaked, eyes still too wide.

“Are you sure? Because you really look like you’re freaking out.”

She swallowed and glanced around at the mingling guests. “Chat?” she asked, almost inaudibly.

Adrien nodded, a nervous lopsided grin taking over his face. “Is that…is that okay?” When she didn’t answer, he looked around, spotting his father on the other side of the room. “Do you want to go somewhere we can talk for a minute?”


Adrien quickly led her out of the ballroom, dodging anyone who might be tempted to stop them, and down a quiet hallway. They settled on a bench, Adrien taking one of her hands in his. “Okay, so this wasn’t the best plan, I see that now. I probably should’ve just told you the other night, but…” he trailed off, frowning.

“I can’t decide if I’m flattered or upset,” she said, almost to herself.

“Please don’t be upset. I…I really like you, Marinette, and no one else knows this side of me and we have so much fun when I’m Chat and…and…and I guess I just thought it would be nice if you were my person who knows, but maybe that was selfish. You didn’t ask for this. I shouldn’t–”

Adrien’s words were cut off when Marinette pressed her lips to his cheek. “Sometimes you talk too much, Chaton.” His heart stuttered for a moment as she stood, offering him a hand. “I think I’d like a dance if you don’t mind, Kitty,” she said shyly. 

The wheels were turning slowly, gears cranking inside his brain. The puzzle pieces were all there but they weren’t quite fitting together somehow. “Chaton,” he echoed.

“I never really thought about it, but I guess I do have quite a few nicknames for you, don’t I? Chaton, Kitty, mon minou. It’s surprising I didn’t out myself sooner with how often we talk.” She titled her head to look at him. “Do I need to say it?”

He nodded, lips thinning. She pulled on his hand so he was standing with her. She opened her mouth and then snapped it shut, taking a deep breath. “This seemed easier in my head a second ago. Okay, I can do this.” She nodded to herself and then looked back at Adrien. “I’m Ladybug.”

“You’re Ladybug,” he parroted. 

“Is that okay? I know I should’ve probably told you when you started visiting as Chat so often, but then it had gone on so long that–”

Adrien kissed her then, one hand fumbling at her waist while they other slid to her cheek. It was a relatively short kiss, chaste and sweet and slightly awkward, but they both were out of breath when they parted. 

“Oh,” Marinette said, touching her lips.

“All I want to do right now is transform and run across Paris with you,” he said breathlessly. 

“You have a party full of people here to celebrate your birthday.”

“I don’t care.”

“Silly Kitty.”

He got a more secure hold on her waist. “I can’t believe you’ve been in front of me this whole time, my Lady.”

“Technically behind you,” she flushed as he pulled her closer. “Wow, um, this is changing really quickly, huh?”

Adrien paled, dropping his arms and stepping back. “Sorry. I…I think I got caught up and–”

“I don’t mind!” Marinette interjected quickly. “I mean, you can…we can…the kissing was….” Her shoulders slumped. “Why is banter so much easier in our masks?”

He ducked his head and glanced at her through his lashes. “So this is really okay?”

“This is perfect,” she smiled.

He beamed at her, offering his arm. “Then I think there was talk of a dance, Bugaboo.”

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Admiration || t.h

Summary: In which Tom can’t help but admire how beautiful you are, causing him to freeze up at the worst possible moment.

Words: 1659

Warnings: just fluff :)))

Comments: Welp, since you guys literally died because of “How to Break a Heart,” I thought I’d post some fluff today. Enjoy ;)


He thinks you’re the most beautiful thing in the world.

He doesn’t care how many times he’s said it - though, you’re sure it’s more than necessary - as he has these hopes that you’ll see just how beautiful you are. It wasn’t a simple you’re absolutely stunning that left him satisfied - no.

That wasn’t enough to show your beauty.

He’s sure he’s seen all of you - every flaw hidden, every corner you’ve left unseen and every word you’ve never said - he knows you like the back of his hand, and he’d surely take any chance to treat you like some kind of queen. You weren’t perfect, he knew that much.

But you were as close to it as he could get.

It didn’t matter that you had a few flaws here and there - loose strings that were never attached, broken thoughts that were only trampled by demons - because who didn’t?

He saw you as you were and he knew it was okay to be imperfect.

But you always seemed to find a way to contradict his comments.

You’re beautiful.

Tom, you have to say that. You’re my boyfriend.

He doesn’t understand why you don’t see it. Why you’re so blinded by your insecurities that you can’t see the beauty behind them- the beauty behind you. You’re no work of art - maybe too frayed at the edges, too many broken pieces scattered across your skin - but you’re his entire world and he’d be sure to show you off as his own little masterpiece.

Sometimes he looks into your eyes - he’s said he could stare at them for days, but you’ve surely never given him enough time to prove it - and he’s not sure how he lucked out with you. There were so many people just waiting at the tip of your finger nails, but you chose the boy far beyond the line of available suitors. He knows he doesn’t deserve you, but he’s selfish and he needs you - he craves you - and he’d be a fool to let a miracle slip from his lips.

You’re the most beautiful, precious thing in his life and he’d spend forever to show you how much you’re worth.


He remembers a time when you weren’t his first priority.

He’d walk about the streets, lips shadowing a soft smile as he walks a life that was so -

So dull.

He remembers when didn’t have much to look forward to when he’d open the door to his apartment. Shadows hiding the loneliness that was stuck behind the walls of his thoughts, darkness begging to come out of the cracks of his soul. He lived a life of never waiting - never wanting - for a girl to walk into his life.

He lead himself to believe he was content with his life.

The day to day routine of morning walks and silents evenings; always settling for what he could scavenge, never asking for more; living a life of mundane and never complaining once.

He lived a life of absolute solitude.

But when he met you - when his eyes met the brightness of yours, when his hand touched your skin for the first time - oh god, he knew he couldn’t go back to his old life.

Not when you were an adventure waiting to be lived.

He heard it in the way you spoke - You’re too normal for your own good, Tom - in the way your hands tugged his, eyes shadowing mischief in contrast to the face of an innocent girl. He heard everything you didn’t in between the words you never said. He learned to read you like his favourite book; something he couldn’t put down - something he could never get tired of.

But, like every star shining high above the sky, you were too far up for him to reach.

He had you under the weight of his arms, ears filling with the soothing sound of your soft rambles, hands intertwined as his lips are placed on yours.

But, at times - at times he never feels like he has you. Like he couldn’t say enough to show you that you were a star he couldn’t reach. That you were on more than a high on life - that you were life itself, years spent building up to what and who you were today.

In a way, he felt like he failed you.

He couldn’t help you see that the scars and scratches and bruises and imperfections scattered across your skin were beautiful. That you were amazing in your entirety even if pieces of you were missing and gosh, he wants to fill those gaps with his own imperfections just to show you you’re not the only one, you’re not the only one.

But no matter what he does, you can’t see, you won’t listen. He needs you to understand, he needs you to see you.

Not the someone you see in the mirror that you despise with every fibre of your being; no. The girl he sees, the girl he admires.

He needs you to see - he just doesn’t know how.

Not yet.


He finally had his mind set.

It took him so long to finally bust up the courage, palms sweating as he looks at you through the window of your shared apartment, your smile reaching his as you let him in. He can’t reach your eyes, not when they would give everything away.

He’s a sweating mess at the sight of you, fumbling with his words as he tries to reach your eyes, “I-I missed you.”

He shakes his head at how lame he must sounds, but it’s the truth and he has no other way of saying it because in the those words alone, he says everything he’s been begging to while away. He’s a nervous wreck, but he finally realized this is what he needed to do to show you what you’re worth; what you were to him - what you are to him.

The small box weighs him down as it sits in his pocket.

A ring. Something to seal the love he gave you - savour the taste of your lips, the feeling of your body pressed against his as he holds you in his arms - I love you, I love you. It was a way to say everything he could never before, but now that it’s here - now that it’s staring him right in the face - he’s a flustered mess of scrambled sentences and broken thoughts and he just wants to get this right.

He doesn’t want to fail you, not anymore.

Carefully, he takes your hand in his, slowly leading you towards the dinner you so thankfully set up. He’s not sure what’s he’s going to say. Tom was never one to plan, but for this - for this he didn’t want to. He wanted the words to pour from his mouth, light banter until it finally came. Till he finally took you and made you his.

“You’re beautiful, you know that right?”

He decides the best way to start is to compliment you, teeth gnawing down on his lip as he awaits your answer.

“I… Thank you, Tom.” Your mouth holds a sweet smile, eyes meeting the ones of the boy across from you.

Suddenly, he loses his trail of thought, instead lost in the light of your eyes. He soon becomes a boy stuck in a maze he surely didn’t want to get found in, all words escaping his lips as silent fills the air around you both, neither of you knowing what to say, but enjoying the peace all the same.

“I have something to a-ask you…” He trails off, eyes flying to the floor.

He doesn’t know what he’s going to say.

He wishes it would all flow out, but with you, nothing was enough to say how much he loved you. His whole world was you, your happiness was taken as his own, the feeling of your touch on his skin sending electricity to run in his veins. He feels it in the way his stomach almost drops at your very presence, and he doesn’t understand what you do to him, but he knows it’s okay. Because everything from your touch to your words seep love and he’d be a fool to let such a beautiful dream slip from his fingertips.

He can’t lose you. Not when you don’t understand the depth of his love; the extremes he’d go through just for you.

He hopes with all of his heart you’d do the same.

“I… I’m not very good with words,” he starts, lips holding a crooked smile, “So I’m just going to start with this: You’re love to me. The definition, the image, the feeling of love and I can’t see anyone else being that. You’re it. You’re my world, and I know you don’t see how precious or beautiful you are to me, but I swear I will spend my whole life trying to help you to. Your insecurities are nothing but perfect imperfections that make up the girl I love and I just can’t see myself with anyone else. I just - I love you. Will you please do me the honour of becoming my w-wife?”


