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X-Men Preferences: Kisses

Fandom: X-Men

Warning(s): Not yet, honey 😉 Perhaps another time!

Request(s): Nope, just feeling creative today

A/N: Okay, let’s just talk about Hank for a minute, can we? I wanna marry that teddy bear for God’s sake, he’s so precious my heart is melting, someone plz help me…

Charles: The professor enjoys slow but passionate kisses, hiding feelings could never even begin to explain. He likes to takes his time while cherishing your taste and always kisses you like it’s the last time he’s ever going to see you.

Erik: His kisses are always heated and passionate, he kisses the life out of you until you’re both out of breath. He wants to be in complete control, so don’t expect his grip on you to be loose. (you don’t really mind, ahem!)

Hank: Even after dating for so long, Hank remains hesitant about kissing you, mostly because he’s afraid of hurting you. In his eyes, you’re fragile just like every precious thing and he can’t help but worry. The kisses you share are always sweet and gentle, mostly initiated by you and you just adore how every time you pull away, his glasses are always foggy and he has that goofy grin you fell in love with. (but just picture it 😍)

Alex: As a couple, you take playful to a whole other level and it’s pretty hard to kiss without one of you bursting into laughter for some reason (usually you). But honestly, you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Warren: Your blonde-haired angel can be surprisingly sweet with his kisses, especially when he’s missed you. At other times, his kisses are needy because he needs to make sure you know you belong to him, and only him.

Kurt: Most of the time, he’ll be too shy to actually initiate the kissing so you have to step in. Nothing is rushed; you take your time to savor one another and he slowly gains more confidence as time progresses and he grows needier.

Vain (Part 2) - Jughead Jones

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Summary: After an awkward encounter with Jughead Jones, you’ve been avoiding the anti-social teen. However, in the most cliche way possible, you end up paired together in a group project making avoidance harder than it first seemed.

I’m pretty new to writing on tumblr, so the response Vain got was overwhelming! Pretty sure that if I didn’t make a part 2, someone was going to skin me alive, (i got a LOT of asks for it, which I think is awesome!) It’s probably going to turn into a full on series so yay hype.

Warnings: - A lot of Shakespeare stuff which I try to explain :3

Jughead x Reader (Still not so much romantically yet, plz don’t kill meh)

2582 words

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Hoseok’s Affection

And now it is time for our hope, our angel (I really adore that introduction) a total sweetheart who is actually just a puppy in human form like how is someone so sweet and cuddly and pure but then he can get on stage and fucking own it every second he’s on there teach me your ways sir bc that’s impressive as fuck, Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope aka hobi

