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okay but can we talk about how the Doctor created a statue of Rose as the goddess Fortuna by hand and got it 100% accurate down to the chip in one of her fingernails (and the shape of her bum :’D), without using any photo or timelordy device while Rose wasn’t even in the same time period, let alone the same room?

travel times DIY

bc apparently this is all i’m thinking about right now

fair weather, flat terrain, roads

  • foot: 20 m/day
  • forced march: 30 m/day (unsustainable for long periods)
  • horse: 40 m/day
  • fast carriage: 60 m/day
  • horse relay: 80 m/day (changing horses at each town)

fair weather, hilly terrain, roads (or flat terrain, bad weather)

  • foot: 14 m/day
  • forced march: 20 m/day
  • horse: 25 m/day
  • fast carriage: 30 m/day
  • horse relay: 70 m/day

fair weather, mountainous terrain, roads (or hilly terrain, bad weather)

  • foot: 9 m/day
  • forced march: 15 m/day
  • horse: 20 m/day
  • fast carriage: 40 m/day
  • horse relay: 60 m/day

fair weather, wooded terrain, off road

  • foot: 8 m/day
  • forced march: not here you’re not
  • horse: 20 m/day
  • fast carriage: see forced march
  • horse relay: ditto

fair weather, mountainous terrain, off road

  • foot: 6 m/day
  • forced march: don’t do it
  • horse: 10 m/day
  • fast carriage: ur not getting a carriage up here m8
  • horse relay: there’s nowhere to relay ur horse up here

fair weather, experienced sailors

  • decent-sized merchant ship: 80 m/day (brig/carrack/cog type)
  • fast/unladen ship: 100 m/day (caravel/clipper/corvette type)
    • in peak conditions, you could comfortably get up to 150 m/day
    • these boat speeds include some margin for days when little progress is made vs days when lots of progress is made
  • for bad weather, just add on a day or two i guess

other modes of transport

  • horse & cart: 10 m/day
  • fully laden soldier: 15 m/day
  • rowing: 3 m/hour (quite fast, 1 mile can be covered in anything from 15 to 45 mins depending on how experienced you are/what type of boat you’re using)

things to note

  • walking speed: 3-5 m/hour (on average)
  • walking for 7-8 hours a day
  • riding speed: 25 m/hour gallop ; 13 m/hour canter ; 9 m/hour trot ; 4 m/hour walk
    • obviously it’s unsustainable to ride at a flat gallop all day, unless you’re changing horses at each town
  • riding for 10 hours a day
  • 1 knot = 1.15 m/hour

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They can publish 738284 articles about random girls and birthday cakes and celeb "party's" with a side of guacamole. IDGAF. Why? Bc something shifted in the universe. That tweet made the moon brighter and the sun is shining for me today. Nothing can bring us down from that right now. Expect the unexpected and karma will be kind. #rideordielarrie

Very me


“For such a long time, when I was younger in school, girl’s were really, really mean to me. It’s really unfortunate that [bullying and online bullying] goes on and I truly feel like putting positive energy out there and being positive and a good influence, I feel like that attracts that kind of thing.” [x]

Jerome Valeska//Know-It-All

Jerome x Reader
(Y/N=Your Name)
(Y/T/N=Your Teacher’s Name)
*WARNING: gun threat and gun use (someone gets shot in the leg)*

You sat in history class anxiously awaiting today’s lecture. You’d always had a knack for history and being the teacher’s favorite certainly didn’t hurt. The class was currently going over World War II and war strategies throughout history.

You’d been considered a Know-It-All in history since as early as you could remember. Jealous students would often snicker at your willingness to answer every question and the teacher asked. Despite this, you still tried hard every day in class and didn’t any of your fellow students bother you.

“Ultimately, the Axis powers were able to fall to the Allied powers due to their serious lack of-” Y/T/N Cut off by the class phone ringing you watched your teacher carefully as they slowly walked over to the class phone. Their eyes darted frantically across the room and you noticed a small drop of sweat begin to creep down your teacher’s brow. Your countenance displayed a confused look.

