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So basically my mom wants to take me to a flipping modeling school and I’m all like “I’m not really into that kind of stuff… so can I go into an art school instead?” And then she goes on a tangent on how I’m 13 and “it would be a waste to not show of something that God gave you.”

And I’m kind of disgusted by the fact that she thinks people will only like me if I show off my body and that “boys won’t love a girl who doesn’t have big boobs but you do so why not show it off?”

I submitted my application for my job on Wednesday not last week, but the week before. Applications closed the Friday two days after that. Interviews are on Tuesday. At 4 pm on Sunday, there have been ZERO hits on the digital portfolio I linked to and specifically mentioned in my application. I’m SO glad I spent HOURS putting it together, because my tech ability is literally the only thing I have going for me over the other two applicants, who both have more experience than I do, and it’s a specific selection criteria.

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OOOH MYYY LOOORRRDDDD I FINALLY FINISHED IT!!! I WANTED to get this out yesterday, but I’m bad at pacing myself, whoops.

The Colonel was definitely more challenging then Damien’s, but there’s also a lot more going on. Hope you guys like it just as much as his though!

I’m still not sure who I’m doing next… But I will make the next one soon!!

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okay all this matt and pidge reuniting is cute but when will we get real sibling content like matt just coming in and,,, sitting on pidge of them just having a screaming competition with each other and fighting over the dumbest things

matt, lounging on pidge’s bed as she does her homework beside him: hey if you were part of the circus, what would you be?
pidge, considering it: oh man, that’s hard…. probably something like a lion tamer? or a juggler or something… OR! FUCK, maybe even the ringmaster! that’d be really cool. what about you?
matt, sighing happily: i’d be a tent :)


when they were kids colleen would make them stand next to some elevated part of the wall and do that thing where she measures their height and draws a line to mark it

  • little matt (scowling at pidge’s line dangerously coming close to his): don’t you fucking dare


pidge: (quietly finishes one problem in her assignment)
matt: YES! YESSSSSSSSS! FUCK! 👏 IT! 👏 UP! 👏 EINSTEIN!! show that homework who’s a bad bitch!…  leave that notebook paper’s ass QUAKING,


whenever sam and colleen get them a chocolate bar each for dessert pidge always eats hers extra slow until matt finishes his just so she can prove a point and say “no” when matt asks if he can have some of hers


pidge: you’re the older one! you’re SUPPOSED to be more responsible!
matt: well excuse me it’s not MY fault mom decided to shoot my irresponsible ass out of her vagina first!


they frequently do the bathroom bullshit

  • you know, the bathroom bullshit
  • matt: watching TV and clearly not planning to move for the next two hours
  • pidge: heading towards the bathroom with a towel over her shoulder
  • matt, immediately on his feet: oh my god you insensitive bitch i was LITERALLY about to take a shower-


pidge, groggily walking to the dining room: good morning
matt, equally as groggy: mornin’
sam holt: it’s 1 pm


pidge: you just ate my last pack of oreos! i even put them on the dining table so everyone knows i’m not done with it!
matt: i thought you didn’t want them anymore! who even leaves food on the table as a sign that they’re still gonna eat them later???


(at matt’s garrison send-off, seeing iverson scolding a student)
pidge: asshole
matt, at the same time: butthole
pidge and matt, looking at each other: :O :D


sometimes matt would randomly burst into pidge’s room and tackle her to the bed as a way of saying hi

  • 9/10 times that he does that bae bae follows along and stays on top of matt
  • and they’d all just. stay silently on top of each other like that for an indeterminate amount of time


matt: college kids are so fucking weird
pidge: you’re a college kid
matt: SHIT FUCK-


and in honor of halloween just finishing:

matt: i’m going to carve a dick on this pumpkin
pidge: matt that’s gonna be put on the front yard where everyone can see-
matt: maybe i’ll carve TWO dicks

pidge: it doesn’t feel very halloween-y today…. where’s the spooky gross shit
matt: (walks in)
pidge: finally

Date a boy who...
  • Looks at you like you put the moon, sun and the rest of the starts on the sky- 

-even when you are not there

  • Decides to be goofey with you
  • Seems to drift close to you because you make him comfortable
  • Is there to offer you help and at the same time respects your boudaries- 

-and decisions

  • Would fight tooth and nail for you when you are vulnerable
  • Will never give you his back and instead receive you with a hug
  • Trusts your abilities no matter what
  • Will open up to you on his moments of weakness because he trusts you
  • Who will be there to have your back even on the moments you are doubting of yourself
  • Date…. Shiro

Date Takashi Shirogane