He’s scared for a minute, mentally lecturing himself on what he had just done - that had to be the most awkward proposal in history - mind racing as the seconds go by. You don’t say anything, shocked as tears pour from your eyes. You don’t how to respond honestly, the only action being the nodding of your head as your arms wrap around neck. He’s taken aback at first, before he wraps his arms around your waist, pressing a small kiss to your hair.

“Thank you.” It’s the last thing he whispers before his lips are captured in yours

He didn’t care what happened after this moment; he just cared that you’d be there the whole way through.

Gym etiquette 101

1. Clean your sweat.

2. Use deodorant.

3. If someone gave you a tip, say thank you even if it’s useless.

4. If someone asked you to spot, you spot. Unless its too heavy for you.

5. Put your weights/plates away when you’re done with them

6. If more than 2 people are using the same machine/bar/rack, don’t ask to work-in.

7. If someone asked you for a spot, you ONLY spot. Don’t lift the whole weight for him, don’t stand back looking while he is about to get crushed, simply spot.

8. Don’t curl on squat rack. “nonnegotiable”

9.If you see someone with a terrible form or doing a wrong workout, correct him, don’t record him.

10. Sometimes the gym gets crowded. If someone bumped into you, doesn’t mean they are looking for a fight.

11. If you found a lost item, give it to the desk. If that was your phone, you would want others to do the same.

12. Unless you legally own the gym, you have to wait in-turn like any other person no matter how big you are.

13. Be confidant, not cocky.

14. If you talk more than you lift, shut up.

15. Don’t text and lift.

16.If you see someone about to start a set, don’t start a conversation.

17. Don’t block someone’s view if they are using the mirror.

18. If someone smiled at you, smile back EVEN if you are in “beast mode”.

19. girls are here to workout too, not to hookup.

20. Shout, Yell, Make Noises, whatever you need to do when you lift heavy, but watch your tongue.

21. Respect skinny, overweight people. You were like that one day, and you are at the gym working hard to change.

22. Don’t ask random guys if they are on steroids just because they look big.

23. Don’t use more than 2 equipment in peak-times.

24. If someone went to drink water, doesn’t mean its okay to take their bench/rack/weights.

If you have any more, go ahead and add

- Stay strong and humble ;)

Imagine...Coming Out To Your Brother As Bisexual

Characters: Y/n (FEMALE READER), Dean, Sam

Pairing: No Pairing   Dean x Y/n (Brother-Sister)   Sam x Y/n (Brother-Sister)

Warnings: Fluff, teasing, more fluff, sorta anxious reader, but basically all fluff with cute ass supportive Dean…

Word count: 896

Summary: When a girl kisses you, you’re forced to finally realize your sexuality. And of course, Dean is with you all the way.

A/N: Ok, so…requested fic by anon- can you make a imagine where the reader is dean and sam teenager sister (from another mother) and she is bi, they found out when her and a girl from a case kiss when they are leaving the town and they have a funny conversation about it in the impala? sorry if I’m being too specific, this just crossed my mind. Ok, so I didn’t make the convo all that funny, but I liked the way I did it. Also, sorry this took sooo long!! Hope u like it!!

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“So, we’re going now”.

She nodded, playing with her hands as you stood in her bedroom.

“I-can I call you?”

You sighed, knowing it was better to leave her out of everything.

“I…I’ll give you my email”.

She nodded as you scribbled it down on a piece of paper and handed it to her.

You stood there awkwardly, waiting for her to say something again.

But then she moved, her hands gripping your face as she pulled you to her, soft lips meeting yours.

You stood frozen for a second, unsure as to what was happening.

You always knew you might have feelings for girls, but you sure as hell never acted on them.

But the way her lips felt on yours, her hand moving up to tangle in your hair as her rosy scent hit you. It was intoxicating.

You had no idea where your hands were meant to go. So you let them hang awkwardly at your side as you began kissing her back.

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BTS REALITY SHOW “The Reunion Special”

Heechul: Welcome bitches ~ I’m Heechul and tonight I’ll be hosting the reunion special you’ve been waiting for.

Key: /struts out as a crew member drags out a chair for him to sit in/ Make way peasant the queen has arrived~

Heechul:/what the hell/ Um wait what the fuck is this?

Key: Your co-host /smiles as he sits flawlessly/

Heechul: Um excuse me? I think you’re mistaken. If you’re looking for the “bad girls club” they’re down ratings.

Key: And if you’re looking for “Botched” I can call and have you set up an appointment. Your nose is looking a little crooked.

Heechul:/sips his tea/ And so is that hairline

Key:/scoffs/ Someones having a dry spell

Heechul: Jonghyun your bitch is barking!

Key:/lets out a petty laugh as he looks at the camera/ You’ve watched them’ve watched them grow. Army I give you BTS! 

BTS:/comes out all fly as fuck/ 

Heechul:/looking at himself in the mirror touching his nose/ Nose crooked my ass~

Key: So boys it’s been quite a while since we’ve last seen you, what have you been up to?

Namjoon: We’ve been doing great~ I mean we’ve been on tour and recently won a billboard award. Its just been crazy and hectic in a good way. Our time has been mainly consumed with hard work you know preparing for our next album.

Jimin:/smiling as he happily shows off the billboard award/

Namjoon:/chuckles/ He hasn’t put it down since we won

Heechul:/laughs/ That’s so cute

Hoseok: And Jungkook hasn’t put him down since../forgets what he what he was gonna say cause he high af/

Jungkook:/holding Jimin/ Hyung I have no idea what you’re talking about?

Key: Wait…I thought Jimin was with Suga and jungkook was with v? 

Heechul: /scratches his head/ Did..we miss something?

Jimin:/laughs/ It’s complicated~

V:/expensive laugh and talks in a rich high voice/ Oh yeah you did~/crosses his legs as he pushes his Gucci shades up and sits in his expensive fur coat/

Jin:/sighs shaking his head/

Heechul: Um..V…you seem different..

V: You know I just feel like this year is about, like, the year of realizing things and stuff. You knoooooow?

Key:/whispers to Heechul/ why is he talking like that?

Jin: Taehyung has been on a bit of a do you say..Gucci High

Yoongi: Everything he has must be first we uh thought nothing of it you know. We just thought “oooh heey it’s just’s just a brand” but oooooh were we wrong

V: You know you’re just too much hyung~ he’s just ungrateful of what I’ve done for them


V: /sighs/ I helped you..I helped all of you~

Yoongi:/scoffs/ Yeah right


Jungkook: No one!You literally dressed Jimin by force this morning 

Jimin:/in a small voice/ Yeah..he…he did

V: Well at Least I’m not on steroids /glares at Jungkook/

Hoseok:/laughs all chill/ I knew it 

Jungkook: Bitch you don’t know shit! My muscles are as real and natural as Jimin’s ass

Jimin:Jibooty is all real and natural~ I even joined Sehun’s twerk team


Jimin: /pouts as he sighs/ Come on don’t be like that


Hoseok: Me bitch these hips do not lie

Jin:/pulls out a a bottle of vodka opening it/

Key:/gasps/ Jin when did you start drinking?

Heechul:/notices Jin’s sudden dark demeanor and choice of style/ Jin what the hell are you wearing? /gasps/ Are you going through menopause? 

Jin: No you dumbass! Since the show started these little assholes have been driving me crazy and namjoon /sighs as he sips his vodka/ his ass just…

Namjoon: Jin’s just under a lot of stress that’s all


Jin:/drinking his vodka/ I mean do you not hear this shit?! And fucking Namjoon started a fire in the shower this morning…a fucking fire..LIKE HOW DOES ONE EVEN DO THAT?!

Heechul:/looks into the camera as if he’s in the office/

Key: And I thought suho was fucked..


Jungkook:/stands up holding jimin like he’s a puppy/ UM JUNGKOOK DIDN’T AGREE TO ANYTHING /turns to taehyung/ The fuck is he talking about?!



V: Oh now you want to talk about our son?

Jungkook: Don’t you fucking start with me! He’s not mine!

V: I was better off as a single parent anyways YOU DEADBEAT!

Key: Hoseok looks like he wants to say something!

Hoseok:/seriously lost in thought/ Why do we get IN a car but ON a bus?

Jin: I’m fucking out of here /gets up and walks off/


Jin: TO KEN’S /keeps walking/

Namjoon: THE HELL YOU AREN’T /gets up storming after him/

Jimin:/pouts/ eomma and appa are mad~

Yoongi:/watching hoseok/… Dude…what the hell are you on?

Hoseok:/smokes his blunt/ some bad stuff dude

Jungkook:/arguing with Taehyung like he on an episode of maury/

Jimin:/trying to wiggle his little body out of Kookies strong grip/

Key: And that’s all the time we have folks!Thanks for watching this trainwreck~ I need a drink /gets up and leaves along with Heechul as chaos errupts on set/


EXO REACT: To you practising a sexy choreography as a trainee

(i changed the plot to a few so it didn’t get repetitive, i hope you don’t mind! :) -M🌸♡ )


Walking back from his own dance practise, he heard loud music that he couldn’t recognise, coming from one of the smaller practise rooms. As he was walking past, he glanced through the small window in the door to see you and your group practising to a song, that was presumably yours. He didn’t recognise any of you there, as you were all farely new trainees which he had never met before, and probably wouldn’t have much time to meet.

However, out of curiosity he continued to watch your surprisingly risky dance. You were the one he payed his attention to, whether that was because you were at the front, or whether it was because your short shorts and ruffled hair drew him in to you instantly, as he watched your hips sway and your legs strut.