  • Just a quick explanation of this since it’s pretty self explanatory, this is just gonna be a post about I think the boys would cuddle/hug, their PDA levels, etc.
  • V v playful v v loving v v sweet and caring and always wants you to feel loved every single second of the day
  • The type of boyfriend to send you flowers but then also the type of boyfriend to walk in with that flower hat from House of Army and just be like I AM the flower
  • He doesn’t care who initiates the affection, he’d be more than happy to hug you first and he’d be equally as happy if you hug him first
  • We’ve seen plenty of both cases, there are a lot of clips of the boys being really affectionate with him, I think it’s bc hobi’s someone you can be comfortable around and just make yourself at home with him and you very quickly realize you don‘t have to be shy or hold anything back like if you wanna give him a hug go give him that hug he will love and adore every second of it
  • He’s a really affectionate person as is and he’s got a lot of really playful affection
  • Will absolutely try to get you to do the Lady and the Tramp food kiss (this literally isn’t even a head canon this is actual canon I fucking love him so much how is he real)
  • No available seats??? No proBleM boYfRiend!HoBi to The RescUe
  • He’ll be more than happy to either get up and give you his seat or let you sit in his lap or he can sit in yours maybe you don’t even gotta worry
  • Hobi is the type of boyfriend that isn’t just a boyfriend but also a best friend, someone you can talk to about anything and everything, someone you can go out with and be really fancy in a restaurant but also someone you can chill out with and be in sweats around and just watch some shows maybe a movie
  • Will 100% call you cute about 185 times a day
  • “Look at my love, my cutie”
  • “Did you see my cutie’s newest selfie did you see it”
  • “Are you witnessing the cuteness I am rn my bby’s so cute”
  • We’ve seen how cute and giggly he gets and he gets all squirmy and just he’s so cute how is someone so cute ?!?!?!?! plz explain it to me bc I don’t get it he’s so lovable and smol and cute and I wanna hug him
  • He’s such a hugger oh my lord
  • I’m just gonna leave this video here or this one or this one bc if that isn’t the cutest fucking thing what is
  • Hugs are some of his favorites tbh he would be so so happy to just sit and hug you for like an hour, talk about your day and his and be able to make each other feel all the love
  • He has a few different hugging styles as well
  • He’s got his super happy hug for when he or you gets home and it’s not super quick but it’s also not a very long hug it’s a few seconds of him squeezing you super tight to make you laugh and most likely kissing your cheek a few times
  • He’s got his I really really missed you hugs where you’re both whispering how much you love each other and hugging each other really tightly and his arms are around your waist and he’s so warm and it’s a v v necessary hug to have in that moment
  • Loves loves loves back hugs, he’d be so happy to have your arms around his waist or his around yours and his head on your shoulder or leaned against yours
  • Surprises you by back hugging you a lot, he’ll come into the room, realize you hadn’t heard him and sneak up really quietly to hug you and scare you a bit before you get all happy again
  • Cuddler for su r e
  • He loves spooning, he loves being the big spoon the most
  • He doesn’t mind being the lil spoon but he doesn’t really like not being able to hold you too but there are some days where maybe he’s had a longer day or a rough day and he needs to be held for a while, being the lil spoon is v v comforting for him
  • But more often than not, he’s gonna go for the big spoon
  • He loves being able to nuzzle your neck or your hair and being able to have his arms around you and hold you close and know you’re right there next to him he doesn’t care if his arm falls asleep he loves being the big spoon so much
  • He would be s o so so so so so so happy whenever you gave him any affection at all but especially when you stroke his hair or rub his arm bc he has that sleeping habit where he strokes his arms or his chest and we’ve also seen him literally whine and get kook to stroke his hair so he could go to sleep
  • If you let him rest his head on your chest or your shoulder and just play with his hair or rub his back or even just toy with his fingers, he’ll be so happy and probably fall asleep on the spot after some pillow talk
  • His kisses are always really sweet and are normally meant to get you laughing or smiling at least
  • The sweeter softer kisses are saved for when it’s just you two, they last longer than the others but they’re just as love filled and he’s got his hands cupping your face and he’ll really gently move your hair out of your face and sometimes he’ll end it by giving your forehead a kiss and he always always always whispers “I love you”
  • But his other kisses are v v playful and normally are done in rapid fire to get you smiley and happy and they still have a lot of love in them of course bc this is hobi, when he’s in a relationship, I have zero doubt he’d be his all into it
  • Will buy a new chapstick/lip balm and make you kiss him a bunch to see if you’re okay with the flavor
  • He doesn’t go for hand holding as often, it’s more of a you’re sitting next to me and my hand was next to yours so I’m just gonna hold it for a bit or like when he’s leading you somewhere (or vice versa)
  • It happens the most when you two are sitting next to each other, he just can’t resist it your hand’s right there his is right next to it how does he not just close that teeny tiny gap and be able to give your hand squeezes
  • He definitely prefers the whole interlocked fingers hand holding but he’s not gonna complain if you just hold onto his hand bc then he can also rubs lil circles into the back of your hand
  • Lets you play with his hands all you want bc have you ever seen his hands that is an example of beauty my friends
  • It happens a lot in the early morning/late night when you two are barely awake and he’s giving you a really soft sleepy smile while you toy with his fingers and trace shapes into his palms and it’s one of those moments where he isn’t jumping off of the walls and he’s so happy and relaxed and he could honestly fall asleep bc he’s so content and warm
  • Onto PDA levels
  • He will a l w a y s have his arm around your shoulders or yours around his
  • He doesn’t mind holding your hand as you guys walk around but there’s just something about being to have you right next to him and being able to lean in whisper things to you and he just really likes the closeness of it
  • He would give you so many hugs, regardless of the location you guys are at (unless it’s something series like work or school or something like that)
  • Like that’s how you two make waiting in lines more interesting, you hold each other really tight and occasionally mumble something to the other
  • He’s A okay with kisses in public but just not the serious kisses, it has to be something playful or just a quick lil peck bc there are some things he wants to keep private
  • May try to get you to wear couple shirts or some couple bracelets and will probably succeed in getting you to wear it bc how do you say no to that sweet face
  • Would a d o r e it if you wore his clothes, whether it’s in public or at home like this one time, he’s on tour and you send him a picture and you happen to be wearing one of his hoodies and he almost screams bc he thinks that’s so sweet and cute
  • “My closet is yours that hoodie is yours take it wear it forever”
  • Affection with hobi is playful and loving so much love he’s so head over heels he’s so cute and sweet

