someone give me money so i can do this please!

Okay so;

I’m giving away 5 copies of George deValiers’ Auf Wiedersehen, Sweetheart in book form. Regular book size, printed, around 180 - 200 pages or so. I still have to wait for them to arrive from the printer shop, but as soon as I get them, - and there will be someone interested - I will upload pictures so you can see them. Since the original is not mine, I won’t ask for money for it. Consider it as an early Christmas present! ^^

If you want one, or have a question, please reblog this, or message me, or do anything so I’ll know about your need.

I lied I’m begging again .

So. Due to the unforseen circumstance that I no longer have rent money because SOMEONE (ugh) is not paying me , I’m opening up emergency commissions again.

Rent is 131 cad (100usd). The goal is right now 50cad. Any extra goes to food.

I can offer you pay-what-you-want sketches and art pieces. If you want some.wholesome fluffy tf au content, I can give you that too. All I require is a ship name.

My PayPal is message, email me and I can do something for you!

Please reblog. I’ll update y'all when I drop out of school and get extra money.


Help a Bi Trans Guy and his Mom move out of their Basement and Eat

Hey! I never thought I’d make one of these posts but, Me and my Mom are currently living in a small basement, and we’re moving soon. The problem is, my Mom’s been sick for a while now and she hasn’t been able to go to work. We don’t really have the money to move right now But we need to, because this basement lacks a lot of things we need. 

On top of that, Most of the food we have was purchased by my sister. We’ve only been shopping once or twice since that and we’re starting to run out of food. Ontop of that, we have to give up our only mattress soon if we continue to stay here. That means sharing 1 Air Mattress or Sleeping on the floor. We are okay, but we could use the money to get back on our feet.

Please buy some things from my newest collection, Kagayaku. We really need the money right now, even buying a sticker would help. If you can’t buy anything Please Reblog so maybe someone else can.

If You don’t like these Items, please tell me or give me suggestions as to what you would buy. I would be happy to make them.


anonymous asked:

I love your blog because you treat both Chris and Darren with respect so I am hoping for an honest opinion from someone who won't jump to the conclusion that I am dissing Darren. He had a contract with Columbia - a studio with a lot of money who could promote him. Why didn't he do an album with them, then go do his own music? Because this way it looks like they put him on a shelf after his tour, not that he quit them. Who quits a big studio anyway?? Can you give me a sensible reason?

Hey I think I can actually answer this question pretty well. Anyone please add:

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My Open Letter to Netflix RE: Sense8

Good Morning Mr. Hastings & Netflix,

I will think long and hard to try to make this short, as I know you have many other messages to attend to.  I am not here to attack you, and I am not going to suggest that the cancellation of Sense8 had anything to do with politics or social views.

I get that Sense8 was expensive and could not be continued into another season.  What I do not understand is how a company that has developed a reputation as the savior of underappreciated television would not provide fans of one of its popular original series with a conclusion.  Netflix used to have a reputation of integrity, of respect for fans and a commitment to storytelling.  That reputation is now circling down the drain. I imagine if you had let the show runners know that Sense8 could be cut after the poor ratings of the Christmas special, that they would have produced a more satisfying ending to season 2. The Wachowskis and JM Straczynski have been in the business for long enough to know that these things happen. However you did not provide them with a heads up, nor did you tell them that it was cancelled, they had to find out the same way the rest of us did.  Which, honestly, is probably the worst part about this.  Not telling the creators that they had been axed before telling the press is disrespectful.  The cancellation upset me, but the knowledge that you treat people like that is even worse. Suddenly anything you had distinguishing you from traditional networks is gone.

Some people will say we are acting overly entitled by wanting Netflix to invest millions to wrap up a series that under performed.    But I have to wonder if you really did all that you could to promote this show.  For one thing, you could have fixed the new algorithm that leaves plenty of quality movies and series buried for no apparent reason.  Sense8 is not the only victim of this, and there are plenty of people out there telling you to fix it. I only knew that the new season of Sense8 was out because I was keeping tabs on it, not because it ever showed up on my feed, despite the fact that I had watched season 1 numerous times. Considering all the queer and sci-fi movies I watch, you’d think it would be an obvious recommendation.