Once he heard the music stop, he simply continued going down the hall to leave for the day, but not before asking the receptionist who was practising in practise room 2.

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Suho had forgotten his wallet in the dance practise room he was in, so he had to run back to the room, praying that no one was in there or it had been locked. Thankfully, when he got there it most certainly wasn’t locked, but to his horror, he saw a group of girls practising a dance in front of the mirror while loud music played.

Awkwardly, he knocked on the door, whilst rubbing the back of his neck. The anxiety that you might think he was creepily watching you dance erotically was pumping through his veins and he just wanted to get this over with.

The music stopped mid verse, and watched as you quickly came to the door in only a croptop and leggins. He quickly introduced him self, and explained that he left his wallet in the practise room, and that he  he wasn’t just stood there watching you, which just made it sound like he was. He was a nervous wreck as you invited him in, he couldn’t make eye contact with you, he even look at you without the nerve of his eyes possibly travelling else where.

He drew a breath of relief, once he left after apologising prefusly, secretly hoping that he would be forgetting his stuff more often.

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Lay found himself walking down the dance practise rooms corridors one night when he couldn’t sleep. Almost all the staff was gone, besides the odd security guard, and no idols or trainees were in sight. Or so he thought.

There was a light coming from one of the rooms down the hallway, and out of curiosity, Lay simply went to go check it out. He was confused to see you, dancing in front of the mirror clearly exhausted and stumbling over your feet at 1:30 AM. He had never seen you before, so presuming you weren’t some crazy person who had snuck in the building when no one was watching, he presumed you were a new trainee.

Lay being Lay, invited himself in the practise room to check out what was going on. He was surprised to see a beautiful girl with wide, tired eyes meet his own. He watched as you rushed to get your stuff, prefusely apologising for being there so late and if you weren’t allowed to be there.

He just smiled and shook his head explaining that he was just wondering. That night, he ended up helping you with the choreography and said that if you ever needed help again, to just ask. Since then everytime he saw your group on the way to practise, or anywhere, he’d always smile and wave. The boys would always ask who you were, clearly not recognising you,

“That’s y/n, she’s a new trainee, she’s really pretty don’t you think?”

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You’d been practising for probably a solid three hours now, with little to no water breaks in between songs. Preparing for your debut stage was exciting, but also undeniably exhausting too. You liked your dance, it was sexy, flirty and fun, and the added costume of shorter shorts and a skin hugging shirt that boasted about all the diets you’d been on was making you feel all the more confident.

Although in the middle of the choreography, something in the mirror caught your eye - someone was standing at the door, they hadn’t bee there for long as just before you started you went on a toilet break, but you confused as to what they were doing. Nonetheless, you continued your dance until there was a part in which you were at the back, kneeling on one leg. You took the opportunity to glance back at the door where you saw none other than Byun Baekhyun, not so discretely checking you out.

Your eyes widened just at the idea, when his eyes finally looked up from your body to your eyes, he looked startled for a split second, as if he was caught comitting a crime. But it soon went away, as his face softened, he simply allowed a smirk to form on his face before winking and walking away, leaving you completely shocked, and embarrassed that you had missed that last ten seconds of choreography.

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Chen would be in a group with the rest of the boys, all walking down to practise, when everyone heard the sounds of thumping music against the floor and walls, signalling that someone was already down there.

“Oh yeah, did you hear about that new trainee girl group?”  Chanyeol brought up casually, as he believed that’s who they could all hear. Some nodded, some didn’t but all of them went to look. Baekhyun, Chanyeol and Chen all scrambled to be at the front, Suho sighing trying to tell them to be quiet and not raw attention to themselves again.

Chen’s head poked around the corner of the wall and through the window in the door to watch as your group were practicing a rather erotic dance, taking all of them off guard. You caught chen’s attention straight away and he couldn’t take his eyes off you, despite the muttering and chatter behind him. He watched as a smile was spread across your face whilst you swirled your hips and flicked your hair, laughing sillily with the rest of your group - he was in compelte awe of you. So much so, he didn’t realise that you had finished practising and were collecting your things, but to be fare, neither did any of the other boys.

Once your group had noticed the crowd at the door, they all began to scatter away laughing, unfortunately leaving Chen trailing behind. You thought it was all over the minute they were out of sight, but your whole group burst into laughter when a loud call was heard from down the hallway.

“Chen thinks you’re hot!!!” 

“Baekhyun don’t say that!”

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You were hopelessly lost around the dance practise halls. You thought it would be okay if you stayed a couple extra hours to get some extra practise, you thought you would be able to find your way back to the dorms easily, but no. With your dufflebag on your shoulder and water bottle in hand, you were desperately trying to navigate you way around, until one corner, you bumped into a large figure. 

‘Sorry’s quickly fell out of your mouth as you readjusted the dufflebag. You looked up to see the tall man to be Park Chanyeol of EXO, which only made you more nervous.

“No, don’t worry about it. Are you lost?” He looked down at you and placed a hand on your shoulder. You could feel his eyes scan over your face and down your glicening neck and chest. “You’re one of the new trainees right?” You just nodded, not knowing really what to say.

“C’mon, I’ll take you to the dorms.” He placed a hand on the small of your back and guided you out of the building. You quietly thanked him and began to part ways.

“By the way, with a dance like that, you’ll debut in no time.” You looked back at Chanyeol who wore a playful smirk on his face before waving goodbye and going back into the building.

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Kyungsoo walked to the practise room he had booked for a couple hours to prepare for their next live performance. However, the closer he got the the room, the louder the sound of music was. Upon reaching the door, he realised that someone was practising in there by themselves. He watched as the unfamilar girl danced to a peice of music he could only presume was your’s. The mirror didn’t give a good enough view of your face for him to make out properly, or to be able to tell if he did in fact know who you were.

He had heard that there was a bunch of new female trainees, so he used that information to make an educated guess that you were one of them, you looked quite young as well. The music wasn’t something he would personally listen to, but he couldn’t help but be entranced by your dance. He was embarrassed at himself for watching you shamelessly, and moreover enjoing it.

However, Kyungsoo knew that sooner or later he would have to practise, so he knocked on the glass door before opening it and walking in. the music turns off, and you turned around to face him. Not being able to speak, he stumbled overhis words at the sight of you. Your hair stuck to your neck and your skin was glowing as you sipped from your drunk and your breathing heavy.

“Sorry, I - uh - booked the room for now.”

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Kai and Sehun were standing there in awe, watching through the door at you and your group dancing. The moment they had heard that there was a new female trainee group, they were excited. Meeting new people who they could actually become friends with was rare for them, but they had no idea how good the situation was actually going to be until they saw your group practising one of you choreographies.

Kai, andsome of the time Sehun would try to watch you guys practise as much as they could, without trying to be creepy. However, Kai took a particular liking to you. The way you looked like you were constantly having fun, no matter how tedious the dance was probably becoming. He saw the way you would always make the other members laugh and mess around with them in between breaks, just so they wouldn’t get too down. If he didn’t admire you for your obvious talent in dancing and performing, he admired you for your perseverance and motivation. Although he had never talked to you before, he could tell how genuinly happy you were to be there, and how much you actually enjoyed doing what you were doing.

Kai hoped that someday he could find the time to talk to you, but for now, he was happy admiring you from afar.

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Sehun was o-so very intrigued by the new trainee. He caught you training in the practise room a couple times, not really taking too much notice, until one day he was waiting for you to leave. He had booked the room after you and so he just stood there when he arrived a couple minute early, waiting for you to pack up. Seeing as he was right outside, he couldn’t help but watch as your music vibrated through the walls.

His eyes followed your every movement, every mistake, and every progress you made. When you came out he would act as if he had just arrived and give you little to know recognition. But whether he realised it or not, he began to make the same bookings for that room every week, so every week he could watch you practise just before him. Whether that was because seeing you dance as a fresh trainee, still yet to debut, kept him motivated, or purely because he found you completely and utterly stunning. Not just your face and the way it was so readable when something happened in the practise room, and not just your body and the way it flowed to the music, no matter what sort or genre, but the way you pushed yourself inspired him. 

He’d find himself picturing you in the same dance room as him, he’d picture where you leave your stuff and unconsciously search to see if you’d left anything to see if he could take it to you. However, he never admit to slowly falling in love with the trainee he’d never spoken to before in his life.

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Something Real

Request: Hi hello! For your prompts can I ask for exo Sehun #17 fluff please? D.o is my bias but Sehun is currently bias wrecking me but in a good way I guess.

17) Your bias hires you to be their significant other

Member: EXO’s Sehun x Y/N x (ft. Kyungsoo/Chanyeol) 

Type: Fluff

“Money is no object.”

“I heard you the first twelve times, Sehun,” you muttered, not even bothering to glance over your paperwork to make proper eye contact with him. 

“Then I’m not understanding the issue,” he huffed, plopping down in the guest chair in front of your desk. 

“The issue is we -”

“Work for the same company, blah, blah, blah,” he grumbled, crossing his arms. You could feel his glare through the thin sheet of paper you were strategically holding over your face. “I have a point to prove.” 

“What point exactly?” you sighed. 

“So Chanyeol bet me a year’s supply of bubble tea-”

“Nope, nuhuh,” you hissed, finally setting down the documents you were looking at to give Sehun a disapproving look. “I refuse to hear anymore of this. I will not eliminate my plausible deniability.” 

“I’m not even sure what that means,” he said slowly, furrowing his brows. “But Chanyeol bet me that I couldn’t get you to go on a date with me-”

“And he was right,” you nodded. “Listen to your friend.” 