The teacher hung up the phone. “I’ll be right back kids.” They said.

Your turn toward your paper and begin to read through your notes while all the other kids in the class did just the opposite. It was several minutes before another adult entered the classroom. You turned around expecting to see Y/T/N standing in the doorway ready the scold the kids who weren’t doing their work.

It wasn’t Y/T/N standing in the doorway.

Jerome Valeska. Everyone knew about the escaped convict from Arkham. The red hair and smirk were unmistakably his.

The psycho let out a roar of horrifying laughter.

One of the girls in your class let out a screech. Jerome whipped a gun out of from behind his back and pointed it at her. The girl immediately got quiet.

“Oh I see,” Jerome said between laughs as he approached the front of the classroom. “World War Two. See I was never one for history.”

No one in the class said anything. The only sound was yours and others student’s heavy breathing. The red headed maniac rolled his eyes and shot a bullet into the ceiling leaving only 5 bullets in the revolver.

“Does someone care to enlighten me on the subject?”

All eyes shifted over to you. You weren’t sure if your fellow classmates did this on purpose or if the action was involuntary. Jerome noticed the change of attention and looked to you with a wide grin.

“Well lookie here! The gorgeous one’s got brains.” Jerome skipped over to your seat. “What’s your name sweetheart?” He whispered in your ear.

“Y/N.” You replied.

“I’m Jerome.” The maniac extended out a hand. You took it, and he guided you to the front of the room.

“Now, tell us all about what we need to know.”

Jerome dragged your now empty desk up to the front of the room so that he could have a perfect view of you and the board.

You lectured on and on about World War 2 and the change in war strategy between both world wars. You almost forgot the ginger psycho had invaded the room.

“And that’s pretty much it.” You stated, looking Jerome in the eye.

He clapped loudly. “Well aren’t you just a little Know-It-All!” The psycho said while pinching your cheeks between his fingers.

You attempted to take your seat back but Jerome stopped you. “Don’t sit down yet doll. I wanna test you.”

“Test me?” You asked inquisitively.

“Yeah Y/N. Is learnin’ theory the same as doing the thing your learnin’ about.”

“What do you mean?”

The psycho rolled his eyes, placed his hands on your shoulders, and led you to the front of the room. “Is studying war the same as the real thing.”

Jerome whipped out is revolver once more and released a bullet which lodged itself into the leg of one of your classmates. They let out a distressed scream. Jerome rolled his eyes. You stared on horrified. He dug his hand into the boys gunshot wound and used the crimson blood to draw the silhouette of a person on the brick wall.

The psycho approached you with a look of pure insanity on his face. To your surprise, he handed you the gun.

“That’s your target.” Jerome said while pointing at the bloody painting. “Try for a head shot.”

You’d only shot a gun once, and it was a rifle, a completely different type of weapon than the one you were holding now.

You must’ve been hesitating because Jerome seemed to grow impatient. He growled in your ear. “Shoot baby.”

You pulled the trigger.

The bullet was about a foot away from the target.

Jerome fell against the teacher’s desk in a fit of maniacal laughter. “You have no aim. I guess theory isn’t the same as the real thing.”

You shot the gun at the target once again. The bullet was even farther away this time. Your futile attempt only furthered Jerome’s fit of laughter.

However, in a moment of pure guts, you spun around on your heals and aimed the gun at the psychos forehead. You placed your finger on the trigger. Before you could pull the trigger and send a metal bullet through Jerome’s head, his hand flew up to meet yours and the gun was snatched from your hand. The barrel of the handgun was now pointed at you.

“I dare say you almost killed me kitten.” Jerome stated.

You didn’t say anything for fear that speaking would end your life sooner than necessary. Instead, you looked Jerome in the eye as one last act of defiance.

You heard the click of the next bullet falling into place.

