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How To Adult on a Budget: Kitchen Edition

I wish someone would have told me these things when I was younger to save me a lot of time, money, and frustrating mistakes so here you go kids:

- when you’re putting together your first kitchen on a tight budget, certain quality items are way more important. good basics will get you through most day-to-day cooking and last basically forever, whereas nice matching plates are cute but no less functional than mismatched stuff from goodwill. (also, overstock stores are a GREAT way to get good basics cheap because who gives a shit about damaged packaging or out of season colors when it comes to stuff like this? rich people maybe idk)

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anakinkshamer  asked:

let's be real for a moment, if they were to have made a love action megamind movie, and instead of making him look alien-ish, and they like decided to give him a more human look. You would be casted as Megamind. I'm just saying it'd be cool and I think about it a lot and it's weird but whatever y'know.

That…….is probably one of the nicest things someone has ever told me before. SURE, GET THE HELL RIGHT INTO MY FEELS, APARENTLY I’VE GOT PLENTY.

I’ve actually planned on making lots of Megamind Cosplay music videos (CMV’s) and small sketches and stuff (PARODIES??). With me as Megamind. But you know, with the blue hair and normal skin color, to make it look a little bit more realistic and well a lot EASIER *INTENSE SCREAMING* 

I already have lots of ideas, but I need to fix a megamind cosplay first/ and or something similar to it, to make it look as close to it as possible. And I also need someone to cosplay Roxanne, Minion and Metrodouche.

I already have the equipment for the videos. So its just to shoot and go.
Im somewhat skillfull with the video editing, and I have programs for it. And I already have a really good fatass videocamera. Different cameras even. And stuff like that.


“We want representation”

Yeah. Ok. Me too.

“We want Bioware  to give us better representation.”

Yeah, ok. They’re doing a better job than a lot of others but there’s always room for constructive criticism and improvement. 

“Someone else’s playthrough isn’t diverse enough”

Annnnnd STOP. This I don’t understand. How does someone else’s playthrough affect you? How does the skin color of someone else’s Warden/Hawke/Inquisitor, etc and who they romance affect your gameplay at all? Wanting more official gay love interests and companions with more African or East Asian features is one thing. Those characters would be in everyone’s games.  That would be actual representation. 

Suzy Q’s white human Inquisitor in a heterosexual romance with Cullen doesn’t take any diversity or representation away from the game. Vivienne isn’t suddenly less black because the PC is pale and Sera isn’t any less of a lesbian because she’s not banging the female Inquisitor. Similarly, you as the player aren’t doing anything special for under represented minority groups for making your dark skinned F!Hawke romance Isabela. 

Instead of complaining about “whitebread” straight male love interests and their fans every time you come across someone gushing over how cute their f!Cousland is with Alistair why not post your own Warden and start gushing about them?  

–Mod Zevran

(Headcanons=/=Representation either, but the other mods already covered that.)

Full Confession:

It has always perplexed me a little how seriously people take the bachelors and their personalities in Harvest Moon (and now Story of Seasons.) The one that really struck me the most as ANB with how people gushed over Neil as a “misunderstood” tsundere while completely stigmatizing Allen, going as far as to say he is psychologically abusive. While I respect that some people may see these things in certain characters, I never saw either of them as anything to be glorified, forgiven or condemned because they are just very different characters. Moreover, if anything, I have always found Allen’s oversensitive nature and off-color jokes more tolerable than someone who never seems to give ground and struggles to even be polite. But then I married Soseki so… what do I know?