“He’s not my friend, he’s a giant preying mantis who has become a permanent pain in my ass,” he muttered. “I’ve learned to love him though. It was that or move to China, but that’s a topic for another day.” 

“If he bet you,” you sighed, “Wouldn’t paying me to go on a date with you negate the whole point of winning a bet? You’re still losing money.” 

“But winning the bet,” he nodded. “I will pay any price to prove someone wrong.” 

“You’re ridiculous,” you muttered. 

“And you’re playing hard to get,” he grinned. “Would you just agree to enter a fake relationship with me so we can call this a day?” 

“Whoa, whoa,” you groaned. “Literally two minutes ago we were talking about going on a date. Now we’re talking fake relationships? Don’t you think this is a little…much?” 

“Should I rewind to the part where I said, ‘I will pay any price to prove someone wrong?’ because I thought I made myself clear,” Sehun laughed. His expression was one of confidence and you knew he could bicker with you for hours. 

“So what’s in it for me?” you sighed. 

“I don’t know, a couple hundred dollars a week and the privilege of being able to say your dating Oh Sehun?”

“I’m going to go ahead and pretend like I didn’t hear the second half of that sentence,” you muttered. Reaching up, you ran a nervous hand through your hair. It was true that you worked in the supporting office for SM, completing various and random tasks for idol groups, but you could always use a little more money. 

Glancing up, you bit your lip, and searched Sehun’s face. You were hoping to find any answer in the contours of his jaw and smooth plains of his cheeks. He lifted his brows as he noticed you survey him, a smirk beginning to tug at the corner of his plush lips. Admittedly, Sehun wouldn’t be your first pick for a member in EXO to build a fictional relationship with. It wasn’t that you weren’t attracted to him (cause like…have you SEEN him?) But he wasn’t exactly the person you shared the most common interests with. 

“What do you say?” he whispered, leaning forward. “I can’t be all that bad, can I?” 

“Considering you’re paying me to be your significant other in order to prove someone wrong,” you hummed. “I don’t see how this could possibly reflect on you as a person.” 

“Good,” he grinned. “So you’re in?” 

“Sehun,” you sighed. “Why me?” 

“I don’t know if you’ve noticed,” Sehun said, a smile continuing to dominate his lips. “But you kind of run this place. You keep everything from falling apart. Overall, you’re a very put together person. Plus you’re crazy hot. For some reason, Chanyeol doesn’t think I can attract someone good looking AND smart.” 

“Well, you aren’t notorious for parading through dates with common sense-”

“I do not parade anyone through,” he nodded. “I simply give them tours of my work place.”

“I’ve seen three girls this month, Sehun,” you grimaced. “And now that I think about it, a couple of gu-”

“And now you’ll see none,” he interrupted. “Well, besides yourself. But I guess you can’t really see yourself…except for like…in a mirror or the little camera on the front side of your iPhone.” 

“If I agree to this, will you please stop talking,” you groaned. 

“I don’t know if that’s a thing I can promise,” he grinned. “But I’m happy to have your cooperation.” 

You took another spoonful of ice cream into your mouth and glanced down to Vivi, quietly enjoying his dog treat you had just slipped him. 

Admittedly, it hadn’t been a bad couple of weeks. 

Not like you had necessarily expected for it to be completely miserable, but you had your reservations. 

Upon unofficially agreeing to date Sehun for the sake of his pride, you had a long discussion about rules and responsibilities in the situation. You would take no less than 450,000 won a week to be at Sehun’s complete disposal. You were to go on dates, show up to support at performances and recordings, and most importantly, appear at the dorms. Although Sehun insisted he had no interest in pursuing anyone else, you made him swear that you would be the only relationship he would be concerned with for the time being, fake or not. You would not be made a fool of. 

Not even if this whole thing was fabricated. 

Which it was. You would constantly have to remind yourself of that. As soon as this whole charade had began, you had to insist to yourself that every memory you were creating with Sehun was make believe. Every shared glance, every cuddle, every hand squeeze was a work of fiction. 

“I’m surprised,” Sehun sighed, finally looking up from his boba. 

“What about?” you asked, absently dropping your arm and running your hand over Viv’s head. 

“That you’ve lasted this long,” Sehun smiled. 

“Believe it or not, you aren’t nearly as terrible of a boyfriend as I thought you would be,” you chuckled. 

Sehun leaned forward, placing his hand lightly over yours. “I wasn’t talking about you putting up with me.” 

“Oh!” you gasped, shaking your head. “So you’re surprised that you’ve managed to grace me with your presence for the past month?” 

“I’m joking,” he laughed. “I promise.” 

“Such a punk,” you grumbled. You continued to pet his dog’s side and began to shake your head. “I don’t know how we put up with him, ViVi.” 

“An immense amount of disposable cash is my guess,” Sehun chuckled.

“That helps,” you teased. Sehun’s face instantly grew dark at your statement. Looking down, he swished his bubble tea, becoming much too interested in the small tapioca flavored pearls in the bottom.

You cleared your throat, attempting to add some sort of noise to the awkward silence. “So, what’s the plan for today?” 

“I think I’m going to go back to the dorm,” Sehun sighed. “Kyungsoo was talking about maybe working on some music with Chanyeol and I…I’m trying to get more involved.”

“Ah, shall ViVi and I tag along then?” you asked, tilting your head to the side. You attempted a smile, but immediately let it slide from your face as you saw Sehun’s expression. 

“Will I have to pay you overtime for that?” he hummed. He shook his head at the end of his sentence, adding a sad smile in an attempt at keeping it light hearted. You knew his words cut much deeper than he had intended, but you weren’t sure how to address his feelings. 

“Sehun,” you whispered. “Is there something you want to talk about?” 

“No, of course not,” he grimaced. 

“You know…this whole crazy thing was your idea. I just-”

“I said I don’t need to talk about anything, Y/N,” he nodded, keeping his words short. 

“Oh…oh-okay,” you stuttered, attempting to shake off his curt words. “I uh…okay.” 

“Come on, ViVi,” Sehun sighed, beginning to stand. He unwound the dog’s leash from your chair and gave it a gentle tug. “Time to go home.” 

“Want me to come over later?” you asked, hopefully. 

“I’ll be busy,” he nodded, biting his lip. “Don’t want to use up those hours I’m paying for on nothing, you know.” 

“What the hell, Sehun?” you whined. You stood as well, allowing for your annoyance to bubble to the surface. “You know, I never asked for this.” 

“Yeah,” he muttered, nodding his head. “Thanks for reminding me.” 

You flopped over on your couch for what had to have been the dozenth time in a short hour. Chewing furiously on your lip, you locked and unlocked your phone again, waiting for any text to appear on your screen. 

You would be lying if you said you weren’t most anticipating Sehun’s name to appear. 

For as much as you liked to pretend that he was an inconvenience, he had seriously become a necessary part of your everyday life. 

And as much as you didn’t want to admit it…you may have…possibly…maybe considered the fact…

that you were head over heels for the turd. 

You flopped over again and sighed, burying your face deep within the aged cushions. You were. You were completely smitten by the man you had never intended to have any feelings for. When you begun your side job of dating Sehun, you told  yourself you would treat it as that, simply a job. It would serve a purpose in your life that would not in anyway become romantic. After all, how could it? It was Oh Sehun. 

Oh Sehun, the man you had never had a single thing in common with. 

Oh Sehun, the man you had never gone a day without arguing with. 

Oh Sehun, the man who was literally paying you in order to win a bet.

Oh Sehun, who loved his members, his dog, and bubble tea so passionately, that you couldn’t go on without hoping that he loved you with that much passion as well. 

“And I’m going to do something about it,” you whispered to no one in particular. Pushing yourself up, you were quickly made aware of exactly how disheveled your wallowing on the couch had made you. You groaned as you attempted to shake the wrinkles from your clothes, but after a few moments decided to cut your losses and run to your closet to change. 

After talking yourself out of, and into, the trip over to the SM building several times, you had finally made a solid decision. You had to go, if only for your sanity. 

The SM building was a short walk from your own apartment, a facility in which most employees rented out of. The short walking commute was convenient when running late in the morning, or when attempting to meet your fake boyfriend in the evening to profess your very real feelings for him. 

You pushed open the doors leading to the entertainment company’s lobby and nodded briefly at the receptionist stationed at her normal post. She nodded to you as well, knowing you worked somewhere in the building, but not caring enough to know exactly where. You slid your key card against an electronic lock near one of the employee elevators and boarded with little issue. Stabbing at the buttons with anxious fingers, you hit several floors you had no business going to and sighed. You needed to calm down. 

But it wasn’t everyday you professed your affections to someone who probably had no idea you were even harboring them to begin with. 

He thought you were all about the monetary gain…which you were in the beginning. But with time and lowered inhibitions, you had become interested in so much more. 

You heaved a sigh as the elevator finally opened on the correct floor, leading to Kyungsoo’s most utilized studio space. You could already hear the light sound of piano keys being stroked as you continued down the hall. 

“You can do this,” you whispered. “You have to.” 

You couldn’t continue with Sehun’s subconsciously hurt feelings and pouty comments. You couldn’t wrap yourself in his arms without feeling anything anymore. Even seeing ViVi had become an emotional reminder that you had kissed a pair of lips that didn’t think there was a meaning behind their motions. 

You knocked lightly on the studio door as soon as you had found it. The music went silent with your ask for entrance, causing you to swipe your key card once again. You cracked the door open and stuck your head in, holding your breath as you surveyed the room. 

“Y/N!” Chanyeol called cheerfully. “I was expecting you! Whenever Sehun said he was coming by, you’re normally not too far behind.” 

“I hope I’m not interrupting,” you hummed, your face growing hot with the attention you were receiving. You stretched your body, attempting to get a full look into the room, but still didn’t see Sehun. 

