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No one ever talks about abusive friendships so I'm going to and you better pay attention because this is important

People know all about abusive relationships- how to spot the signs, how to leave, etc. But no one ever talks about abusive friendships, which can be just as damaging and often is. It’s also a more dangerous trap because people don’t even realize that they’re actually being abused by their friends

I’m writing this post based off of my own experiences and what I’ve seen in others’. Feel free to add anything you might find relevant upon reblogging, because you could seriously help someone. 

The vast majority of my ‘friendships’ have been abusive to me (as much as I hate to admit that), and it’s a horrible experience that I never want anyone else to live through.

I just want to add the things one should look for so no one else has to deal with the same bullshit I always did:

  • You’d rather be by yourself than hang out with that person (NOT the same feeling as being drained because you’re an introvert- you just really don’t want to hang out with that person specifically)
  • You have to always be on guard and watch what you say because your friend might bitch you out or get irrationally angry
  • He/she/zhe insults you and tries to pass it off as “I’m just saying…” or “I’m just trying to help you”
  • Seeing their name on your caller I.D. puts the fear of God in you because you’re not sure whether they’ll be kind or ready to tear at you for some unknown reason when you pick it up.
  • You’re always there when they have problems, but when it comes down to YOUR problems they brush them off as unimportant, give shitty, half-asses advice (when it’s easy to tell they just don’t care), or turn it around to make it about them and effectively have a “my problems are more important than yours so shut up” moment
  • They insult the things you find joy in (yes, this includes fandoms) but heaven forbid you show any distain for something they like, even if you only respectfully disagree- you MUST like what they like OR ELSE YOU’RE STUPID!
  • They tell other people your secrets or tell other people your worst personality traits and basically talk smack about you. Which prevents others from wanting to be your friend.
  • They ask for your advice/opinion and then get mad when you give it
  • They insult your family for really insignificant reasons or for no reason at all (I’m not even kidding guys. It can get out of hand. I had a friend who constantly insulting my parents and my brother and even said my mother couldn’t cook worth shit. Rude.) 
  • Say you are unable to do things because they “know you” and use that as an excuse to say you can’t do something you want to do. “You can’t do that, you’re too short LOL” yeah fuck you too asshole
  • You’re afraid that if you end the friendship they will go into Bitch Mode and tell all your darkest secrets and talk crap about you to everyone.
  • You have reason to believe that their Bitch Face is actually their True Face
  • They can’t seem to find anything to talk about except talking crap about other people and expecting you to agree with them (my 'best friend’ insulted another friend of mine, who I had ASKED OUT ONCE and was quite fond of, and got mad at me when I said anything in her defense.) 
  • The previous point leads me to the one where they insult your other friends. 
  • THEY ALWAYS TRY TO PIN THEIR PROBLEMS ON YOU EVEN IF YOU HAD ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH IT. Usually this happens after they ask for your “advice” and then blame you for everything later or make another problem out of YOUR OPINION.
  • They consistently use the wrong pronouns (if you’re trans*- and this doesn’t include times when they have to use the wrong pronouns because of safety reasons for you) or out you (as LGBTQA+) at inappropriate times, and then get angry when you call them out on it- “but it’s obvious you’re gay anyway, so why does it matter?” “It’s too hard to use the right pronouns! Just deal with it!” (even though they’ve known what the correct pronouns are for MONTHS and after constant reminders)
  • And lastly if something feels off to you or you just feel upset or off-put by your 'friend’ (or GROUP OF FRIENDS in some cases) It’s a toxic friendship and it’s NOT good for you!

If you feel you’re in a toxic friendship, end it. Right now. It may hurt, the other person may throw a hissy fit and try so say YOU’RE the bad friend (you’re not!), you might not want to hurt the person’s feelings (which you shouldn’t worry too much about because they didn’t really care about your feelings, now did they?). Just end it, and don’t look back, even if you’re left completely friendless.

Being friendless is by far much healthier for you than staying with a group of toxic friends who put you down and make you feel like shit. I know that sound convoluted but it’s absolutely true.

