someone direct me to the fics please

Based on the evidence of 

1) every time Jacobi mentions, addresses, or interacts with Kepler and 

2) the fact that Jabobi spilled his life story to a smooth-talking stranger in a bar who bought him a drink and left his card on the counter

 I am 100% scientifically sure that Daniel Jacobi called up Goddard Futuristics looking for a date and was more than a little perplexed when he got a job instead. 

A message to larries…

Listen up.

I was a larrie for five years, so I GET IT. I do. I get what’s so appealing about them, as a couple. But the fact is, that no matter how hard you deny it, even to yourself- Freddie and Louis look just alike.

Not only that, but: Freddie was in Johannah’s official obituary. Her OBITUARY. He was in their LAST PHOTO TOGETHER AS A FAMILY. If you honestly think Louis would be the kind of person to allow that to happen, to his dying mother, you are either in very very deep denial… Or you’re scum.

Contracts involving sexuality discrimination, AKA a contract that would force them to be in the closet… Yeah. Those are ILLEGAL. Do the research and you’ll see.

That means that anything involving closeting is something they are doing out of their own free will. They would have to be WILLINGLY involving an innocent child and a woman dying of cancer. You really think that’s who Harry and Louis are?? If you do… There’s no help for you, and that’s disgusting.

I used to think it was stupid when antis said it, but now I realize how true it is: It IS disrespectful to believe larry is real. To discredit every single thing Louis says about himself, including his own sexuality. Who the FUCK are you to tell him he’s not straight if he says he is?

Better yet: Why are you all so obsessed with exposing a “couple” that you believe to be closeted? Shouldn’t that be up to them?

Any single piece of “evidence” you think you have is one of the following, guaranteed: Completely baseless speculation, a manipulated situation (such as a recent cut off clip of Bebe), a complete lie or misdirection made up by popular “big” larries, pure coincidence, or pure headcanon. The tattoos? Yeah, if you analyze it, ALL of the boys have tattoos that match. That’s a fact. Him not “looking happy” with Eleanor? If you look deeper, and not just at the photos that other larries spread, you’d find the pictures taken on the same day where they ARE smiling and happy. Not everyone is happy 24/7. Fact.
You don’t believe Louis would “treat his son this way”? What way, exactly? Because any way you “think” he’s being treated is just that: a THOUGHT. You have no idea what he’s really like as a dad, because he doesn’t share that with us. Every time he does, you either make fun of it relentlessly, or somehow pretend it’s about Harry and make it into that. (Recent example: him posting about playing Mario kart with Freddie and you guys bringing up an old ass interview from back when they felt comfortable enough to joke around each other)

And I don’t know how any of you still believe this, but your two week rule: DOES NOT EXIST. You have NO evidence for them being in the same location 90% of the time, and when they really are, they don’t hang out. They were in New York City for several days at the same time, yet Louis could be accounted for nearly every hour of the day. And who was he with? Eleanor. There’s pictures, videos, and witness accounts. He’s not a fucking CIA undercover operative, lmao. He didn’t somehow sneak out of his hotel without anyone knowing.

There’s a TON more that I could say, really, but I highly doubt any of you have read this far. A lot of larries don’t WANT help, or to realize how wrong their beliefs are. But if you do, I have a huge round of applause ready for you. And know this: When I realized the truth and quit being a larrie, I was attacked left and right, by people I’d known for years. Larrie culture is TOXIC, and I know that first hand. The whole “weak bitch” mentality is fucking repulsive. Do not be worried about that, if you choose to see reason. There WILL be people who will be your friends. And high chances are, they won’t be larries. Those people are not your friends once they realize you don’t believe their lies anymore.

As an ending to my long ass speech, I’ll say this.. Please feel free to DM me. If you want more debunking, or if you’ve already realized you’re lying to yourself, and need someone to talk to about it. Anything like that.. Thanks.

Okay but who wants to talk about Awkward!Snape??

So I saw the post by xxseverus-snapexx about how out of character is is when Snape is portrayed as some kind of suave sex god in fic. (Don’t get me wrong though, ooc-ness can be fun at times.) They mentioned Snape lacking the confidence, or even the knowledge, of how to sweep someone off their feet. Of how to deal with romantic relationships in general. Yes, please. But I’ve always wanted to take that a step further (and in a different direction, I guess) and say that he’s not only unsure, he’s a bumbling mess when it comes to someone showing interest in him or vice versa. Someone (Lily, Hermione, Harry, whoever you prefer) compliments him? Freezes. Blinks. Just literally stares until the other person changes the subject. Someone he has a bit of a thing for (not that he would ever admit it to a soul, of course) smiles at him? Actually trips over his own feet. Trying to have a conversation? Stuttering mess. Continuously saying weird/stupid things until the other person is barely holding in their laughter and oh merlin someone just put him out of his misery. And don’t even get me started on what would happen if someone actually kissed Snape. The poor man would probably pass out. Cold on the floor. Wakes up in a hospital bed with Pomfrey standing over him wanting to know what the fuck happened, but he’s blushing too hard to speak and at this point Pomfrey is really very concerned, and oh fuck, there’s the person who just kissed him, standing in the doorway, what the fuck does he do now. He’s fighting the urge to jump out the window or under the bed or just anywhere where he cant see the smirk on their face and why is it that he can handle being cross examined by the fucking Dark Lord, but he can’t handle a little kiss or a touch what the hell is wrong with him?? 

