someone do a smooch on my belly

anonymous asked:

im gon ask for a matchup for my heckin cat lmaoo. my cats a blue mitted ragdoll with th prettiest eyes an his name is scooter. hes v polite an waits til youve eaten to scream abt being fed its rlly cute but also he thinks every time someone eats its meal time. he loves belly rubs and bein picked up an he almost always will just flop on th floor in the middle of a walkway to get attention. hes also a salty child n will be angery if you make weird noises like loud smooching sounds -minty anon


my dear, darling minty anon. I hope; this was a joke;; because uh, I’m;; not going to do that;;; 

not because of you or anything! but because well…I mean…I do these for you and all my other followers ^^; and idk if you were here for that, but joke matchups really;; suck lol. *flashbacks to the my immortal matchup that was in my inbox* 

so, I;; can’t do this one. And again, it’s not because you or the other joke matchups I had before annoy me or anything -what I’m trying to say here is that yeah, these aren’t as hard or time consuming(unless i get like 20 and tbh im pretty close) as headcanons or mini fics, but it’s still something I work on and something I do for you guys to make you happy! I love joking around with all of you. I love the memes and I love the silly requests like the Heathers au or even the stupid dress request, but…I guess even I have my limits, you know? thank you for understanding💛