someone give him water

thirsty jungkook moments

@seokjinsarmybomb said: If you could make a list of the sexiest moments of Jungkook thirst, what would it be? (towards jimin)

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this is one of my faves honestly. like, jungkook has absolutely zero chill and zero control. dude…you’re on CAMERA. ON STAGE. what you trying to do?

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hes checking out jimin period. like, there’s no way around it. he’s literally looking down at jimin’s glorious ass. #bless

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ZERO. CHILL. calm down jungkook. someone give him a bathtub of water with jimin in it

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i honestly have no words left for jungkook

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remember that time when jungkook kept on filming jimin, kept on saying ‘i want you’ to him. and the way he moaned? well, i do. also; 

  • the way he rubbed jimin’s ass during rehearsal 
  • same rehearsal, jk lifting jimin’s shirt 
  • all the times he orbits around jimin’s ass
  • jk unable to handle jimin’s sexiness during reaction vids
  • jk fanboying over jimin
  • can you believe jungkook touched his crotch while he stared down at jimin’s ass
  • has a thing for jimin’s chest
  • and he called jimin’s toes cute im still not over it. THEY ARE TOES, JUNGKOOK.

there’s so much more so im going to direct you over to my tag for thirsty jungkook.


i know this isn’t exactly thirst but…that’s not how you look at a friend. that look is so fucking loaded im going to go and sob into my pillows. goodbye. 

Umfb&mha meta : Notre-dame de Paris (part 2)

( link to part 1 )

   To complete our analysis (written in collaboration with the lovely @smutinator ) of the song “ Belle ” in the Rivals Serie by @kazliin we decided to take into account the other songs directly before and after Belle in the musical Notre-Dame de Paris to see if the lyrics/storyline match the fic as well.

   Belle is the 20th song of the musical I will talk about « A boire ! » (19th), « Ma maison, c’est ta maison » (21st), « Je sens ma vie qui bascule » (23rd) and « Tu vas me détruire » (24th). I ignored the songs sung by other characters than the three men of the song Belle ( Quasimodo, Frollo and Phoebus ) because I wanted to focus on the characters Viktor chose to express himself.

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-Great expectations- (part 8)

Pairing: Alex/reader

Warnings: Fluff, smut, cursing, something else you might find disturbing

Notes: This one was shorter than planned, but, it’s here. Hope you like it! Let me know what you think about it. Kisses! xxx

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If I forgot someone let me know. 

I wish I could say that I haven’t slept last night because I felt awful for what I did to the person I truly cared about. But, the truth is that I slept like a baby, and everything was fine. It was until I saw that I didn’t get that morning text from him.

This gross feeling formed in my belly as I was looking at my phone screen. I suppressed the sudden urge to call him.  

Well, I deserved that for last night. Now thinking about it, I’m trying to figure out what is wrong wit me. Why do I keep leaving him like that? I will just push him away, and that’s the last thing I want to do.

I’ll call him. Maybe I don’t know what to say yet but… I just don’t care. I just…I just want to hear his voice. But I’m not sure he wanted to hear from me until I have made a decision about us.

Still, I needed to see if he was awake, if I can see him now. I may not know what to say yet, but at least I’ll apologize about last night.

I unlocked my phone and went through my contacts searching for his ID. ‘Please be awake.’ I whispered to myself. I was shifting in my place and my palms were sweating the longer I waited for him to pick up. ‘Come on, Alex. Pick up.’ I muttered against the phone.

And then he did.

‘’Good morning, Y/n.’’

A chill ran down my spine. I closed my eyes as I tried to capture this moment. Was his voice always this sexy over the phone?

Then I realized he was waiting for me to say something.

‘Hey-Hey Alex.’’ Seriously Y/n? Seriously?

‘Do you need something?’

I could imagine how his face looked like while he was saying this. It was cold, with a hint of annoyance in his eyes and tiredness between his eyebrows. He was probably playing with his nails or with something in his hand too. He was sitting on his couch, half naked. Thinking about half naked Alex was so not helping in this situation.

‘Yes. I mean, no. Actually…I just wanted to talk to you.’ I was getting anxious as the conversation kept going on. I got out of my bed and started walking around the room.

‘About?’ He was playing dumb. Dammit Alex.

‘About…you and me, Alex. About us.’

I heard him let out a deep breath on the other side of the phone.


‘Can I come over?’ I definitely needed a walk before seeing him.

‘Um, yeah, sure. Why not.’

‘Okay, I’ll see you soon. Bye!’ I hung up.

*30 minutes later*

Staying in front of that door again made me realize how real this situation is. I was actually going to do this. Oh my God. Okay, Y/n, you got this.

I knocked on the door.

After a few seconds, Alex was standing in front of me looking the same as he did the first night I was here. Except, his face was different. I could see how upset he was. He was sending me this negative vibe to show me how he was still angry about last night. I really screwed up this time.

A formal ‘Hey.’ was all I got.

‘Hey.’ I smiled shyly.

We stood there in silence, looking at each other, trying to figure out what the other one thinks.

‘So?’ He finally said, with a hint of annoyance in his voice.

