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Nobody said it was easy

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[bucky barnes x reader]

author’s note: was going through my likes the other day and saw this. started cracking up and decided to write a fic for it. also here’s the song i was imagining for that one part in the fic. you’ll see what i mean. hope y’all enjoy <3 also titles are the worst. i think they’re the hardest part about the writing process lol

word count: 1,900

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A rickmorty fix-it fic for the scene with Morty and the rocket ship ride in 3x04. 

“—that thing is the only part of the Vindicators that has any value to me. If you know what it is, place it on the platform. Guess wrong and you’ll die.”

The drunk Rick on the screen continued his senseless tirade, threatening the surviving Vindicators with another poorly-made neutrino bomb. If Morty wasn’t still shaken from the trauma of seeing four people get gruesomely killed, he’d definitely be laughing at Rick.

He isn’t laughing now.

Smartest man in the world, my ass. Can’t even be counted on to make a decent bastardization of Saw

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So basically this is a method for people like me, don’t have a lot of den betas, don’t buy promo items or make top notch masterpieces. This is like the cheap way to get rare spikes.. but i like it and i wanted to share it with y’all. (Warning: the total time period it took for me to actually get a rare long was like almost 3 weeks. So if you’re willing to actually do this, then kudos to you)

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Lmao, I’m going to come out and say this.

Felix used the n word.

Yeah, ok, ok. Do you wanna know my problems with this whole “HES A RACIST” situation? Let’s break it down.

Was it right of him to use that word? Absolutely not. And he himself knows it. If you watch the video you can see how stressed out he gets that he said it because he knows how bad this word is.

I am not even going to get into the merit of him being from another culture and all because, fuck, I’m tired of people just DRAGGING one another and not accepting that we are all human and make terrible mistakes. Felix made one and, God, he knows how terrible it was.

His response video? Amazing, if you ask me.

He admitted his mistake, he didn’t make any excuses, God, he could have said so much to save his own ass but he didn’t. Because he knows it was wrong, he fucking owned up to it and vowed to be a better person and change.


who KNOWS how much they screwed up

who’s so STRESSED OUT by this mistake

who could have said ANYTHING to save his own ass and play it off as an edgy joke

who came out and apologized and recognized how bad they fucked up


I am sick and tired of calling out culture and dragging culture. I am.

We don’t let people make mistakes anymore without ruining their entire lives and we don’t ACCEPT IT when they REDEEM THEMSELVES. What the hell is wrong with this mentality? Well, everything.

People are so busy dragging Felix, because it’s an easier instance to make yourself look good because “oh look how racist he is” than to actually go after the people who are actual racists.


Absolutely everything.

They’re not fucking sorry. A racist doesn’t fucking care when he uses a slur. He likes the commotion, he lives for the outrage. But, hey, let’s drag this man who’s not even an American, this is actually THE MOST IMPORTANT RACIAL ISSUE RIGHT NOW.

Liberals are full of crap, you wanna know why? Because while y'all defend people’s right to freedom and rights, you are denying them the right to make honest mistakes. It’s even worse when a person makes a mistake, redeem themselves, and you just ignore them.

Liberals are against the death penalty, they know how cruel the prison system is, they know how millions of people suffer because they are not given a second chance after their mistakes even when they REDEEM themselves. Why is it so hard for you to understand that people screw up and it’s okay?

You love to make positivity posts, about how failure is a build up for success, but God forbid someone actually makes a mistake and a fool of themselves online.

This is not about Felix anymore, this is me being fed up with this toxic fucking trend of dragging and calling out people for honest mistakes and not accepting it when they redeem themselves because fuck them. You never made a mistake.

I’m sure everyone here was born a raging feminist, never said a sexist thing, never had a racist thought, I am so so CERTAIN that everyone dragging someone else NEVER MADE a mistake in their life.

Stop dragging the people who regret their wrong doings.

Stop labelling people for their mistakes.

