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So over the past week I’ve been working on an au that started as a pet shop/flower shop tsukyam au but I ended up adding magic to it and a bunch of other fun things.  
Long story short; Yamaguchi is learning how to master plant spells from Suga while also helping him in his gardening shop, while Tsukishima, someone who wanted to try to live a magic free life, ends up getting a job in a pet store run by two shapeshifters. (more notes about it below. I ended up writing a lot whoops)

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Talent is a different idea to everyone. I think you're talented to create and shape the people you depict. Someone else may think you're talented because you can put out so much work at the speed you do, or because you always draw something that fits their personal taste by coincidence. All in all, do not let others sway your confidence on a concept such as "Talent". You are as good as you believe you can be.

I know it’s very tempting to want to have someone else’s talents, to try to develop yourself to gain someone else’s skills, but always remember that your strengths are yours. your gifts are not worthless just because you perceive them as less valuable in comparison to another’s.

I always get irritated when people ask me why I “waste” my money buying art from other people when I could “easily draw something just like that”. Like… no… you don’t know the limits of my artistic talent, I’m buying art from another artist because I’m a fan of their work, I love to support them, and frequently they are undebatably a better artist than I am. Buying art from someone I admire is never going to be a waste of money to me. I rarely have extra cash to spend on commissioning other artists but I never regret it when I do bc I can cherish the art forever. Idk why this is something that a lot of people who aren’t artists don’t understand


Teppu 32 is out! Go read it right now because here comes the spoiler-filled analysis!



To start off, let’s reiterate a few things: Natsuo hates her brother. She hates his guts. But at a young age, Natsuo idolized him to the point where she took pleasure when he physically struck her. This idolization of her brother reached its tipping point when Natsuo saved her brother from a gang of bullies in dramatic fashion, but rather than thanking her, he lashed out at her, ashamed at his own weakness. Emotionally devastated, Natsuo deluded herself into thinking she needed to “finish the job” and sought out “the other bully” that had tormented her brother, Sanae, who had beaten him in a spar and inadvertently humiliated him.

These two moments are when Natsuo turned her idols against her and what causes her to become the twisted girl that we know today.

So as Natsuo remembers these two moments, she recalls what she said to both of them with clear regret. It’s taken her awhile to realize, but Natsuo shouldn’t have so caustically insulted Sanae, just as she shouldn’t have tried to coddle her brother. In fact, Natsuo realizes that it’s Sanae who she should’ve asked “Are you alright?” and her brother she should’ve told “Take that, bitch”.

And that’s precisely what she does. As Natsuo’s brother arrives at the arena just in time to see Natsuo before she gets choked out, she finally tells him what she should’ve said years ago. “Take that, bitch.”

Natsuo’s brother has locked himself in his room, refusing to come out or do anything besides eating and sleeping. He’s given up on the world and the reason he has is absolutely fucking pathetic. He gave up because his little sister was better than him, no matter what he did, she outshone him. And of course, there’s no doubt that Natsuo is insanely talented, everyone says as much, but to give up because someone else was talented and even worse to blame them for it. It’s pathetic.

But despite that, Natsuo has felt guilty for her brother’s pain for all this time. She’s never been able to confront him about his truly ridiculous insecurities because she couldn’t help but feel he was right. Natsuo was more talented, she did everything with ease and worst of all, her brother wasn’t alone in hating Natsuo for her abilities. Everyone was envious of her and hated how casual Natsuo was about her skill, the volleyball club, the karate club, etc. At the start of the series, Natsuo had come to the point where she believed that this was just how life was.

And then Natsuo met Yuzuko.

Some how Natsuo immediately understood that Yuzuko was her perfect doppelganger, the Hard Work to Natsuo’s Talent and that she would be able to answer Natsuo’s lifelong question: Was Natsuo doomed to be the best? If her brother had trained and trained and trained, would he ever manage to be better than her? Or was he right in his resentment of Natsuo - that simply because Natsuo existed he would be doomed to be the lesser of the two no matter how hard he tried?

Well, as Natsuo gets choked out by the human embodiment of Hard Work, Natsuo silently proclaims to her brother that she’s “won” because she just answered all those questions. Losing the tournament isn’t as big of a deal to Natsuo as finally being free of the guilt her brother tried to pin on her. After all, if Natsuo wants to keep fighting, she can always train more, work harder and try again, it’s not like she would crawl away and hide in her room forever like some pathetic loser just because her ego was a little hurt.

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Different anon here, but regarding your last ask, people like different kinds of fics, it's apart of the beauty of writing! Everyone has different opinions and different tastes. Just because some people say someone has the best au/writing/fics, doesn't mean they actually ARE the best, because it's all completely subjective and a matter of opinion. In hindsight, please know that someone else's talent doesn't mean there's an absence of your own.

I appreciate your help, I really do, but I find it really hard not to take that negatively towards my fics. Like I said, if a handful of people think that one au is the best then why would I even try to write something on par with the fandom favourite. The fandom has the ‘best’ fox hux au now that’s ‘not just kylo with a fox fetish’ so I have to stop.

Blackrock collab with the amazing Bashcat99!

I sketched the left and she sketched the right; then I did the lineart and colored the right, and she did the left. It turned out absolutely beautiful.

It was so much fun working with someone else, especially someone as talented and precise as her. Look at her super-neat lines and gradient shading omg.

Go follow her and all her incredible art and fics. Friendship promotion.


If the fucking problem with Jared is winning the oscar for playing a transgender without being one, then I want someone with cancer playing a person with cancer, I want a real slave playing a slave, a real rapist playing a rapist, a real killer playing a killer, a crazy lady playing a crazy lady, a person with aids playing someone with aids, and the list goes on.

The point of acting is playing someone else and have talent.


Ok, when I did the post it was 4 am and I did it very quick without clearing out my thoughts. Hello yes, I am a young actress, so it schocks me how people are reacting to a person playing the opposite sex.

I have played man in a few plays, and it wasn’t because they were no guys, but because I fit with the character. (even tho this is a more delicate situation because transgenders, gays, travesties, etc. don’t receive the same respect and rights as “normal” (straight) people);

Jared Leto got emails with the script 6 years ago (or more), he never read it or gave it importance because he was taking a break from acting. Do you think the cast crew went “hey let’s wait for Jared to accept the role, let’s not cast anyone else”? I am sure they did cast transgender womans, or maybe they didn’t but it was a reason, as a creative person I think they though in all the possibilities. Of course there are talented transwoman out there, but maybe they didn’t find the one who will fit in the role.

I would agree that he shouldn’t do this role if his performance was weak and nothing special and if it was just a man doing a caricature of real transgender woman, but this is not the case, he did a wonderful job playing this particular character in a particular situation.

I think people know that the situation of this character doesn’t apply to all transgenders, there are different cases, because they are real people.

we are in the 21st century everybody! And I think people are smart enough to know that a transgender woman is NOT a men dressing up as a woman. People are smart enough to know that they shouldn’t believe everything they see on tv/cinema/media in general.

I say it again, if the problem is playing someone you’re not, then we are all fucked up because that’s what acting is about.

Yes I believe in equality and humans rights and in all living creatures rights (go vegan)! Xx

Like a snowflake, there is no one like you on this planet. Do not waste time trying to imitate others. Be your best version and show it to the world. Be yourself not someone else is your greatest talent. If everyone had the same look, talk and walked the same way, no one would be unique. Individuality does not exist. Being different is what makes you special and makes the world so interesting.