someone find me videos

                                            I see that town.  

  1. Høyfjeldsbilde - ulver 
  2. My Chest - lacrimas profundere 
  3. Pushit - tool 
  4. Aeons - karnivool 
  5. Over Now - alice in chains 
  6. Hope Leaves - opeth 
  7. Dead Letters - katatonia 
  8. And The World Returned - at the gates 
  9. Les Feuilles De L'olivier - les discrets   
  10. To Bid You Farewell - opeth 


I Wanna Know 😂

How Did Yall Find Me ? Like Did You Search My Name ? Someone Reblogged A Video ?
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anonymous asked:

Is there any sort of code of conduct or etiquette or rules to commenting on a fan made video or amvs? I am asking because I am not sure what is tolerable or to what is preferable.

It really depends on the person and what they find offense or not . Like for me when someone comments on my videos saying “hey i think this video is great come check out my videos” and links their things i find it rude? kinda like their stealing my viewers or something and this just might be me and other might not care(but i know people are just trying to spread around their work) 

anyways just don’t ever really write anything negative or offense to other people videos everyone works hard and if you just don’t like something keep it to yourself and don’t start any drama (unless someone stole your videos or something) I hope this is helpful!


someone help me find the video of the girl whos like “i dont know i just dont think this is like right for me i dont want to do it i want to go home like i cant take the pressure of it” and walks away and everyone laughs

A thought on "The Little Mermaid"

Sebastian and all the other various fishes try, through song and with near success, to convince Eric to kiss Ariel, and Eric doesn’t find this odd in the slightest. In fact, other than when Sebastian literally whispers into his ear, Eric doesn’t even react to the scene unfolding around him. I can only conclude that Eric is either fantastically unobservant, or that this sort of thing happens to him with some regularity.


“I was born on St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland […] and my dad used to tell me as a young child that the parade was because it was my birthday” (x)


pls i need it google has betrayed me

can someone tell me the name of a video game that came out a few years ago? i think it was either in beta testing or a demo, but i only remember three of the several parts of it, the idea of the game was that youre part of a therapy program where you can go into the minds of your client and figure out their blocked out memories to help them move on from it. the game first gives you a tutorial where you have to solve hanzel and gretels trauma from their fictional story before giving you ‘real’ patients. i only remember two of the three(?) patients, the first one that came in had huge issues with milk and she couldnt figure out why until after you solve her trauma, which was that when she was extremely young, she had accidentally spilled milk and went to go up to her fathers office to get him to help her clean it up and witnessed his suicide, which at the young age, she thought he killed himself over the fact that she had spilled. i dont remember the second (?) patient but the one that came after that was a homeless man who had a psychotic episode in a carnival only to find out that he is a war veteran and had trauma over believing himself to be a monster who would only ever hurt people and the screaming of people on the roller coaster set him off