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251 Years

Daveed Diggs x Reader (I was feeling inspired okay?)

Also I first saw this through another fic, so if anyone knows who it is please let me know so I can give them credit. Thanks! 

“And I would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to our lovely Y/N! Happy eighteenth birthday, and all the best wished towards you to help you find that soulmate of yours. They will certainly be a lucky person!” your cousin Matthew shouted in the ballroom.

A resounding applause came from everyone in the room and you sat there blushing. You never knew what to do in these situations.

“Thank you,” you said, nodding your head.

The music struck back up again, and you decided to get up and dance.

Tonight was the night of your eighteenth birthday in 1774 and the day that would now stop aging until you met the person that you would spend the rest of your life with.

You hoped that they would find you soon. You didn’t want to just be alone for a long time.

The party continued even as you made your way to the garden in the back of the manor. You made your way through the roses, going over to the fountain.

You sat on the edge and looked at the moon.

‘Please find me soon. I love you already.’


“Lin, I already told you this. Please shut up,” your groaned as your friend kept rambling on about ideas for his new musical.

About Alexander Hamilton.

He had first met you when he was still in high school, you had come in to talk to his history class.

He had been fascinated by you, and ever since then you had gotten along splendidly. His family treated you like their own, and you were often asked to babysit for him.

You didn’t mind, it was nice. But sometimes he wouldn’t leave you alone. Like now.

He had just started producing his new play Hamilton, and he wanted everything to be perfect.

You didn’t blame him, but with him calling at three in the morning was getting annoying.

Right now he was asking about costumes, and he thought that you could add your expertise. But you were exhausted right now.

“Lin, i’m going to bed. I’ll be back in New York in three days and I’ll come and see you at the theater. We can talk then.”

He huffed but you knew that he would relent now.

“Alright alright. I’ll see you then. Goodnight!”

“Goodnight Lin.”

You put your phone down and got back up out of bed. You went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror.

You started at your face. A face that looked 18 years old but in fact was 251 years old.

Ha. 51.

You snorted.

Would you ever find your soulmate? It had been so long, you were just announced to be the oldest person on the plant.

‘Well, back to bed for me.’


“Y/N! You made it!” Lin cried as he fought through the crowd of cast. He wrapped you in a big hug.

You laughed and hugged him back.

“I brought a bunch of old trunks with clothes that I still own. I thought that you might want to use them for inspiration. You can’t use the actual ones however.”

A smile crossed his face as he cheered.

“Thank you so much!”

“I’ll need some help bringing them up, but please be careful, they’re very important to me.”

He nodded and relayed that info to some others that went to get your stuff. You went down with them, watching them as they took it all up stairs.

“I think that’s all of the,” Lin said as he came up to you.

“Thanks Lin. I’m going to send a quick email and then I’ll come up and meet you.”

He nodded and left, yourself getting on your phone.

Finishing up your business you started to go up the stairs, but you found yourself tripping on the last step.

You braced for a fall, but instead of the cold ground you were met by a pair of strong arms.

Sparks exploded, and your chest started glowing, the second part of the soulmate bond. The two of you froze, not knowing what to do.

You picked yourself up and the man released you. You turned around to look at your soulmate, and there he was.

Daveed Diggs, the man playing Thomas Jefferson and the Marquis de Lafayette. Your soulmate.

How crazy was that.

“Holy shit,” he said. You giggled.

“Is that all you have to say?” you shot back. He smiled at you.

“Why do we have to say anything?” He mused, coming closer to you. His face was only an inch from yours. You felt yourself feeling hot.

He took your breath away.

You stared into each other’s eyes, before your lips met in a fiery kiss. It was wonderful. After being 18 for 243 years, this was everything you could have imagined.

As you broke apart he stared at you lovingly. He was holding you in his arms again.

“I do have a question for you,” he said. “How long have you been 18? It’s been five years for me.”

You smirked.

“I’ve totally got you beat.”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve looked like this for 243 years.”

His mouth dropped open.

“Well fuck,” he whispered, sending you into a fit of laughter. “How old does that make you then?”

“251,” you replied as you recovered from laughing.

He smiled.

“Ha ha.”



EDIT: Ok so I was hoping that I guess i didn’t have to explain this but the reason they’re laughing at ‘51′ is because Hamilton wrote 51 essays. Cool? Cool.