Even more when they recognize their mistakes and know how wrong their actions were.

This is creating a false moralist society in which we expect everyone to abide to certain rules and not question absolutely anything. This is harmful, this is horrible for critical thinking.


Stay with me

Based on “Imagine pleading with Thranduil to heal the Durins as they all still have a glimmer of life left in them and you know that he has the ability to save them” from ImaginexHobbit.


Cautiously, wary of stray orcs that might yet be lurking in the depths of Ravenhill’s tunnels, you ventured onto the ice at the tower’s base.

A lone figure lay close at hand, and as you edged nearer, casting a glance across the frozen river to where a handful of your comrades searched the rocky terrain for casualties of the battle, it was quickly apparent that the body was not that of an elf. He was smaller, stocky and powerfully built, wearing a heavy leather coat rather than gleaming armor, and a mane of golden hair framed a handsome, bearded face with eyes as blue as the sky they no longer saw.

The dwarf’s rugged beauty stirred a strange rush of pity in your heart and you sheathed your sword to sink to your knees beside him, feeling yourself unsettled by a deep sympathy for this poor, lost soul who had been your enemy only hours before. His lifeless face spoke wrenchingly to you of youth, strength, nobility, hopes for the future all cut short at the merciless hands of an orc, judging from his wounds. Carefully, though you could not have told why, you took his broad, gloved hand between your own and held it as if to comfort him before reaching to close his eyes in a futile gesture of compassion.

Your fingertips gently touched his face and you started, as though you’d been stung, instantly withdrawing your hand.

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Hi guys, so I couldn’t find the original post going around and I’m sure someone else noticed the errors, but the person who originally posted this made a mistake with the math. I’m assuming they were calculating with 365 work days instead of the (roughly) 260 days most people have to work on average which excludes some holidays and weekends. My calculations are based off a 40 hour work week, 8 hours a day.

More fun facts: if the Yale tuition prices are correct (assuming they are), if Yale followed the minimum wage inflation, it’d be about $12,678.75 annually; but over the years, Yale decided it was worth over 350% what it was in the 70′s. That, or the amount of minimum wage we get as a country hasn’t followed inflation (which is way more accurate of the two) 

so basically kids these days have been screwed over by the generations before us time and time again and now we can’t afford shit without financial aid of some kind, most of which has interest tagged onto it which only ends up screwing us more.

Cheater Pt. 2

Cheater Pt. 1 >>

A/U: BACK BY REQUEST.  Because y’all wanted to know what happened. Also not going to lie I’m proud of this word count. That is all 

Word Count: 2,263

Your name: submit What is this?

“What?” Was all I could say.

Her head fell and her hair surrounded her face hiding it slightly. “I fucked up Shawn.” Her voice was cracking and her breathing was harsh. Sobs began to escape her lips and she leant forward over her body and began to cry into her hands.

“I cheated.” She cried.

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Alright so, I’m just gonna say this one time.

The only people who can drop a racial slur are people OF said race.

And they should never be used in passing.

When I get angry, I start swearing like a sailor. An old grizzled sailor who is tanned and has windburned skin from being out on the seas for so long. I don’t start throwing around the n word or even throw around Irish slurs, and I’m Irish.

So yeah you see black people throwing around the n word, THATS THEIR WORD! THEY CAN DO THAT! AND THEYRE ALLOWED TO GET ANGRY IF SOMEONE ELSE USES IT.

So yeah. Felix made a mistake. A huge fucking mistake. But don’t drag Mark and Seán into this because they defended him last time. Last time he attempted to apologize. Mark didn’t defend what he said he just said that you should still treat the man like a human being. He wasn’t defending the joke.

Seán, who was one of Felix’s biggest supporters before the antisemetic ‘jokes’ went on record to say he doesn’t endorse these types of 'humor’.

