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Title: Time Waits For No Man
Pairing: Leonard Snart x Female!Reader.
Words: 2,009
Rating: T.


Time was always the problem. And it was time that brought her love and support, but it was also time that brought her pain and suffering. In this situation time is exactly what Emily was trying to beat.

There was less than 18 hours to find an extremely powerful and regenerative source to energize the Speed Force Bazooka. Everyone at S.T.A.R. Labs was working hard to find it, but all seemed hopeless. Emily had spent hours searching and calling in favors, that all turned out to be dead ends.

Suddenly, it dawned upon her, hitting her like a freight train. Emily rapidly started typing away at her keyboard. She held her breath and hoped to God that this would work. A moment later there was a ping on the computer. Without hesitation, Emily rolled over to the speaker.

“Cisco, please come up to the cortex. This is something you might want to see.” She spoke, trying to keep herself composed. Within a few minutes, Cisco appeared in the cortex and walked over to where she was sitting. “What did I might want to see?” Cisco asked looking at Emily expectantly as she turned around to face him.

“Well, I was thinking of any solutions to help us with the power problem after my assets couldn’t find anything and then I had an idea. What if we task the S.T.A.R. Labs satellites to scan for anything that emitted 3.86 terajoules of energy?” She explained looking up at Cisco as he crossed his arms. “Okay, what did you find?”

“I found a possible source and lucky for us it’s in Central City.”

“But…?” He asked, sensing a ‘but’. “Buuuut, the only place we can find it is at the ARGUS headquarters.” Emily responded sheepishly, pushing up her glasses. “That’s real good! Leyla could hook us up!” Cisco laughed excitedly. “Great job Emily! I’ll tell Barry, you go home and get some rest, okay? You earned it.”

Emily watched Cisco walk out of the cortex and once he was gone she sighed, taking off her glasses and rubbing her eyes. “Rest, huh?” She gave a humorless chuckle got out of her seat.

Emily gathered her stuff and exited the large building, walking to her car. The ride to her home peaceful and short. She walked up the steps to her apartment, her keys jingling in the silent night.

Once she was inside and away from the cold, a content sigh slipped past her lips. Emily sloppily dropped her bag on the floor, followed by her coat, and made her way to her bedroom. As soon as Emily was out of her clothes and into her pj’s, she slithered into bed and embraced the wave of exhaustion that rolled over her form.

Sleep welcomed her to its domain as sweet dreams wove their way into her mind. However, nightmares always find a way to invade and completely shatter her peace. And every time it was the same recurring nightmare.

She could see him so vividly, standing there, holding that damn button, saving all of time, and telling her he loves her. But what haunts her the most was his face. It held so much pain. His eyes, pooled with sadness and longing. They stared into her soul and burned her that day. That was how the nightmare usually ended. With his crystal blue eyes staring deeply into her own emerald ones.

Emily sat up with a start, sweat dripping down her forehead, heart racing a mile a minute. She sighed and looked over to her clock that sat on the night stand. It was currently 8:00 am, which means she slept about 4 hours give or take. That is more than she has slept since his death.

Determining she probably couldn’t fall back asleep, Emily decided to take a nice soothing shower to ease the her tense and aching muscles.

By the time she was done it was 8:20 am. This particular morning was chilly so Emily grabbed a gray sweater, some black leggings, and a pair of white socks. After she was done dressing down, Emily threw her hair up in a messy bun and made her way to her kitchen to prepare some breakfast.

Once she was done with breakfast, Emily put on her black converse, and headed out, wallet and keys in hand.

Halfway down the stairs of her apartment, Emily felt a sudden weight of dread settling in the pit of her stomach. She paused for a moment assessing her discomfort. However, Emily deemed that her unsettling feeling of dread did not hold as much importance as saving Iris’ life.

On her way to S.T.A.R. Labs, the feeling increased ten times fold. Once more she pushed it aside and continued her drive. When she arrived it was 10:00. Emily dragged herself through the lobby and to the elevator.

Before she joined everyone else in the cortex she stopped for a cup of coffee. There she saw Tracy, probably making her 5th cup of coffee. “Emily! Good morning!” Tracy beamed. Emily gave her a lazy smile. “Morning Tracy.”

“Come here for a cup of coffee, I see.”

“Yeah, I didn’t feel like stopping at Jitters for some hot chocolate so I settled for the S.T.A.R Labs brand coffee.” She replied, pouring the coffee into a beige mug. After putting in some sugar and stirring it, she headed towards the cortex. “Ooh! Emily, could you tell Barry that we’re out of coffee and he needs to order some more!?” Tracy called out towards Emily’s retreating figure.

“Sure!” Emily called back, taking a huge gulp of her coffee to properly wake her up. As she neared the corner, she could her several voices speaking, and a deeper one that sounded very familiar.

“Hey, Barry, Tracy says we’re out of coffee and that you should b-” Emily began but was soon cut off by the sight in front of her. “Len…” She gasped almost inaudibly. He half empty mug hit the floor and splattered pieces of ceramic and coffee all around her.

Everyone’s attention turned to her as she stared unwaveringly at Leonard. He stared back and a look of confusion flashed on his face but it was gone as fast as it came.

A long moment of silence passes before Leonard clears his throat. “Awkward. I can see you all have a lot to talk about. I’ll be down in your lab getting everything ready.” He says looking briefly at Cisco before turning his gaze back to Emily. Leonard stayed there for a second then made his way to Cisco’s lab.

“Barry, are you out of your mind?” Iris started once Leonard was out of earshot. “I thought he was with the Legends.” Stated Joe. “He is.” Barry answered, his hands firmly grasping his hips. “No, he dead.” Cisco said, catching his words too late before a wave of regret hit him. He looked toward Emily who looked like she was about to cry. “Cisco…”  Iris whispered. “I’m sorry Emily, I didn’t me-” He began, but Emily cut him off.

“Do you have any idea of what you’ve done?” She looked at Barry sending him a harsh glare. “How could you bring him here Barry?” Said man looked at Emily with eyes full of remorse. “Emily, I’m so sorry, I didn’t think of how this would affect you.”

“No, Barry, you didn’t think. That was your problem. This doesn’t just affect me. It affects time. There will be consequences for this. This could cause so many problems Barry! You’re lucky he knows how to keep his mouth shut.” Rage seethed out of Emily.