‘Yeah..well, I got some good news and bad news. Which one do you want hear first?’

He was confused. ‘Good news first’ he said calmly, straighting his back and crossing his arms on his chest.

‘Okay…So, I realized that I keep leaving you on edge all the time. I keep running away from you when all you ask from me is to give you a bloody answer. Or when you just want me to stay. I’m sorry for that.’

He let out a ‘hm’ and said ‘How is that good news?’.

‘Well, I wanted to promise you I will not do such things again, as long as you still want me around.’’

His face expression didn’t change. He was either really mad, or really good at his job. Maybe both?

‘I will decide when you tell me the bad news.’

I let out a deep breath.

‘’The bad news is…that you’re stuck with me, wether you like it or not, for a long time Mr. Andersen. Or at least as long as you want me to stay, because I want to be here for you.’

His face softened a little, but he still didn’t move. We stood there in silence while he was looking at me. I think he was trying to see if I was telling the truth. I don’t know, I just know that this whole situation made me so anxious because I didn’t know what was going to happen next.

This could go in two directions. The first would be the positive one. The happy ending. He would tell me he loves me, and that he isn’t mad at me. He would tell me that he wants me to stay.

Then again, there’s the negative one. He would tell me that I am a bitch. He would say that he is not a toy I can play with, and that he wants someone who will give him security. My eyes would water at his reference about me bringing him only doubt about everything he did.

But the one thing he didn’t know is that I, the person who doubts everything, am so certain of him. But the problem is that I am not sure about myself. I’m damaged. And I don’t want to damage him in the process of healing myself. This isn’t about me anymore. I can’t be selfish. Maybe it will be best for him if he walked away from me?

Well, I guess I’ll never know. Because what he did next made my brain stop working.

He pulled me in a kiss. His arms pressed on my back, like he was afraid I will run away from him again. The kiss tasted of longing, of acceptance, and a slight bit of relief. Until it grew hungry, and he picked me up, walking in his apartment with me on his chest, never breaking the kiss.

He quickly brought us in his bedroom, now trowing me on his bed. He took of his shirt, exposing his well built chest I have always loved so much. His face was red, as well as mine probably was. There was no time for analyzing him anymore because he rapidly leaned in to kiss me again. His hands went under my t-shirt, exploring my body, giving a slight squeeze to my breast as he reached them. He lifted my shirt, and threw it somewhere behind him.

I put my hands in his hair as he moved his head down, leaving wet kisses on my belly. It felt so normal having him like this. I should try not to ruin this with overthinking and just enjoy it. Well, Alex could easily make my thoughts vanish as he unbuttoned my jeans and left me only in my underwear, resting his head between my tights. He stopped there, looking at me with mischief in his eyes.

I put myself up on my elbows to have a better look at him.

‘What?’ I said.

He smiled wickedly. ‘Now, I’m going to tease you the way you teased me this whole time. And then you’ll know how it feels like to wait for something you want so bad. And you will want me inside you, so, so bad.’ He promised.

Well, this will definitely be memorable.

‘Honey, are you hungry?’ I muttered against his chest.

His torso went up as he left out a little chuckle. ‘Depends on what is there for me to eat.’

I slapped his hand. ‘I was talking about real food Alex. You know, something like cereals, or eggs, or something you actually have here that can be categorized as food.’

‘We can make something? I think I have the ingredients for pancakes.’

‘You mean I can make something and you’ll eat it? Yeah, sure, why not. Everything for my man.’ I kissed him, before getting out of the bed. I took his shirt from the floor and put it on. Gosh, it smelled on his cologne.

I was at the door when he said ‘Your man?’ making me stop.

I turned around to face him,

‘You got a problem with it?’ I said playfully.

He smiled. ‘Nah, not really. Just sounds …strange.’

‘Strange huh? Well, you better get used to it.’ I picked up his boxers from the floor and threw them in his face. ‘Get up now. I need your help in the kitchen.’


But he threw it anyway, and really did glue it on the ceiling.

‘Oh crap.’ he said.

‘How do I clean this up?’

‘I have no idea. You’ll have to figure it out while I’ll be in the living room, eating my pancakes with Nutella.’ I said grabbing the plate with all the pancakes on it.

‘I sometimes think that you’ll never care for anything like you care about food.’ He ranted.

‘That’s because it’s true.’

‘Ha-ha. Could you actually be helpful and tell me how to clean this?’ He was annoyed.

‘I don’t know Alex. I never glued a pancake on the ceiling before.’ I said honestly. ‘Just take it off. And come here to eat, we’ll figure it out later.’ I came over to kiss him, easily making him follow me in the living room.

We were laughing at some joke Alex made when my phone started ringing. I got very excited when I saw it was Liam.

‘Hey stranger.’ I said cheerfully. Alex immediately turned his head towards me. I ignored him and continued talking to Liam. The conversation went on and on, and then he teased about Alex, and how I talked about him when I was drunk, and I repeated it so Alex could hear it and relax a little. But he didn’t, he was nervously tapping with his finger on the table while waiting for me to finish my conversation with Liam. And when I did, I became nervous myself, because this was annoying me to death.