Felix fucked up badly

But don’t drag Mark and Seán into it because they might be 'guilty by association’

They don’t deserve that

anonymous asked:

Today was one of the days I wanted to just quit my job and go live in a car for the rest of my life. I was the only one working up front and then my boss's boss yelled at me for not answering phones fast enough and why was I the only one up there. Then I got yelled at for a mistake someone else made. I'm so fed up and I haven't even been there 6 months yet.

disparatenoise  asked:

Sorry if this question is a little too general a question, but here goes. I'm writing a story set during and after a nuclear-ish apocalypse and the main characters are cadets in a military academy. A lot of the conflict revolves around leadership through a harsh and stressful environment. My question is this: what are some behaviors you've noticed in CO/NCO's that indicated their in/competence? What actions motivated you? Give me some ways for a leader to fail their men or earn their trust.

This is actually a really good question! Thank you for reaching out to me!

 Well, I think everyone wants a different type of leader, so this is just my opinion. But what matters to me, in order, is the following:

NCOs and officers are in their position for a reason. They’re in charge of soldiers while at the same time performing the task the army employed them for. It’s not easy work, and very often a leader will falter either in performing their job or caring for their troops, or God forbid both. If an NCO is incompetent at maintaining his soldiers or an officer is incompetent at performing his job, that’s a very heavy hit on our morale. One person who can’t perform their duties hurts all of us. Furthermore, I’m more than willing to forgive someone for any of the following attributes as long as they’re competent. 
And this competence spans all things. Soldier care, equipment maintenance, and job knowledge/instruction ability. If I’m an E-2 and the E-5 directly in charge of me is my MOS, I should be able to ask them any standard question about my job and they should either know the answer or know where to find the answer. If my NCO doesn’t know shit about what I do, why should I trust them to oversee what I’m doing?

Soldiers depend on their leadership for a lot of things. Instruction, well being, paperwork, and especially morale. If my NCO is a completely asshat and no one in the platoon likes them, our morale will be low, and we won’t care that much about the mission.
 Now, I’m not saying the leadership has to be soft, because that’s a whole ‘nother problem, and I’m not saying they can’t push us, because that’s what they’re there for. But it’s essential for leadership to build a genuine rapport with their soldiers, or else we’ll just wind up resenting them.
Personally, the chill factor for me is very important in a leader. Someone who’s got a stick up their ass just frustrates me; someone who thinks the only way to run a unit is to yell and punish frustrates me even more. Positive motivation is always superior to negative.

Is your leadership doing their job? Are they maintaining their paperwork? Are they aware of the current mission? Do they know what we need to be doing? Do we have to stay late because they forgot to tell us to do a task? Do we have to redo a task because they instructed us wrong the first time? Are our promotions and awards delayed indefinitely because they keep forgetting something? Our leaders need to have their shit in order or else everyone below them is going to be out of order. We understand when it’s not someone fault, when our superior’s superior is the one making a bad call, but there’s almost nothing more infuriating to a soldier than leadership that, through their own actions, has no idea what’s going on.

This encompasses both work ethic and personality. If my NCO is too forgiving, too lenient, too easy, too lazy, I don’t want them. There’s a big difference between being chill and being soft. NCOs and officers NEED to be able to push us and step up to the plate. They need to know when Enough is Enough and when to put their boots down. Having a leader with no backbone is worse than having no leader at all. Laziness is a disease in leadership as well; they do have to delegate, but they absolutely need to pull their own weight as well, and we can tell the difference between a leader who’s skimping on the work by passing it off and who’s adequately utilizing their resources by delegating. 

I think these four things are probably the thing I look for most. Softness is the least bothersome trait to me because, due to the nature of Soft leaders, it’s easy for someone who does know what they’re doing to sorta replace them/nudge them aside and become a de facto leader.

How a leader can fail their troops:
-not being there during the hard times, and I mean not only combat but during unpleasant conditions like cold, heat, low food and low water. NCOs who hole up in a warm tent while their soldiers are out shivering will earn some resentment.

