someone give her the opportunity to rap

Talking about a hard secret to hold…but now the secret is out: @rapsodymusic is on the upcoming Kendrick Lamar album “To Pimp A Butterfly”. Project after project, verse after verse, remaining steadfast and true to what she believed in, paid off…This is only the beginning. The beginnings of a great EMCEE, not female EMCEE….an EMCEE. Thank you King Kendrick for recognized what most won’t or wouldn’t. You called on her and she delivered. Please everyone….give it up for someone who deserves this moment…..yall give it up for Queen Rap.
—  9th Wonder on Rapsody’s feature on Kendrick Lamar’s new album.
Time Gone By (1/?)

Hello all! 

So i’m pretending I can write like a real grown up and am going to try my hand at a proper multi chapter fic. It’s unbeta’d so all mistakes are in there (wehey!) but either way i hope you like it, and if all goes well I’ll hopefully carry on if it’s something people would be interesting in reading. The second chapter will be more Emma focussed, letting her tell her side of things and progressing what happens from her POV. Also, In the beginning, Killian is 21 and Emma is 20.

I hope you all like it!

SUMMARY:  Killian returns to Storybrooke after leaving unexpectedly 8 years ago. Upon his return, he’s reconciled with the friends he left behind, but picking up where he left off with his best friend might not be so easy - considering how she broke his heart all those years ago.

August 2005

Killian made his way up the second flight of stairs, mentally practicing his goodbye speech.  To say he was upset was an understatement. He’d made real solid friends in the past eighteen months of living in Storybrooke; his closest friend currently living inside apartment 206, just footsteps away.
He’d never been the best a socializing, so when he’d been transferred to Storbrooke University, he’d dreaded the thought of having to finish out his final year amongst a town of strangers.
But fate had been kind to him and he’d soon found himself a small group of friends to call his own that accepted his bumbling ways… especially Emma.
She’d stormed into his life like the vibrant tornado she was and he hadn’t been able to look back. She’d been his constant throughout such a short time and yet he felt like he’d known her all his life. They’d been practically inseparable and there wasn’t much he wouldn’t share with her.
Except for one thing. And he’d messed that up royally.
He knew he’d caused a ripple in their relationship a week ago by foolishly declaring his feelings for her. It was a moment of madness on his part. They’d been laughing over the photos she’d been emailed from David’s birthday the weekend before. She’d looked so beautiful in that moment; her laughter made his heart sing and before he knew it he was pouring his heart out.
She hadn’t responded. He knew the instant the words were out that he’d spooked her, and when she’d rapidly changed the subject he’d followed suit, panic and fear taking the place of the full heart he’d had not moments before.
She’d been avoiding him ever since.
And now he was here to tell her he was leaving.
He’d tried calling her and texting to ask if they could talk, but he’d only been met with silence or claims of being too busy.
His leaving wasn’t by choice… well, not really. Liam had been offered a fantastic deal on a Dock opening just south of Portland. He’d been saving like crazy in hopes of starting his own business and his chance had finally arrived. He knew how to work the shipyards like the back of his hand, only now he could run one under his own name without taking a superiors orders. It also meant that Killian would be walking into a job straight out of University under the employ of his brother. It was an opportunity he couldn’t afford to pass up. This was a new beginning for them - not just as brothers but also as partners. It also meant that they had to move fast before someone undercut them with a better offer.
Which is why Killian was taking it upon himself to seek out Emma Swan tonight. His last night in Storybrooke.

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