And remember that it’s not the end of the world and that you WILL find new friends- hopefully ones who are decent human beings and you’ll have a real friendship waiting for you.

Don’t continue to just live with it. Do something about it and in the long run you will be much happier, trust me. If in reading this list you were heavily reminded of a 'friend’ I’d suggest looking at the friendship again- it’s probably toxic, and not the Brittany Spears kind.

Going to Breakfast Alone

We live in a world designed for pairs, couples, groups. Not for single people. This is never more obvious to me than when I go out to eat by myself.

Every couple of Saturdays, I take myself out to breakfast. So far, I’ve eaten at Denny’s, Ihop, and a few local diners. It’s astounding how awkward I find it. I probably over contemplate it- make it bigger than it has to be- but I’m not the only one who finds it abnormal.

My waitress asked me if I was treating myself. Which, yes, I definitely was.

Still- think about how weird it is to go out to a proper restaurant by yourself. Not a bar, not a diner with a counter, but a proper restaurant.

We live in a world designed for groups and socially constructed to see singleness as abnormal. I do a lot of things on my own right now. I’ve gone to movies, to the mall, to the museum, out to eat, all alone. These places aren’t really made to be experienced alone. They don’t exclude the possibility, but they are focused on couples and groups. I feel a little awkward in these places alone.

Humans are social creatures. We suffer when we don’t have people around us. (Of course, there are the introvert/extrovert stereotypes and antisocial behaviors and disorders, but we need other people. Sometimes in measured amounts.) It makes sense to provide places to interact with other people, and even to market the venue to couples or families.

But it’s not just the venues I go to- it’s the very society I live in. The kind where I am asked about a boyfriend or future plans and relationships every other day by well-meaning elderly ladies. This world is made for pairs. It is sculpted around it.

It doesn’t make my life any easier. I long for a pairing, for someone to be with. I’m perfectly capable of being on my own, but I want that life companion.

Being alone is hard. Its hard when you are expected to have someone. When you are judged on your ability to find a partner. When your worth is based off of who you date or sleep with or marry. When being alone is looked down upon and judged.

There is nothing wrong with being single. There is nothing wrong with going to Ihop alone. There is nothing wrong with living by yourself, being independent, being strong on your own. We may live in a society where we are expected to be with someone, but that doesn’t mean that society is right.

Sometimes, its good to be alone.

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May I ask why you changed the Jumin one? Did people get upset over it?

[please dont reblog]

It was a sensitive topic so I get where both sides are coming from ^__^;;
I have never watched 50 shades nor have I any intention of doing so (I don’t really like nsfw stuff in general as well – I have like 1.5% knowledge about any of it other than the basic stuff you accidentally learn about in high school and i don’t want to find out more thanks to previous unpleasant childhood experiences lol)

&& the entire meme was based off a canon in-game 707 thought bubble about “50 Shades of Chairman-To-Be” [screenshot in previous posts] ((+++so much of the fandom was seeing Jumin as someone who would /watch/ it)) so i thought it was okay

but I’m glad people took the time to politely explain why the movie is problematic because I wouldn’t have known otherwise ^__^ while the reference was very tiny and indirect, i felt like it was sending messages that i think jumin is the same as this grey guy – i don’t btw, which is why he is asking for mc’s consent unlike the grey person guy (afaik…idk) – i think jumin is precious if you treat him right too. his obsession still creeps me out though haha but still - fave! ;;;

i don’t like remembering it but i personally know the feeling of having your consent disregarded ; ; ;; ;;; ;; so yeah idk – i definitely have no bad intentions with the previous comic – i just booked on the fact that it was referenced in the game ;; i’m sorry! please don’t hate me

why do i feel like i dont have the right to draw jumin anymore… or anything MM at all because i might mess up some more lololol rip maybe i should take a break

Hi guys, so I couldn’t find the original post going around and I’m sure someone else noticed the errors, but the person who originally posted this made a mistake with the math. I’m assuming they were calculating with 365 work days instead of the (roughly) 260 days most people have to work on average which excludes some holidays and weekends. My calculations are based off a 40 hour work week, 8 hours a day.

