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On the scale of 1 to Ace's death how heartbroken will you be if Makino's husband was someone else?

Haha, I…would probably be very disappointed, because I’ve loved this ship for nearly a decade and I’d love for them to be canon, but I don’t think I’d be heartbroken? I mean, I shipped them long before the first cover page with that kid was even released, so canon has never been a necessity for me where they’re concerned.

I’d probably grumble a bit about it (and about why Oda would give her two cover pages if that kid was some rando villager’s, or someone else’s), but after that I think I’d just keep doing my thing. I’ve made my own canon for them, and you’d have to pry those fics from my cold, dead hands.

Unpopular Opinion: Borrasca Isn't That Great + EDIT

 Before I begin, this will contain spoilers! You’ve been warned of you haven’t read the entire story yet.

 Alright so everyone has been talking about the Borrasca story from reddit which I have sat down and read myself. I’ve seen a lot of people say that the story is well written, scary, amazing, blah blah blah. Whatever. I hate to be the party pooper but there’s a huge glaring problem with the story.

 There’s a giant loop hole in the plot. So much so that the story doesn’t make sense because of it.

 We learn that that the people of the town are infertile because of the drinking water. We also learn that the Priscotts have been taking women from the town and have been forcing them to produce babies to keep the towns population up along with making it profitable by selling some of the children.

 The loop hole is if the towns people are infertile, then how can they take some of them and make them produce babies by raping them?? They’re still infertile, they still shouldn’t be able to produce any viable children either. Not only that but the reader assumes that the people in the town still drink the water because it wasn’t addressed on whether or not they would be drinking from another source.

 This doesn’t make any sense and sadly ruined the story for me. E for effort but unfortunately this story unravels quickly. The writing wasn’t bad over all but I think people really have to be careful in making sure that everything fits together and the plot makes perfect sense.

 Overall I’d give the story a 4 out of 10 because of the major glaring problem it has which was pretty much the entire main plot line - the mystery of what was going on on the mountain.

 I’m hoping that the person wrote it notices this and is more thorough next time they decide to write something.

 EDIT 09/10/15: Alright so thanks to a bit more thought and discussion I’m going to be able to delve into further detail about Borrasca and it’s faults (since I now have my thoughts organized). So I noticed that there’s more plot holes than I thought, some of them don’t even have anything to do with the water. There’s a lot of things that are left unanswered. 

 Firstly with regards to the baby farm, there’s no way that it would even be possible for it to operate successfully (I guess that’s a relief) because the conditions are so deplorable that there’s nearly a zero percent chance that the women there would be able to bring a child to term. Not only that but the women themselves even with the food/water provided by the people running the farm are still practically starving. Not nearly enough nutrition to provide for both them, and their babies. 

 There’s a slew of other problems with the baby farm as well such as the condition of the building itself, the lack of medical attention/care, the fact that the women are kept sedated (which could in turn harm the babies while they’re in the womb), or even the simple fact that for most of the time the women are kept on their backs strapped to their beds. There’s a good chance that they’d die long before they came to term with their first child, little lone subsequent pregnancies especially seeing that they’re literally too weak to even stand on their own. They could easily die during childbirth or illnesses like pneumonia, the flu or even morning sickness. I’m sure this isn’t everything wrong with the baby farm but that’s a basic scope of the problems it presents.

 Another funny loop hole is how on earth did Kimber manage to escape the baby farm, make it down the mountain, get through town without being noticed and then being able to leave for good all while she was naked, too weak to stand and could’ve faced the possibility of Prescott or the sheriff beating the pulp out of her (Kind of what they did to the other two protagonists). The chances of her actually being successful is slim to none. There’s no way she’d have enough strength to escape someone if they decided to attack or get down the side of the mountain. Chances are she wouldn’t of gotten far and probably would’ve collapsed before she even made it back to town.

 There’s another major beef I have with Borrasca and that’s the simple fact of how did Prescott or anyone else involved somehow not get caught? There’s a lot of things against them such as how the hell does no one get suspicious of old mining equipment sounding off at random times throughout the day or night when the mine has been shut down for years? How did no one bother to go and investigate before the present day of the story? There’s no way everyone in Dristain was that dumb or covering up the murders/rape of the women up at the baby farm. No bloody way.

