someone get me off that website omg

dykepatton  asked:

17, 23 :)

17. Do you own any merch?

I’m a broke ass bitch, but I managed to be on the website at juust the right time, when this was like 12 bucks and they were doing 30% off, and got my favorite Sami shirt for like 8 bucks. It’s my pride and joy lol. If I was getting more it’d probably be a Kenny one.

23. Most attractive female?

Like ever of all time? I’m too gay for this question. Right now, though, immediately my type someone who I’ve always thought was gorg, Liv Morgan. But omg  Asuka could kick me to death she’s so gorgeous.

anonymous asked:

lol kelsey turned off her anons? apparently she cant handle the truth. you dont fall in love with someone after knowing them for like 48 hours and expect it to workout.... this website and this whole "im going to get tumblr famous because im a lesbian and im in a relationship" or the "omg look at me and all my les friends look at our cult we are so popular" is fucking pathetic lmfao.

WANNA KNOW WHATS FUCKING PATHETIC? The fact that you don’t have the BALLS to attach your name to your bullshit statement. You don’t fucking know Kelsey. If you did, you’d know that in her 23 and a half years living, she never told anyone that she romantically loved them. TIME DOES NOT MEASURE LOVE. Nothing she did in this relationship was for publicity, this isn’t some Brangelina bullshit. You have no idea the hell the both of them have gone through in the past three months to stay together. But, you saying it was 48 hours proves how little you fucking know. You’re nothing more than an internet troll. I feel sorry for you. Grow up, you’re honestly pathetic.