‘What?’ I asked him.

‘Why don’t ask your ‘friend’ what is it?’

I rolled my eyes. ‘Are you seriously going to do this every time I talk to him?’

He was quiet. He wasn’t even looking at me.

‘If we’re gonna do this, you’ll have to trust me.Just like I trust you.’ I said carefully.



I was breathing heavy. Is he really going to this every single time I talk to him? He put his hand on his face when he realized what a scene he just made about nothing.

‘The next time you shout at me about stupid things like this one was, it will be the last time you ever talked to me.’ My voice was calm, too calm. ‘And you will meet him, and you will see that there is nothing to be worried about.’

He made a face and wanted to protest, but I cut him off. ‘End of discussion. Now, where were we?’ I acted like nothing happened. I really wanted to forget about this and proceed like nothing happened.

He licked his lips before saying ‘Is he really gay?’.

I was silent for a couple of seconds, then I burst into laughter. ‘Very much so. He had more sex in his life than I could ever dream of having.’

Alex smiled wickedly, putting his hand on my leg. ‘Well, we could make some dreams come true. What do you think about that?’

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The colors au is so funny to me... they die all the goddamn time. Imagine Lucretia painting, but she looks away for a second and realizes that she can't tell which paint is blue and which is gray. "Dammit, Barold!" She says, looking up from the seascape she's working on. "Sorry," Barry says, his litch form floating above the no longer precariously balanced boulder he had been sure would give him a better view of the water. "Someone get this rock off my corps, I want my stuff back," says Barry.

slskadjf;lasjkdf trueeee

this reminds me, i need to add angsty stuff to that au post >:3c

Mini Fic!!

Not what I’d been planning to but here’s another mini fic. Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! 


It’s a fan of his that sends him the video. Actually, most of his fanbase is talking about it and sending him the link non-stop.  

Yuri is still reeling from his last fashion show, sprawled quite wildly on the backseat of the first cab that would stop for a drunk model. His colleagues were still in the bar, singing their asses off in the karaoke.  

@yuripfan: omg @yuri-plisetsky check this out!! (laughing emojis)…

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Headcanons for Akashi, Mayuzumi, Imayoshi and Kise having a fem!best friend? (and it's purely platonic :D)


  • You can bet he’s gonna spend hours with you an empty classroom just ranting/complaining about his day. You take turns to vent to each other actually.
  • He’s actually the only person he allows to fuss over him, and he likes it when you come to practice just to see him. 
  • The both of you sometimes sit in the school courtyard and discuss possible love prospects for the other over lunch. 
  • Akashi also frequently comes over to your place to learn how to cook, because he can’t. 
  • Basically imagine two scary ass people who’re always in sync with each other. 


  • He always places his hand on your head just for kicks. He likes to rile you up like that.
  • If you find him reading a novel with an embarrassing cover, you’ll tease him to no end. Mayuzumi feels like screaming, but he puts up with it to show that he isn’t bothered.
  • The two of you are able to spend hours in each other’s company without having to talk. So studying with him is actually really effective. 
  • Mayuzumi loves eating whatever you make. Like, he genuinely is proud of being _____’s official taste-tester. 


  • He’s gonna tease the eff out of you like it’s his job.
  • But he’s also going to make sure nothing harms you. Not even a speck of dust.
  • So if you come to practise and Wakamatsu decides to flirt with you, there will be hell to pay from one Imayoshi. 
  • Imayoshi revels in the fact that he has someone cute who comes to watch him practise and give him towels and water bottles. He doesn’t like you romantically in the slightest, but still it’s nice to have something- or someone- no one else on the team has. Momoi doesn’t count, at least not to him, because she can’t make honey lemons. 


  • Whoo boy, the two of you go shopping once a week. You two spend hours at the mall, trying on outfits. Kise is rather good with critique, helping you piece together good outfits.
  • You come to watch him practise, and he always waves at you. 
  • The usually gruff Kasamatsu doesn’t mind Kise waving at you because he knows you’re his best friend. 
  • Kise frequently tries to set you up with Kasamatsu, much to both of your and Moriyama’s dismay. It’s just, he ships the two of you so hard!!
  • Kise doesn’t like it when any other person flirts with you, though, and pops out of nowhere to ‘defend your innocence’- his words, not yours.

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I hc that he just doesn't give a fuck about his health??? Liver busted from alcohol, lungs filled with smoke, scoliosis, not the best eyesight... Just help him, we know its canon that he never scedules doctor appointments. Give some witamins and rest

it’s the depression

(but seriously someone please give him a bottle of water, glasses and/or contacts, and a good night’s sleep he deserves it)

Passing Out

Requested: can u do an imagine where Shawn passes out on stage?? Thx



Shawn had mentioned that he didn’t feel very well before he got onstage tonight, but everyone just assumed he’d be fine. Even you were convinced that he’d pull off the show without a hitch like he always does. Even when he has to perform sick, he does fine because he just rides on the adrenaline high and the crowds energy. When he gets off stage after the concert, he’s usually wiped out, but that’s to be expected.

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