I love socially impaired Snape holy shit

Supercorp Fluffy Family Fic Rec

So @bueno–nacho asked for fluffy supercorp recs and I thought I’d share with everyone in case someone else was interested. These are in no particular order and if I missed any of your favs please direct me to them! I could only go back so far on AO3 without having to stop and read all of them again!

Supergirl In Training by wtfoctagon

I love this fic so much because it also includes the other Superfam babies and gives me feels how that means Kara and Clark aren’t alone anymore

Impeccable Timing by D_Writes

Lena is pregnant when her and Kara meet and it’s just Kara being the best girlfriend and future mom ever

Eyes Like Kryptonite by jedifighterpilot2727

Series of one shots in which the later chapters include their adoption of a little girl named Lexi that is getting its own spin-off which is equally as squishy and delightful

The Universe Always Sends Someone by liznotlizard

(They have several other supercorp baby fics too) but this is another time travel look at how happy you could be now make out already fic

Negotiations and commands by TheRagingThespian

Okay technically not supercorp babies but it’s supercorp taking care of Krypto and that’s under the same category in my book

Something Sweet Here by cinnamonfiglatte

This is a little more angsty in that it deals more with the insecurities and challenges supercorp faces in raising a kid, but it’s still great

(Super)Man’s Best Friend by Marzos

Another dog one-shot fic featuring Krypto cause I love that super powered dog a super bunch

Puppy Love by yourbestapology

I love this fic because I would be Kara in this scenario so hard. Basically she’s a worry-wort about her puppy and Lena is the vet

Sun is Gonna Shine Above by BerryliciousCheerio

I think this was the first supercorp baby fic I ever read and it has spoiled every other one for me. Aka the one where Lena becomes a super mom in her own right.

Happy reading!

three / apple martini

UNI AU co-written with @ineffably-styles

a story of late nights, unorthodox household plants, and a trip to Vegas that changes everything

Harry groaned. “Please don’t start a war with him,” he begged. “The last time someone started a war with Louis we all ended up spending the night at the police station. I still haven’t heard the end of that from my dad. He banned me from seeing Louis for two weeks afterwards. I was twenty. My dad grounded me when I was twenty because of Louis,” he frowned. “Maybe he had the right idea banning me from seeing him.”

chapter two / story page

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‘Cause I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You [Narry]

Summary: In which Niall and Harry keep not-so-accidentally running into each other and Niall tries to hate Harry but he really, really can’t.

The first time they meet, it’s in a 30′′ by 30′′ shower stall, barely enough space to breathe, let alone for two people to squeeze under the spray. Niall hears the door hinges squeal after he’s been inside for barely three minutes, and not for the first time this semester, he wishes that these communal showers at least had locks.

“Um,” Niall says, unsure whether he should try to reach for his towel to cover his ass and risk it getting soaked. He has shampoo in his eyes.

“Just budge up for like a second,” the guy says, voice sounding thick and raspy like he rolled out of bed not ten seconds ago. He prods Niall gently in his sides until he shifts enough out of the way that the guy can squeeze by and monopolize the spray. “I’ve just got up and I have class in like five minutes. All the other stalls are taken, please.”

And Niall can’t exactly do much now that he’s all pressed against the grubby walls, getting glanced by elbows at the chest and shoulder as, he assumes, the guy frantically washes himself. Using Niall’s soap.

By the time Niall manages to force his head under the spray enough to wash off the shampoo, the guy is gone and Niall didn’t even get a good look at him.

Niall finishes his shower slowly, glancing over his shoulder routinely like he expects to be disturbed again. When he reaches for his towel, he finds it all balled up and damp. He curls his fist around it cruelly and tamps down on the anger he feels. Niall acknowledges then and there that today will not be a good day.

It’s a terrible day.

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Do you know any fics of outside people reacting/getting to know percabeth? Something about them, but from someone else's pov.... (ily btw <3)

literally my favourite genre in this fandom if anyone has recs PLEASE send them my way

i’m gonna do some cheeky self-promo and direct you to Not So Sure by yours truly

Her Weird Roommate by @somethingmorecreative1

You and I Against the Rest of the World by @lilypxtter

All That Matters by LiveLaughLove728

Return to Goode by riptide0012

The Annabeth Incident by Grey-eyed Birdie

What am I going to do? by Rj190

It’s You and Me by @percy-the-sorcerer

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Eden, I really really hate you. You've made me binge Back To Us. IT WAS NOT FUN. I AM NOW A VERY SQUISHED PILE OF FEELS. HOW DARE YOU. Anyways, I saw that someone requested fox!Adrien and peacock!Marinette from you, you know there's a fic for this, right? With ladybug!Alya and blackcat!Nino?