More fun facts: if the Yale tuition prices are correct (assuming they are), if Yale followed the minimum wage inflation, it’d be about $12,678.75 annually; but over the years, Yale decided it was worth over 350% what it was in the 70′s. That, or the amount of minimum wage we get as a country hasn’t followed inflation (which is way more accurate of the two) 

so basically kids these days have been screwed over by the generations before us time and time again and now we can’t afford shit without financial aid of some kind, most of which has interest tagged onto it which only ends up screwing us more.

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I've been trying to work on a story for a year and all I have is a couple characters and I imagine conversations they have and their characteristics and motives, but I don't have a story attached to it. I also can't think of a different story to work on. I write down the disconnected scenes sometimes but there's no motive or motivation moving a story along. Where should I try to go from here?

Your motivation is likely tied to that lack of direction.

Find your protagonist and make a plot from a goal they have, or find a general plot and put a character who would be interesting to see in a protagonist role. I recommend the former because it’s often easier to plan, but the latter can be used if you’re going for a story where the protagonist has a lot of things thrown at them and the goal is more like “survive” or “get away”. 

What does your protagonist want? What’s going to get in their way? How are they going to interact with others who get in their way or try and help them?

A story is a combination of plot and characters and those two things should work together and affect each other. Those individual scenes you wrote down may or may not make it into the actual story and that’s not a bad thing. Tiny detail changes can completely revamp (or get rid of) a scene and part of being a good writer is knowing when things need to go.

So ultimately, you need to do some actual planning. 

My old Ways to Develop Plot Ideas post may help a bit, but that’s generally for someone starting off with nothing and you seem to have a small idea of what you want. Still, worth a shot to check out. 

There’s also a post coming today at 5pm that details why you shouldn’t get too attached to your characters and your plans for them. Based on your wording, you might not need the warning, but since you have characters and no plot you’re at risk for falling into the trap if you aren’t careful.

Good luck finding your story!


luke x reader text au
based off of a text post (when i find it ill credit the creator) basically saying “imagine if ur otp texted each other a picture of them and like the worlds biggest cake or something and said ‘i’m leaving you for someone else’ or something like that, but the picture didn’t send”

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hello! i saw that you were an atheist until recently converting and i was hoping for some advice maybe? i was raised atheist but i've always found a lot of comfort in the idea of a religion, especially a polytheistic one, but i've been struggling to believe in higher powers after spending my whole life thinking there are no gods. i was wondering if you had the same struggle and if so how you got past it?

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to answer this, because it’s something I still struggle with, especially since I have a rather mean inner voice sometimes. It comes down to the core of why you’re an atheist.

For me, I think it had to do with attachment to things that were “provable” and had “evidence”, and the fact that I just wasn’t raised with one due to my parents conflicting views. I was a victim of severe gaslighting growing up and sometimes couldn’t tell up or down. I wanted to have a religion, I actively went to several different churches and youth groups with friends to try and have some sort of meaning, but never found it. I specifically remember crying myself to sleep a few times being so frustrated, because I didn’t understand how other people could “trick” their brains like that, and I desperately wanted to because they seemed so peaceful?

Eventually the desire for religion faded out, mostly due to learning about various sciences, but the core foundation of my lack of belief stayed the same. If there was a God, surely we would have some sort of concrete evidence by now, right?

Have you ever heard people talk about how, the more you learn, you realize just how little you actually know? How little we understand anything? I found myself comparing society to hundred years ago and how different it was. And the hundred years before that. And before that… In 100 years from now it’s going to be entirely different, people will look back on this time period and not understand how we could live without the knowledge of x, y, or z. This is how it will always be, forever. We literally do not have the comprehension to understand how little we actually know right now. Have you ever read about how radiation was discovered? Marie Curie was straight up ridiculed for her ideas. So were many, many other people who made incredibly important and useful discoveries. I’m not saying that we’re all going to go down in history, but it’s clear that absence of proof is not proof of absence. Meaning, just because we cannot prove it’s there, doesn’t mean it’s not. It seems obvious, but making that connection with the knowledge you have in your own life, and your opinions on things, is actually pretty difficult. Not a lot of people can do it.