“Emily I think tha-” H.R. started but was also cut off. “No, I’m sorry Barry, I didn’t mean to snap at you.” She said, rubbing her face. “It’s alright. But if you need someone to ta-”

“What I need is just a minute to recompose myself. Alone.”

With that, Emily exited the cortex and jogged past Cisco’s lab towards the Speed Lab. Unfortunately for her, Leonard saw her rush past Cisco’s lab in a hurry. Having the sudden urge to follow her, Leonard abandoned the white board he was writing on, and followed Emily to the Speed Lab.

When Leonard entered the Speed Lab his gazed went straight to Emily who stood in the middle of the room with her back to him, hugging herself tightly. A small sob escaped her lips as she held a hand to her mouth to muffle any other painful cries.

“Emily.” Leonard called, making her gasp and hurriedly wipe the tears that stained her cheeks, putting her glasses back on, before turning around to face him. “Yes?” She replied, moving her left hand to hang off on her right hip as her right hand went to play with the necklace of Leonard’s ring he gave her just before he died. He was silent for a minute as he observed Emily. Leonard was always adept at reading people and noticing the small differences in their body language.

Emily for one, is usually more confident and her pose suggested so. However in this case, she was holding herself as if she was insecure. Her usually bright and shiny eyes were now dark and dull. The bags under her eyes suggest that she hasn’t had a good night’s sleep in a long while. Emily’s face also held no trace of her beautiful smile but instead was replaced by a frown. She also looked a bit older.

Once Leonard was done picking out the differences he made a conclusion that this isn’t Emily from his time, rather Emily from the future. “You aren’t my Emily, are you?” He drawled, but the look in his eyes said that he already knew. Emily gave a breathless chuckle and sniffled. “No, I’m not.” A small silence filtered through the room as he still gazed at her intently.

Emily cast her eyes down too look at the ring in her fingers. She couldn’t bear to look at him, not when he wasn’t the same Len.

Leonard followed her gaze only to see that she was fiddling with his ring. He briefly glanced down at his pinky finger, the same ring glinting in the sunlight that shone through the windows. “Future Leonard, he meant something to you, didn’t he?”

Emily nodded weakly, a few tear escaping her eyes. “What happened then?” Leonard drawled out, stepping closer to her. “You know I can’t tell you that.” Her voice cracked.

“Must have been something terrible I presume.” A sigh escaped his lips, as he leaned on one foot. “You have no idea.” Emily whispered more to herself than to Leonard.

“Well if there’s one thing I sure, it’s that you’ll move past it as you always do, presuming you’re still stubborn?” A hearty laugh made its way up her throat as she looked up at him. His eyes still held that unmistakable mischief and thrill along with the sadness that hid behind all of that confidence.

Emily’s eyes brightened slightly, regaining some of its former brilliance. “Thank you.”

“For what?” He smirked, towering over her. Truth be told, this version of Leonard had attracted some sort of feelings for his Emily. The way she challenged him all the time and how she always had a sharp tongue to match his sarcasm, made him look at her in a completely new light.

“For being you.” She replied smiling softly at him. “Who else would I be if not myself?” Leonard quickly retorted. Emily snorted and kissed his cheek. When she pulled back his smirk had widened a bit. “I think you missed doll.” He raised a hand to his mouth and tapped a finger against his lips. Rolling her eyes, Emily brushed past him and out of the lab calling back to him. “Save it for your Emily! I know she’d like it.”

“Good to know.” Leonard said watching Emily’s back retreat. He chuckled huskily shaking his head. Well it looks like he has a theory to test when he gets back to the Waverider.

Okay! This is the longest one-shot I’ve written so far and I’m so sorry it’s late! I also know this isn’t really an x reader but you can totally imagine yourself in her place. I bestow this gift as a happy belated birthday to a very good and close friend AND fellow tumblr user. She whished to stay anonymous so I will respect her wishes. Sorry for any typos and enjoy!

Squints + Breakup


I only did Squints that have been around for awhile and were still alive. I avoided Nigel-Murray like the plague.

Thank you to @uniquelyobsessed for requesting and helping me celebrate my 1k follower celebration!

Zack Addy

At first, Zack couldn’t figure out why you were acting so oddly. He could feel that something was wrong, but he was never good at detecting feelings. So, instead, he decided to study you. He noticed your eyes were red and swollen. Your nose was also red, as if you had been wiping it repeatedly. He listened to you speak. Your voice trembled, which was unusual for you. You were usually so confident, downright outspoken at times. He caught you grasping at your neck for your necklace, but it was gone. Every time you did so, you squeezed your eyes shut, fighting back more tears.

Crying. You had been crying. He didn’t know why, but something inside of him became very angry. You had only ever been the nicest person he had ever met. Even when he was awkward and lost in social interaction, you never acted frustrated. You often explained things to him so that he could continue in the conversation. This, this was something he could never understand.

You hadn’t seen him coming, but he placed his hand on your shoulder and squeezed gently. You seemed to relax under his touch and placed your hand on top of his. You squeezed your eyes shut again and your breath picked up. You spun around and wrapped your arms around his abdomen. He was taken aback by your actions, but he reluctantly placed his arms around you and just held you. This was something he understood.

Clark Edison

Not much can throw Clark off. He understands a lot about the human body and even the human mind. He’s confident in himself and he really doesn’t like to get involved in other people’s drama, but the minute you sent him that text saying that you needed to talk to someone, he dropped everything and came to you.

You sat on the couch and breathed deeply. He could tell you were upset, you’d been crying. He asked if everything was okay, were you hurt, anything else he could think of. You shook your head, not giving an answer to a specific any one question. He knew. He could see it on your face.

He stood up and grabbed his cell phone. He dialed your favorite pizza place and ordered your favorite pizza. Then, he started digging through your DVD collection. He knew what movie to play that would make you feel better. He popped it in as you waited for the pizza. He placed a blanket over your legs and sat next to you, resting your head on his shoulder. He didn’t need to say anything and neither did you.

Wendell Bray

He was fuming. He simply couldn’t understand how someone could be so cruel to you. He was boiling, his knuckles white, and honestly, he could only see red. He had never seen you look the way you did. He could see that you were heartbroken. It was written all over your face. He said that your ex was a jerk, they didn’t know what they had. He threatened to go talk to them, but you begged him not to.