In addition to your faulty algorithm, poor marketing choices meant that the series did not get as many viewers as you would have hoped.  If you are going to invest Game of Thrones level cash into a series you should probably consider matching their advertising budget too.  It is clear that you prioritized Orange is the New Black, a series which already has a huge fan base and likely does not need nearly as much attention as you give it.  This is not only advertising, but on your social media accounts as well.  Over the course of May there was a single vague reference to Sense8 in between the release of the second season and the announcement of its cancellation.  There were more references to The Keepers and War Machine.  It just seems silly not to have promoted it more on twitter.  Twitter has got to be the easiest place to promote your shows, how could there not have been any additional postings about it? The reviews for season 2 were significantly better than for season 1, why were they never shared?  Why was there only one trailer, when you could have had 8 intriguing character trailers?    Why did you post more about Orange is the New Black on its release date that you did for Sense8 over the past year?  From where I am looking, it seems like you set Sense8 up to fail.  

So maybe we are acting out, but can you blame us for being upset that you created one of the most unique pieces of art on television and squandered it?  We are not happy, and this isn’t a handful of diehard fans tweeting into the void. This is hundreds, thousands of people across the globe, fighting for the show back.   I would not be writing this letter if it wasn’t for the thousands of other Sense8 fans tweeting their hearts away, trolling your social media accounts and belting out the lyrics to “what’s up” at pride, in a country far away.  If there is anything this show has taught me, it is that we can do anything when we stand united.  So, considering all the money you saved on not advertising the show, couldn’t you just throw us a bone and give us a finale?  Or at least try to give us a conclusion, I don’t mean think about it, I mean actually sit down with the creators and discuss how you can provide a satisfying ending within a reasonable budget.  

And if that simply is not possible, please release the creative rights to Sense8.  If you will not provide us with an ending, I am sure someone else would be able to.  Maybe we will never see our beloved cluster again in the flesh, but there are other ways to tell a story.  I would read a Sense8 novel, I would buy Sense8 graphic novels, hell, I would even watch a Sense8 cartoon if someone released one.  There is evidently a market for it, even if we are too small for you to invest in.

The Sense8 universe is too unique to end so soon.  I want to know Whispers’ end game.  I want Kala and Wolfgang to make it to Paris. I want Amanita and Nomi to have the lesbian wedding of the century.  I want Lito to become a Hollywood star.  I want Capheus to win the election and save the world.  I want Riley and Will to start a revolution only to retire to Iceland and make lots of babies.  And goddamnit, I want Sun to kill Joong-ki and continue to beat up and make out with detective Mun on a regular basis.  I will only get to imagine these things until you release the rights to Sense8 and let someone else continue this amazing story.  

And I apologize, I will be continuing my campaign until we are given an ending, or freedom to seek one elsewhere.  

Thank you for your time,



My mother’s Birthday is in the 16th of this months and I we don’t even have the money to take her out to eat. I know I’m not well known enough to get any real help but I want to ask anyway. This is not for a selfish reason, I just want to take my mother out to eat, she usually never gets anything for her birthday so good is all we can ever offer.

I need at least $120, at least. Enough money to take her some place decent and get a good amount of food. I’ve tried asking my own family but they are stubborn, I don’t even know if I can get the money before the 17th but I still wanted to ask. I don’t even know where to tell you to send it. I guess Hampton, Virginia 52 Lancer Lane if you want to do checks. As for my bank account Idk what I need to put.

I ask because I know people on Tumblr are generous and actually care enough to help someone in times of need, so I ask you all to please help me give my mother at least a birthday dinner that she deserves.

