someone else photo


I was tagged by @chronically-artistic-creations 💜 to post 6 pics that make me feel good about myself (it’s really supposed to be selfies, but none of these were actually taken by me [I’m not really a selfie-taker])

1) Taken the day my niece was born, I think my proud aunt status shows on my face
2) I just felt beautiful that day…loved my outfit, accessories, etc.
3) Not crazy about the “posing” haha but felt pretty…pretty
4) All about that sweater dress
5) Rare Tennessee snow! My niece playing in it for the first time! With me! That outfit (and that same sweater dress haha)!
6) Taken while waiting to enter a concert venue with a dear old friend. I think I look pretty happy

I’m kinda all tagged out from yesterday, but anyone who wants to, please do it! You can say I tagged you…I’d love to see any of y'all’s lovely faces 😀

i just wanted to say, i know it’s a cliche by now but truly everyone, whether theyre famous or not, is fighting a battle you might not know anything about and everyone is going through something and sometimes the people who are the kindest gentlest souls are being put through so much pain you might not even see because they shine so bright still. both harry and louis are such an example and when going through incredibly rough time they still chose to make someone else smile, took photos with the fans and stuff. please remember to choose love and be kind to people, choose to do the small thing like an encouraging smile to a stranger, compliments, tell your close ones you love them and support them, choose to send one nice message instead of anonymous hate. if these boys taught us something, then it is to be kind and gentle and give people love as much as you can, there’s never too much of that.