He looked down at you, small and feeling broken. He knelt down next to you and held your face close to his. He told you how perfect you were, smart, funny, and you could so much better. He embraced you and stroked your hair. He told you to let it all out, that you would feel better. And then, the two of you would go egg his car.

Colin Fisher

Colin often searched for things that might seem dark and depressing to others. He reveled in them. He was often annoyed by your presence, so light and airy. He couldn’t comprehend your incessant need to be cheerful. The day you walked in, dressed in close mute of any color, and your usual cheeriness was gone, he noticed. There was a shift in the lab that day and he felt out of place. Your observations that day were angry and dark. Everyone began to notice. The others whispered that you were acting differently and that something must be wrong. Fisher decided that today was the day that he would flip the tables on you.

As you left for work that day, Colin grabbed your wrist and led you to his car. He drove to a local dive bar. You protested the entire time, but he never stopped until you were inside. Tonight, Colin was going to reveal a deep dark secret to you. He loved karaoke.

He climbed up on stage and “Don’t Stop Believing” started playing. You clasped your hands over your mouth to stifle your laugh. By the middle of the song, the entire bar was up, singing along with him, including you. You stood in front of him and sang along, jumping up and down to shake everything off. As he descended the steps from the stage, you hugged him tightly and thanked him. He then swore you to secrecy.

Arastoo Vaziri

You told him everything. Every nasty detail about your breakup. You didn’t hold back, not with him, not about this. He listened patiently and nodded his head. He then stood up and asked you to come with him.

You sat silently in his car, he offered no details about where you were going. Arastoo paid the attendant and walked you back to the batting cages. He placed a helmet on your head and pushed you inside. He told you to bend your knees and square your shoulders. The second you heard the ball spit out, you swung.

You both stood in silence as the ball arced into the air and flew past the ball machine. You turned around, a huge smile swiped across your face. You started jumping up and down, remarking how you had never hit a ball before. He quickly reminded you that another ball was being loaded up and you followed his instructions once again. Arastoo could watch you swing all night and the two of you closed the place down that day.

Daisy Wick

She tried to offer up statistics about relationships. She told you that even penguins mate for life and that the male will search the entire beach looking for the perfect rock to offer up to his mate. These facts only made you feel worse.

She looked at you and sighed. She told you that what she had meant was that the perfect person for you just hadn’t come along yet. The right person will look for the perfect rock to give to you, even if it takes their entire life. There’s someone out there waiting for you and you just have to be patient.

She took you out for a drink that night and told you all the horror stories from her dating life. All the messy, crazy stories she told made you laugh and for the night, you forgot about everything that had happened and watched intently as Daisy made you feel like this breakup was possibly the best thing to happen to you.

A/N: I cried.

The first time it happened, Tony was fumbling with his tie when he got into the common room. All of the Avengers are there, plus Peter, Gwen and their own little family. They were there to celebrate Tony’s 60th birthday, hence why they were all dressed up.

“Hey, Peter?” Tony asked as he still tried to do his tie, but then there was Natasha who softly smiled at him and helped him with his tie. “Can you get your father, please? He’s missing out on my birthday party,”

Natasha’s hand on his tie stilled, and everyone else in the room was suddenly quiet. Tony looked up, confused, even his grandkids were looking at him strangely.

“Dad,” Peter started cautiously, Natasha stepping back once she finished with his tie so Peter could lay a hand on his shoulder. “Pop’s not here anymore,”

Tony titled his head to the side, “What do you mean? Did he leave the house?”

“No, no- he-“ Peter swallowed the lump in his throat, he knew that his father was starting to forget things, he was still bright and clever like the world was bottled up inside him, sure, he was starting to forget things more often, but Peter was never prepared for a day like this. “He died in battle 8 years ago, Dad,”

The silence grew heavier as everyone in the room held their breath for Tony’s reaction. Even Thor was looking like he was about to cry at any second. But then, Tony laughed.  

“That’s funny, kiddo.” He said, clasping Peter’s shoulder. “Now, seriously, call him and if he doesn’t get here right now, he’s sleeping on the couch,”

“Dad,” Peter tried again, he could feel his eyes start to water. “I’m not lying,”

“What do you mean you’re not lying? Of course you are,” Tony said, rolling his eyes. “I woke up with him this morning,”

There was a sharp intake of breath from everyone in the room, including him, Peter heard his Aunt Pepper mumble, “I can’t stand this, I’m going outside,”

When Peter just looked at him sadly, Tony suddenly felt a wave of dread rush through him. “He’s real- He’s really gone?”

Peter nodded, biting his lip to stop himself from crying out loud as Tony hugged him close.

He could feel Tony shake and he could feel his shoulder started to get wet from tears. When Tony regained his composure, he said, “Uh, I’m not feeling well suddenly. I’m sorry, but I want to go lay down, you’re all-uh, you’re all welcome to stay,”

Before Peter could say anything, Tony was already gone.

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Unwanted (part 3)

Summary: The reader is kidnapped by Hydra and finds out that she is Tony Stark’s daughter. She is taken under the wing of the Avengers with Bucky and Steve acting as her protectors. The reader discovers the truth about her family while trying to grieve over the death of her mother, who died during the events in Sokovia. Will she be able to forgive the people responsible for her mother’s death? Will she survive the danger that has fallowed her all her life?

Bucky X Reader X Steve

Words: 1422

Part 1 Part 2

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Prompt: what if Kara really doesn't want to stop crime when she's pregnant and Mon-el had to persuade her not to, and then fast forward to Kara and Mon- el playing with their new baby

Hope you like! I had so much fun writing this. I may even post in on AO3.

Title: Superparents

Pairing: Karamel

Summary: Kara falls pregnant and is relucant to give up being Supergirl even just for a few months.

1st Trimester

“Why didn’t you tell me you were hurt?!”

Kara glanced up from her seat on the bed in the medical room at the DEO, to see her husband of five months walking into the room with a worried look on his face. She rolled her eyes and made a note not to trust Alex. She had specifically told her not to alert Mon-El to the fact that she had been brought into medical for tests. Just because she’d fainted mid-air once. It wasn’t a big deal in her opinion but J’onn insisted on getting her checked out because Supergirl can’t just get sick. He had a point but she still didn’t think it was anything to worry about.