When I started making that connection is when the mean inner voice of “This is utterly ridiculous and ignorant,” started to go away. Because I accepted that I can’t say that for sure. That also means I accept that more than likely, how I perceive things in my life isn’t how they actually are, and I’m never going to know the Truth ™. That’s okay. It’s okay to make the best sense of it I can even if others don’t. Maybe my journals will help some scientist 500 years from now make some sort of discovery about an energy that I related to a God, maybe the Gods are alive in a way we haven’t even thought of yet and They’re just incredibly patient and loving beings who help us anyways with our strange quirks. Maybe I’m entirely wrong. But if it helps me and gives me fulfillment, that’s not exactly a bad thing.

This is where faith comes in. Where trust in your own feelings and perceptions comes in. I have a lot of the same connections to magick because even if my explanation is entirely far off base (probably is tbh) - more than likely I wouldn’t be able to understand the explanation if someone came back in time and told it to me anyways. So have faith that you’re doing the best you can and find comfort in it. It’s not really something you “get past”, it’s more like something you learn to deal with and accept.

Anyways, this was super long, but I hope it helped a little. <3

Piano girl (Connor Murphy x reader)

A/n: woo first full fic!! Also this is based off a head cannon someone posted but I can’t for the life of me find it, so I’m sorry if this was yours! Also the tone is really inconsistent lmao sorry about that.

Warnings: swearing, bad writing, ooc connor, weed mention, suicide and depression mention, general awkwardness and fluff. No happy ending for this one:(

Wc: 1476

Connor Murphy was an enigma. At least that’s how you would describe him. I mean you had been going to school with him for as long as you could remember, and had only heard his voice a handful of times. He was a complete and utter mystery. And that’s what made him so attractive to you. Of course he never noticed (hell you’d be damned if he even looked in your direction) but you admired from afar, and that was enough for you, or at least you thought it was.

This had been your after school routine for the past month; go to the band room, play piano for an hour or so, go home, repeat. Mostly you were alone because the band teacher mr. Smith always had something to do, you never questioned him though, the silence of the room made playing much easier than it would be with an audience. Today’s pick to play was ‘wake me up when September ends’ one of your personal favorite songs, although it was kind of difficult, well ‘kind of’ was an understatement. About half way through the keys would get tangled under your fingers and frustration flooded your body after the fourth try. You slammed the keys and buried your face in your hands. Letting out a soft groan as you did so. When you looked up there stood Connor Murphy leaning in the doorway staring at you. You questioned your sanity for a few seconds. he seemed much more gentle up close. His features were still as stoic as ever but his eyes were much softer, like he had seen so much in only 18 years. He immediately looked down taking sudden interest in his shoelaces when he realized he’d been seen. You wanted to say something but all possible words got caught in your throat. He turned on his heels before you quickly spat out;
“Do you need something?”
It came out slightly more forceful than intended but, hey it caught his attention.
He paused staring at you almost in disbelief that you acknowledged his existence.
“Uh yeah, yeah Zoe forgot to take this stupid fucking jazz band form from mr. Smith or something?”
You nodded at his response.
“i think he ran out to make more copies today actually.”
Technically this wasn’t a lie Mr. smith had in fact mentioned making more copies of the jazz band field trip forms, but you just weren’t sure when, or if in fact all of the forms were gone.
“Uh ok.”
a beat of awkward silence.
“When do you think he’ll be back?”
Your eyebrows furrowed as you attempted to answer him, your lie quickly catching up with you.
“Uh, well, soon… probably.”
Now it was his turn to nod as he continued to stand in the doorway.
“You can sit down. I- i mean if you want to, just until mr. smith gets back.”
In a poor attempt to cover your nervousness, you smiled trying to do anything, absolutely anything to ease the awkward tension that filled the already spacious room. He quickly shook his head.
“No it’s fine i don’t want to disturb you playing.”
He heard you.
Connor murphy, the boy you were hopelessly in love with since sophomore year, heard you playing piano, the one part of your life you never let anyone into, He unintentionally invaded. You felt your face turn red as you tried, and failed to avoid eye contact.
“Shit you heard that?”
He nodded his head
“Yeah you’re actually pretty good. Never really striked me as a greenday type of girl though.”
You let his words sink in. does that mean he’s noticed you? No. you’re probably overthinking this.
“I really don’t mind though i was getting kind of lonely anyways.”
He shrugged as he took out his phone, the corner of his mouth frowning as he read the message on his screen.
“Uh, You know what Zoe just texted me she’ll grab it tomorrow.”
“Oh um ok cool, see you around then.”
He saluted you with his index and middle finger before turning and walking out of view.
“See you around piano girl.”