-not ensuring their troops well being. NCOs ensure their troops are fed, watered, and rested the best they can manage. A good NCO will recognize when it’s time to give their squad a break, even if it’s only for an hour or two. It’s true that some dire situations require drastic measures, but great NCOs will replace their soldiers in those circumstances so that they can get an hour or two of sleep or enough time to swallow a cup of coffee. I’ve known NCOs who were practically ready to fist fight someone to get food for their troops, and you bet we had their backs from then on.

-blaming their troops for things that are their fault and taking credit for things their troops have done. NCOs are responsible for everything their troops do, good or bad. If the NCO messed up, that NCO needs to be upfront about how their fuck up resulted in their troops fucking up.

-overreacting to failure and under reacting to accomplishment, not to mention uneven treatment. Sometimes all we need is a pat on the back or a handshake and to be told we did good and they’re appreciative of our efforts. Sure, other rewards are even nicer, but often I was happy just to know my leadership thought I did a good job. Sometimes the only thing that kept me going was my leadership telling me I was the best at my job and they depended on me. Whether it was true, I don’t know; I hope so. But the point is that if our achievements aren’t acknowledged, we stop wanting to achieve.
Similarly, it’s important to punish us if we fuck up, but the punishment has to match the fuck up. We often know the difference between fair punishment and unfair punishment, and trust me, we DEFINITELY know when we’re being targeted with harsher punishment than someone else who made the same mistake. Consistency is important.

-we hold grudges because the army is literally high school. We remember when someone has wronged us and hadn’t made good on it. It takes a lot to regain the trust of soldiers who’ve already lost their respect for you. Demanding respect because of a rank when it hasn’t been earned can turn a number of soldiers against you. But if you fix yourself and start being a good leader again, we can forgive and move on. 

It sounds like NCOs and officers basically give everything to their troops, and that’s exactly how it should be. Your troops will reward you with full strength effort, motivation, and tolerance for the inevitable bullshit. Especially of NCOs, they need to distract their soldiers from the pure bullshit that is the army, because it is pure bullshit, and we’re very fucking aware of that. Furthermore, PNN, the private news network, is far reaching. Lower enlisted are not shy about talking shit about a bad leader, and it’ll get around. Just the same, a good leader will see PNN return favorable reviews, and often if those favorable reviews get high enough there will be positive rewards from up high.

Of course, this is all assuming a perfect world. Very frequently bad NCOs are sneaky and bad officers are asskissers, and they somehow avoid the karma of being a bad leader while good leaders fall wayside. Sometimes good leaders get into trouble and lose their rank, sometimes good leaders are overweight and are treated like shitbags, sometimes good leaders are disabled in some way and people look down on them. In reality, that’s s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes.

Equivalently, some lower enlisted are pure ass and don’t appreciate or respect even a good leader. A lot of us had very low tolerance for leaders who weren’t completely perfect, and were quick to turn on them. I’d really like to say that those people probably had some real shit leaders in the past, and they’ll come around if they get to meet a genuinely good leader. Some people are just fucking brats though; fuck them tbh. Ungrateful lower enlisted just breeds aloof and demoralized leaders. It’s a two way street.

Personally, I have a lot of respect for anyone who can perform their duties as an NCO or officer even 75% of the time. I cannot stress enough that being in a leadership position is not sunshine and roses.

-Spc. Kingsley

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Look What You’ve Done

Characters: Jared x reader, Violet (Reader’s daughter), Jensen

Word Count: 1583

Warnings: angst, Jared being the bad guy

Summary: Jared messes up. Can he get you to stay?

Beta(s): none. All mistakes are mine.

Author’s Note: No hate to Gen with this! I love her with all my heart. I made his for RPF Appreciation Day and I hope you enjoy it. This was very stressful to write for some unknown reason. Feedback is always appreciated! enjoy xx

Originally posted by tree--frog

You look down at the caller ID on your phone and see Jensen’s name. Hey, Jensen, what’s going on?“

“Hey, could you come into set? I’m not sure, but I think Jared is hiding something from you. He’s been sneaking around on set.”