Then, another one of the Maniax came into the classroom. Jerome turned to them. “GCPD is here.” They said strangely calm.

“I’ll be right out.” Jerome said before averting his attention back in your direction.

After another second of having the gun pointed at you, Jerome lowered his arm and scooped you off the ground.

“Where are we going?” You said between shaky breaths.

“That doesn’t matter baby. You’re coming with me, and we’ll be together.”

You were carried from the confines of your school in the arms of one of the most dangerous villains Gotham had seen in your lifetime.

The once bespectacled Ethan and my concerns

Ok, so I understand and appreciate that the old Ethan died with Cal (💔) and him leaving his glasses behind represents that. But what I keep asking myself is: can he see?? As someone who wears glasses, if I had left mine behind in a rush, I’d soon realise I couldn’t actually see properly. Maybe not in that initial period of panic and grief, because everything would be a blur anyhow and you wouldn’t be thinking straight about anything. But later I’d wonder where I’d left my glasses. (I have been known to get ready for work, get into my car, and only then wonder why everything was kinda fuzzy…oh, because​ I’d left my glasses in the bathroom. I was tired -_-)

So I guess I am concerned about Ethan’s eyesight. Can the poor chap see? Was his eyesight not actually that poor in the first place? Has he in fact secretly swapped them for contact lenses? Is not even Alicia going to pop back to the pub to retrieve his glasses for him?

Yes, I have probably thought about this waaaaay too much!!!!

Anyways. Whilst the absence of his iconic glasses does help to mirror the dramatic change within Ethan, (and whilst I miss bespectacled Ethan enormously and am perhaps overly concerned about his eyesight now 😶) ~ if the writers’ end goal is simply to have him pop his glasses back on in the last episode of the series to signify he’s “back” I will not be impressed!! He’ll be forever changed and can never go back to being the old Ethan again!! So I hope they’ve thought this through… 😔


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How do you feel about self inserts?

Originally posted by gif-007

Y’know, I’m all for letting people do what makes them happy as long as it doesn’t harm anyone, but as for reading them myself, you could literally chase me to the ends of the earth before I’d lay a finger on a self-insert fic. And often, fics that claim to not be self-insert are horribly self-insert and that’s the worst kind. That’s the kind I do have an issue with, because all that makes it is a fic with horrible characterization… and now that is a thing I simply cannot stand. 

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What do you think about the Mute Jason AU? Batman sliced Jason's vocal cords too when his cut his throat.

i think u guys like angst and suffering too much

I’ve quietly followed the “ace d*scourse” for some time now, I’ve seen a lot of crap (and as a law student, I have to say that aphobe alogic gives me epic migraines), but the thing that makes me most tired about the d*scourse and ready to throw in the towel?

Aphobes lie. They slander the ace community and its supporters and repeat it so many times that they convince themselves that their lies are true, and sometimes even convince ace supporters that what they’re saying is true, while conveniently making excuses for why they don’t have to show any evidence.

I’ve seen this happen several times (like the dove situation, for starters). Yes, the ace community—like every other community—has problems. Some of what aphobes say may be issues in the ace community that should be called out.

But aphobes lie and slander in so many cases (and they also take innocent mistakes and blow them up into monstrous bigotry), and it’s not about fact anymore to them, because they are objectively wrong in the cases I know of and are clearly not at all receptive to actual facts. Because of this, I can’t take anything aphobes say in good faith anymore, even things that may be actual problems, because I’d have to do days of digging to figure out whether it’s a real problem, an out-of-context misquote/twisting someone’s words into the worst possible interpretation, or just a straight-up lie.

And I wouldn’t care quite as much if not for the fact that their lies and slander are spreading to rational-minded aces/ace supporters in some cases, causing an ugly mess of total misinformation that leads to more baseless demonization. Aphobes are unaware that they are the ones making it challenging for the ace community to filter out its more toxic members—not that they care, because to them, all aces are the Devil anyways.

