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Graduation Album Mini-Chapter: The Everyday Life of the Karasuma Household

I ended up doing the translations out of order after all, but here’s Karasuma’s and Irina’s chapter in English! 

Page 1

Takaoka: The sequel to the incident that occurred seven years ago

Takaoka: You and your wife must know of it

Irina: That’s right! The battle between husband and wife never ends!! Tonight will be my win!!

Irina: …How mortifying!!

Irina: I’ve been treated like a baby for these seven years…!!

Karasuma: It’s that guy’s genes…Are these…clones!?

Irina: I’ve heard that our child has built up a harem at the nursery. Just who does she take aft-

Karasuma: You.

Karasuma: Wasn’t the possibility that it would be used as a weapon abandoned!!?

Page  2

Karasuma: A dangerous location!?

Irina: Yes, I’ll go anywhere!!

Irina:  Although, I hate it when I’m ordered around by someone other than you  


Karasuma:  We shoulder the heavy things

Karasuma: Together, as a team

Technically, I can’t say with 100% certainty that the guy in the hat and the one screaming “KARASUMAAAA” is actually Takaoka but he sure sounds (and looks) like him, and it’s a lot cleaner than writing “random guy”. Karasuma’s and Irina’s marriage is going more or less how I expected.  


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I'm new to the sims community so would u mind telling me a few tips to owning a simblr? Thx!!!

oooo boy ok!!!

1. do what u love. if its just reblogging inspo pictures or making lookbooks it doesn’t matter!!! it’s gonna feel tedious if u do something u don’t wanna do
2. tag properly!!! the s4mm/s4cc tags are for custom content only - if the post has links to the cc then ye ye put it in the tag otherwise nah
3. talk to other simblrs!! this sounds cliche but honestly I’ve met a cool ton of folk in the sims community just from randomly reaching out!!
4. try random challenges!! those 30 day cas challenges are really fun!! u don’t even need to publish anything its just cool to try things out of ur sim comfort zone
5. this is prob just me but i try to keep my blog as organized as possible, legacy tags, name tags, only showing specific posts on my browser blog to make things look Cleaner - it stresses me out if its not clean/organized so i try and do that as much as i can
6. take inspiration from other simblrs!! u like one aspect of someone’s editing? try it out!! as long as ur not blatantly copying them and just using some inspo into creating ur own awesome things its okay!! download someones psd or action!! download a base sim and have fun!!!

also!!! if u do decide to download a crapton of cc organize ur mods folder!! subfolders!! icons!! its great!!!

i hope this helped????? tbh the main thing is to remember to have fun because if u go head first into it u’ll tire out real quick. pls remember that u come first and that ur blog is second ok ur wellbeing is more important ♥

cr1tikal sentence meme: mr. president edition
  • "Don't worry, I was raised to fuck!"
  • "Don't worry, I'll keep the crowd entertained."
  • "How's it goin', pussies?!"
  • "Really sold out crowd here. Fuckin' jam packed."
  • "I am the wiener cleaner! The meaner wiener! The greener wiener!"
  • "Wow, what the fuck is happening?"
  • "It's very windy in here. Either that, or Eleven thinks I'm the Demagorgon and is sending me for a wild ride."
  • "To master the Matrix, Neo, you must first master hopscotch."
  • "This looks like a fucking Precog from the movie Minority Report."
  • "Get down, someone's got a laser pointer!"
  • "Check it out, I'm a dog! Give me Scooby Snacks!"
  • "Actually more like a Chupacabra. Or the girl from the Grudge movies."
  • "P-O-T-U-S! He has nipples on his chest!"
  • "Don't worry, I got you covered this time! Syke."
  • "I'm giving the crowd what they want. I'm giving them a good show."
  • "Holy shit. This bodyguard's tough as nails."
  • "Unfortunately I'm probably deaf over there now but that's neither EAR nor there!"
  • "Looks like I'm just gonna have to take all this money. For evidence, of course."
  • "I was born with glass bones and paper skin."
  • "Damn, really blasted myself off that time. To infinity and beyond."
  • "He doesn't even need bodyguards. This man's the bullet whisperer."
  • "Did he come in his pants?"
  • "Sometimes a man comes, sometimes he doesn't come. That is the way of nature."
  • "It's like a fucking Foo Fighters concert with all these fireworks."
  • "His head exploded like a Lego."
  • "CPR. Don't worry, I'm certified."
  • "No, I'm just eating his body."
  • "There was nothing anyone could have done. I might as well get some nutrients out of this."
  • "I'm clearly just keeping the organs fresh. By eating them."
  • "I just saved this poor man from almost getting crushed by a stack of money."
  • "I'm a true hero."
  • "Ass tastes so good you wanna go back for seconds."
  • "This is not a drill. We're at Def-cock Two."
  • "I'm still the champion of justice."

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Takehito Koyasu vs Isshin Chiba. Who's the better Dio? (I know what you're answer's already going to be; I just wanted to know your opinions on the two and how they stack up to one another)

tbh they’re both great, it’s hard to compare because there’s this distortion effect to Issin Chiba’s voicing in HFTF.  But his voice fits Dio as well as Koyasu’s for sure.  And Koyasu’s in-game ASB DIO is probably his own ‘best Dio’ in terms of getting the character right, it’s got this self-aware and amused quality (and since the game’s dialog-heavy he gets to do a range).

fwiw, found this short video while I was looking for cleaner audio of Chiba’s Dio, thought I’d share.  Someone edited some Chiba’s voicing into TV anime Dio clips and it works just fine: