someone get me this album

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Okay apparently, Taylor has been looking for a house in Chelsea to be "closer to Joe" Girl..... chill. Go back to "being single" I can't with her anymore

im tired everything is so much with her taylor honey chill

chrishoulihan replied to your post: So Jo put some Tori Amos songs in that Playlist…

GIRL I will show you the way!! Definitely don’t put her catalogue on shuffle. Honestly my usual recommendation is just to go chronologically, start with Little Earthquakes and/or Under the Pink (my personal fave). Boys for Pele is a masterpiece but it’s very weird and idiosyncratic so I wouldn’t recommend that first unless you’re really up for it. If you’re more into electronic music than singer-songwriter stuff go for Choirgirl and then Venus

Ahh bless! I was kinda hoping you’d help me out haha cause I know how much you love her…I’m listening to Little Earthquakes now and so far I love it :) I’ll see where I go from here.


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Lonely Boy Goes To A Rave by Teen Suicide reminds me of Nathan

PPFFT honestly just looking at the title i KNEW. hearing the song only really proves my theory that nathan is the emodiment of angsty teenage music


[An Undertale No-Mercy Run Final Boss mix]

I’ve been sitting on this mix for about a month now, and finally decided that if it gets me hype, maybe someone else will enjoy it, too! Drew some fake album pics so I could put it up! It’s a very loud playlist, comprised of 13 songs that get the blood pumpin’, knives swingin’, and bones crackin’ (including MEGALOVANIA, of course~)

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I was listening to orchestral covers of AM songs and I'd like to start a petition to have a whole Arctic Monkeys show with an orchestra. I mean, I'm still not over Mardy Bum at Glastonbury.

omg have you heard the knee socks orchestral cover before? the “you and me could’ve been a team” part just…..gets me every time. i want someone to make a whole album of am orchestral covers tbh. and i’ll definitely sign your petition for a whole AM show with an orchestra. (at least we have tlsp tho haha, i imagine it’d be a bit similar. am’s rock elements would add a unique flare tho.)  yesss mardy bum at glastonbury was magical, i cry every time lol 

I’d like to give away my digital download to someone who couldn’t get the album! First to message me can have it :)

@alivingfire could you please be a dear and signal boost me? You’re popular and I’m not. Thank youuuuuu

Oh my goodness  well I was trying to get someone interview me for my album and I thought what better person then Taylor Swift and I knew she would be amazing interviewer and has been so supported online and  tweeting my songs. So I asked her not expecting much and she said “Ya I’m in and Also do you want to do it at my Tampa show after you sing with me”. We rehearsed for 10 minutes and she had everything planned and everything was amazing and she is so organized and she made me feel so welcome, it was awesome.
—  Alessia Cara on Taylor Swift (On Air with Ryan Seacrest)

Butterfly Wings and The Real World album art