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I've seen several posts lately about how gender bending is transphobic, and I am genuinely curious as to why. I'm not disputing it, I'm just not sure I fully understand, and would greatly appreciate someone explaining it to me. Again, I'm not asking to be facetious. I'm just kinda slow. Thank you and keep being awesome.

to explain this as briefly as I can, it’s that genderbending implies that characters are cis. And that the “bending” is almost always stereotypical characteristics that align with one extreme of the gender binary (boobs, hair length, clothing, personality etc). It basically reinforces the idea that gender = genitalia which is not true

okay but can someone explain the first 3 minutes to me tho like what were they trying to say?? ive never been so confused in my life??? i thought ronaldo knew???? why was he so forgiving? he once kidnapped steven bc he thought he was a lizard creature???? why were they trying to make an anti stereotyping message and have an episode focus on NOTHING to do with that?????


i really wanna know why people are so fucking pressed over TD?? like??? can someone explain this to me because i dont understand???? i mean if u dont like it just block the people talking about beth coming back and move on🙄 it aint hard!! its kinda mind boggling that people actually have the Energy and the Time to hate on other people for having a different opinion or a theory or whatever it is😩

there are whole blogs dedicated to bashing individual people who believe bethll be back and TD in general and its so pathetic and sad and honestly?? a person running a blog like that cant be a very good one :/ like yea some of the theories do go a bit far (and im TD too btw) but damn!!! cant your ass just be nice to the people behind those theories and admire them because of how observant they are? even if theyre wrong theyre really smart and really dedicated and passionate and i dont really see how those qualities are something to bash them over for👀 but i guess some people here just get off on that apparently

idk im bored and i started reading shit in the TD tag and it got me kinda pissed off and thats how this came to life and i kno no one in the fandom knows me or cares because i NEVER talk about shit like this but i had to say something (ill probably be deleting this soon tho)

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I try to understand ex-larries but I can't because all I can think of is "there is NO reason for Louis to continue having beards if Freddie were his son" and there is not. Like, a son it's for life. I say this because ex-larries think he is the father, or that he and Harry break up and now he wants to stay in the closet. And it doen't make sense, why he doesn't use Fredie instead of having beards? or what? Will they also start to think elounor was real too? Seriously, someone explains this to me

The fact he needs to constantly have girlfriends to reassure he’s straight tells a lot

Woah, can someone explain to me how Emma and Killian display an abusive relationship that portrays rape culture?

I’m so sick of this shit. Just because you don’t agree with a couple or think they don’t work DOES NOT MEAN IT’S ABUSIVE. You don’t just throw around rape culture to fit your fucking agenda. If you don’t like a pairing, get a real reason why instead of making one up that you think sounds justifiable.

I’m serious, this has gotten so out of hand. When I first read something like this, I went back and rewatched from when Hook was first introduced to make sure I didn’t miss anything and nope, I didn’t.

If you call Captain Swan abusive and aren’t saying the same damn thing about Regina,(queen who I fucking adore but let’s get real) Zelena and Rumple than I don’t know what screws are loose but y'all should get them tightened up because that logic is f u c k e d.


This may not exactly be a “in show” character development episode, but rather an audience development, and it can very well be both. Think about it, Ronaldo post that “It can’t be all about you….you have to spread the word” or whatever. This may be in reference to the fandom since some within it constantly try to cram their theories or whatnot down each other’s throats. Then when people don’t agree, they lash out and start acting nutty. Basically what I think what was trying to be said is this: “Don’t try to make the show all about you, instead spread its lessons to others so they can enjoy it as well.”

Idk if this will make any sense but that’s what I got out of it.
Someone else might explain this better than me.

No but listen that last quote I just reblogged about Harrison Ford’s looks is 100% exactly why I’m weak for him like. How can a guy with such a weird facial structure be so damn attractive??? Someone explain this concept to me

dil boley oberoi 24.02.17 lb

ishqbaaz lb for the day here.

*deeeeeeep breath* ok i can do this. i think so. *one more deeeeep breath* 

  • since when is om such a… tough-talking, cocky, ladaaku type? 🤔🤔🤔
  • wait, who’s that kali just stabbed? one of his own brothers? 😐😐😐
  • lmao om’s HOLY SHIT face 😂😂😂
    • “ffs, i just came here to buy land!!!!!! but in the past 2 days i’ve managed to fall out of a train into a river, be shot with poisoned darts, get married, and unwittingly cause fratricide!!!!!!!!! I MISS MY BORING LIFE IN MUMBAI WHERE MY BIGGEST PROBLEM WAS MARRYING MY FATHER’S MISTRESS!!!!!”
  • fwding all the nonsense dishoom dishoom. 🙄🙄🙄
  • ok someone explain to me what timeline this show is on. shivaay was just in mumbai minutes ago, prowling around oberoi mansion. how the fuck is he in bareilly right now? 😒😒😒
    • theories: 
      • he’s got himself one of these: 

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      • he is desi!Flash 

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      • omkara’s room has a portal that shivaay stepped into while following romi, and he just landed up in bareilly, where om needed him. 

