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Please tag correctly, Calum imagines don't go under Ashton imagines

Again? Does someone else want to tell me how to tag my things? I’ve been through this before, and again, I don’t mean to sound like a bitch, but guess what? EVERYONE DOES IT!!! Go complain to someone else who will actually give a fuck, or just leave your input at the door before you come in next time. Sorry if it sounds harsh, but you can run your blog how you like, while I run mine the way I want to. Bye bye now..! :-)

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1. Favourite colour: red

2. Lipstick or chapstick: matte lipstick

3. Last song I listened to: Linkin Park - Waiting For The End

4. Last movie watched: Star Trek Beyond

5. Top 3 fictional characters: Jane Doe, Harry Potter, Ziva David (there are so many more , 3 is not fair ;___;)

6.  Top 3 ships: nyongtory, jeller, sesskagu

7. Currectly reading: nothing since all the stories I read online are on hiatus and I can’t find any good ones :/

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a quick post: do not use the term ‘sin’ or whatever the fuck to refer to LGBT couples in fan fiction or cannon or anything just don’t do that to young LGBT kids who see themselves in those characters and don’t do that to all the LGBT people who have been shunned and attacked with religion as an excuse I don’t care if you think it’s funny and I don’t care if you don’t think it’s offensive and I literally!!!!! do not care about the feelings of straight people over LGBT people!!!! and!!! I never will!!!!

  • Me: Joss Whedon is not as misogynistic as everyone on Tumblr makes him out to be.
  • Joss Whedon: *says/does something misogynistic*
  • Me in an increasingly passive aggressive tone: You aren't helping right now.
supercorp famous au

ok so below i have attached all the ideas you guys have sent me for the supercorp famous au

- kara is famous, maybe a singer or an actress, and lena isn’t

- they meet through social media or at a small convention for some old sci-fi show(firefly maybe) that isn’t big, but lena and kara are both huge fans of, and kara posts a picture with the lena, but doesn’t tag her and the internet goes crazy trying to figure out who lena is

- kara joins in on the search because she was so flustered by the pretty girl she
forgot to get a name or number and she wants to take her to her red carpet event

- lena doesn’t like kara because she starts seeing all kara’s posts and thinking she’s really full of herself but she’s really like the sweetest person ever and she does volunteering work and it’s just winn posting pictures of her doing it

someone please write this, i would but i’m super busy in the next few weeks and you’d have to wait a while to read it. if someone does write it though, pleasse tag me or send me a message or something. just tell me because i’m eager to read it and i know others are as well so i’ll promote it for you

edit; so i’m gonna include an idea of my own, maybe supergirl can be like kara’s most iconic role if she is an actress or (someone else’s idea) supergirl is her stage name if she’s a singer

edit; someone sent me this so i thought i’d include it; Lena should say her name is Lee and make it harder for Kara to figure out who she is and be wearing glasses or sunglasses in any photos of her with Kara


steven universe would be a million times better with the a:tla story format of showing the viewer the perspective of both the protagonist and the antagonist(s).

could you imagine an episode following peridot when she landed on earth after escaping in jailbreak? what about an episode or two that followed jasper and lapis while they were fused? we would have learned more of what happened there. or hell, even episodes tossed in between the filler beach city eps to show what happened to jasper in between super watermelon island and alone at sea, similar to how star vs did with ludo and showed how ludo rebounded and got back on his feet following defeat. and of course, in between message received and that will be all, what the hell were the diamonds doing? surely blue diamond wasnt only crying about pink diamond. it would have been interesting to see yellow diamond call for the rubies to head to earth to find jasper as well. i could think of more but regardless, i truly think the show would be more interesting if it wasnt only told from stevens perspective.