 One thing that didn’t make sense to me was also the fact that if Prescott took women from other towns for the baby farm then why bother to take them from his own town where he knows that the water could’ve possibly affected them or inbreeding? Why risk his business for what would be considered as lower quality goods when he easily and has already gotten better ones from other places? And since he does get some of the women from other places then how would he possibly keep such a big secret under wraps? How did people not get suspicious/curious of the disappearances or even the state questioning them for that matter? Why wasn’t this investigated seeing as there’s a higher percentage of missing people in this demographic area versus the surrounding places?

 One big question with regards to the women and their infertility is this: how would Prescott or anyone for that matter be able to find out who is able to conceive and who is not? Do they just grab a random person and hope for the best? And when it comes for the townspeople, how can they tell who’s been affected by the water? What is the concentration of the toxic runoff in the water? How long does it take for the levels of metals within the body from the water to become toxic? How badly does the water affect people besides infertility and if they have been exposed and are able to bring a baby to term then how would this affect the child? Bioaccumulation is a real thing ladies and gents so one would think that the toxic effects of the water would increase the more the families continue to reproduce. 

 These are just some of the things I have found wrong with Borrasca in terms of its plot. It’s highly unrealistic and thanks to this, isn’t really that scary overall spite the fact that the author did try to have a realistic approach to the story. Which is shown by the portrayal of the settings and the characters. 

 I personally think that Borrasca tries to hard to be a serious horror story. The pacing is wonky, the timeline is somewhat hard to follow after the major time skip and the writing isn’t that amazing in general. To me there’s nothing inherently special about it, it’s simply just another story someone slapped together, posted on reddit and somehow managed to become wildly popular.

 That’s really about it…

Pearl is White Diamonds Pearl

So I saw a short theory about this and someone has probably already pointed out these new details but I need to get this out.


First things first we know that Pearls are servants on Homeworld. Peridot explains this when they first start work on the drill. But she also mentions something else. 

“And she looks like a Fancy one too. So who do you belong to anyway?” 

Yes, yes Peridot that is the question. So our Pearl is a Fancy Pearl. Peridot also claimed just before this that Pearls are ‘made to order.’ so I’m assuming you’d have to be more important to have a Pearl made more ‘fancy’ than the regular made to order ones. 

Now the biggest detail that has recently come up is Pictures of the Diamonds and their Pearls. Let’s look at Blue Diamond and her Pearl. 

First thing’s first that I want to point out is their Palate, Blue Diamond is Obviously dark blue and her Pearl is a lighter blue. More importantly their Gem positions. Both are located on their chest. Okay sure they match but it’s not just Blue Diamond. IN the most recent episode ‘Message Received’ we see Yellow Diamond and her Pearl. 

Same color Palate, and gem in the same spot.On top of this their hair styles mimic their owners as well. I’m assuming these are indicators for who they belong to, so they are more easily identifiable compared to the supposed hundreds of Pearls running about on Homeworld. 

So that being said lets take a look

They both have their Gems on their heads. Based on her name and mural White Diamond has a white color Palate, like our lovely Pearl. The murals show the gem’s actual hairstyle as seen below

So we can assume that white diamonds hair is like our Pearls, spiked up in the back. EDIT: I also noticed that if you look at the pearls compared to their owners they also have outfits that mimic their diamonds as well!

Many people have thought that Pearl belonged to Rose, as did I. But if what I pointed out here applies then if Pearl is Fancy and should match her owner then she should be light pink, with her gem on her stomach, possibly curly hair and similar outfit. 

But that’s just a theory. A GEM THEORY


Some may expect me to ship Brienne x Tormund just because it ‘’apparently’’ is a way to keep her away from Jaime, ( I literally saw it in the Brienne tag ) but that’s really not what I care about. It’s nice to see someone clearly who’s clearly attracted to her at first sigh. It’s obviously embarassing but it may  also be flatering for someone who has been made fun of for a look all her life. They used to call her ‘’Brienne the Beauty’’ on purpose to bring her down. Now she is noticed by a complete stranger for her beauty and from what I have seen she seems to appreciate all sort of genuine compliments probably due to the insecurities she developed. Renly didn’t love her that way and couldn’t. Jaime didn’t respect her at all, he used to criticize her for her look like she used to criticize him for the same things everyone else do. They both hurt each other by striking exactly where they should have before eventually growing on each other and developing a mutual respect. Tormund is different though, it was right away. I admit we don’t know much about what he wants from her but it doesn’t truly matter what you ship, the point is that he is amazed by her look and that’s both great for her and interesting in terms of her character development.