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Well that was a monday well spend… I worked on this all day and now it’s almost 12pm. I needed something to encourage me because I’m really good at negativ thinking and that destroys pretty much everthing. I had a job interview the other day and I got so nervous that I didn’t know what to do or say.. It’s not the first one I had in my live. I had plenty of them but they are always nerve wracking. Talking with the boss for a job or about the job when you are working there.. At some point I always forget that they are people.. Just like me.. and there is no need to be nervous. So I decided I want to do something to remind me. I always think that it is a good thing to combine my negativ thoughts with something I like. So here it is. Maybe it helps someone else as well..

I am positiv that I have made plenty of mistakes but english is not my first Language and it is 12 pm.. so pls bear with them.

good morning friends! i hope you all have really awesome days. stop being so hard on yourself for your failures and be the kind of calm and understanding you would be if someone else made a mistake. give yourself the kind of compliments you would throw at your friend to make them feel good. treat yourself the same way you treat the people you love. you deserve the same kindness. 

Re-forging Common Ground

My alternative take on the Downworld meeting. What could have happened if the Shadowhunters and Downworlders were willing to play nice.

You’re right.“ Alec said, surprising everyone, not least himself by agreeing with the Seelie Queen ” if it came down to it, the Clave would protect their own over you… every time…. but I’m not the Clave.“ He added, looking Magnus straight in the eye.

Magnus broke the gaze first, memories of how he’d accused Alec of breaking promises rushing in. Despite his anger in that moment, comparing Alec to the Clave had been uncalled for.

“You don’t trust me after what happened with the Soul Sword,” Alec continued, words spoken to the Queen but clearly intended for someone else, “I made a mistake and for that I’m sorry.”

Jace, Izzy and Clary shared looks, all silently asking if Alec had lost his mind or if maybe he knew what he was doing?

“I founded this council to bring the Clave and the Downworld together, because I truly believe that if we put our differences aside we can work together to defeat Valentine.”

The several pairs of skeptical eyes looking back at him proved that this approach wasn’t convincing anyone. He sighed, he only had one more card to play…. and he’d really hoped he wouldn’t have to take it there.

“Ok fine, you don’t believe that I’d be willing to put the Downworld first….I’m not a Seelie, you have no reason to trust my words. But believe this,” He said strongly, avoiding Magnus’ burning gaze, “Magnus is part of the Downworld and I would die before I let Valentine hurt Him……Now look me in the eye, Your Majesty and tell me that that isn’t true.”

“I find that I can’t Mr. Lightwood,” she replied cooly after a moment of uneasy silence all round, “for that I do believe. For as long as you remain Head of the New York Institute, I will ensure your receive the full co-operation of the downworld.”

“Come along,” she sang out, Magnus forcing his feet to follow along behind her as Alec watched him go. If it weren’t for the Queen’s fickle nature Magnus would have refused to leave the room, but he couldn’t afford to threaten this new found balance.

Magnus’ signature knock announced his arrival at Alec’s office door. He stood there uneasy, searching out answers in Alec’s hopeful expression.

“You achieved the impossible today Alexander.” He praised, “I’m sorry that I doubted you …. doubted us.”

“I know,” Alec smiled reassuringly as he closed the distance between them, taking
Magnus’ hands in his. “I had to show you that you can have both, we just need to be willing to work for it.”

Magnus traced the lines of Alec’s arms with his hand as he moved them to rest on Alec’s chest, hips now almost touching. “Well, someone did tell me once that relationships take effort….” he smiled leaving the sentence open.