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Can someone plz explain to me what Gaia is because I've been confused for too long now

it’s like The Most Elaborate Flash Dressup Game In Internet History

people have spent thousands of dollars’ worth of cash for a bunch of pixels it’s Intense and so I don’t really recommend it to people lmao

(but I’ve had my account for a decade already and it reminds me of the days when Gaia used to be a lotta fun so I’m too attached to leave)

Father!Jungkook (Werewolf)

Last but certainly not least is the final member of the maknae line, the second half of the Busan line, our amazing maknae who looked so fucking good in his latest selfie like honestly just fuck me up go for it how the fuck does someone look that good ?? Someone plz explain it to me bc I’m blown away my mind is ?!?!?!?! his face is so nicely portioned good for you man get that shit, Jeon Jungkook aka kookie

  • So there are a few links for werewolf!kook, there is part one (here) which is the description of him as a wolf, part two (here) is him falling in love with a human, there’s the werewolf boyfriend post (here) which describes him as a boyfriend and there’s werewolf!kook as a father part one (all of the father related posts are here) which is about him and the pregnancy
  • You don’t have to read any of those to understand this post, you could very easily read this on its own but those other posts are all of the backstory posts for anyone that’s curious or maybe wants to have a werewolf!kook night
  • For everyone that hasn’t read the original father!kook post, he has twins, a boy and a girl
  • They’re literally just really small versions of Jungkook tbh that’s the easiest way to sum it up
  • They’re mischievous and playful but really really sweet and giggly with the same eyes and the lil smiles
  • Jungkook is one of the funniest people in the entire world to them, if not the actual funniest
  • He’s always making them laugh we all know how extra kook gets so just imagine him with actual children just take a moment to really think about that kook with teeny tiny versions of himself
  • They may be lil but damn it they’re fast as fuck
  • They’re really smart munchkins and they’re pretty quick to realize if one of them goes one way and the other goes the other way, kook’s not gonna be able to keep up with both of them and by the time you get close to one of them, the other’s gonna run by and get you to chase them so it turns into one giant game of catch the pup
  • To them, it’s not so much about not getting caught, it’s literally just a game to them it’s like really intense tag 2v2 or sometimes (their favorite) 1v2
  • They’ve been doing it ever since they figured out how to run (which, seeing as kook is one of their parents, doesn’t take long) they do it as toddlers they do it as pups they do it at home, with the pack, never in public though
  • In public they just wanna hold your and/or kook’s hands and they don’t wanna run away and get lost even though sometimes they do that thing that kids do the whole I’m gonna walk over here and not notify anyone bc I saw something that caught my interest
  • But thankfully kook is a werewolf and he has the whole heightened sense of smell and you normally only walk a few steps before you realize they’re not by your side anyways so it’s not like they’re chilling out for twenty minutes while you and kook shop
  • As I mentioned earlier, they’re pretty smart for their age so it’s only a matter of time before they make the connection between them being werewolf pups and the fact that all of the other werewolves can become actual wolves
  • Kook’s mentioned it briefly here and there but kids don’t have the best memories and get distracted pretty easily so it’s pretty much in one ear out the other
  • But then they get older and start taking more interest in it and once that door’s open it isn’t closing
  • They do lo v e being wolf pups though they can do extra shit when they’re a wolf that they can’t do as toddlers
  • And if they’re lil wolves, kook is almost always gonna join them in the fun
  • One time you convince them to help you paint his claws while he sleeps and he can’t even get mad bc their giggles when he finds out are just so cute and precious and they’re so proud of themselves
  • It does take a m in u te for them to understand that they can’t go all wolf in public bc they’re so used to it being a casual thing bc they’re in a pack of werewolves/people who are in love with werewolves so they’re not used to having to keep it a secret
  • They tend to forget about the whole keeping it a secret thing when they get really really excited and wanna show their friends their cool trick but thankfully kook’s always there to distract and usher the bbys out of there before they do anything bad
  • He literally just has to carry them out of the room as they’re trying to figure out how to get their shoes off and he’s nervously laughing a lot like more so than the situation calls for
  • “These kids huh they come up with the craziest things werewolves wow what a fake not at all real thing”
  • On full moons, all of that energy gets cranked up a few dials
  • They are s o playful kook can barely keep up which is saying something
  • They wanna explore everything they wanna play with everyone they wanna race the other pups and even the other grown wolves
  • Kook spends the entire night just chasing after them and keeping them out of any potential trouble and playing with them and making sure all of the pups are playing nicely he’s exhausted by the end of the night
  • Kook is the biggest wolf in the pack and seeing him stand next to two teeny tiny pups ??? that’s cute shit right there
  • Their paws are so lil next to his and their tails aren’t anywhere near as long and they’re just so smol in every way especially next to him
  • He makes some of the grown ass wolves look smol so of course he’s gonna make his bbys look smol too but that’s just really cute
  • Werewolf!Jungkook as a father is v v playful and sweet and in love he just loves them so so so so so much and they’re his entire world