“Hi, Y/N,” Kyungsoo sighed, resting his hands in his lap. “You’re interrupting, but it’s fine. Your presence is always appreciated.” 

“Yeah, it may get Sehun back on track!” Chanyeol grinned. “His mind has been everywhere since he got here.” 

“You didn’t have to come,” Sehun’s voice grumbled from behind the partially opened door. You heaved a sigh of relief upon hearing his voice, stepping into the small space to be able to see him properly. 

“I wanted to,” you smiled. “Plus, we need to talk.” 

Chanyeol and Kyungsoo exchanged wary glances as they both began to stand. Sehun rolled his eyes before waving them to sit down again. “Go ahead.” 

“Don’t you two want to have a lover’s quarrel in private?” Kyungsoo muttered, clicking absently at his computer screen. 

“You two are working and whatever needs to be said shouldn’t stop that,” Sehun muttered, cutting his eyes at you. “Now what’s so important that it couldn’t wait?” 

You took a deep breath before nodding and taking a short step toward Sehun. “I think it’s time…we clarified some things…about us.” 

“More terms and conditions?” he muttered, crossing his arms. It was apparent that he was still pouty from your exchange that afternoon. 

“Sehun, that’s exactly it,” you whispered. He furrowed his brows as he looked up at your face, shocked that you would want to discuss the intricacies of your agreement. “I don’t want any terms and conditions anymore.” 

“What do you mean?” he asked quietly. 

“I mean, I don’t want the money,” you nodded. “I just want you.” 

“Not to insert myself into your conversation,” Chanyeol said slowly. “But what do you mean by ‘I don’t want the money’? Is he like…helping you pay a traffic ticket or something?” 

“I’ve been paying her, Chanyeol,” Sehun groaned. “I’ve been paying her to date me.” 

“I KNEW IT!” Chanyeol gasped, jumping to his feet. “I knew she wasn’t going to date you voluntarily! I was buying you bubble tea for a month and-” 

“I want to date him though,” you interrupted. “That’s….that’s why I’m here. It’s not a job for me anymore…I…I ended up growing feelings along the way.” 

Chanyeol slowly eased back down into the chair he was sitting in, his mouth having fallen open. Sehun lifted his brows as he uncrossed his arms. “You…you did?” 

“I did,” you nodded. “And look…I understand if you don’t feel the same…and this whole thing was just orchestrated to prove Chanyeol wrong. And I understand if you want me to leave…but I had to tell you. I couldn’t keep going on wondering if you had felt the same.” 

“Well…this makes things complicated,” Chanyeol muttered to no one in particular. “Does this still count? I mean technically she wants to date him…but should that be a backfill for the bet? Should-”

Kyungsoo sent a silencing death glare toward Chanyeol who instantly closed his mouth, watching the scene before him with interest. 

“You actually…have feelings for me?” Sehun asked slowly. He pulled himself up from his chair and took a few hesitant steps toward you. 

“Shocker, I know,” you chuckled, taking a few steps forward as well. 

“And you’re willing to do this…without me having to pay you anything?” he asked. 

“Believe it or not, your companionship is enough,” you smiled. 

“Pfft,” Chanyeol snorted. “Can you pay me to hang out with you then?” 

Sehun ignored his member as he lifted his hand, letting it linger awkwardly in the air for a moment, before placing his palm on your cheek. “You actually…want me…for me?” 

“You’re kind of a mess,” you whispered, nuzzling your face into his open hand. “But I’m into it.” 

“Apparently,” he smiled, leaning down to place a light kiss on your lips. You and Sehun had shared a few kisses before, but none quite like this. Previously, there was an unspoken barrier placed between your lips. There was an understanding of the picture you had to portray to those watching. You had a facade to uphold. This kiss, this moment, was inevitably different. There was nothing separating you from each other. There was nothing keeping you apart from how you were both feeling. This was something real. 

“Soooo,” Chanyeol hummed. “I’m guessing you like her too?” 

Everyone in the room turned toward the man, evident exasperation on their faces. 

“Well, he didn’t come out and say it!” Chanyeol gasped. “I’m following context clues here!” 

“Yes, Chanyeol,” Sehun sighed. “I like her too. And I think I’ll kiss her again just to make sure.” 

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A Blissful Revenge

Draco x Reader

Requested by @thestrawberryblondehobbitbatch

You’re walking down the hallway with your textbooks cradled to your chest and your gaze on the tiles beneath your feet. A nasally laugh causes the breath to freeze in your lungs. Before you can even look at the owner of the sound, your textbooks are slapped from your arms and strewn across the ground. Your anxious eyes meet the cold ones that belong to Pansy Parkinson. She has two girls flanking her. All three have the same haughty expression worn on their faces. 

You swallow nervously as you pick up your textbooks. One of Pansy’s sidekicks sweeps her foot out and launches it across the hallway. You shakily step over to the far wall and bend down to retrieve it. The other sidekick is desperate to prove herself as she steps over to you and pushes you over in your half-bent state. You fall to the ground and the books that you’ve already retrieved fall to the floor once again. Pansy cackles and begins to walk away. Her sidekicks take the que and follow her with hollow laughs echoing throughout the corridor.
You had never done anything to those girls yet they are cruel to you often. You don’t understand where their motivation comes from, but the source is limitless. Their humiliation has varied from casual shoves and glares to calling you detestable names in front of large crowds. Once they had even stuck gum in your hair resulting in you having to cut a large portion of hair from your head. You cannot fathom a reason that these girls think it okay to be this merciless to another human being. You’re getting sick of their mental torture. Soon, they’re going to have a rude awakening.

You walk into the Great Hall alone the next morning. As your face is seen, most of the Great Hall erupts into laughter and begin to snicker to one another. A flame spreads across your cheeks. You have no idea what’s going on, but it’s obviously directed at you. 

You sit down at your table quickly. Your eyes dart around the students surrounding you. Most students are behind newspapers, which is odd. These kids don’t read the newspaper. You look at the next table over and catch sight of what has enamored everyone’s attention. 

Printed largely inside of the newspaper, as if it is a poster, is a picture of you posing provocatively. The worst part is that the only thing you were wearing is the seductive smirk on your lips. You know that this picture is not real, but the rest of Hogwarts does not. 

You choke on your own saliva as you twist to see everyone with these pictures and have their gazes turned on you.

Why doesn’t the Earth swallow you whole when you want it to? You think as you sprint from the room.

Hearty laughter echoes after your retreat. You run throughout Hogwarts with tear-filled vision. You turn into Moaning Myrtle’s laboratories.

“Hello Y/N,” she calls miserably. 

Your reply is choked sobbing. She looks at you sympathetically.

“Are those wretched girls giving you a hard time again?”

You nod your head yes as you wipe your tears on your robe sleeves. She sighs mournfully.

“I understand what you’re going through. The only regret that I have is that I didn’t stand up to my bullies before I died. But now I have eternity to regret that.” 

She sighs again before shooting herself into an open toilet. You stare at your tear-stained face in the mirror as contemplate what Myrtle had said. You jump when someone begins to knock on the bathroom door. You panic, thinking it was Pansy or the other girls trying to deepen the wound, but slightly calm down a bit when a male voice is heard.

“Y/N, are you in there?”

You stay quiet, hoping that he’ll go away, whoever he is. A sigh is heard.

“Okay, let’s try this again. Y/N, I know that you’re in there. Do you mind if I come in?” 

“Go away! I have diarrhea!”

You step over to a toilet and flush it to emphasize your statement. 

“Y/N, I’m not daft. I’m coming in.”

You pull your wand from your pocket as a guy steps through the door. Your mouth falls open slightly as you realize that it’s the notorious Draco Malfoy. He raises an eyebrow at you.

“You’ll raise your wand to the guy seeing if you’re okay, but not to the girls that spread your pornographic pictures across Hogwarts?”

You blush and lower your wand although you keep it in your hand just in case.
“I’m fine. You can leave now.”

“I’ve seen the picture. I know you’re fine. I just wanted to know whether you wanted any help.”

You flush at the brash compliment.

“Help with what?”

“With growing a spine when it comes to Parkinson. I don’t know what you did to antagonize her-“

“I didn’t antagonize her! Me being alive antagonized her!”

He pauses.

“Oh, it’s that situation. I see.”

You raise an eyebrow.

“‘That situation?’” you repeat.

“Yes.” He begins to pace as he speaks. “She sees you as weak, as inferior. That obviously isn’t true, but that’s her thoughts. She’s toying with you. She messes with you to prove to herself that she’s better than you.”

You raise your arms in exasperation.

“And how do I change that?”

He pauses mid-step and turns to you with a smile on his face.

“You prove her wrong.”

For the next few weeks, you two meet often. He coaches you on most Slytherin’s weaknesses and how to prey on them. He shows you how to be ruthless with your words. He also becomes a friend, and very quickly at that considering the circumstances. 

You plop yourself into a bean bag that has been Transfigured from a library book. 

“I can’t believe I’m actually going to do it later.”

He grins from his slouched position on the bean bag next to you. 

“I know. I’ve taught you well.”

“You’ve taught me how to be a ruthless asshole.”

He raises an eyebrow.

“And your point is?”

You laugh at him.

“That’s not a great friendship skill to have.”

“What if friendship isn’t what I’m aiming for?”

“Excuse me?”

His grin reappears although there’s an anxious edge to it. 

“C’mon Y/N, don’t act so surprised. I saw this beautiful boy/girl being abused by this bitch that I’m ‘friends’ with and I go behind her back to train you in the ways of being heartless so that you may conquer your problem. If you haven’t noticed, Slytherins don’t turn on each other unless it’s a damn good reason. You’re a damn good reason.”

