someone give this girl a mirror

Oh my gosh, you guys. I am having a great time at this new job. One aspect is in my second week, my boss (nice guy in his early 40’s) and I had a conversation about games we enjoy, and he was completely interested in the Nancy Drew games I recommended. He started on Shadow at the Water’s Edge last week and my day is just made better whenever he stops by my desk to update me on his progress.

  • “Your game scared the crap out of me! I’m in the sauna, going through people’s baskets, and then there’s this freaky girl in the mirror!”
  • “Well I haven’t died yet, but I did get kicked out because I asked the wrong person to translate the article for me. So now I’m saving my game before asking each person.”
  • “That robot cat and I are going to have words!”
  • “I feel kinda bad going through all of this girl’s stuff, but who gives their key to someone they just met?”

He’s currently suffering through the Bento boxes. :D

What Lucas probably hears when he's on the phone with Riley
  • Lucas: So Rile-
  • Maya: You're adorable, Riles
  • Riley: So are you, Peaches
  • Lucas: Erhm, I-
  • Maya: You're like the prettiest girl I've ever seen
  • Riley: You clearly haven't looked in the mirror then
  • Lucas: Uh, Riley...?
  • Riley: You're so cute it's overwhelming
  • Maya: I'll never be as cute as you though, Riles
  • Lucas: Hello...?
  • Maya: Every day it amazes me that I know someone as incredibly beautiful as you
  • Riley: I feel the exact same way about you, Peaches
  • Lucas: I give up. *hungs up*
EXO Reaction when they wake up as a girl

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“So that’s how it feels… having B~~bs… hmmm it’s fun” *Squeezes them all day*


“Gotta get all the boys for me…” *Kris-ty still has style*


“Awww thank you Sehunnie-ah you didn’t have to!” *Gives presents and chocolates to himself, even proposes*


“need to take selfies before I go back…I look so fly~”


*Stays the whole day looking at the mirror* “I like this version of myself… always so beautiful Nina! *Calls himself nina instead of nini*


*Looking at the mirror* “Guys! I think someone broke in! A girl is staring at me!” *Can’t understand what is happening*


“Now I can finally go to the make up section without worrying… I wonder if they have new eye liners..”


“What do you mean I don’t look manly anymore?” *Real crisis here*


“YAY! I can go to the lingerie shop! Gotta have some fun while I can!” *Naughty Dae*


*Can’t seem to walk with high heels* “AHH! Being a girl is really hard! I want to go back!”


*Really confused* “I thought… I was a boy… I was born an unicorn boy…. right? I need to call mom”


“Time to go shopping! Real shopping!”

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exo gif reaction: exo waking up as a girl.

 sehun: *feeling himself…well ‘herself’*

kai: *gets shocked when he looks in the mirror*

when he got use to seeing himself as a girl in the mirror.

Kai:“I look pretty hot actually…”

Tao: *takes 101 selfies because he feels kawaii" I’m so yeppo >.<

Kyungsoo: *every time someone compilments him for being pretty*

chanyeol: *looks at himself in the mirror*

chen: * at school and someone gives he a note saying 'will you go out with me’


baekhyun: *buys a lot of eyeliner without getting judged because he’s a woman*

lay: *walks out of room*

Tao: *gets shocked to see a girl in the dorm* HYUNG?…you’re a girl!? 


suho: “so basically… you’re telling me I’m a real eomma?

sehun: yes hyu-…I mean noona… wait… it’s EOMMA.

kris *finds himself/herself extremely sexy.*

Luhan: *the night before he wished to be more manly, wakes up to be a female*

Xiumin: "so like.. is it okay for me to date luhan now?

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The question is: when does an AU stop being an AU and become a story all on its own?

Either way, here is some fast art from an AU idea inspired by all the Miyazaki art that has been on my dash lately ( @skidar I blame you for that!)

Anyway, Story, at the end of the day, is pretty simple: it’s about Dipper deciding to get a hair cut.