“I’m not hurt. I’m just having a few routine tests done and then I can get out of here”.

“Kara you fell from the sky”, he pointed out incredulously.

“That was nothing”.

“You fainted and you do not faint”.

“It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with me. Maybe I’m just tired or something”.

“You don’t get tired either”.

Kara was beginning to grow irritated with Mon-El’s line of worry when her sister popped her head in with a smile.

“Hey your lab work is done. I’ll go get it and as long as everything’s fine then you’ll be free to go”.


“I’m sorry that I’m annoying you”, Mon-El apologised picking up on his mate’s agitation with him. “But I’m worried about you. I don’t like to think CADMUS is still out there somewhere trying to kill you”.

“CADMUS was destroyed years ago, honey” she retorted calmly. “And I’m sure we’d know if someone was trying to kill me. The only thing they can hurt me with is Kryptonite and trust me I would be dead by now if that was in my system”.

Her husband winced at her casual way of describing her own hypothetical death. Before he could say anything however, Alex appeared in the doorway of the room with a strange look on her face. His heart froze.

“I have your lab work right here, Kara”, she told them as she entered the room. “I’m not sure how to tell you this but Kara…your pregnant”.




“You are carrying our child?!” Mon-El exclaimed with excitement as Kara sat there in open mouthed shock.

“I was on super birth control!”

“Yeah about that”, Alex winced. “Somebody mixed your birth control pills up with our pain medication. It didn’t do anything to you because you’re not human obviously but it did mean you had no protection”.

“We used condoms!”

“I don’t think human plastic would be much good against super alien sperm”, her sister pointed out while cringing. She really did not want to be talking about this with her sister even if she was a scientist and knew how sex worked. Meanwhile she couldn’t help but notice the smug look on her brother-in-law’s face. “Like it or not, Kara, your pregnant”.

“I’m going to be someone’s mother”, she stated as though she couldn’t believe it…which she couldn’t.

Alex beamed as it hit her what this meant. “I’m going to be an Aunt!”

The two burst into crying for some inexplicable reason that Mon-El could not understand and hugged for what seemed like forever. Eventually they pulled apart.

“You know you’re going to have to hang up your cape for a while”.

“No I’m not”, Kara laughed as Alex and Mon-El both looked at her as though she’d lost her mind.

“Kara, you can’t go fighting people with Kryptonite weapons while you have a baby growing in your stomach. It’s not just your life you need to think about”.

“Fine, I won’t fight any big baddies but I think I can handle a few fires and robberies”, she insisted.

“What about when you’re showing? Everyone will know your identity and you can hardly go waddling into the middle of a fire”.

“Hey! I won’t waddle and I’ll give up fighting when my costume can’t hide it anymore”, Kara conceded with a shrug while Mon-El and Alex exchanged concerned looks. It didn’t seem like Kara was thinking very realistically when it came to being a pregnant superhero.

2nd Trimester

“Don’t you think that it’s about time you let J’onn take your place out there?” Mon-El demanded as he watched his wife spin into her Supergirl costume that barely even fit her, the tight material clinging to her belly that at five months was starting to really round out. In fact it was like she’d popped overnight since he was certain that it wasn’t so tight the last time she’d worn it a few days ago. “You are clearly pregnant and if anyone sees then you’re identity will be endangered and your enemies will know you’re vulnerable.  You swore that when it was visible that you would stop until after the baby is born”.

“Relax, I’m barely even showing!” she exclaimed with an eye roll. Mon-El stared at her incredulously at how deep in denial she was. She was in her second term, how could she possibly think that? She had started showing two months ago technically but she’d been able to cover it somewhat under her costume and by staying far away from bystanders with eagle eyes.  There was no way that she could get away with that at this point.

“Kara, please don’t take this the wrong way but you’re kind of huge right now and there is absolutely no missing the fact that you are pregnant”.

His wife glared at him and he was afraid that she was about to blast him with her heat vision. “What are you saying? Are you saying that I look fat?!”

“NO! No, I’m not saying that. I’m saying you look pregnant which is good because you are…pregnant”.

“But I’m too fat to fly that’s what you’re saying?!”

“For Rao’s sake Kara, you know that’s not what I mean”, he snapped, finally losing his temper with her. “You are pregnant which means that you can’t just go running head first into danger anymore. What if one of these criminals somehow got a hold of Kryptonite and used it on you when you tried to stop them? What would it to our daughter? Are you willing to find out?!”

At his words, Kara’s eyes began to glaze over with tears and her lip began to tremble. Immediately he felt guilty for shouting at her but he was scared for her and worried she wasn’t going to listen to him…or her sister…or J’onn. They had all been trying to tell her the same thing for over a week now and she’d been disregarding them all. “I’m sorry! You’re right, I know your right”, she cried. “But I’m Supergirl, what am I without her? People are going to die if I don’t help!”

“Nobody is going to die because you are not the only hero in National City anymore”, Mon-El told her firmly. “I’m here, J’onn is here, James is out there doing his thing and there’s the DEO with Alex and Maggie Sawyer. You are not god Kara, it’s not solely on your shoulders to save the day. You’re pregnant which means you need to put our daughter first for a while and once she’s born and safe then you can go back out there. As for Supergirl, she’s the one who is a made up identity. Kara Danvers is the woman that I fell in love with and the woman behind the hero. Supergirl is nothing without you so don’t go mixing them up”.

“I’m sorry for losing it on you”, Kara apologised, calming down now despite her tears, before hugging him tightly. “I was just scared I guess. I’m so used to being the one who people call on that I forget that I’m not alone anymore”.

“You’ll never be alone again. Literally”, he smiled with humour in his voice as they pulled away and he put a hand on the swell of her belly. “And maybe you should change out of this suit before you cut off all your circulation”, he added unable to help but notice that her suit clung so tight to her breasts that it was almost indecent, especially since her nipples poked out like headlights.

“You’re right. What was I thinking?!” she cringed as she also registered the same fact. She sped out of the living room and returned in a more modest maternity blouse and sweater combo with stretchy black trousers, her hair pinned back from her face and her glasses perched atop of her nose as usual.

“You look lovely”, Mon-El kissed her before promptly calling Alex to tell her the good news, that Kara had finally admitted defeat.

