someone get me a long cold glass of water

Sneaking Out

Sneaking out can be scary. I know I shouldn’t sneak out of the house when everyone else is asleep, but really, I just can’t help it sometimes. Typically I’m just doing something innocent like going to a 24-hour convenience store, but I have gone so far as to “break in” to some unlocked cars.

Right now, it’s 3am and I’m on my way back inside the house. All the lights are off, so everyone should still be asleep. I reach for the knob on the back door but…

It’s locked.

Panic. I can feel my heart beat faster and faster, and my head begins to feel constricted. I know I didn’t lock the door behind me, and even though I have a key, I’m just certain that I have been caught.

Hands fidgeting from the adrenaline, I finally get the key in the lock and unlock the door, ready to face the music for being caught.

But no one was there. I could even hear the standard snores echoing through the house. My panic felt like it was extinguished by a bucket of cold water. Someone must have just woken up in the middle of the night for a glass of water or something and noticed the door was unlocked.

I made my way upstairs, carefully lowered the ladder to the attic, clambered up, and pulled it closed behind me, taking sanctuary behind the boxes of long forgotten Christmas ornaments.

Sneaking out can be scary. I wouldn’t want this family to end up like the last family who caught me sneaking back in….