You stare at him for a long moment.

“I’m not sure what you want me to say,” you admit.

He laughs and his Adam’s apple bobs nervously as he does so. 

“Well, you have two options. You can reject me or admit that you like me as well.”

A smile creeps onto your face as you lean in slightly and lock eyes with his mercury ones.

“How about this: if I survive this confrontation, I’ll confess my undying love to you. Deal?”

He nods slightly and closes his eyes. You lean in and kiss the tip of his nose. He opens his eyes and smiles.

“Then let’s get this over with, yeah?”

You return the smile and stand up. He stands up as well and follows you into the hallway. As you planned, the corridor is crowded because it is dinner hour. As your heart threatened to pound out of your ribcage, you scan the crowd. Towards the middle, you spot the one you want.

“Yo Parkinson!” you call.

Everyone pauses mid-step and crane their neck to gaze at you. Pansy turns to see who dared yell her name out in such a manner. Her eyes light up and a sinister grin upturn her lips when she spots you. The crowd splits as she stalks towards you.

“L/N, this is a-“

You hold up a hand to interrupt her. Surprisingly, she takes the hint.

“I will keep this message brief because I dislike speaking with you. It feels ridiculous, like conversing with a toad or a common earthworm.” 

She looks at you in disbelief.

“Excuse me? Who do you-“

You hold up your hand again and fix her with a steely glare.

“I would keep quiet if you want to keep your teeth.”

She opens her mouth as if to say something, yet when you raise an eyebrow, it closes. You could hear a quill drop on the floor above because everyone is dead silent to attempt to hear what’s going to be said. You lock eyes with your tormentor for the past several years.

“I want you to listen carefully. Your attitude towards me is unwanted and will no longer be tolerated. That goes for anyone else that you may humiliate because you are under the illusion that you are better than them. Here’s the pin that may pop your ego: you’re not.  Compared to myself and the others, you are a small, insignificant buzzing in our ears. I expect you to stop all your harassment. If I’m not satisfied, I’m going to kick your ass.”

There’s a silence before Pansy breaks it by laughing.

“What, you suddenly grow a backbone and you expect me to bow to your every command?”

You shrug.

“Okay, I tried this the easy way.”

You rear your arm back and punch her square in the face.

“Pansy, there are approximately 1,013,900 words in the English language, yet I could never string any of them together to explain how much I want to hit you in the face with a chair.”

She holds a hand to her nose, pulls it back, and looks at her bloody hand in shock.

“You’re psychotic!”

“No. I’m just done with you toying with me and anyone else. If I catch you being an ass to anyone else, there aren’t enough deities that you can pray to keep yourself safe from me. You understand?”

She nods and begins to shove through the crowd away from you. The witnesses surrounding you begin to clap. You smile at the acknowledgement and do a small bow. You catch Draco’s eye in the crowd to see him grinning and clapping as well. You motion with your head to the library door and he nods in understanding. You push through the people and enter the double doors. Moments later, Draco joins you.

“That was bloody amazing! You did a great job!”

You grin at his praise.

“Thanks, I had a fantastic teacher.”

He smirks.

“Yeah you did.”

You step closer to him.

“And as an amazing teacher, I think you deserve an award.”

He raises an eyebrow.

“And what would that be?”

You eye his plump, pink lips before leaning in and snagging his bottom lip between yours. He gives a small moan as you massage his bottom lip with your tongue. You pull away and lean your forehead against his. 

“Draco, I’d be honored if you became my boyfriend. What do you say?”

He smiles.

“I say hell yes.”

You return the smile before leaning in and connecting your lips once again.


Imagine being the first and only girl in the Penetrator Russ bus.

Author’s Note: Part four for you guys, and, as usual, it’s huge! I have some good and bad news for you. The good one is that I’ll make a part 5! Hahahah and the bad one is I have absolutely no fucking idea how to end this, so I literally don’t know how many parts it’ll have, I’m so so so so so sorry about it. Also, this part right here, there’s *insert Chris voice* DRAAAAMA! Hahahah enjoy sweet angels!

Update: The beautiful Alyssa rewrote this chapter so it’d look good! Go check her amazing fics on @imyourliquor-youremypoison ;)

Part 1.

Part 3.

Part 5.

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Dance With Me

When you arrived at Woofam studio you were surprised to see so many people there. They were all crowding the entrance to the dance room making it hard for you to see what they were so interested in. 

“Y/N!” Buckey called out to you from the front of the crowd.You instantly saw her as she broke through the small crowd to get to you. 

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Originally posted by fandomxoverload

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Warnings: mentions of cheating and cursing

Prompt: basically your partner cheated on you and you have to go on as Peggy/Maria and Anthony is there to comfort you.

Word Count: 1,424


When you walked into the Richard Rogers theater, eyes puffy and earbuds plugged in, he knew something was up.

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Antis Have Had The Worst Month

Antis have had set back after set back in the past few weeks. First the creators came out in an interview and dashed their influencing canon hopes, by saying that no matter what fans say they won’t go back in and add a Klance romantic relationship. 

Then Season 3 dropped and started teasing Allurance. By having Allura, the girl Lance has been interested in since episode one, actually beginning to see him as something other than a goofball, and giving them a really great bonding moment (”If I had to lose blue to someone. I’m glad it was you”). 

Then, as a cherry on top, we have this leak showing Keith is an adult about to turn 19 and Lance is a minor who has just barely turned 17. Mirroring the Otabek minor/adult with two year age gap ship in the Yuri On Ice fandom, that the antis have been screaming is pedophilia too.

Literally everything that could go wrong has gone wrong for antis, and the very best part? None of this is going to effect the chill Klance shippers who can separate fanon and canon. They get to keep shipping their favorite ship, while antis have to eat their words. Truly a great month for the Voltron fandom.

demi & selena {dirty imagine}

“do you even know how fucking sexy you are?” ms. lovato mutters in my ear as she bends me over her desk. i moan feeling her fingers, slide up my ass slapping it nice and hard. “ughhh fuck ms. lovato!” i whimper. “you like that you nasty whore?” she whispers in my ear, biting down on my earlobe. her hands slide my undies aside, ramming two fingers inside me. “oh fuck yes!!” i moan gripping the sides of the desk. “such a dirty slut selena.” she smiles against my skin. her lips kiss down my neck. “do you want to cum baby girl?” she asks, swirling her fingers inside me. my eyes close shut, as her other hand reaches for my clit. “ohh you love that dont you?!” ms. lovato giggles rubbing harder on my swollen bud. “yes yes please make me cum!!” i shout rocking my hips. “thats it selena, cum for my baby, cum i want to taste all your sweet juices.” she whispers filling my hole with her three fingers. i grab onto the desk even more as my legs start shaking, and the knot in the pit of my stomach starts to rise. “ selena, selena….”

“selena!!!” my teachers voice, drags me back to the plain classroom. “huh? what!” i nearly shout looking around the class. everyones eyes are on me. “pay attention! we have a finals next week and your not going to pass sleeping through the review!” ms.lovato says smacking her ruler on the board. i try to contain a moan as i imagine her smacking my ass with it, bending me over her desk and letting the ruler connect with my ass cheeks. i can feel the slippery feeling in between my legs. i bite my lip watching as ms.lovato scribbles things on the board. i watch as her ass moves from side to side in her tight pencil skirt. i imagine having my tongue inside her making her yell out my name, having her hands tangled in my hair pushing me further and further into her sweet pussy. i shift in my chair, rubbing my legs together. her white almost see through blouse is a perfect fit, you can see the shape of her breasts, round and big. oh how i want them in my mouth. “selena.” ms.lovato says. “yes.” i say looking at my sexy teacher. “what is the answer to this.” she says, pointing to a simple problem written in purple marker on the board.

 my eyes dont want to focus on anything else but her. “the answer.” she says, looking down to my legs as i keep rubbing them together. “i dont know.” i finally say, not letting my eyes fall from hers. “i know ms.lovato!” the girl in front shouts rising her hand high. “whats the answer emily.” ms.lovato says keeping her eyes locked on mine. emily shouts the answer proudly. “very good.” ms. lovato smiles finally letting our gaze drop. 

about a hour later the bell rings for lunch and we all dismiss without a word from ms.lovato. iam the last one to leave the room, when i look back at her she is bending down picking up a paper she dropped. i get a peek at her bright pink undies. i bite my lip rushing into the bathroom, looking down at my soaked undies once i reach the inside of the stall. i dont want to do this in school, but ms. lovato looked so fucking good today, how can i not!!. i slide my hand down my body, going under my skirt rubbing my clit slowly. i lean against the door trying to be quiet. i push two fingers inside me pumping ever so lightly. “ohh.” i whisper covering my mouth as my fingers slide in knuckles deep. i pump faster, listening to my wetness as it makes splotching noises. 

the restroom door opens and i freeze. heels walk by my stall door, i look through the crack of the door to see who just walked in but i see no one. the heels walk by once more and the door opens and shuts. i take a breath, relieved that i didnt get caught. i unlock and walk through my stall door. ms.lovato is standing right in front of the restroom door with her arms crossed in front of her chest. “so what were you doing in there selena?” she smiles. “what do you mean?” i say not looking her in the eye. “oh i think you know what i mean.” she whispers locking the restroom door. can this be really happening?! i must have fallen asleep again. “how long have you been looking at me the way you do?” she smiles walking closer to me.

 i open my mouth to talk but nothing air comes out. she presses her body behind me, grabbing my hips. i watch her in the mirror, as she leans her head down to my ear, biting my earlobe ever so lightly. i gasp, feeling her warm hands run up my stomach then back down. “i bet you taste wonderfully.” she mutters, kissing just behind my ear. i grab her hand, when she pushes under my bra feeling my breasts. “look at yourself.” she whispers turning me to look at her through the mirror. my shirt is wrinkled with her hand under it lifting it to where i can see my whole stomach. i can see my bra about to slip up releasing my breasts. her other hand is tracing the him of my skirt ready to push down. “i want you to watch as i make you feel good okay?” she whispers, pushing her hand past my skirt and undies. “fuck.” i whimper as she cups my pussy. “ohhh look at you.” she laughs, making eye contact with me through the mirror. my mouth falls open when i feel her playing with my little bub between her fingers. her fingers slip inside me triggering me to fall back against her.