Someone give me a fic where Eggsy says “Some guys just can’t hold their arsenic” and Harry says “He ran into my knife ten times” and Roxy says “I fired two warning shots… into his head” during various mission debriefs because I can 100% see all three of them saying it with dead-serious expressions while Merlin just stares back and questions all his life choices up until that point.


From The Desk Of…

Go read this amazing, well written and beautifully executed story that will steal your heart from the get go.

The pictures above are my humble way of saying thank you to the wonderful writers @fictorium @bridgetteirish

I love the idea that Serena goes bra shopping with Evie and brings Bernie along too. Evie is thrilled because both of her Cool Aunts™ are helping her which is better than going with her Dad. Serena spends the trip explaining to Evie how sometimes practicality is better than prettiness but who cares if the sixth form boys don’t fancy you right now eventually they’ll realise that girls with flatter chests are blooming marvellous too actually. Bernie spends the trip flustered at the way Serena keeps looking at her and also nervous as heck around the lingerie because she thinks no cleavage can beat Serena’s but doesn’t want to blurt this out in the middle of the shop.

wrap up my heart

for jimon week day 4: food
(the title’s a pun I love me)

Jace glanced at the time on his phone, his fingers tapping on the counter to his food-turned-coffee truck. It was eleven thirty. The time that Simon almost always was at Java Jace by during the weekdays ever since he showed up one day, asking for Jace’s strongest coffee to make up from his lack of eating breakfast. 

Jace had felt sympathy for the college student, being a college drop-out due to a breakdown from stress, he went to the back of his truck and searched for any food like substance, managed to whip up a quick wrap for Simon. Simon had been ecstatically thankful. And well, ever since then Java Jace always carried sandwich wraps along with coffee. 

Jace leaned out of the truck, hoping that if he looked harder, that Simon would just appear. 

But a half an hour passed and Jace’s hope to see the cute nerd slowly deflated, putting the special wrap he had made just for Simon back in the small refrigerator, continuing on server coffee to the passerby clients.

It wasn’t until Jace was starting to pack up that Simon arrived, as soon as Jace saw him, his heart sunk just a little more. 

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What if....?

A lot of stories about the Paladins exchanging lions always say that the Blue Lion is the most accepting of a new pilot as long as that person is willing to be her paladin.
What if the same thing can be applied to Blue Paladins?
What if Lance can easily pilot the other lions because it is one of the characteristics of being a Blue Paladin? Because he easily accepts and welcome the other lions for who they really are?
What if (if Lance will be the temporary Red Paladin) Red will end up liking Lance more than Keith because Lance always make her feel worthy of attention and praises? (Because Lance calls Blue “beautiful” and such terms so I assume he does it too to the other lions). What if when Shiro comes back Red doesn’t want to give up Lance while Blue just want her Paladin back because no one can really replaced Lance as her real Paladin?

Well, this is just “what if” scenarios.
(Is someone interested make a fic about this? If yes, please give me a link. If no, thanks for reading!)


Someone give me a fic where Lena just keeps teasing Kara every time they see each other, like she’ll whisper in Kara’s ear as she passes her, how she looks very cute in her dress that day, or “your lipstick suits you today, makes them pop” she winks and sashays off. Or Lena would intentionally keep dropping things in front of Kara and Kara just losing her fucking mind and saying fuck it one day before leaving Lena’s office and just “this has been going on for too long, rao I can’t take this do you want me to kiss you?!” And Lena just slowly closes the gap between them, stare at Kara’s eyes, smirks and says, “yes” kind of like daring her but what she doesn’t anticipate is Kara actually doing it and now Lena’s office is a mess, the things on her table are now on the floor and she’s pretty sure Kara’s the reason why there’s a huge chunk of the table gone where Kara had grab hold.

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You're Zelink stuff literally gives me life! Could I request pregnant!Zelink headcanons for Oot and Botw please?

Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes You certainly can.