The next few days passed without incident. The only time you had seen Connor was in the hallways, and he hardly even noticed you were there. You kept to your regular schedule in the band room, playing different songs, even finishing a page or two of homework of you were lucky. Everything seemed to go back to normal. Except what you didn’t know was that connor had noticed you. He had stayed after school everyday since he first heard you play. It was one of the few things that could calm him. he would never admit to this of course, but it was his secret. You were his nice little secret. The one thing about his life that was right. Even if you had no idea about it. But unfortunately, you alone couldn’t save connor. His problems were still there, and he still wasn’t getting the proper help that he needed. But for an hour each day he could slip into a world where they were less heightened. A feeling he thought only weed could give him. And as much as he hated to acknowledge it, he began falling for you. Hard. everytime you passed him in the hallway his heart would skip a beat. But to him you were nothing but a pipe dream. Someone he could never have. But in his head you were his. His piano girl.

It was only a matter of time before it became too much for connor. The depression, the anger, it was all like one big swirling storm in his head with no chance of ever seeing the light. It had to end. And That friday he had a plan. And it started with you.

As soon as the bell rang that day connor hauled ass down to the band room, Determination and anxiety written across his face. But his unsureness spiked when the time came. His hand wavered over the band room door handle for what he felt like an eternity. Suddenly though a voice broke him out if his thoughts.
He snapped his head towards the sound of the voice, and nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw your figure standing less than two feet in front of him.
“Oh god it’s you, i- uh, i was just- you know what, fuck it i wanted to hear you play again.”
Your eyes widened at him, scarlet filling your cheeks.
“Uh sure. Just let me put my stuff down.”
After getting both of your things settled. You made your way over to the stacks of sheet music mr. smith kept in the room.
“Any requests?”
He shook his head and tucked a loose strand of hair behind his ear.
You nodded and continued scouring through the many articles of music, until one particular green day song caught your eye.
You quickly took the music and scurried over to the piano. Setting everything down as neatly as possible. After a few brief warm ups, you began playing. The notes came to you much easier than the first time connor heard you play, this was because you had been practicing this song extra hard. You didn’t know why but something about connor hearing you mess up made you that much more determined to be able to play it perfectly. You began to quietly sing along, and soon connor followed in suit. And by the chorus you two were both singing out the song. Your hearts swelled in time with the music, and all thought of the world outside faded. Only leaving you two. But as most things do the song came to an end. As the final notes escaped your fingers, you saw connor stand, and make his way to the bench where you sat. taking both of your hands in his. And kissing your knuckles. You blushed for what felt like the thousandth time that day, but connor never got a chance to see it as he pulled you into a bone crushing hug. You hugged back as he faintly whispered into your ear
“Thank you.”
He pulled away, and collected his things.
“Uh see you on monday then?”
He turned, the corner of his mouth perking up.
“Yeah. see you on monday piano girl.”

MTL to date a baby faced noona

Anon said: bts mtl to date a short noona with a baby face ~ 

Jungkook- Jungkook has stated many times that he likes noonas. I think that it would just be a bonus that you guys would probably look closer to the same age.

Hoseok- Hoseok doesn’t seem like the type of guy to really care about you being older or younger as long as the ager difference is reasonable. He’d find you being short to be very adorable along with your baby face.