Y'all. I don’t know if this theory had been talked about before but holy fuck. I need someone to discuss this with me rn. Literally anyone. Because I’m about to cry cuz this could actually make sense. (Unlikely, yes, I know. But still could make sense and I’m a sad fuck if this is real)

It explains why Scott is so overly powerful (both physically and also mentally?? Like he just seemed to be like okay cool and just moved on whenever things happen).

It explains why he just never dies despite being how badly hurt.

It explains why other people never really “care” for Scott’s wellbeing (especially his emotional state). Everyone just sees him as an invincible hero.

It explains why people could never really connect to him the way Stiles does.

Y'all. Y'ALL.

Picture credit: @scilesdaily on instagram


I finally wrote pirate!Jimin !!!! I’m so excited bc I’ve had this concept in my head for so long so now I finally wrote it so without further ado, here is the first half of the Busan princes, an absolute angel with the sweetest smile, Park Jimin aka chim chim (this post is once again a bit link heavy but as always, there are all tumblr links, you don’t have to click on any of them they’re just some nice ass visuals)

  • Is this a fucking Little Mermaid AU this may be idek all I know is that it sounds cute
  • Lil Eric looking ass looks so good I mean co m e o n (this one’s a fan art but that shit fucks me up)
  • Jimin can pull off pretty much any hair color and it’s extremely confusing but I’m here for it bc get yourself a man that can pull off blonde hair as easily as he can pull off black hair
  • Dyes his hair orange once and hobi keeps making jokes about how Jimin’s here to fight off scurvy and Jimin’s never regretted a hair color so much so quickly
  • So there were s o fucking many good options for the outfits so here’s just a bunch of options bc this is just me pointing out how g o o d Jimin looks 24/7
  • Now pair that up with the black hair and a sword at his hip and any of those outfits and tell me that doesn’t sound fucking nice
  • Jimin would be in charge of a couple things, he’s mainly in charge of keeping an eye on everyone, he’s closer to the title of a second mate than a first mate bc I feel like he would handle more of the injuries and keeping everyone healthy
  • Jimin’s s o caring and so loving and sweet and he’s always there to comfort the boys when they’re hurt or upset and I just I know that he would do so well with being in charge of that shit bc he already does it naturally
  • I also feel like he’d handle a bit of the training when it comes to fighting/protecting like just plz just picture Jimin teaching everyone how to fight using a sword and like lowkey fencing bc geT READY FOR THE BACK STORY
  • The boys first meet Jimin bc they’re looking to add to their crew before they set sail together for the first time and they want someone who will be able to defend their ship so they start asking around, they do a bit of digging and they find out that Jimin is a fencing student and that he’s at the top of his class and does all of these competitions and wins a bunch of them
  • And then once they get to know him, there’s that immediate friendship and he points them in Jungkook’s direction as well bc you don’t get one without the other man Jikook isn’t about to just have one half go sailing around the world
  • Once they’re both of board, Jimin starts instructing everyone bc tbh he was already at the point of helping out the teachers with the younger students, that’s something he really loved doing so when the boys asked if he would teach them, he jumped on the opportunity
  • He’s one of the members that no one believes packs a punch until it’s too late
  • He’s got those lil cheeks or that precious smile and he definitely uses it to his advantage whenever he needs to bc he’s a lil flirt when he wants to be and he’s super charming and basically no one ever looks at him and goes “threat”
  • That is until he’s sailing away on their ship and leaving them in just a lifeboat, then their attitude changes a bit