Alec moved one hand up Magnus’ arm, to wrap around his wrist, the other moving to Magnus’ jaw, gently cupping his face. Leaning in, he smiled against Magnus’ lips… “I’m all for effort.”

anonymous asked:

Can you write something along the lines of Justin and Alex broke up like Sophomore year even though their relationship was secret, but then Justin sees Alex on a date with someone else a few months and realizes he made a mistake breaking up with Alex (kinda with the lyrics to Like I Would by Zayn I guess even though you've already done one with them lol)

Look at me doing one of the full length requests. I’m sorry this has taken so long!! I am still doing all your requests, so those of you still waiting for ones I haven’t forgotten about them!

This is a little lengthier so I hope that makes up for the wait. Hope you like :))

Justin didn’t expect it would hurt this much at the time.

Their relationship hadn’t been much. Stolen kisses and moments of intimacy, all hidden behind closed doors. They’d been each other’s escape, someone to be with when they didn’t have anyone else. That was all it was supposed to amount to.
It was never meant to grow into something more. Something that Justin would care about, something involving feelings.

But it had, and Justin didn’t know what to do about it.

So he’d done the most obvious thing. He’d broken it off. He stopped their little meetings, stopped talking to him completely. He did everything he could to avoid him and didn’t care who noticed. It was better than them noticing what it had been before.

At least, that’s what he tells himself everytime he sees Alex in the halls and his heart gives that pained beat.

He’d thought distancing himself from the younger boy would make those feelings go away. Instead, they only seemed to grow louder, screaming at him that he was making a mistake. That this ache he always felt now didn’t have to be there. That he could be happy.

Or, he could’ve been, if he hadn’t gone and entirely messed it up.

He doesn’t know when he started to feel this way. When not having a good meal turned into not having it with Alex. When not having somewhere to sleep turned into not having Alex to sleep next to.

He’s drowning in misery, as pathetic as it makes him feel. Meanwhile, Alex seems like he’s completely moved on. Justin’s reassured in that idea when he passes Monet’s and spots the blonde through the window. He’s sitting at one of the tables, a boy Justin doesn’t recognize sat across from him. He watches as Alex’s smile turns into a laugh, and his heart breaks because he’s not the one making him look like that.

He tears his gaze away and keeps walking.

This is one of the days he allows himself to go home, and when he gets there he’s happy to find the place empty. He heads straight for his room anyway and flops dramatically onto his bed, face down.

He lets out a muffled scream into the covers, trying desperately to ignore the growing ache in his chest. He rolls over onto his back with a groan and tells himself to get a grip. Alex has obviously moved on, maybe he never cared in the first place. It’s about time Justin does the same.

But he just can’t.

He squeezes his eyes shut and is assaulted with the image from the coffee shop; Alex’s beautiful smile marred by the thought of someone else causing it. Someone good for Alex, someone with less problems, someone who could make him happy. Someone that wasn’t Justin.

Justin forces the image away, searching for a better one. It only leads him back to Alex, though this time it’s different. This time his pale face is flushed with colour, the smile on his lips smaller but still greater somehow, softer. His blue eyes are clear, shining as he looks over at him.

With the image comes the feel of gentle arms around him, soft lips pressing against his. He can’t resist it, and he lets the feeling envelope him. It pulls him under, and he finally drifts to sleep.

When he wakes again, it’s still bright out. He realises it’s the morning kind of light, the more colourless one where the sun’s just rising, not setting. He’d fallen asleep in the evening and stayed that way through the night.

Fragments of his sleep still pull at his mind, the edges of a dream he tries to remember. All he’s filled with is the broken remembrance of those same arms around him, holding him, and he buries his face in the pillow.

The thoughts of Alex he’d had before falling asleep had followed him into unconsciousness. Memories of the dream reassemble in his mind, and he’s never been so sad to be awake.

He has to fix it somehow, he decides then. Maybe he won’t get him back, maybe he missed that chance, but he has to do something. Anything would be better than the way he feels now.

Alex had tried to keep talking to him at the start. Had seemed hurt by the way Justin seemingly locked him out overnight, refusing to even look at the blonde when he attempted again and again to ask what the problem was.