 “soaked through, someone is a dirty girl.” she mumbles kissing down my neck. “are you a dirty girl selena?” she asks sliding another finger into me. i bite down hard on my lower lip, trying my hardest not to scream out. “are you?” she repeats ramming her three fingers inside me. “ahhhh yes fuck ms. lovato ! iam such a fucking dirty girl!!” i nearly scream, she smirks at me. 

a bang at the door scares us both. “whos in there!?” someone yells from outside. “shh.” she whispers walking towards the door. i look towards the mirror again to see my shirt all messed up along with my hair and skirt. we hear footsteps walk away. “now go to my class, while i give the janitor an excuse .” she tells me fixing my shirt, while i flatten down my hair and straighten my skirt. “now dont be late.”she smiles, reaching for my ass grabbing it roughly. i moan in response. “go.” she smiles opening the door. walking down to her class, i cant even think straight. images of us in the mirror flicker through my head. i cant fucking believe it. walking into her class i hop up on the her desk moving her things aside. my legs dangle off the edge as i wait for her. 

the door clicks, ms. lovato walks in. she locks it behind her then makes her way to me. “just how i wanted you.” she smiles standing between my legs. “i want a taste of this pussy.” she whispers pulling her lips to mine. “can i ?” she asks as if i was going to deny her. “please.” i whimper, laying back on her desk. her kneels down lifting my skirt up, her fingers trace my inner thighs. rushes of excitement run through my body, waiting for the moment i wanted since i was assigned to this class. she rubs both her hands at each side of my covered pussy. “please.” i beg reaching down to her hands. she laughs, leaning her head forward nipping at my pussy through the fabric. “ohhhhh.” i moan deeply arching my back against the cold wooden desk. “more.” i breath out grabbing her hair in between my fingers. she shakes her head violently between my legs, causing a high pitch moan to leave my lips. she pulls off my undies tossing them aside then pressing her tongue against my pussy lips. “you are really killing me” i smile looking down to her. she smiles sticking her tongue inside me. i feel her warm tongue, slip inside running over my clit, my body reacts almost instantly. “shit yes ms. lovato like that.” i moan pushing her face into me more. “moan my fucking name.” she snaps spitting on my open pussy. “fuck yes !! ms.lovato!! tongue fuck me just like that ms. lovato please dont stop!!” i shout, she hums into me. the sensation nearly throws me over the edge. i whimper wrapping my legs around her neck, “shit shit shit.” i whisper as her tongue swirls around inside me. she smacks my ass, gripping it. “ughh yess.” i grunt grinding my pussy on her face. “uh huh you like that?!” she mutters sticking out her tongue so i can grind down on her. i nod, grabbing my breasts. she pulls away standing up. another whimper leaves my lips, from the lost of her touch. “now stand up you dirty little girl.” she demands walking over to her white board. i do as told and stand letting my skirt fall back down covering myself. “now how bad of a girl have you been?” she asks lifting the ruler from earlier. a small gasp leaves me, thinking back to class when i imagined her doing dirty things with that damn ruler and now its happening. “how bad?!” she snaps, slapping the ruler down onto the desk. “very bad.” i reply, just wanting her tongue back inside me. “really?” she smiles walking over to me. she stands behind me once more. “what were you doing in the stall?” she whispers gliding the ruler up my legs. “i-i was umm…” i start but soon get lost in my thoughts to finish. the ruler traces the sides of my legs then under my skirt touching my ass. then sliding down in between my legs, laying flat on my pussy. “what were you doing?” she hisses slapping it against my pussy. “ugh.” i moan leaning over the desk. “i was touching myself.” i breath out, feeling the sting between my legs.

 she leans against my back, running her hands up my body. “show me.” she whispers in my ear. i turn towards her, sitting down on her desk. she smiles watching my hands as they slip under my skirt. i suck in a breath as my fingertips trace over my clit. i play with my little bud, rubbing down faster and harder with my index and middle finger. i moan, bucking my hips. ms. lovato smiles placing both hands on my knees spreading them wide. my fingers slip inside me, triggering me to moan out. she pulls me forward against her removing my fingers. “i want to do that.” she smiles pressing her lips to mine. the taste of sweet strawberry enters my mouth as her tongue fights mine. she wins in the end, but i dont mind one bit. her hand travels down to my core rubbing me gently then pushing two fingers into me. “please make me cum.” i moan rocking my hips down on her hands. “its so sexy how fucking wet you are.” she smiles pumping her fingers faster. “lay back.” she says pulling down my skirt, and practically ripping off my shirt. “now try not to moan to loud baby.” she laughs, snaking her arms around my thighs, pulling my pussy onto her mouth. i whimper grabbing a handful of her hair, pushing her tongue deep inside me. her lips wrap around my clit, my body reacts all on its own shivering and jerking forward. her two thin fingers, slide easily into me causing a loud whimper and moan to echo through me.  “yes yes ms.lovato !! fuck just like that dont you fucking stop!!” i shout as her tongue circles my clit. “cum i want to suck you dry baby girl cum all over me cum for me.” she mutters against my core. my legs begin shaking, my heart races more than before, and my knot is my stomach feels like it is going to erupt. thousands of dirty words tumble from my lips, as i rush through my high.

 ms. lovato continues licking and nipping on my pussy until there is no more cum leaking out. she rises and sits in her chair with the biggest smile on her face as she watches me lay breathless on her desk. “that was so fucking amazing.” i gasp looking at her. “well iam glad you enjoyed it.” she laughs crossing her arms in front of her chest. “now its time to make you feel good.” i smile standing up, kneeling down in front of her. she smiles slightly, as her eyes follow me. i push her pencil skirt up her thighs, and get a look at her undies that i saw from earlier that day. “god the things i would do to you.” i mumble spreading her legs in front of me. 

“like what?” she asks in a soft tone. my fingers trace the curves of her thighs, soaking every little detail of her skin. “like kiss every single inch of your beautiful body.” i whisper kissing her inner thighs. she whimpers, “i would lick this pussy every single night.” i mumble placing my head between her legs, and nibbling at her covered pussy. she moans, rocking against my mouth. a small wet spot appears right in front of my mouth, as my lips kiss her core. “fuck selena.” she moans grabbing her breasts in both hands squeezing them. “i would want to her you moan my name all nigh long.” i say gripping both sides of her undies, dragging them down her legs. “now i want you to moan my fucking name while i eat this delicious pussy.” i purr sticking my tongue inside her. she moans out grabbing each arm rest of the chair. “shit !” she moans. “moan my fucking name!” i demand slapping her open pussy. “oh shit selena!!” she shouts. “thats it baby let everyone know who the fuck is making you feel this fucking good.” i smirk grabbing her thighs pulling them apart. “no no ughhhhh so deep!” she whimpers in a high pitch voice that ive never heard before. she mutter dirty things under her breath, as i tongue fuck her. “yes selena, please more.” she pants, wanting more. i shove my three fingers inside her. she screams out my name, guiding me to where her favorite spot is. once i find it i attack it. curling my fingers inside her soaked pussy, hitting her g-spot in a fast and hard pace. “holy shit! selena yes baby your making me so fucking wet, this is your pussy. make me cum i want to cum all over you!!!” she moans letting her head fall back against the chair, sinking down. “yes !! iam cumming ! keep fucking my pussy!! ohhh shit selenaaa!” she shouts clenching around my fingers, cumming all over me. i connect my mouth to her pussy, licking her walls clean. “your so sweet.” i smile looking up to her, giving her sensitive clit a long lick. “mmmm” she hums straightening back in her chair. “well that was a fun lunch.” she smiles reaching for her undies, and dropping them in the drawer of her desk. “what a bad girl.” i smile, fixing my skirt for the thousand time in less than  hour. “maybe you can do something about that later tonight.” she winks as the bell echos the halls. “maybe i will, i do need more help to bring my grade up in this class.” i smile. 

hope you enjoyed it ! sorry for the crappy ending…. let me know what you think! thanks for reading! xx 

mundane au | clizzy | after a breakup, clary decides to dye her hair pink and isabelle is her hairdresser

(somewhat inspired by this & anyone who ever made a gifset of clary with pink hair)

“Do you think I’d look good with pink hair?”

Simon looks at Clary, the slight surprise in his eyes fading as his thinking face comes out, like he’s honestly trying to picture it, because Simon is the kind of friend who wouldn’t even question why she’s asking.

“I think you might actually be able to pull that off,” he says after another few moments, a genuine smile on his face. While Clary was only half serious, having Simon think it’s a good idea makes her think she should actually do it.

It’s been a while since she’s done anything purely for herself, a while since she’s wanted to, especially after Adrian and her broke up. Well, if you can call him being an asshole and dumping Clary out of nowhere them breaking up. Simon calls it the best thing to happen since The Force Awakens came out, and Clary is finally at a point where she knows he’s right, Adrian was an ass and she’s better off without him.

And maybe making a visible change in her life might be exactly what she needs to fully put this behind her, to start fresh, as cheesy as that sounds.