Jimin- I think that Jimin would think that you’re really cute but would also be a little submissive and a little more respectful because you are his noona.

Taehyung- Although I personally imagine Taehyung being with someone that is his age or only a little younger than he is, I don’t really think that he cares too much about you being older. He would just love you. You being short with a baby face would be a plus because he would think it’s cute.

Yoongi- Yoongi literally wouldn’t care whether you are older or younger, taller or shorter. Appearances don’t really seem like they matter to him but I have also read that he prefers younger girls (I don’t know if the interaction with the fan was accurate but when she called him oppa he said he prefered younger. She told him she was 17. Again, idk if this is 100% true). 

Seokjin- I think that Seokjin would find you attractive but in my opinion he seems to like younger girls. He wouldn’t be closed off to dating a noona though.

Namjoon- Namjoon is dominant and we all know it. You being his noona I feel like would take him a bit out of that position that naturally comes to him.

BTW I don’t believe that any of the members would turn someone down just because they are older or anything. These are opinions I have made based on what I have seen, heard, and read. I want this blog and my posts to be enjoyable for everyone so don’t take only my word for the scenarios I post and how I believe that they would react to them because for all we know I could be totally wrong! I don’t know them personally and ideal types can be very far from the people they will love in the future.

Anyway, thanks so much for requesting!! Please send more requests if you have any <3

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On the musings of hearing personas post-contract and ultimate personas, I'd assume if, say, Yusuke got Susano, he wouldn't hear Goemon anymore because it's not that he got a new persona, but that the persona evolved. It's like pokémon; when you evolve your meowth, you don't get a meowth AND a persian, y'know?

That makes sense I think. Persona’s are based off things we recognise as important as people so when your thinking evolves at the end of getting through something I guess the persona would evolve to not just kind of cease to exist.

…of course I’m basing this off that one text post where someone said it could be Barney the Dinosaur.

I am thou~
Thou art me~
We’re as happy as can be~
With a great big gun and a shot from me to you~
Won’t you say you’ll accept me to~

things that matt’s “one honest statement” tweet could be about:
- malec says “i love you”
- clace finally finds out they’re not actually related
- they go to the seelie court or smth therefore someone has 2 tell the truth abt something??
- someone comes out (remember that new sexuality they were teasing a while ago? yeah, maybe that’ll happen)

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omg, the host suddenly hiccuping in the middle of a narration, and the other egos being confused af, but after awhile they find it hard to keep from laughing (based off your post)

It was like three am and I kept imagining the Host trying be all ominous but he keeps hiccuping in between his words. He’s trying to speak someone out of existence but he just keeps squeaking and nobody can take him seriously

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yo wait. why do you think yellow's internal conflict is a better portrayal than blue's? i've never seen that perspective before and i think that's super interesting, care to elaborate?

yeah i do. i cant lie when i say that i do admire that there is some subtlety to her behavior and rebecca managed to write a decent character who has issues coping with the loss of someone, even if it can be in your face sometimes. 

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Fandom: Supernatural

Character/Ship: Dean Winchester

Warning: Daddy Dean Winchester (Literal Dad Dean), Fluff, Impala, REO Speedwagon

Writer: Cas

Words: 1030

Requested by: Anon on @thefandomimagine

Summary: Imagine you and Dean finding a child while working on a case. Before you know it, the kid starts calling you mom and dad

[Based off of:]

Author’s Note: I love the fact that I put Impala as a warning.

REO Speedwagon’s “Can’t Fight This Feeling”

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“Opinions” are “harassment” when you write hurtful things on a stranger’s IG

KM is fighting on. She is the one who wrote that she works in the field of criminal law and can read people’s body language. As such she dared to write on Mackenzie’s IG that based on body language in photos, Sam doesn’t feel “passion” for Mackenzie but “adores” Cait. In defense of doing so she wrote this:

“Opinions are not harrassment -each and every one of us have a right to voice them whether it is liked or not. However NO one has a right to be UGLY towards others because they do not like those opinions as one only belittles themselves when the do so! - having said that I find it incredibly creepy that some of these posts have gone way beyond personal opinions and have crossed lines over to an incredibly unhealthy obsession. Regardless I will not yield by way of changing my opinion due to a few bullies in the Outlander schoolyard. Peace Out!”