  • Okay so here’s the Little Mermaid reference
  • You’re a mermaid
  • You’re constantly seeing Jimin’s ship floating around, you’re always hearing them talk and laugh and sing and dance and just be goofs that probably shouldn’t have been given swords
  • At first you ignore it bc plenty of ships are in the sea every single day, you see that shit all the time, it’s nothing new and it’s better for everyone if you just avoid investigating bc then you don’t have to deal with the humans freaking out over the possibility of a mermaid
  • But then Jimin falls into the water and all of your nice lil plans of ignoring them go right out the window
  • It’s around three or four in the morning all of the boys are asleep except for Jimin, who just got up to make sure the anchor was down and that they weren’t secretly floating away from their destination
  • While he’s leaning down to see if the anchor was released, he ends up slipping up on some water bc ya boy is a bit clumsy he’s graceful as shit with his clumsiness though so he saves himself (I still don’t fucking understand how he was able to manage to slip and land in the splits so effortlessly someone explain that to me plz and thnx)
  • You can’t tell if he’s able to swim or not bc all you can see are the kicking feet and him yelling for the boys but you just can’t sit back and wait for him to either get pulled up or pulled down so you have to swim up and help keep him afloat until the boys can get him back up
  • Once he’s back on the boat, he goes to thank you but you’re already gone bc humans and mermaids aren’t normally a good mix so might as well just save the dude and leave
  • But then you come back the next night to “make sure he doesn’t fall again” even though you really just wanna see if you can figure out his name and get a better look at his face when he isn’t shivering from the cold water
  • He notices you and at first he wants to say something but then he just gives you a lil smile that warms your heart and it turns into this mutual hey thanks for saving me/thanks for not commenting on my tail that you totally felt and saw
  • And the next night, you’re telling each other your names and you’re telling him more about the whole tail thing and he tells you about his legs and you’re both really giggly and you’re so confused as to how he’s a pirate it’s like how can a lil puppy be a wolf
  • You get him to swim over to a rock that he can sit on so the two of you can talk without having to crane your necks all around and it turns into a nightly routine where you just sit out on that rock together and talk for hours and hours
  • It’s hard not to love Jimin tbh he’s so cute and sweet and goofy and he’s so lovable so it doesn’t take you very long until those lil night talks turn into sweet lil kisses and I love yous
  • The two of you lowkey become a team?? The pirate and the mermaid, he works the sea from above, you work it from below and the two of you pair up to piss a whole lot of people off
  • “When we retire, you can be a fencing teacher and we can use the gold we make to buy a lil house together on the beach and maybe get a puppy, sound good??”
  • “Sounds amazing”
Someone please explain to me

2 things I don’t get bc maybe I’m just stupid:
1) People keep saying the portrait is Odin “before the pact” but Odin clearly has not pacted with Pedri as Pedri still exists outside of Odin’s mindscape
2) wrathia said that the poison potions would attach their souls to the next thing that “came to life.” Pedri died after wrathia, and yet Odin is older than Ava.

Fan made children for the ship Afterdeath {geno x Reaper} if peeps on Tumblr can do it,so can i! But i’ll do it my own way of course~

Plz tell me what you think in the COMMENTS! I love feedback! It gives me DETERMINATION!

also CLICK or DOWLOAD for better quality!

I can’t tell ya much about the history of these two cause they’re a fan-made ship child. {and i don’t know everything abour Geno and Reaper and i’m afriad telling wrong info}

As ya’ll can see,these are conjoined twins! I haven’t seen this much if ever,so i hope you peeps like it!