Third Trimester

Kara was lounging in bed, her belly making it impossible for her to walk far without waddling and eating popcorn as she watched a DVD. She needed something to distract herself with while Mon-El was out with James, J’onn and Alex fighting the latest threat to the world. Supergirl was completely out of commission with the state she was currently in and she felt foolish for even trying to continue to keep working while she was so far along. The baby kicked her just as the movie got to an exciting fight scene and then her cell phone rung.

She grabbed it off the nightstand and swiped to answer after seeing Alex’s name on the caller ID. “Alex! How did it go? Is everyone alright?”

“We’re fine but Mon-El is injured. He got shot with a lead bullet but a Doctor is taking it out of him right now. He’ll be fine, Kara”, her sister told her and she immediately sat up (though with great difficulty) and began yelling at her sister.

“Seriously that doesn’t sound fine to me! Come pick me up. I want to see him!”

“Kara, he’ll be home in a matter of minutes. Just stay calm alright?”

“Stay calm? Stay calm?!” Kara growled but Alex simply hung up on her, annoying her sister even further. “I will kill you next time I see you Alex!”

It felt forever as she lay in bed completely helpless and worried for her husband until she heard the front door opened and with a whoosh sound, Mon-El appeared in front of her. He looked tired but overall seemed physically okay.

“I was so worried, Alex refused to take me to you!”

“I know. I asked her to make you stay at home because I didn’t want you to see me like that”, he responded.

She immediately glared at him, her hands folded over her stomach. “You did what?! You insensitive jerk! I was stuck here worrying about you for ages!”

“Why?” he frowned at her. “She told you I was fine didn’t she?!”

“I don’t care if you are fine. You were hurt and I can’t bear the thought that you were in pain and I wasn’t there to comfort you!” Kara yelled as she burst into tears. Mon-El assumed that this was the ‘hormones attack’ that Alex had warned him about on numerous occasions but he also felt bad that he was the cause of her current distress. “I hate being stuck here alone and helpless while everyone else is off saving the world and getting hurt for it!”

Mon-El quickly stripped out of his costume into a pair of sweat pants that lay low on his hips. Kara decided to ignore the flare of desire that flickered in the back of her mind. She was still upset with him. “Hey! Don’t ever feel bad for gestating our child, Kara. If you think about it, you’re actually saving the world by having this baby”.

Kara looked at him completely baffled by his reasoning “Huh?!”

“One day you and I won’t be around to protect the world. When that day comes, our children will have to take over the legacy you left for them and become the next generation of heroes”.

“You know you make a twisted amount of sense”, she laughed giving him a watery smile. The baby choose that moment to kick her hard and she quickly grabbed his hand putting it on her belly where the baby was active. “And I think she agrees with her daddy”.

Four Months Later

If anyone had told Kara that someday she’d been saving the world as a Superhero that was just as respected as her cousin, working as a reporter for Catco and a wife and mother also, she wouldn’t have believed them. Maybe the part about using her powers since it was something she had always wanted to do but she never gave much thought to marriage and children. She had hoped that she’d find a mate someday among the planet of humans but she didn’t think she would be very compatible with any of them (though Lois and her cousin had proven that theory wrong) and Kara wasn’t very optimistic about finding anyone that would accept her alien origins.

Kara would have believed you even less if you had told her that her mate would end up being a Daxamite and the Prince of Daxam to boot. Yet here she was married to the guy and the mother of a beautiful little girl whom they had named Lexi in honour of Alex but also because it meant protector of mankind and she hoped that her daughter would be that someday. She was currently sat cradling her daughter in a rocking chair in her baby’s nursery that she’d forced James, Winn and Mon-El to put together when she was still pregnant. It was painted in soft pinks and creams with a mobile hanging over the crib of constellations.

Just as she had finished soothing the baby to sleep, her cell began to vibrate. She placed Lexi into her crib before grabbing her phone and answering. “What’s up?”

“There’s been a huge Earthquake just outside of National City at the abandoned warehouse. It was weirdly isolated to just the one area but there are people trapped in a large hole in the ground. J’onn is busy holding the building back from falling on them and Mon-El is doing his best but they’re overwhelmed. We need Supergirl”.

“I’m on it”, she replied quickly changing into her costume. Eliza was downstairs having come over to visit with her new grandchild (she came to National City a lot more since she had been born) so Kara didn’t need to bother waiting for a babysitter. She told Eliza she was needed and quickly flew off to help the others.

After she had helped take all of the people to safety she couldn’t help but notice that even though she still loved the feeling of using her powers for good, and from helping others, Kara knew there was nothing more meaningful to her than being a mother to her daughter.

Mon-El clearly felt the same way since he practically raced her back to their home. Almost as soon as they entered the door he rushed up to their daughter’s nursery. Kara followed and still in costume, the two superheroes stood in front of her crib and gazed down at her sleeping face. “I can’t get over how beautiful she is. She looks just like you”, he commented softly and it was partially true. She was just four months old but already had thick tuffs of blonde hair like her mother’s and her eyes were the same sky blue as Kara’s. However her face was all Mon-El’s.

“She looks like her daddy with the nose, chin, jaw, lips and shape of her eyes”, Kara pointed out to him with a smile.

“I love her so much”.

“Me too”.

Right then little Lexi opened her eyes and blinked up at her smitten parents before making a cooing sound as though she was welcoming them back home. Unable to resist, Mon-El stuck his finger in the crib and let her wrap her tiny fist around it. Kara felt a tug on her heart strings as the baby stuck her daddy’s finger in her mouth and sucked on it.  Kara definitely believed that having Lexi was up there with becoming Supergirl as one of the most defining moments in her life.

lovehedalexa  asked:

Hey you :) I love gaf so much. You and eliza are doing such an amazing job creating your universe. I've never read a fic that just makes me / feel / so damn much for not just the main pairing, but every character. If you're taking prompts at the moment, any way we could get an angsty little something with clexa ft. mentions of either finn or costia? No worries at all if you're busy, but I crave scenes like that with all my soul. Much love <3

(sry this took so long to fill & honestly this is literally just clarke being an ass but its cute & a lil funny & i love her so here u go)


you’ve tried your best to be a good host, and, really, costia is smart and kind and she makes lexa smile. she’s also neat and funny.

and beautiful.

