someone give him water

thirsty jungkook moments

@seokjinsarmybomb said: If you could make a list of the sexiest moments of Jungkook thirst, what would it be? (towards jimin)

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this is one of my faves honestly. like, jungkook has absolutely zero chill and zero control. dude…you’re on CAMERA. ON STAGE. what you trying to do?

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hes checking out jimin period. like, there’s no way around it. he’s literally looking down at jimin’s glorious ass. #bless

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ZERO. CHILL. calm down jungkook. someone give him a bathtub of water with jimin in it

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i honestly have no words left for jungkook

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remember that time when jungkook kept on filming jimin, kept on saying ‘i want you’ to him. and the way he moaned? well, i do. also; 

  • the way he rubbed jimin’s ass during rehearsal 
  • same rehearsal, jk lifting jimin’s shirt 
  • all the times he orbits around jimin’s ass
  • jk unable to handle jimin’s sexiness during reaction vids
  • jk fanboying over jimin
  • can you believe jungkook touched his crotch while he stared down at jimin’s ass
  • has a thing for jimin’s chest
  • and he called jimin’s toes cute im still not over it. THEY ARE TOES, JUNGKOOK.

there’s so much more so im going to direct you over to my tag for thirsty jungkook.


i know this isn’t exactly thirst but…that’s not how you look at a friend. that look is so fucking loaded im going to go and sob into my pillows. goodbye. 

Umfb&mha meta : Notre-dame de Paris (part 2)

( link to part 1 )

   To complete our analysis (written in collaboration with the lovely @smutinator ) of the song “ Belle ” in the Rivals Serie by @kazliin we decided to take into account the other songs directly before and after Belle in the musical Notre-Dame de Paris to see if the lyrics/storyline match the fic as well.

   Belle is the 20th song of the musical I will talk about « A boire ! » (19th), « Ma maison, c’est ta maison » (21st), « Je sens ma vie qui bascule » (23rd) and « Tu vas me détruire » (24th). I ignored the songs sung by other characters than the three men of the song Belle ( Quasimodo, Frollo and Phoebus ) because I wanted to focus on the characters Viktor chose to express himself.

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Hey just a random question If pj ever did kick the bucket (of water) Could someone just give him a robot body for his soul like alphys did with mettaton


While that’s an interesting idea - I don’t think it would work. 

The magic to run a robot is different from running an ink body so I think there would be a ton of work to even get something to move a centimeter… 

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Headcanons for Akashi, Mayuzumi, Imayoshi and Kise having a fem!best friend? (and it's purely platonic :D)


  • You can bet he’s gonna spend hours with you an empty classroom just ranting/complaining about his day. You take turns to vent to each other actually.
  • He’s actually the only person he allows to fuss over him, and he likes it when you come to practice just to see him. 
  • The both of you sometimes sit in the school courtyard and discuss possible love prospects for the other over lunch. 
  • Akashi also frequently comes over to your place to learn how to cook, because he can’t. 
  • Basically imagine two scary ass people who’re always in sync with each other. 


  • He always places his hand on your head just for kicks. He likes to rile you up like that.
  • If you find him reading a novel with an embarrassing cover, you’ll tease him to no end. Mayuzumi feels like screaming, but he puts up with it to show that he isn’t bothered.
  • The two of you are able to spend hours in each other’s company without having to talk. So studying with him is actually really effective. 
  • Mayuzumi loves eating whatever you make. Like, he genuinely is proud of being _____’s official taste-tester. 


  • He’s gonna tease the eff out of you like it’s his job.
  • But he’s also going to make sure nothing harms you. Not even a speck of dust.
  • So if you come to practise and Wakamatsu decides to flirt with you, there will be hell to pay from one Imayoshi. 
  • Imayoshi revels in the fact that he has someone cute who comes to watch him practise and give him towels and water bottles. He doesn’t like you romantically in the slightest, but still it’s nice to have something- or someone- no one else on the team has. Momoi doesn’t count, at least not to him, because she can’t make honey lemons. 


  • Whoo boy, the two of you go shopping once a week. You two spend hours at the mall, trying on outfits. Kise is rather good with critique, helping you piece together good outfits.
  • You come to watch him practise, and he always waves at you. 
  • The usually gruff Kasamatsu doesn’t mind Kise waving at you because he knows you’re his best friend. 
  • Kise frequently tries to set you up with Kasamatsu, much to both of your and Moriyama’s dismay. It’s just, he ships the two of you so hard!!
  • Kise doesn’t like it when any other person flirts with you, though, and pops out of nowhere to ‘defend your innocence’- his words, not yours.
Passing Out

Requested: can u do an imagine where Shawn passes out on stage?? Thx



Shawn had mentioned that he didn’t feel very well before he got onstage tonight, but everyone just assumed he’d be fine. Even you were convinced that he’d pull off the show without a hitch like he always does. Even when he has to perform sick, he does fine because he just rides on the adrenaline high and the crowds energy. When he gets off stage after the concert, he’s usually wiped out, but that’s to be expected.

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He peed on and made fun of a dark skinned black kid. I don't see how it was funny to begin with and is still funny now. :/

hello friend! i see your point and i personally don’t think it’s funny. i HATED murphy in the beginning, and i completely understand why connor wanted to have him floated. i would’ve been absolutely furious if some kid on a power trip pissed on me.

i will say, though, that i don’t think it had anything to do with connor’s race to murphy. like i said, he was on a power trip, and he thought it was funny to pee on someone instead of giving him water just because he could. someone’s race has no bearing on whether or not murphy’s a dick to them— he’s pretty universally a dick to everyone from what we’ve seen.

“People’s souls are like gardens. You can’t turn your back on someone because his garden’s full of weeds. You have to give him water and lots of sunshine.”

-Nancy Farmer

Watercolr+Prismacolor colored pencil+Gold ink+Glitter+3-D sunflower stickers

Someone better be taking care of dehydrated Niall, giving him water and wiping the sweat off his forehead and putting a cold cloth on the back of his neck and rubbing his back when he feels sick. While they’re at it they should getting him medicine for his foot whenever he needs it and making sure his foot is elevated. (And if that person can’t be me, it better be Harry Styles.)