Cleaned up a sketch of Gio and decided to quickly color it to alleviate the pain from my migraine. Surprisingly, I feel a lot better than before lol. 

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"sasuke never cared about naruto, he only cared about his revenge" /// "he wanted to kill him more than once"

Send me claims you’re sick of hearing, and I’ll refute them.

“Sasuke never cared about Naruto; he only cared about his revenge.”

→ Not only does this portray Sasuke as an egotistical individual, which is a complete misinterpretation of his characterisation, but it is also a logically dishonest statement because Sasuke proved us that he actually does care about Naruto to the point where Naruto is the only one to hinder him from executing his revenge.

Naruto reminded him of his family, and Sasuke loves his family. Watching Naruto from afar made him feel something; it made him feel a positive emotion. Unfortunately, Sasuke thought of emotions as a weakness all along.

Also, does this look like the face of someone who does not care in the slightest about his best friend? I doubt it. 

“He attempted to kill Naruto more than once.”

→ That’s correct. Sasuke tried to kill Naruto four times for four different reasons:

  1. To awaken the Mangekyou Sharingan.
  2. On a whim.
  3. Because he wanted everyone from Konoha dead, including Naruto.
  4. Because Naruto stood in the way of his revolution.

He failed all four times because (1) he couldn’t do it, (2) Sai stopped him, (3) he listened to Naruto, (4) he lost. All of this is canonically factual, but let’s analyse the meaning behind his actions. Before I, however, go into detail, I’d like to mention that I’m in no way excusing or romanticising his attempts to take Naruto’s life. Obviously, killing attempts are objectively always negative. What I’ll explain is that while these attempts are a negative, the reasons behind his attempts are not a result of him hating Naruto but of his deep feelings for Naruto—which is in one way or another fucked up, to say the least.

  • Firstly, Sasuke believed that feelings are a sign of weakness, and in that very moment, he desired nothing more than power in order to bring his brother to justice. Thus, he needed to get rid of Naruto since he had fundamentally the ability to influence Sasuke on a broader level, meaning changing his mind. As the fight ended and Naruto was defeated, Sasuke did something unexpected. He spared Naruto’s life, falling to his knees. Sasuke could have benefited from killing Naruto; it would give him the Mangekyou Sharingan after all. But he couldn’t kill his best friend. More importantly, he cared for Naruto, so he told him his reasons and made sure that he understood him, warning Naruto twice he will kill him (as if he made sure Naruto heard him).
  • The second time, he didn’t properly try. Sasuke can move at the speed of light and can shoot lightning laser from his hand, but what did he do at their reunion? He chose to put his arm around Naruto, teasing him whilst whispering into his ear and slowly drew out his sword. He even warned, therefore giving him a chance to defend himself properly (again). Oh, and don’t forget Kurama advising Sasuke not to kill his best friend because he would regret it—or the databook implying that Naruto is his precious bond.
  • Now, the third time around was Sasuke’s darkest period where he literally lost his mind and wasn’t himself, confronting his old team and believing everyone in Konoha would laugh over what happened to him and his clan. When all hope seemed lost and both Kakashi and Sakura decided to murder Sasuke, Naruto came in at the last minute, still wanting to save his one and only. Well, Sasuke then warned Naruto once again about his intentions, giving him a chance to defend himself. After Naruto talked to him, saying he goes this far for Sasuke because he is his friend and that he can endure all his hatred, Sasuke surprisingly agreed to not harming his ex-comrades.
  • Then there is the time when Sasuke told Naruto he needed to kill him in order to bring a revolution since Naruto was the only one left able to affect his loneliness; his light in the darkness. During their final battle, Sasuke’s explained his reasoning to Naruto—making sure as always he understood him, understood that it isn’t meaningless and of course, making sure he warned him by suggesting Naruto should defend himself. And after a roller coaster of emotions, anger, frustration, sadness, Sasuke was moved to tears by Naruto’s feelings for him and finally admitted to himself how much Naruto means to him.

Any questions?