it’s irrational, you know, that you’re jealous, because not once has lexa even probably considered cheating, and you don’t doubt that she’s profoundly in love with you—it’s always been you who has been more hesitant to love her back in the same big grand way, because it seems to come so intuitively to her and sometimes it’s hard for you—but you know lexa loves costia too. she has to, because they’re familiar with each other, and comfortable, and lexa’s only like that with people she loves. which, you know, include, well, her friends.

but she, at one point, was in love with costia. and sure, it was for a little over two months six years ago, well before the two of you got together in any official capacity, and sure, you and lexa have lived together for a little over a year, and you’ve applied to grad schools in the same areas, and you’re entirely, completely sure that one day lexa intends to see the world with you, and marry you, and have a family. she has never, ever done anything to even suggest otherwise.


you come home from your p chem lab, which had taken so long, and your photographs hadn’t developed properly, and you have a bio exam in two days that you’ve not had nearly enough time to study for, and you’d had to process numbers for like four hours in lab, so you’re not in your favorite frame of mind, for one. you’re exhausted and it’s getting close to your twenty-second birthday, and you love parties, and you certainly love yourself (mostly), so generally you like birthdays—but your dad isn’t here for them now, and it’s all just kind of a lot. especially because you’re kind of a disaster at emotions anyway.

let alone with your girlfriend’s ex sitting on the couch with her when you get home from hellish math, and costia is holding lexa’s arm, tenderly tracing the flowers there, and lexa is looking at her fondly and saying something soft in farsi. 

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Pietro x reader (the body pillow) Part 1

(Thank you for the imagine, anon, sorry for the long wait, i made it longer than i should have! Anyway, enjoy. Part 2 is on the way. Also sorry for the lack of light smut, there’ll be more in the second part.)

Y/N stood and stretched. The other avengers were all sitting together on the big sofa in front of the TV screen, intently watching a football game. Y/N wasn’t really a football fan, and she had only really stuck around to cuddle next to Pietro. Fortunately no one had really noticed her massive crush yet, which was good, apart from Natasha who always gave her a little raised eyebrow whenever she was around Pietro.

“Night, everyone,” Y/N said to the backs of their heads, only getting mumbles and half-hearted nods in return. She wasn’t surprised, one team seemed almost ready to score, only to miss the final kick, to which Steve, Thor and Wanda yelled angrily at the players, while Pietro, Natasha and Tony smiled smugly.

Y/N grinned to herself at their antics; she loved being a part of this family and was so glad that they had found her at the army base where she had been hiding after finding out her powers and being utterly overwhelmed. They had all accepted her and now, a year on, it was definitely the family she had always wanted and never had.

She went to her bedroom, a little tucked away space near the kitchen, and changed into her favourite PJs; cute Victoria Secret shorts and matching tank top. Crawling into bed, Y/N cuddled comfortably with her body pillow. She had been given the pillow by the avengers when they first saw how traumatised she was, and she had slept with it every night since. Since she had begun sleeping with it, she hadn’t had one single nightmare, thankfully.

Waking up a little later, Y/N didn’t realise it was so early in the morning, so she started her morning routine of finding breakfast before heading into her en-suite for a shower. However, she was surprised to find all the avengers sitting around the table eating. They almost never ate breakfast together; everyone woke at different times and it was just strange.

“Hey, Wanda, how come everyone is awake already?” Y/N asked, sitting at the table with a bowl of cereal.

“Natasha is imposing a new routine, we have to all wake up this early so we have more time to train. She says that if something happens, at this rate, we’re not going to be ready for it,” Wanda replied, a hint of irritation at her disrupted beauty sleep evident in her voice.

Pietro walked out of his room; obviously he hadn’t read the notice either, as he seemed very surprised to see everyone in the kitchen. Y/N stared; he was shirtless and wearing only superman boxers. Y/N stifled a snigger at the boxers, but Pietro seemed to have heard it anyway, as he gave her a look before grabbing some toast and sitting on the other side of Wanda.

“Pietro would you put a shirt on? Preferably trousers, too?” Wanda asked, but Pietro simply shook his head.

“Too early for clothes,” he mumbled into his toast.

Natasha walked into the kitchen, already dressed and ready, and stared at everyone as they lazily ate their breakfasts in their pyjamas. “Really, guys? We’re never going to be ready for another threat if we’re all sitting on our arses in our pyjamas!

Bucky, Steve and Clint offered to clear the table as Natasha shoved everyone else into their rooms to get changed into workout gear.

“She’s grumpy in the morning,” Pietro muttered to Wanda as he walked with her and Y/N to their rooms. “I think we should train in our PJs.”

“That’s because you’re too lazy to change. Even though you could do it in three seconds. Us girls don’t have that luxury,” Wanda replied, huffing.

Y/N laughed and then went into her room.

About a half hour later Y/N entered the training hall with Steve, finding everyone else already there, yawning and looking tired in their bright workout gear. Her gaze lingered on Pietro, as it always did, but especially now, as he had one of his ridiculously tight shirts on, and even though Y/N had now seen what was underneath, she still enjoyed the view.

Y/N dressed in a pair of workout leggings and a tight workout tank top knew she looked good too; she had made sure of it. Natasha made them all partner up and train until lunch, a good four hours later.

Y/N was exhausted, as most of the others were, all except Pietro who was still running around everyone, irritating the living daylights out of most people. Natasha finally let them leave, and Y/N trooped off with the rest of them to take a shower and grab lunch.

However, when they opened the doors to the main part of the housing, all of the avengers stopped short. Y/N, being one of the shorter ones, had to shove through to see why, and gasped at the scene in front of her. Tables were overturned, the pillows from the sofa had leaked feathers everywhere as if someone had had a pillow fight, and all the furniture was everywhere.

“What happened? Stark, isn’t this tower meant to be impregnable?” Steve turned to Tony.

“It is! Bruce, come with me to the lab, we’re going to figure this out. The rest of you can check if anything has been taken; it looks like they were searching for something.”

Y/N ran to her room and felt like crying; the body pillow she treasured was ripped open, spilling feathers and foam everywhere. Her clothes and other things were all over the floor, but the sight of her pillow ruined was the kicker. She ran to Wanda’s room.

“Wanda…” she trailed off, seeing Wanda in the middle of all the mess crying, holding a few pieces of paper in her hands. “Are you okay?”