The bigger story (because there is always a bigger story) is about Dipper, a trans boy, coming to terms with who he is and accepting himself to the point where he is finally able to get up the courage to ask Grunkle Stan to help him cut off his long hair (something that his family always told him was ‘beautiful and that [he] shouldn’t cut it’). The girl in the mirror, Mabel, helps him in this by, honestly, just being herself, giving Dipper someone he can actually talk to, and giving Dipper the confidence to be himself too, no matter what anyone says about it.

There is another plot point with Ford and Stan that is less flushed out so I’ll just leave it at that for now.

21654) No one realizes I’m doing this for myself. I don’t give a fuck about what that boy, or girl, or anyone thinks. It doesn’t help when someone tells me I’m not fat. Because I don’t care about your opinion. I just want to look in the mirror and be happy with what I see. I want this voice in my head to shut the fuck up and say something nice instead.

If I’m Gone Tomorrow, Here’s What You Need To Know;

Do you know how it feels?
To have songs that express the words you just can’t get out?
To have someone say something and not get triggered to break down and cry?
To look at someone that use to mean the world to you and now they are just a stranger?
To look at yourself in the mirror and see how useless and broken you really are?
I see that everyday.
On good days,
On sad days,
On bad days.

I see a girl that once had dreams in her eyes but was told they were too big.
A girl who believed in love but have it to the wrong people.
A girl who just wants to give up.

Anxiety, thoughts, depressed.
They are like invisible weights that I drag everyday.
Around my ankles, slowing my heart down.
Until it will eventually stops.
I don’t know if it will be intentionally or just the right time.
Death doesn’t seem bad anymore.
You don’t feel pain or sadness..
It’s just, relief.

I hope my last breath is a sigh of relief.
Goodnight and I love you, I say you before I go,
You were the last person who I truly love and I just want you to know.

—  audra-18

I got called fat earlier and it upset me for a while but you know what FUCK THAT. I’ve came a long way on accepting myself that I don’t want to start all over on loving myself! I was told by someone that just because I’m fat, or bigger than most people doesn’t necessarily mean I’m ugly or any less attractive. So FUCK YOU. I could honestly give a fuck! I’m beautiful.💖💘✨


Chibiusa called Michiru “ONEE-SAN” during this (and continues to do so throughout the episode) and for some reason that made my heart melt? I just really love that they have kind of a bond in the manga and that Michiru even gives Chibs her mirror to remember her and Hotaru by and as reassurance they’ll come back at the end of the arc. MICHIRU JUST REALLY LIKES KIDS. SHE MAY BE ONLY SECOND TO MAMORU IN HOW MUCH SHE WANTS ALL THE KIDS. Which considering how closed off she is otherwise, the fact she has a soft spot for children (Haruka does too) is so adorable.

but really Chibs calling Michiru that just indicates that she totally just hopped into a helicopter with these two girls NOT EVEN KNOWING THEIR NAMES. SOMEONE TEACH CHIBIUSA ABOUT STRANGER DANGER.

Also of note: Chibs super happy “YES” about her friendship with Hotaru and Haruka being THWARTED and Michiru’s fond look over what a dork she is- can we please have more shit like this, cute moments with Harumichi and Chibs, and not the weird cheating storylines????

Hey guys. It’s Holly!

I’m just here to tell you to keep on being you. 

When you look in a mirror what do you see? I see a girl that’s struggling to make it. And through all that pain she hasn’t cracked. She overcame her problems and will overcome many more. And damn, she looks better than she gives herself credit for, even with scars. 

If you’re reading this, you’re alive. So clearly you’ve won your fights, probably with the scars to prove it. Look in that mirror again. You are beautiful. So much more than anyone could ever tell you.

If a someone breaks up with you that’s their loss. If someone denies you that’s their loss. If they’re to blind to see how amazing you are, then that’s their loss.

Some people might think you’re crazy or ugly or fat or mean. But real friends know who you really are. 

No one can “understand” you. No one is in the same boat. You’re not lying when you say that. But understand that you are always loved.

By family.

By friends.

Or by me.

Just know that if you ever feel alone, you can talk to me. Because I will never try to hurt you.