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      • add yours in replies. 
    • no but seriously, the fuck? at least show him get a call and leave from that show or something…? 😑😑😑
  • what is with these boys and grabbing onto fucking swords with their bare hands? 😬😬😬
  • aaah, return of the talwaar credo. so cheesy; but i legit love super-filmy shit like this. 😍😍😍
  • again, fwding all the nonsense dishoom dishoom. 😐😐😐
    • oh. okay then. 😐😐😐
  • look at these fuckers just walk away from A MAN IMPALED ON SWORDS like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth. AS IF THEY HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT!!!!!
    • what kinda game of thrones bullllllsh…  🤐🤐🤐

ugh i honestly don’t wanna watch gauri’s nonsense. after yesterday’s pativrata!max scene, this girl’s doormat personality just pisses me the fuck off. just seeing her wear sindoor in her maang rn made my blood pressure shoot up 60 points. skipping. will catch up on what happens in this scene from a written update. i’m just here for oBro bonding, man. 

  • calm, sedate, benignly-smiling shivaay and agitated, ragey omkara. 😶😶😶
  • what even is shivaay talking about? 😶😶😶
  • ok shivaay, you’re just describing your personality, your permanent state of being. 🤔🤔🤔
  • wow, they remembered ishaana’s existence, and betrayal, and that it may have had some impact on omkara’s psyche. 😯😯😯
  • ok, this is some kinda… time traveling future!Shivaay. who’s here from like… 2020… where everything’s sorted and settled. he’s here to guide and give wisdom to past!Omkara. right????? 😶😶😶
  • another theory: some Freaky Friday kinda shit happened and… shivaay and om switched personalities. they’re still them, but with each others’ personalities. 😐😐😐
  • signs of old om when talking about anika! 💗💗💗
  • “feelings hai, par us feeling ko main naam nahi de sakta.”
    • omfg this fucking idiot i can’t even 🤦🏽🤦🏽🤦🏽
  • “mother of your children”???? buddy boy, aren’t you gettting waaaaaaaaaay ahead of yourself here? may i remind you:
    • she’s actively getting you married to another woman. 
    • you can’t get her to admit that she gives a “faraq” about you. 
      • trying to makes her pull a knife on you. 
    • you have to threaten her with said knife to get her to sleep (literally just SLEEP) in the same bed as you. 
    • “mother of your children”, pffffft. 😒😒😒🙄🙄🙄 #overconfidenceKiHadh

ok explain me this, shivaay - if you see no future with her, then why the FUCK are you playing this “faraq” game with her? 😒😒😒 why are you so adamant to make her admit she has feelings for you? just marry tia/some other khaandaani girl and make babies with her pedigreed uterus and let my girl GO. let her be free from this bs you’re putting her through. honestly, WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT? make up your fucking mind. 

  • ugh. this fucking asshole. i was loving you these past 2 weeks; right up till this fucking conversation, in fact; but now i’m just so fucking angry at you all over again. 😡😡😡

[rage aside, from a writing/plot point of view, i’m glad they brought up shivaay’s old khoon/khaandaan reservations. it wouldn’t do to have anika and him getting a happily-ever-after without bringing up this very vital part of his ideology and personality. i’m just… ok i have a few thoughts, but i’ll put them in a separate post once i manage to sort them out and put them in words.]

not bothering to watch the rest of the episode, since this scene was what i was watching for anyway. written update zindabaad! 

i don’t know what to tell you dude, i came into this show being fine with whatever they were going to do with jughead aside from giving him a sex scene (i even made a post when i first started this blog saying so), but the fact that he looked visibly uncomfortable in that scene killed it for me. i guess i could be reading it wrong since we don’t know the exact context, but at this moment, and yeah, most likely in the future, i just don’t like the ship and explained it when someone asked me about it. this is just my opinion on it, and like i said, i like them as friends, he can comfort betty and it doesn’t have to be romantic.
also? you can tell when jughead really cares. he waited on archie’s doorstep for who knows how long to talk to him, even though presumably he’s always had a lot on his plate. he doesn’t even want to go to this event that’s really important to betty.

Me explaining my OC to someone for the first time: this is my character. I have spent hundreds of hours painstakingly choosing every aspect of their life. They are vaguely inspired by a Greek myth. Parts of their backstory parallels dramatically with a character they hate. They are one of my absolute accomplishments.

Me explaining my OC to someone for the thousandth time: anyway so this fucking pissbaby.

Someone explain to me why almost every single one of my friends/people I know has depression/anxiety/mental illness. Why is it so ubiquitous????

I wanna say it’s capitalism but who has alternative theories?

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Anon! Gillian's tweet included you as well. Until Gillian herself says this is her bf, guess what, you don't get to say it either!! It's not about respecting anything other than her privacy. You are the most arrogant to display and post away as you PM supporters do, when Gillian is quiet as a little mouse because you are part of the public and not fucking invited to anything in her private life. You're even on innocent people's blogs flaunting her business, or what you think you know!!

I mean what i say next. If someone can explain to me how shipping PM/GA is any different to shipping GA/DD I would love to hear that explanation… How is PM/GA more fact proven than DD/GA. 

And by facts I dont mean personal viewpoints or interpretations of looks. Plain and simple facts! show them to me and I’ll shut up in a second…

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this