“Y/N, they ripped up the photo! The only photo I had of my parents.” Tears poured down her face. Y/N immediately forgot the pillow, and rushed over to hug her best friend.

“Hey, it will be fine, we can cello tape it back together, right? It will be fine, I promise.” But Wanda shook her head.

“I can’t find all the pieces! Some of them are burnt and I can’t see their faces anymore.” Wanda burst into sobs again, and Y/N hugged her, rocking back and forth.

Pietro walked into the room, and when he saw Wanda on the floor, he zoomed over, asking what was wrong. Y/N simply showed him the pieces of the picture and suddenly Pietro’s expression was thunderous.

He lifted Wanda into a standing position and then led her into the kitchen where the others had all congregated. Y/N followed, picking up little pieces of the picture as she went.

All of the avengers, she saw, looked either upset or very angry. She was thankful Bruce was one of the former; he still scared her a little with the whole hulk thing.

“What are we going to do? We are going to get them back, yes?” Pietro asked the team. Steve shook his head.

“We don’t know who ‘they’ even are! They took something very valuable to me, and I want to hurt them back as much as you do. Damn it!” Steve hit the table, making everyone flinch. He didn’t swear often, either, which made the whole situation that much more dire.

“I’m sorry, everyone, if we had been here-” Natasha started, but Clint cut her off.

“It wasn’t your fault, Natasha.”

“I think everyone lost something valuable. I know I did; Mjolnir is gone. How these unworthy humans were able to take it, I know not,” Thor said, leading to looks of surprise from the others.

“They took my shield,” Steve admitted.

“They took my arrow holder,” Clint added.

“They took Wanda’s photo and my pillow, you know, the one that stopped my nightmares.” Y/N added, looking upset. Pietro turned to her.

“They took the pillow? But your nightmares were so bad!” Y/N knew this; her powers meant that in her nightmare state, she had caused everyone else’s memories to come alive as vengeful phantoms and hurt people. Their families and friends suddenly became a ghost like terror, but real enough to hurt people. In essence, she had summoned a sort of ghost army.

“So what are we going to do?” Vision spoke up, looking as confused as everyone felt. Steve looked to Tony and Tony sighed.

“They turned off the security cameras; they hacked into the system so well that they wouldn’t have been detected. We’re dealing with someone really good, here. This, this is more than just scare tactics, this is war, and we don’t even know who we’re fighting.”

“If anyone lost a photo, I can make another; I found out I have the ability to use your memories and capture them on camera. If you let me, Wanda, I can take the memory of your parents out of your head and put it on your camera?” Y/N asked, nervously. She hadn’t tried it before, but it was worth a go.

“We can also make another shield for Steve, and a new holder for Clint,” added Tony.

“So we can rebuild, slowly? I think we should start now, Tony, if you make the weapons, Thor, you’re going to have to deal with a substitute hammer until we find yours. Y/N, give everyone who has lost a photo their photo, and I’ll go and buy whatever else we need. Everyone else, clean up! Does that sound good?” Natasha asked, and everyone nodded, going off to do these things.

Y/N led Wanda and a few others to another room and attempted the photo thing. Fortunately, it seemed to be working and Wanda stared up at her in pure delight as she saw the new photo of her, Pietro and their parents.

“Thank you! This is the best thing anyone has done for me, thank you!” Wanda hugged Y/N hard and Y/N smiled triumphantly at the completion of her work.

After she had made a lot more of these photos, and everyone had cleaned up, Y/N lay down on her bed, feeling happy. She had made a lot of the other avengers elated, and it made her feel good.

Pietro walked into her bedroom and sat down on the bed. “Thank you for what you did for Wanda, it really made her day. Anyway, I owe you one, yes? So anything you need I can help.”

“Can you get me a new pillow?” Y/N asked, patting the bin liner with the remnants of the pillow in it.

Pietro frowned, before grinning. “I think I can do better. They ruined my mattress so I was going to sleep on the couch, but if you’ll have me, I can replace the pillow. In the interest of squaring this debt, you understand.”

Y/N laughed, before realising Pietro was being fully serious. “You’re not joking?” Y/N didn’t know what to think, so she just shrugged. “Okay.”

Pietro nodded, and then zoomed off, leaving Y/N lying on her bed smiling to herself. This was going to be an interesting night indeed.

Eventually, after dinner, Y/N retired to her room, changing quickly in the bathroom. She left the bathroom to find Pietro lying on the bed in just batman boxers. “What is your obsession with superhero underwear?” She had to ask.

“We are superheroes ourselves now, no? They just remind me of it.” Y/N shook her head, chuckling, as she made her way over to the bed.

Pietro raised an eyebrow at her PJs and she blushed slightly. “Very sexy getup, considering you don’t have anyone in here with you. Unless, you wore them for me?”

“No, I didn’t wear them for you, Pietro. They are comfortable, okay?” Y/N slipped under the covers, immediately hot because of Pietro and her combined body heat.

“Your bed is comfortable. Very soft, but not too soft. I hate it when it is too soft; coming back from the hard cells at HYDRA has ruined soft mattresses for me.” Pietro smiled, lying on his back with his arms behind his head. Y/N felt reluctant to touch him, but she always cuddled the pillow, so she felt like it wouldn’t work if she just lay next to him.

“I’m not poisonous, you know. You can touch me.” Pietro smirked at Y/N and she blushed before hesitantly shuffling closer as Pietro laughed.

“Shut up, this is weird.” Y/N replied, addressing her awkwardness. She wrapped an arm around his torso, as she would the pillow and cuddled into his bare chest.

Promise you’ll be brave (part two)

Originally posted by starrdork

authors note: this is part 2 for ‘promise you’ll be brave’ after the death of Coulson, y/n decided join the avengers for Coulson. follwoing whats right something far much worse was yet to come. *gif not mine* heres part one link if you havent read it yet. ( part one )


3 years later ;

I stayed at the stark tower known at the ‘avengers towers’ after the battle of New York. Bruce and Tony are in the lab while me and Nat are in the kitchen making something to eat.