I think you guys might need my name if you do send something. Jonice Gaines, please help me.

anonymous asked:

Can you create a patreon so that I can give you money?

I appreciate the offer, and I’m flattered you think I’m good enough to donate to, but I don’t want to take any money for my work. I think it’s legally and ethically dubious to accept money for unauthorized fan translations of someone else’s work, especially when the original creator isn’t going to be seeing any money for it. If you’d like to support me, please just spread the word; like 50% of the reason I’m doing this is because seeing tumblr follower notifications pop up on my phone strokes my ego in just the right way.

(plus if people start paying me then i’ll have to work harder and god damn do i not have time for any of that right now)

Inktober Day 24

Shh… a drawing I’m working on for someone who is….making something for me. (Not telling you what because that’s a surprise) but this is something so precious to me that money alone can’t pay or give thanks. I wanted to give this person something more personal so am drawing a character/spirit that aids their creativity.

Please Like/Reblog but do NOT Repost. And do not remove my description. Thank you.


Here it is! The Official sicksad-dariadiaries contest for reaching 1k 2k followers! So like any contest there are rules… 


You can reblog as many times a day as you want, I will choose a winner by a random generator and if they followed the rules! 


  • A copy of The Daria Diaries
  • A copy of The Daria Database
  • A framed fanart of Daria of Jane by me (2.5" x 3.5" or 6.4cm x 8.9cm)
  • *One pair of Daria + Jane necklaces from this shop

Notes: This post must reach at least 700 reblogs so make sure to reblog as much as you can! This contest is open to everyone (worldwide baby) If you win I will message you on tumblr giving you my email so you can safely email me your address, if you do not email me within a week of winning I will have to choose someone else!

*For the necklaces, if you rather JUST a Daria necklace or JUST a Jane necklace please let me know if you win. Also the necklaces will ship at a different time than the books and art, I will order the necklaces off the site and have them shipped directly to your house to save time and money!

This contest will end June 1st 2015! Happy Rebloging and good luck to you! If you have any questions then message me here

In desperate need of help. Please read! 

As you are aware, I am in college. It’s still my first year and haven’t had the chance to get documentation of my disability. As it stands right now, I don’t have any proof and nor do I have the money or insurance to go to someone to get it. Talking to the student disability service team, they said that I would need to take a psych evaluation so they can give me the proof I need to give to my professors stating that I have reading comprehension issues and dyslexia. Now, I’ve had these issues since I was in 2nd grade. Even since then I haven’t been able to get what I needed. Only classes to “help” which didn’t. Now here I am a college student falling behind and can’t get help from the professors because they don’t care/believe me. I fail quizzes/tests because I’m not fast at reading and/or remember what I read there for resulting in terrible grades. The evaluation is $500… $500 I don’t/won’t have because I don’t have a job anymore and my family filed for bankruptcy.  Please if you could spread the word and help out a little bit I would be forever thankful.

If you wish to donate my Paypal is
If you would like a commission please IM me on here and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

I’ll do just about anything with provided references. 

I Really Hate to Ask This, But...

If you guys haven’t noticed by my recent activity, I’ve been kinda in a bit of a slump, and a little distant.

Here is why:

I’m getting divorced.

I was with my husband for almost seven years (would have been our two year wedding anniversary on the 28th), but it took me a long time to realize I was in a mentally abusive relationship, and another year before I finally was able to put my foot down and say enough.

But the reason I’m posting this isn’t to announce I’m becoming single. No, this is something far more terrifying to me.

1. In order to make the divorce finalized, it takes at least $149 (going online) for it to become official.

2. Once my husband is gone, I can no longer afford the apartment I am currently living in, so I will have to move out into a cheaper place (because my mother refuses to let me bring my cats with me, and they’re one of the only stress revilers for me)

3. Old bills will most likely fall onto me once this goes through

What’s the connection between all of these? Money.