Justin hadn’t known how to answer. He’d been the problem, he thought, him and his feelings. He couldn’t lay that on Alex, not when he deserved so much more. When he could easily find so much more. Probably already had, if what he’d seen yesterday was any clue.

He wouldn’t try to get him back. But he couldn’t ignore him anymore. No, he’d find him, and he’d talk to him. At the very least, he had to try to regain what had once been of their friendship. He’d take Alex in any form he could get at this point if it would even slightly ease the pain in his heart.

He could hear noise outside his room door this time. Too loud voices and something being knocked over, and he sinks further into his bed.

They hadn’t come in to his room, probably didn’t even know he was here. He felt grateful for it. He couldn’t go out there though. He got up as quietly as he could and changed his clothes, grabbing his bag before slipping out the window.

He wishes it wasn’t a school day, that he could hype himself up before heading for Alex’s house, but it is and he doesn’t have time. He does his best to gather his thoughts together on the walk there instead.

It ends up not mattering, because Alex avoids him the entire day. He suppose he can’t expect any different, that that’s the way it’s been since Alex gave up his attempts at talking to him. He could’ve tried harder too, he supposes, but he didn’t have the guts.

He still feels like he doesn’t but musters the courage anyway, and he follows Alex out of the school before finally managing to catch up to him.

He catches the boy’s wrist. “Alex.”

Alex turns around to look at him, surprise etched into his features. Justin’s breath catches at finally having him so close again, and he pushes past the lump in his throat. “Hi,” he breathes.

“Hey,” Alex says quietly, cautiously.

Justin licks his lips, grip on the boy’s wrist tightening momentarily. “I-Can we talk?”

The blonde looks at him for a second before nodding slightly. “Park?”

Justin nods in agreement and lets Alex lead him to his car. The drive is spent in awkward silence, entirely unusual for them, but Justin isn’t sure of what to say yet, and he doesn’t want to mess it up further before he even has a chance to fix it.

They’re walking for about five minutes before he finally decides to blurt out the first thing that comes to his head. “I’m sorry.”

Alex looks over at him, blinking. “What?”

“I’m sorry,” he repeats. “I’ve been a jerk and it-I suck.”

Alex blinks at him again, but there’s a slight quirk to his lips. “Is this supposed to be news to me?”

Justin scoffs, but the sassy reply eases him slightly. This is what he’s used to, the easy back and forth, the bickering and sarcasm. All the things that are so Alex.

“I’m trying to apologize to you here. I was planning on baring my heart to you and that’s the response I get?”

Alex shrugs, but his expression softens noticeably. “Go on then.”

It makes Justin suddenly nervous again. He ducks his head, watching his feet as they keep walking.

“I shouldn’t have cut you out like that,” he starts. “I messed everything up, and I hate myself for it. Maybe it was the right thing to stop whatever it was we started but I shouldn’t have taken that as far as I did. You were always one of the best friends I had, ever since I started talking to you, and I miss you.”

Alex’s lips have pulled up into something resembling a full smile now, although it’s still small. “I miss you, too. Why was that the right thing though? Stopping, whatever it was.”

Justin looks up at him. “Because,” he starts hesitantly, “we don’t even know what it was. You deserved better than that. I mean, you found better than that, right? I didn’t want you to feel like I was keeping you from that.”

“What do you mean ‘found better than that’?”

The jock pauses at that, going back to avoiding his gaze. “I uh, I saw you in Monet’s yesterday.”

Alex stares at him for a moment before realisation seems to hit. “It wasn’t like, a date or anything. Well I mean it was, but it’s not-it won’t be happening again.”

“Oh,” Justin says, eloquently, because what else is he supposed to say to that? “Look, I-I stopped it because I was scared. Because it was starting to mean something to me. I was starting to get selfish.”

“You’re not selfish for caring about someone,” Alex says quietly.

