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Tom Holland Laughing

                                            I see that town.  

  1. Høyfjeldsbilde - ulver 
  2. My Chest - lacrimas profundere 
  3. Pushit - tool 
  4. Aeons - karnivool 
  5. Over Now - alice in chains 
  6. Hope Leaves - opeth 
  7. Dead Letters - katatonia 
  8. And The World Returned - at the gates 
  9. Les Feuilles De L'olivier - les discrets   
  10. To Bid You Farewell - opeth 


Michael getting flustered on Letterman after David shows him a clip from his work on CBC, when he was 15 years old.

Taken from this video

I Wanna Know 😂

How Did Yall Find Me ? Like Did You Search My Name ? Someone Reblogged A Video ?
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I seen this on another Gorrilaz imagine account and I wanted to see your spin on it. How would 2D react if you had to be one of the girls that was feeling all over Murdoc in the Feel Good Inc. video?

Ohhh, I love this prompt but I’m keeping it gender neutral! I want to credit @all-gorillaz-imagines because I feel the need too since they wrote it first. I also went a little overboard on the prompt.

Stuart Pot (2D): 

2D had wanted you to get a taste into his life. How it was to shoot a video and all the work it went into it. You were kind of excited so when you heard you were going to be an extra, you got really excited. 

“2D, what if I fuck it up? This song could be smash hit and it could all be ruined by me,” You said as you messed with your fingers in nervousness. 

2D laughed, “You’re not going to ruin it love. I’ll make sure that if you’re feeling uncomfortable or anything like that, I’ll tell them to cut.” 

You smiled and followed him out the door. You didn’t know what you were supposed to be doing but whatever part you had, you were going to make sure that you killed it. 

The five of you finally arrived to the studio where they were filming it. You were feeling the jitters but that soon went away after they dragged you towards a trailer to get your make up, hair and clothes done. 

Once you finished, you looked at yourself. You looked fucking amazing. They had you in some rather provocative clothes but you couldn’t complain about it. This was all happening thanks to 2D. 

“Where is 2D’s friend or whatever! We need you by Murdoc, now!” You heard the director scream at you. 

You ran out of the trailer and seen Murdoc laying down on some couch thing. Oh no. What the hell were you going to be doing. Hopefully it wasn’t anything to bad because you knew 2D would stop everything to take him away from you. 

“You, I need you to lay down next to Murdoc. Every other extra step away. You need to lay on Murdoc and pretend like you just did the deed. Play with his nipples or something,” He said as he sat down on his director chair. 

Oh no. 2D was going to have a shit fit. 

You laid down next to Murdoc and the director quickly moved your hand down to Murdocs crotch and your left hand down on his nipple. 

“Well sweetie, at least break up with 2D before you go to me,” Murdoc said as he tried to act innocently about the situation.

The director shouted action. You were supposed to be feeling up all over Murdoc while he played his bass and since you didn’t want to get 2D into any sort of trouble, you had to comply. 

You were feeling up all over his chest, tracing it lightly while the director told you to even go in and start kissing his neck. But as soon as he shouted that out, 2D stomped towards Murdoc and you. 

“What in the hell do you think you’re doing? You said that they were going to be an extra!” 2D screamed as he grabbed the director from his shirt. 

“You either find someone else or you can forget about me continuing this video,” 2D said as he let go of the director and grabbed you by the shirt. 

Murdoc started laughing at 2D’s distress. He had no kinds of feelings towards you but seeing 2D that upset about his partner gave him a kick. 

“Hey! Sweetheart! Once you finish with 2D, you know where to find me!” Murdoc screamed at you. 

“I will actually fucking murder you if you lay another finger on them. Do you understand?” 2D said as he shoved Murdoc against the wall. 

“Okay,” Murdoc said a lot more intimidated at 2D than before. 

Please help me find someone!

Okay, so I was video chatting with someone on Omegle (ohhh). Anyways, I talked to them for about an hour. They went to go eat and I asked them if they had a Kik or whatever, and we settled on Skype. For some reason, my dumb self didn’t take a picture of his username. So I need your help to possibly find him? He was really awesome. Plus I hate the fact that I lost a fellow hockey friend from just a simple mistake. Some details that I remember from the conversation are:
•Lives in Canada
•Team is the Senators
•Majors (I believe) in engineering and economics
•We watched game four of the Senators and Penguins together (Sens lost 3-2, sadly)
•Was really nice
•Asked me where my homie went when she disappeared for a bit
•Told me some things about politics
•Had black/dark brown curly hair
•Had a beard
•I thanked him for actually talking hockey with me
•His Skype username had something to do with “cam” and “ham” I believe.

I suck with descriptions and the chances of people actually knowing who I’m talking about and having this get to him is pretty low. I know that. But can we please try? I will add a picture of myself in hopes it helps him to know who I am if this somehow gets to him.

Please spread the word.


this is definitely real footage of B.A.P playing the truth game trust me enjoy

idk what this is either buddy

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You should do the reasons why you love allura like you did with the paladins!

that is……… an awesome idea, i’ll try to get a post out by tomorrow evening^^


@MzKatieCassidy: When @marg-robbie gets up to go get us more champagne, and you end up making it into some rando’s IG story🤷

someone help me find the vine actor / video of the black comedian who is amazed that his “friend” (himself) can make the flute melody from Future’s “Mask Off” using nothing but his mouth and he’s stunned like, “Woooww how you doin that? oh my god how you doin that”

bath-bath-Cat Zitao and his graceful high-jump…
[video cr.: CherryTAO]