(Also I am so glad you like the zelink stuff I post! You’ve made my day XD)

For oot zelink:
For Zelda, I tend to imagine her body doesn’t react too well to being pregnant. She’s used to being nimble and fast and sneaky and now that she can’t do much physically it makes her feel kinda down and sick. And while normally Link is the clingy one (physically. Always wanting to touch her in some way, cuddle her to death, etc) Zelda is ALL over him. If there’s any part of him that isn’t touching her in bed she will not have it. “No hero you are MINE and you WILL cuddle me now gimme your legs” and at any event she’s up to going to she’s wrapped around his arm and leaning against him. Link absolutely loves this.
And for Link, he’s normally protective of her to a healthy degree. I mean, he was literally reborn to protect her. But when she’s pregnant. Nothing- NOTHING Touches her unless she’s given them permission and they’re being extremely gentle and proper, or he will death glare them into backing away, and if that doesn’t work he will physically form a barrier between her and whoever it is that’s bothering her. Zelda wishes he wasn’t so on edge, but she understands he’s afraid of anything happening to her and the child they already hold so dear.
They also spend many nights cuddling by the fire and talking to their unborn baby and eating lots of crazy snacks. (Bonus: he sings to it a lot)

For botw Zelink: (botw isn’t my forte, so bear with me)
For Zelda: I think she’s irritated at the fact she’s once again being treated like glass and something to protect simply because she’s royalty. But she also enjoys all the foods she gets served to her whenever she wants. She convinces Link to sneak her out often. Usually to various lakes and springs to swim in since being in water makes moving much more easy and fun.
For Link: he’s the only one who refuses to treat her like glass, and since he’s the king, they can’t refuse to let him take her wherever she pleases. He makes sure she’s taken care of and does whatever he can to make her comfortable and make sure she has fun. He develops a little bit of an obsession over how beautiful she is and amazing she is being pregnant and this ends up giving her lots of extra affection and REALLY can’t keep his hands off her. (Of course before she’s pregnant he’s all over her too, but now he’s just MMM “goddesses you’re amazing please let me love you and treat you like the goddess you are”)

The Island

Because I’ve just been hoarding this for months and getting no where with it, have some unfinished klance. 

Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender

Pairing: Klance

Summary: Keith is foisted on yet another distant relative who just happens to live in a Marine Sciences Institute in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Lance is the creature his ‘uncle’ has dragged up from the depths for the sake of Science. (Actually, I read the blurb for Watercast and kind of ran off to write my own mer-lance fic. When I actually read Watercast I was swiftly kicked in the ego because it’s about 10,000 times better than anything I could write so…)

Words: 4774


There were only so many times he could hear the words,  ‘now, this room is off limits,’ before Keith was ready to stab two fingers into his uncle’s windpipe and walk into the sea. It was made especially infuriating by the fact that his ‘uncle’ didn’t share a drop of his blood. He was a stranger. Just some distant relative connected to Keith by marriage at the most who happened to be registered as a foster parent. So, here he was in the middle of the fucking ocean with his ‘uncle’ and about forty other ancient scientists for the next six months until he finally turned eighteen and could go his own way.

The Jorgensen Marine Sciences Research Institute – nicknamed The Island – while definitely not an actual island, wasn’t quite a ship either. It was more of a long, flat, metal hotel with a giant sub-marine lab beneath it. It was a rectangular speck on the vast Pacific Ocean, tied down to the sea floor miles below with a dozen anchors and with huge counterbalances and outrigging to keep it steady amid the chaos of nature. Accessible only by helicopter or ship, it was just about the worst place to be stranded. Like something out of the beginning of a murder mystery novel. But it was just six months. Six months of calling a stranger ‘Uncle’ and being homeschooled by people who should have, by every law of nature, died decades ago. Six months of feeling like an iguana atop a piece of flotsam adrift on the tides and hoping for land. Just six months and then he could get on the next ship to arrive and head back to the closest bit of land. Which would be… French Polynesia. Maybe.

The best part of all this? Keith couldn’t swim.

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There’s a long moment in which Andrew says nothing, and Neil decides to push. “You aren’t a sociopath, are you.”

“I never claimed to be,” Andrew replies. He sounds bored.

“Everyone else says that you are. Why not correct them?”

The look he gets in response is very, very vaguely scathing. “I’m sure they would have believed me, of course. Like all madmen who claim to be sane.”

Neil blinks. He hadn’t considered that. “You don’t talk to people who don’t believe you.” He said it was a misunderstanding.

Andrew points at him like an unsmiling game show host, as if to say, you’ve got it. “If you have any other questions, you can direct them to my lawyer.”

corvus, vulpes, lupus - chapter three

read it here

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Guess what I just finished. :3 --Nika


@ all my followers go read “Ignorance is Bliss” by YouAreInAComaWakeUp on Ao3 it’s one of the best klance fics out there and it’s finished now,,,,, IT’S SO GOOD JUST GIVE IT A TRY I PROMISE YOU WILL BE HOOKED AFTER THE FIRST CHAPTER