I’m sorry but if some stranger came to your IG KM and wrote that based on a few photos they saw your partner doesn’t feel passion for you and in fact adores someone else, I think you would find that terribly rude at best and harassing at worst. 

So please get over yourself and get off Mackenzie’s IG.

Thank you.


In reading KM’s body language post again I noticed she was referring to reading Sam’s and Cait’s body language from “non work related photo’s.” What photos are these? A couple of fan photos from a shopping mall in SA? Everything at PR events like SDCC is work related. BTS photos that are either posed or scenes of them rehearsing are work related. Yes, Sam and Cait are touchy feely actors and that can explain away some of the other BTS photos in which Cait appears to be hanging onto Sam like he is a Teddy Bear (without much reciprocation). But in general, there aren’t many non work related photos of Sam and Cait, so I have no idea what she is talking about.

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Kissing Meme : Sonamy - Kiss on the Hips (I think it's #14) 🙈😁😉 ❤️- KBSpeeding

Kissing Meme #14 Kiss along the hips.

hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngg KB is that really you??? ;o If it is then why did you go on anon?? Never mind I’m sure you have your reasons. I heard that you were leaving Tumblr?? don’tleaveuspleaseyourloved

Anyway, so this fic is based off a headcanon of mine that I posted ages ago and someone volunteered to write a fanfic for it but they never did(??) 

Headcanon: Sonic finds a case of marker pens in a variety of colors and out of boredom he and Amy have a pen fight, then end up drawing circles on each other, labeling the parts that they like. Until Sonic draws on Amy’s mouth commenting on how he likes the look of her lips. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 

Winter, an ordinary day in its late evening. Where the days were shortened and it got dark early. Outside was an unexpected gift of rain. The wet season didn’t generally start for another fortnight but the skies don’t lie. It wasn’t a mean rain either, the type that got the streams running with pristine water from the drains. 

Such a dull sight, Sonic thought with a tired expression, he would have run home by now if the rain hadn’t appeared, heck–he still had that choice but didn’t fancy getting soaked. So instead he sheltered inside Amy’s house waiting for the weather to die down. With a sigh, the blue hedgehog turned away from the window, back to the couch behind him. Then stopped. 

Out of the corner of his eyesight, Sonic unknowingly looked back twice at a desk pushed underneath the pane of the window, for what he saw was a smear of purple ink on said desk. At first glance he thought it was a juice stain. At second glance he realized it was a trail of ink smudged across the surface. Sonic’s gaze followed the line where it ended abruptly off the edge of the table, he looked down and discovered a pencil case that had a broken zip. 

Kneeling down he inspected it, until curiosity got the better of him and picked it up with one hand. Pens clattered at his feet as they tumbled out the opening of the case, he watched some of them roll away in retreat under the desk, and some bounced off the floor but remained. 

Just as Sonic was about to clear up the mess, soon enough he heard a door open and close behind him, all of a sudden he felt dread run through his chest, thinking that he was going to get caught doing something wrong. He shot a look over his shoulder where he saw Amy Rose come out of the bathroom, fully clothed and towel drying her quills, she was unaware of his linger presence, too focused on her raggedy appearance to notice him. 

You know that feeling you get when you see something perfect and you get a sudden urge to destroy it? Sonic had that feeling right now. Looking at Amy’s skin it looked as clean as a blanket of snow, which only encouraged his idea. 

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these are a handful of posts i’ve found where inclusionists feel the need to “remind” exclusionists that “allo” isn’t a slur… and this:

is the only thing i can find where someone says that “allo” is a slur. a single anon. is this what y’all are basing it off of? when you feel the need to make these patronizing posts letting us know that some made up word isn’t a slur?

because i promise none of us actually think it’s a slur. one anon might, but i can’t find a single active person in the discourse who does.