I don’t have enough money to afford the divorce papers, let alone move out. Once I’m out, I think I’ll be fine, but the overall first payments and bills will be a lot for me to dump out of my checking account, and I can’t afford that.

So I’m begging you to help! I’m going to post my paypal e-mail address via donations (which, let me tell you, I hate that I have to ask this), or if you don’t feel like just giving me money, I also do have commissions as well!



Please…. any help you can give is better than none. Even if you can reblog this to find someone else to help, PLEASE DO IT!

I’m sorry it took so long to announce it, but with my financial problems, I think it was time to let the cat out of the bags…

Computer, Sticking money into the

Me [answering phone]: “Thanks for calling the library, may I help you?”

Woman: “Yes, hello, one time I was there and the man asked me to put a $20 bill into the computer for a GED test but I only had $20 on me so I didn’t do it but now I’d like to do it so can you tell me if it’s still $20 and where do I stick it?”

Me: “Let’s see…okay, so did the man work for the library? Do you mean you wanted to pay for the GED test online?”

Woman: “I’m not sure.”

Me: “Well, if you are ever at the library and someone asks you to give them money or put money anywhere, please let us know because that’s not allowed.”

Woman: “Can you just figure it out and I’ll call you later because I’m running out of minutes and my boyfriend needs to call the dog pound.”

Me: “Uh–”

Woman: “What’s your name?”

Me: “Gina.”

Woman: “That’s what I’m going to change my name to!!!!”


I work at a fairly busy gas station at a four way intersection and next to a freeway. I’m used to rather unruly customers, but this one takes the cake.
An older man comes in demanding I put 30 dollars of gas on pump number 7. I, being a person who gets paranoid about customers giving us the wrong pump since we get punished for that, glances over to see no car at gas pump 7.
I look at him and say, “Sir, there’s no car on 7. Are you sure you’re on pump number 7?”
And he gives me the most offended look and spits back, “I’m going to pull up to number 7. I want to put my money on it first!”
I tell him, “…uhhh, sir, I can’t do that.” Still smiling, “Someone can pump your gas and take your money, so please pull your car up to the pump first then you can come back in!”
Thinking I was helping the guy, he just says, “…fine. I’m not coming back then. You’re not getting my business.”
…this doesn’t effect me in any way, so if some elderly man wants to throw a tantrum in front of my co-worker and other customers, be my guest. I don’t care, you’re only making yourself look like an idiot.
I say, “…well alright, sir. Have a nice day.”
And he says again, “I mean it!!!!! I’m not coming back!!!”
And storms out the door.
Now, I glance out the window again and the moment he walks out, a car pulls up to pump number 7. See? 
And then my coworker glances down at the counter and just puts on a shit-eating grin and says, “….oh my god, those are his keys.”
He’s stifling a laugh and I’m just watching the guy out the window come back in, and as he walks in, I hand him his keys and politely say..
“I knew you’d be back.”
He was so pissed.
Kill your customers with kindness, guys. 
Kill ‘em with kindness.

Hey guys so I'm homeless now

…and I have no money, no car, no job, and nowhere to go. I can’t buy food or anything. I didn’t want any of this to happen. I’m not gonna tell some big sob story, because I don’t think it matters anymore.
I will say this: I fucked up and trusted a very manipulative person’s judgement, lost all my money to that person, got dropped off on the Gulf Coast, was allowed to stay with friends for almost a week, and abruptly kicked out without warning or explanation yesterday, along with one of the guys who actually lived there, and now my life is literally on the line. I noticed this morning that I’ve lost a lot of weight recently from not eating more than once or twice a day (not even full meals) for the past couple months, trying to conserve money and other people’s food.
Look, I know people don’t like giving away money. I know you might not have a lot of money. However, $10 can feed both my friend and I with at least two sandwiches at McDonald’s. I don’t know how to set up a donation thing or anything and I don’t have access to a computer. My phone service cuts at midnight tonight. I barely have any time.