“have you seen steve? “ i said concerned looking at Nat

she then gave me a smirk

“does y/n have a crush on capcicle?” she gave me a devious smile and i knew it was deadly. “No! i just think hes really cute please dont tell him and beside i wanted to trained with him “ i said throwing a grape at her, laughing she said

“ mhmm okay whatever you but i promise i wont say anything” giving me hug and then walking towards the elevator and then disappeared. “promise” i said to myself remembering the last time i made promise was with Coulson. tears started to filled my eyes.

“ y/n are you okay?” Steve said pulling up a chair next to me, he grabbed my hands which was turning blue and that’s how he knowns i was getting upset

“ i-i just miss phil..” wiping my eyes then looking at steve

“ everyone does y/n and its okay to be upset but we need to move on in order to become better, you’ve come so far , you’re strong and a amazing person. im not saying you should forget about it, but moving that thought somewhere else. don’t let that be an anchor that holds you down at sea”  giving me hug and a kiss on the forehead, putting his hands on my face

“now get ready, we found the HYDRA base that has loki scepter” giving me another kiss on the cheek then leaving the kitchen. i made my way to my room to put on my suit that tony had designed me, it was much like Nat’s but black but would light up when i use my powers. i made my way on the roof were the quinjet was and everyone discussing what we had to do on his mission to get the scepter. i settled myself in and then we were off.

*time jump*

Me and tony were in the building trying to find where they kept the scepter. as tony going through the computer trying to get what’s left i decided to look around, “JARVIS could you scan the room” tony said “ on it sir “ JARVIS said and a blue light appeared and moving around the room. tony approach a wall putting his hands on it “ please be a secret wall” he said and the wall opened up “yay” he said walking into the hallway, i followed. it was a big room with the big creature from the battle of new york and there in the middle was loki scepter.

Tony was walking up to the scepter when a girl with long brown hair approach him and sent a red glow towards his head, i pulled out my gun pointing at her when a gush of wind threw me against the wall falling the the ground i looked up “what you didn’t see that coming?” he said with a strong accent, grabbing the girl and leaving behind a blue blur. Everything went black.

4 days later ;

i woke up in the hospital bed feeling dizzy and nauseous, i looked around and i saw a white-silvered haired guy and a brown haired girl that seemed familiar. “w-who are you and why am i here?” i said trying to sit up, he got up and pushed me down “ no dont that, im pietro maximoff and this is my sister wanda,i um was the one that pushed you to the so sorry” he said with a strong accent, looking at me, i could feel my heart pounding his icy blue eyes filled with regret and sadness,i looked down when i felt my cheeks turning red.god am i feeling something towards him i asked myself, shrugging if off.

tracing back from what happened at the HYDRA base, i remembered going unconscious and then i went black. “why are you here? where’s tony ?” i said sitting up on the bed pushing out the way. “ y/n please get back into bed “ a nurse said grabbing a hold of me, i touched her head with my hand that formed a blue energy, then she fell to the ground, i didn’t kill her i just her to sleep.

walking down the the lab where tony and bruce was working on something that was in the middle it was a cradle that has someone in it.

“ whats the hell is going on ?!” i said screaming at tony.

he looked up and ran to grabbing me in a hug

“thank god you’re okay” breaking the hug he ran back to the computer which was making a beeping sound.

“i’m rerooting the upload” he said.

i looked back and see Steve walking in with the twins. before you know steve throws his shield towards tony’s computer, tony blasts at steve sending him flying backwards. Bruce grabs the maximoff girl “ go ahead , piss me off” grabbing on to her arm, she stood there scared.

looking back to the cradle , thor appeared and jumps right on top, he throws his hammer in the air creating lightning before slamming it on the cradle. thor pulls back, everyone standing looking confused. the cradle exploded sending anyone that was close to the ground, i manage to landing on top of pietro, he looked at me and i looked at him “what you didn’t see that coming” giving him a smirk i got up, looking back at the cradle seeing vision standing their. he looked around confused , thor throws him through the window sending vision flying towards the window he stops and looks.

Vision turned around heading our way “im sorry that was.. odd” Vision says as he turns towards thor. “thank you” as he bowed his head, analyzing thor he created a suit for a cap. “thor you helped created this?” i hear cap say. tony looked mesmerized. “ Ive had a vision. a world pool that sucks in all hope of life and at its center” thor pointing to the gem on visions forehead. “what about the gem?” i said confused.

“its one of the sis infinity stones, the greatest power in the universe, un-parallel, its destructive capabilities”

“then why would you bring it..” thor cuts Cap off  before he said anything else.

“because stark was right”

“oh, is definitely the end of times” you hear Bruce say with a shaking voice.

“the avengers cannot defeat ultron” thor says facing the team

i stood their confused, i had missed so much when i was in the hospital, but i heard before from Tony about the ultron program, i guess from the sound of it, ultron was not a program to keep the world safe but for its destruction.

everything was coming to me all at once and i couldn’t handle it, my chest started to hurt, i couldn’t breath , my heart was pounding the loud. was i having a anxiety attack??!! the last thing i saw before i left the room was vision picking up thors hammer. i ran to my room closing the door and then a energy blast escaped my hands destroying my windows. my knees went weak and fell to the ground, crying badly ,screaming, shaking, the only thing i hear is my heart pounding in my chest.

“You y/n are something else. “ i hear a voice coming from outside of my window, i looked up and see i think was Ultron, i stood there not knowing what to do.

“You’re tangled in their strings” he hovered towards me 

“whats that suppose to mean?” he grabbed me by the neck, pushing me against the wall. trying the escape , i yelled for help hoping someone would hear me. “I got no strings on me” looking into his red eyes, i looked down seeing his hand going through me, i gasp for air, feeling the sting as his hand pulled away and taking off he soon disappeared. 

i fell to the ground. looking down at my wound, seeing it bleed, my mind was going black, i was feeling dizzy, i felt weak. i heard a pounding on my door and then it was blown up. a pair of hands grabbed my face “hey, hey stay with me. y/n!?” pietro looking terrified. the one and only , the one that made me heart race, looking into his icy blue eyes i manage to get out a few words, everyone was surrounding me. “ i guess ill be with Coulson again” giving a tiny smirk.

”does each wave of suffering teaching us how to swim?” before i could hear him say a word, it all went black and the only thing i heard was screaming and crying.

A/N ; really sorry this story line is really long and so their will be a part 3, it’ll be up by tomorrow, i hope you like it! request is still open, !