Why did they turn out this way? A simple birthdefect. Yeah that’s mah explanation on that. As i said,i don’t want to give out false information so we’ll just get right into their BIO’s!
(I might add something later tho!!)



Name: Azekiel
age: 7
Gender: male. Sexuality: gay. species: demi-skelegod
powers: has the power to kill anything he touches,yet he choose whether or not to activate this. (Luckily) yet when he gets mad or upset he looses control whether or not he can control it. Plants start dying and people start to feel weak.
weaknesses: water. Yes,he and Thanos are allergic to water. {this is actually a real allergy. I could know,cause i have it. Normally the skin would get irritated/swollen. But cause these are skeletons,i made something up myself!} if they touch or drink water,they become super ill. Not only that but it causes blindness. This lasts for 1 day.
for those who are wondering,this is water specific. So other fluids are fine.
fears: water. Darkness. Frisk’s.
hobies: picking flowers,drawing,being outside.

personality: Azekiel has a very calm personality,yet he is the younger one of the two,mentally that is. He has a light stutter and generally easily amazed by everything,butterflies,flowers,you name it.
Unlike his brother,he doesn’t get mad easily and is lacking self confidence.
However,Azekiel is NOT a push over. He WILL stand his ground.
Yet he and his brother have fights quite often,with words mind you. Usually cause they don’t see eye to eye to a lot of things.
He loves his brother,even when they fight alot.


Name: Thanos.
age: 7
Gender: male Sexuality: gay. species: demi-skelegod
powers: thanos has the power or summoning Gasterblasters and summoning bones. His twin does not possess this ability.
weaknesses: he has the same weakness as his twin,which is water. Just he has the additional weakness of darkness. This was a fear that was turned into a weakness when he the poor kid kept getting nightmares about not being able to move and the darkness consuming him. When There’s his magic locks up,and so does his body. That means theat they are not able to walk,since it’d be hard for Azekiel to walk on one leg.
fears: water,darkness.
hobies: thanos would be the one with the darker hobbies. He actually likes to help his dad with reaping souls. tho he has to share some of his twins hobbies too,since they are quite literally stuck together. Same goes for Azekiel.

personality: Thanos is a hothead. He has a short temper and will easily snap at anything. He gets mad at Azekiel for a lot of things and well…he doesn’t take sh** from anyone. He once threatened to eat the soul of a child that bothered them. This also happened when they were called freaks. He’ll stand up for his brother no matter what.

Some facts

-It might be obvious,but both of them control their side of th body. So they both have an arm and a leg. It was especially hard for them to be able to walk.
-both have their own soul
-they share one stomach. (in case your new to undertale,eh..ask someone else how skeletons eat,cause they can. I’m just bad at explaining)
-and of course they have to sleep with a nightlight.
<might add more later>

This was of course inspired by:
Senpai @nekophy (senpai notice me plz)
And another senpai @ivywolf777


Can i join the afterdeath children club?!

btw this is also uploaded on my DeviantArt: Annashingekinokoijn!

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Explain this to me someone plz. Juliet Simms who is a nobody liar scammer&domestic abusers gets offered a TEI class on Warped Tour. But Joey Jordison who got screwed over by Slipknot after all the years he gave to them beats a neurological disease THAT PARALYZED HIS LEGS and is back better than ever with 2 bands still touring&is even a big enough sweetheart to say despite Slipknot doing him super dirty he would still love to reunited&tour with them.... doesnt get offered a TEI class. How?

^^^^ -N

Abyssember day 21-swap

I use my charater on 3rd version style. Because i already make them on 3rd version. And let me explain why this girl mad =). The one who mad is name Cindy still as a spoiler charater on my comic with the name Arman. Swap abyss clothes with someone give me idea so… Arman jacket made by Cindy. So she will mad if Arman give his jacket to someone. Well yeah, studio on break! And they should run because, Cindy will chase them even Arman and Abyss =Dc. And plz don’t steal my charater style, because i already work so hard to make their style. Because my friend have copying my charater style and i don’t like people copying style want we already make.

Hady lyans, HD Bunny, Cindy, and Arman made by @revaart
Challenge aand Abyss!Sans made @metakazkz