Please, if someone is willing to help me, I’ll send you my fucking bank info so you can put money into my account - I don’t care (there’s nothing in there, so what are you gonna do, steal it??) just someone please help me I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m so desperate that I’m ready to do some bad things to keep myself alive and fed if nothing else works.
Please text me @ (228) 282-3422 if you can help. That’s the fastest way to reach me.


At this very moment a friend of mine is in trouble, he really needs help but words alone aren’t gonna cut it.. What I plan to do or better said what I hope to do is raise money for him through my commissions. EVERY penny I receive with these commissions will go to him. This is not about someone who doesn’t want to work or who spend his own money on unneccessary things, I do this for someone who fell ill and cannot pay the bill himself and his parents nor other members of the family refuse to help him.. So please if you can miss a little money we can all help him together.You can contact me through IM’s about this or my askbox, the money transfer will go through paypal and then be send to him.

Hi everybody! I need some money so I’m making commissions! (this is my first time doing comissions so if someone can give some advice it would be really appreciated) 

Sketches - $5 - $8 

Lineart - $10

Flat color - $15

Full color: 

  • Full body - $20
  • Half body - $15

With background - $25 - $30

Pixels (depends on the size) - $8-10

The prizes depend on the difficulty and the number of characters.

I will do:

  • gore
  • semi-nudes
  • oc’s

I won’t do:

  • NSFW
  • Mechas
  • Super complicated backgrounds 
  • Complicated animals

Please send as many references as possible. All prizes are in USD dollars and contact me via PM on here, on deviantart (its in my links) and/or and please please don’t ignore it and reblog it if it’s possible.

Hi friends!

I don’t know if you saw me reblog, but our car needs seriously expensive repairs. We’ve already sunk a lot of money into the thing and now it’s asking for more. Unfortunately replacing it is not an option right now either.

So I’m going to offer $10 black and white commissions again. 

We will work payments out depending on what makes you most comfortable. If you’d rather pay first and get the money out, that’s cool (I will not deposit it in my bank until you have your picture, for my own peace of mind.) or you can pay when the picture is finished.

I don’t do fanart of canon characters for money, unless it’s the protagonist of a novel you, or someone you know, is writing, or something similar. Fan ocs are cool though. I don’t do furry, yet, but I will do anything humanoid, as long as you have references.

Let me know a bit about their personality as well!

The following is MY PERSONAL POLICY:

Once you pay, the picture is yours to do what you want with it. Just please give me credit so if anyone likes the picture they can get one too. :) But you can color it, resize it, crop it, etc to your heart’s content.

I will only use anything I draw for your for advertising purposes, and I will use a cropped picture like the ones above.

If you’re interested, please email me at and we can work things out.

Please signal boost!



So I will be giving away a scalemate that the winner can choose, from based of a character ANY CHARACTER OF ANY FANDOM I JUST NEED A FULL NAME AND THE FANDOM SO I CAN LOOK UP PICTURES FOR REF or picking the colors of the eyes base and belly and with a single decoration item like a scarf, bow tie, cape, excetera


-Must be following me, if you want a scalemate you must suffer following my blog

-Likes count

-Reblog however many times you want, just don’t annoy your followers

-I’m sorry but I can only ship within the USA

-Lasts until the end of Halloween, so I will pick someone at 11:59 Pacific Time Zone and send the winner an ask/message. If you don’t respond within the next two days I will pick someone else sorry

-You have to be cool with giving me your address, or somewhere I can ship it (I’ll pay shipping btw)

-No give away blogs please

-If the package gets lost of something in the mail, I’m sorry but I probably won’t send a new one. Not that I mind making a new one I just don’t have a lot of money to spend on shipping (why I can’t do out of country)

-Checkout the blog ‘O-with-a-cape’ (follow him for extra points(what are points?(I don’t know(maybe they’ll be relevant to a later give away)))

That’s about it, other than any obvious stuff, so anyways, thanks for reading, and let contest begin! :33