She pulls out her phone and calls her hair salon, even more certain of her decision when it turns out someone had just canceled and there was an opening in about an hour, giving her just enough time to get there from the coffee shop she and Simon are at.

“Are you sure it’s okay that I leave?” she asks again as they reach Simon’s subway station.

“Yes, of course, go and do your thing, we see each other every day,” Simon reassures her, giving her a hug and taking another long look at her after he pulls away. “You are gonna look so badass.”

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Hey, I’ve Got You- Chapter Three

Tony Stark x enhanced! Reader

Summary -The reader was captured and experimented on and given the healing factor and she has claws that extend out from the bed of their nails. The people who are experiment on her cover her skeleton in vibranium. So the reader now has metal claws. They keep her locked away for a very long time. They rarely feed her or let her out because there is such a high chance of her escape now. Somehow the UN panel that is in charge of the accords finds out about the illegal experiments and send Iron Man in to shut down the operation. The reader is the only one there because the scientists had gotten word that they had been discovered. Tony finds the reader and takes her back to the compound.

Message-TIME JUMP! Sorry if it sucks!!

Warning- Reader is held captive and experimented on. Mentions of torture. Self-injurious behavior.

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Word Count- 1,000ish

You had been living at the compound for 6 months. You had met Rhodey and Pepper the second day you were her and you had all become the best of friends. You had learned a lot about yourself since being freed. You were sassy, stubborn and sarcastic. You would fiercely protect and defend those you cared about- even if it was from themselves. Also you learned that you loved to shop, you loved being able to choose what you wore, you loved to be able to style your hair to perfection and you loved to make sure your makeup was on point. You think that it’s because you weren’t allowed to do any of these things for so long, so now you were over compensating for lost time.

But the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself since you came here was that you were in love with Tony Stark. He was kind, generous, funny and probably the best person on this earth. You knew he didn’t see it. Years of being emotionally abused by his father had destroyed his self-worth and the “civil war” with the other Avengers hadn’t helped. People said he was cruel, vapid, and narcissistic, but you knew that, that Tony was an act that he put on so people wouldn’t get to close to him. The only people he let see the real him were you, Rhodey, Pepper and as of very recently, Helen.

After the first week of living here your days fell into an easy schedule. You would get up around 8:00. Go to the lab to see Helen so she could get blood samples from you-she was still trying to figure out why you weren’t aging. Then you would join Tony for breakfast and the two of you would spend the mornings either in his lab, watching movies or going to different museums’. After lunch you would see your therapist for your 2 hour session, then you would go train- you had decided that you wanted to learn how to fight. Tony had found a retired SHEILD agent to teach you. According to them you were a natural, it probably had something to do with your enhanced senses, you could hear, see, and smell better than an average person. You also had quicker reflexes. After training you would have dinner with Tony, Rhodey, Pepper and Helen. After dinner you guys would play games, have movie nights or just hang out. On Saturdays you, Pepper and Helen would have “girl’s day” and the three of you would do things like go to the spa, or go to the mall. Sundays were lazy days and everyone would hang out in their pajamas until early afternoon. Most of those Sundays involved you and Tony cuddling on the couch while everyone helped to catch up on the last 50 years. You were currently walking to your therapy session when you walked in you saw your therapist and before you even sat down you blurt out:

“I think I’m in love with Tony.” Your therapist nods

“Is it because he rescued you? Or maybe it’s because he takes care of you? Loving someone who rescued you and then took you in is natural.”

“No, it’s not like that. Yes he did save me and yes he does take care of me but I take care of him to and I love him because he is kind and generous and funny. I love the stupid smile he gets when he’s explaining his tech to me. I love that he was so willing to take me in when I was a complete stranger who was traumatized. Tony gives and gives and the world just keeps taking from him, I think that its time someone starts giving back to him.”

“Do you think you’re healthy enough to be that person?” your therapist asks.

“I-I know my mental health isn’t 100% but these last 6 months have been good. When I look in the mirror I see Y/N, not that traumatized girl who could barely remember her name. But it’s a moot point, he probably doesn’t love me. He’s used to dating women like Pepper. Women who are put together and successful.” You say with a frown.

“How will you know for sure unless you talk to him? If this is what you truly want then you should know all healthy relationships require open lines of communication.” You nod at this. The two of you talk more about what a healthy relationship looks like and then after your two hours is up you go to find Tony.

“Y/N!” Tony calls. “I want you to meet someone. This is Peter Parker. Remember I told you about him? He’s Spiderman.”

“Mr. Stark! You can’t keep telling people my secret identity!” a boy who was probably 15 says.

“Don’t worry, kid. Your secrets safe with me. I thought Tony said you weren’t joining the Avengers yet?”

“Oh, no, I’m just here for the summer. I want to finish school before I join full time.” Peter says back.

“That’s great, would you mind if I stole Tony away for a few minutes?” You ask.

“Of course not! Tony told me I would be training with you so I’ll see you in a bit.” The kids said before running out of Tony’s lab.

“What do you want to talk about?” Tony asked curiously.

“I-uh just wanted to let you-uh….jeez, this is hard.” You says are you take a deep breath.

“Your leaving aren’t you. That’s what you’re trying to tell me right?” Tony’s voice cracked and you looked up and saw that he was distressed.

“What? No, I would never leave you, Tony. I’m in love with you.” You say and then you gasp and use your hands to cover your mouth. That was not how you wanted to tell him. But then you look at him and his eyes are soft and his smile is wide. He reaches out, grabs your hands and pulls them away from your face.

“I’m in love with you, too.” Tony says. You look down at your hands and then you look up at him. Then you lean into him and give him a quick chaste kiss.

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Peter Parker |Peculiar and beautiful

Count of words: 819

Warnings: well it’s not a warning but plus-size reader… trigger possible, hurtfull comments , swearing(mild, maybe once), fluff

A/N: So had this idea cause Loic Nottet is perfect and he inspired me so here…. Inspire by Peculiar and Beautiful by Loic Nottet… But like it’s very different from the song.

ps couldn’t give you a link to the song cause it’s not on youtube…




She had just returned home from party, once again all those skinny girls showing of their perfect bodies, while she kept hidding her beautiful and natural curves, with the belief that they made her ‘ugly’ and ‘unnatractive’. But, as much as she was trying to shield herself with those loose clothes, there was someone that just wanted to embraced those, he wanted to help her.

So here she was again, in front of the full size mirror in her bedroom. She was only in her underware, so that all her flaws were visible. Really, she was just trapped into the mirror’s game. It’s a vicious thing, the mirror. It knew just how to play tricks with your mind, making you wonder is what I’m seeing true or is it a lie? The answer is mostly a lie. Cause what you see in the mirror, is not always what other people see in you. It doesn’t reflect who you are, but rather your flaws, and you into that game, just lie she did; just like we all do. Right now, she was looking at her flawed body up and down, naming everything wrong. “My fat legs… big stomach… love handles/ muffin topping… stetch marks… thunder thighs… under arm fat… chubby cheeks…” And the list goes on, a tear falling for every insecurity. She hated who she was, but she didn’t acknoledge that the body hidding in the shadows loved it all.

He loved her beautiful, godess-like legs, he loved her comfortable stomach, her love handles, her beautiful battle scars, her big thighs; that was actually turning him on a bit, but he couldn’t admit it, he loved her arms and her cute cheeks, that he could pinch and squeez and smile at forever. But, he didn’t have enough courage to tell her this himself, in fear of redjection. I mean, who would like the nerd of the school, especially when they don’t know that underneath all that ‘nerdiness’ hides a superhero.

He’d be keeping an eye on her for a while now, so it didn’t come as a surprise that he knew where she was that night. She was sitting on her fire escape, crying over God knows what. Peter, or well, spiderman, would go on patrol and when he was at it he would check to see if she was alright. Usually, he wouldn’t stop but this time his heart broke at the image of the girl. She really did have him wrapped around her finger, but she didn’t know.

As mentioned, the girl, was sitting on her fire escape, legs hunging off the edge, as she cried over some hurtful comments from those, so called,  'perfect’ girls in her school. Spiderman, of course wasn’t aware of the reason, but he wanted to help. Swiftly, he flew to the girl, sitting beside her without scaring her. There was a comfortable silence, until she decided to break it. “So, what is the Spiderman doing on my fire escape on this fine night?” She questioned, a slight playfull tone evident, almost overshadowing the crack in it. “Well, he was on patrol and saw you cry. So, he wants to help. What is bothering you, darling?” He responded, a sudden confidence obvious in his voice, but the girl was rather oblivious. “Nice story, spiderling , but you don’t even know me. Why would you care?” “Well, first, don’t call me that. Second, I do know you and I do care, so please let me help,” he requested, his voice soft, as if pleading the girl to let him help her. “Well, here goes nothing,” she mumbled. “It’s just my insecurities, really. It’s stupid, but these girls said some things about me today. I mean, they were right. I’m fat. I could use lo-” “No,” he said aggravated that those girls made even conside that they are right. “You don’t have to lose weight, you don’t need to, unless it affects your health. In your case it doesn’t so stop. You are breathtaking, beautiful. It’s the mere fact of being you that makes you peculiar and beautiful. And, it’s the mere fact of being you that makes me fall for you more everyday,” he informed, a rush of adrenaline pumping through his veins. And then the unexpected. He removed his mask and kissed the girl softly, but with so much love and passion involved. “You are perfect just the way you are. Just be you, simply you. It’s enough.” He said after he pulled away. The girl was shocked that her all-time crush had just kissed her, but also about the fact that he was here favorite superhero. Peter searched her eyes for any reaction and he was relieved to see her smile and nod. “Now, two things. First, would you like to be my girlfriend? And two, how about we cuddle and eat pizza?” He offered and the girl chuckled, pulling him inside her appartment.