Justin hesitates. “No,” he agrees. “The selfish part’s wanting you to care about me too.”

Alex stops. Justin keeps walking for a few steps before he realises, and turns back to face him.

“Maybe I want to care about you.”

Justin’s lips part. He pushes his hopes down even before they get a chance to lift. “You shouldn’t though.”

The younger boy takes a step towards him, and Justin’s suddenly aware of how little space there is between them. “Why? I think that should be my choice, at least. Don’t you?”

He takes another step closer, and Justin shrugs, mouth going dry.

Alex reaches out, and suddenly his hand’s cupping Justin’s jaw gently, fingers tilting his head down so he’s looking at him. “We know what it was, Justin. I like you. It’s okay to like me, too.”

Justin’s eyes close as Alex’s thumb brushes lightly over his cheek. “I do,” he says softly. “Fuck, I like you so much Standall.”

He opens his eyes in time to see Alex grin at him. “Good.” Then he’s leaning forward, and they’re kissing.

Justin’s whole body melts. He sinks into it, eyes falling shut again and hands easily finding Alex’s waist. It’s only at this moment he fully realises that, fuck, he’s missed this.

Alex’s touch is so light, so gentle as he cradles his face, and he’s soft under Justin’s hands. His lips are no different, moving softly but confidently against his own. It’s reminiscent of their first kiss, when they were so sure even in their unsureness, when it was so easy to fall into each other and let everything else drift away.

Justin loves that it feels exactly the same, but also better, somehow. Maybe it’s because he knows now. He knows what it is, and he knows that’s what he wants it to be.

The first kiss turns into a second, third, shorter each time until Alex pulls away. The smile on his face is even softer than the one in Justin’s memory yesterday, and elation fills him at being the cause of it again.

“So, whatever this is. It’s real this time?”

Alex hums. “Guess that depends on your definition of real.”

Justin groans, because of course the asshole would make him say it out loud. “Real as in I like you and you like me. As in we like each other. We like kissing each other. Whether that’s alone in private, or alone in public, or in public with other people. Like at school.”

It’s only as he’s saying it that he realises he wants it. He wants to stand in the hallways with Alex at his side and be able to put an arm around his shoulders. He wants to walk around holding his hand. He wants to kiss him anytime he feels like it, and he wants to rub the fact that he gets to do that in everyone’s faces.

He wants to be the one taking Alex to Monet’s, making him laugh and he doesn’t care if that makes him pathetic anymore.

Alex nods, and he feels relief flood through him. “It’s real, then.”

anonymous asked:

why do people hate mon el? they compare him to damon who i can't stand but from what i see on tumblr mon el seems more like stefan

I honestly don’t get it?? Like I think it’s just because they ship Kara with someone else tbh. Yes, Mon El isn’t perfect and has made mistakes and perhaps not always said the right thing. But he’s a good person, he truly loves Kara, he wants to learn to be a hero, and he’s overcoming his horrible upbringing. People forget that he was raised by a horrible mother on a planet that taught him terrible values. It takes time to uncondition yourself from something like that and Mon El is trying and he’s already made huge progress.


an Alison DiLaurentis mix

01. I’ve made considerable mistakes, tried to be someone else, I’ve smoothed the creases from my face, fought a war for myself / 02. you can’t take what’s mine - it’s mine, you can’t make me silent with violence / 03. you know the way you look makes everyone hungry, are you a key to heaven’s door? / 04. I am sharper than a switchblade, first and last of what god made and that’s the truth / 05. monsters, and monsters, don’t fuck with my head, monsters, and monsters, they want to be fed / 06. make me a new sensation, valley of the dead ends / 07. and I go home again - it’s time / 08. we all start with a pure heart, and each of us our own part, so blind, and with so much to lose, I’ve fallen out of favor / 09. I choose to run but the lines all fade, I’ve become someone I can’t even face, and the road it stops, so you can’t escape

[ L I S T E N ]