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ok so i just recently got a professional massage and it struck me that Will is probably a naturally excellent masseuse because of apollo and can sense how tense Nico is all the time and wants so desperately to help him because he just wants to make him feel better. Eventually Nico lets him, like a little at first and its the first *~intimate~* thing he's ever done with another person and it eventually becomes their "thing" and love and fluff and UGHHHH i need this in my life pls

This is so wonderful.

“You’re so tense.” Will stated as if it were the most obvious thing in the world, but by the look on Nico’s face, it wasn’t. 

“Excuse me?” Nico sat up, the infirmary bed squeaking under the sudden movement.

“You’re always so tense, your muscles are tighter than cords. What’s got you so stressed?” He asked, moving over to the side of Nico’s bed.

“What makes you think I’m stressed?” Nico looked sideways at Will, allowing the healer to change the bandage wrapped around his chest. 

“I thought I just said that. Your muscles are extremely tight and I can practically see half a dozen knots in just your back. You’re really tense.” Will wrapped a new bandage around Nico’s chest, trying his best to send some of his healing power into Nico’s body. Will’s hands traveled up his spine and towards his shoulders, “If you’d let me just-” 

“No.” Nico cut him off, pulling his shirt back on roughly. “I appreciate the concern, but I’m fine.” Nico moved over to the edge of the bed, his feet hanging off. Will took a dejected step back and sighed. 

“Alright. But I’m always here to help.”


A few weeks later, Will found himself holed up in the Hades cabin on a particularly hot day. Both boys were exhausted, but for different reasons, Nico had just come back from sword training and Will just finished a shift in the infirmary. With Nico sprawled across his bed without a shirt on and Will lounging on the floor, Nico sighed heavily.

“Maybe I’m ready to take you up on that offer, Solace.” Nico mumbled tiredly.

“What?” Was Will’s brilliant response.

“About the message.” Nico was only half awake now, his eyelids looking heavier and heavier. 

“Oh.” Will was two for two in responding dumbly today. “I mean, sure.” He stood up, walking over to Nico’s bed and sitting next to him on it. With his hands hovering over Nico’s back, he paused. “Are you sure you’re okay with this?” 

“Yeah.” Will smiled softly and gently laid his hands on Nico’s back. He was tighter than Will had originally though, his muscles constricting and knotting in several places.

“Do you even stretch? Like, ever?” Will asked in disbelief. When Nico shook his head slightly, Will huffed. “You should. It would really help keep you from getting quite so tense.” Will’s soft, warm hands dug into Nico’s hard back, kneading and making soothing motions, leaving behind a path of jelly-like muscles in their wake. The more Will worked at him, the more Nico was coming undone. He moaned when Will finally worked out a large knot, his eyelids falling shut and his body going practically limp. “Has anyone ever touched you like this before?” Will broke the silence, still messaging but frowning deeply. 

“No.” Came Nico’s quiet response. “This is the first intimate thing I’ve ever done with someone else.” Will fell silent. He was the first person to get intimate with Nico di Angelo? It wasn’t incredibly intimate, just a back message, but Will still grinned at the thought that he was the first. 

A little bit later, Will finished. He had successfully worked out all of the knots in Nico’s back and made him looser than Nico thought was possible. Will bet he probably felt like he couldn’t move, but it was a very pleasant feeling, Will knew. He smiled down at Nico. 

“I’m done.” Will smiled when no response came from the sleeping son of Hades, he knew he would be messaging Nico much more often now.

Fun Fact: I have never had a message. 

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hey that timezone idea is pretty generic but your art piece was really similar to another tumblr user's!! just thought to let you know since she seemed pretty upset

((first off sorry I edited the user’s name out from your ask cause I heard some people were sending her hate while I was asleep and let’s try not making this a bigger mess than it actually is, in case people decide to send her more)

yeah I’m assuming it’s a pretty common idea but no I have no idea which picture you’re talking about actually! >:?

((I was partly reusing the same idea of a 2 year old pic of mine I never posted too))

I also had to put aside a bunch of my pics myself because I found out somebody used almost the same concept before I had the chance to finish them (sometimes even with few days apart from me starting the pic) and it made me think “did this person read my mind or something” except I’ll still probably finish those pics sooner or later because I did spend time working on them and I started them before finding out there was already something similar

I mean some ideas get drawn by people over and over even while not knowing it has already been drawn by someone else, I saw it happen a bunch of times not only to myself, just try to see it as diff interpretations of the same thing made by different people