Originally posted by mavieen16-9

@insanitysscribblings and I will revel in your addiction! MWAHAHAHA~! >:3 

And YES, I was directed to A Declaration of Love by @imthepunchlord after posting the Fox/Peacock picture!  :D  I’ve started reading but haven’t finished it yet though, so no spoilers please!  :3 

The Mother of Dragons Fic Prompt

Will someone PLEASE write a fic based on the Great War to come, where Daenerys and Drogon encounter Viserion….where her bond with Viserion is strong enough to break the Night Kings hold because Viserion loves her. Viserion comes back to himself, Dany gets to say goodbye, and she must kill him through Dracarys via Drogon. If you happen to sprinkle in her becoming pregnant and Jonerys I would love that as well.

Someone please point me in the direction of a good angst fic writer; I need to cry about this.

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A PSA (Public SaikiK (fic) Appeal

Can someone tell me why the fuck there’s such a lack of Saiki Kusuo no Sai Nan fic? DO YOU ALL NOT SEE THE FIC OPPORTUNITIES HERE? Where are my Time-Travel AUs where Saiki goes back in time hoping to regain his peaceful life without his friends only to realize he a) can’t avoid them (It’s set in stone by fate or whatever) or b) he doesn’t want to, and he admits to himself he likes having friends? Where’s there Saiki angst fic about Saiki’s apathy or how he can’t fall in love due to his x-ray vision? Damn it, where are the crossovers! At this point, I’ll even accept a Harry Potter crossover. But like? No crossovers with Bnha, OPM? MP100???? 

No AU’s with personality swaps or fics about Saiki having a breakdown or even fucking Kaidou unlocking powers or something? 

Ooh.. you know what would be really cool? A fic where Dark Reunion is actually real, which could turn out to be horribly tragic or hilariously funny with Kaidou being like “Ha! Told you!” and then cowering, kinda like Usopp. Or those zombie AUs you see in abundance in other fandoms but Saiki just kind of comes in and quickly ends it.

To be fair, there’s a little bit on and ao3 and a couple of them are damn good! But damn it! The community for it is so good and I want to weep over their Saiki fic!

I’m gonna have to start writing all these myself, aren’t I? If someone can direct me to where all this fic is being held I would be immensely appreciative.

4 am showers

Summary: After a nightmare, you decide to take a shower and think about your life but you have a surprise while doing it.Pure Fluffy and Bucky being a sweetheart

Paring:Bucky x Reader 

Words :781

Originally posted by loveviral

You look at the clock is three in the morning. You know that you shouldn’t watch horror movies before sleep. But you know deep inside that zombies and clowns aren’t your only problem. You are stressed very stressed college is consuming all your time and when you are not worried about that you are worried about Bucky.

 You look at your side and Bucky is sound sleep sure you want to wake him up.You want him to hug you and tell you that everything is going to be ok and that zombies aren’t real. But he almost never sleeps a whole night why would bother him because you are afraid a clown’s zombies are going to break in and you eat you alive?

You try everything to go back to sleep, you try to go to your happy place when all this madness is over but your mind come back to the zombie and all the things you have to do, you listen to so music in your headphones but your favorite band didn’t bring any type of comfort. After tossing around for one hour you decide to take a shower.

You enter the shower and let the water relax your muscles. You are enjoying the hot water when you feel a pair of arms around your waist and a kiss on your shoulder. You turn around and see Bucky with sleepy eyes “Did i wake up you baby?” he puts his head on your shoulder murmurs a maybe.“ Sorry, i couldn’t sleep, nightmare.” he looks at you and says" You should have waked me up.“

“I didn’t want to disturb you because of something so silly.” You hug him and stay in his arms for a while just enjoying the feeling of his body so close to yours. “What was about it your nightmare?”  You put your head deeper in his chest “A clown zombie enter in our room and tried to kill me and you were also one… was awful.” He is playing with your wet hair when he says “You know that zombies aren’t real.”

“In a word that aliens exist, Gods, evil organizations, and super soldiers are you telling me that zombies aren’t real?” he laughs and kisses your forehead “If an apocalypse happens I will not let anyone hurt you okay? Now let’s get out of the shower before we use all the hot water.” You quickly agree and let him wrap you around a towel.

On the bed he asks for you to sit between his legs and start to dry and brush your hair for you.The feeling of his hands on your hair was so comforting he was so gentle with you “Thank you, baby. “You say pressing your lips against his. After he is done with your hair you lay in his chest and in a few seconds you fall asleep in his arms.

You wake with Bucky placing kisses on your back “Good morning gorgeous.”  You turn around and place one kiss in his chest “Good morning, can we stay in bed all day today?” You say snuggling closer to him “Yes before I fall asleep, I plan a whole day for us. A really relaxing and great day for you.”  You continue to place kisses on his chest “What I do to deserve that?”

“You take care of me and you take care of everybody in this tower. Let me take care of you for once.” As he says that he leaves the bed to bring breakfast for the two of you. After a cup of tea and some French toast, he starts to kiss your neck. “Just relax. You are so tense. Lay with your face on the mattress”

As you do he starts to massage the knots on your back. At first was a serious massage but every time you emit a little moan he would place a kiss on some part of your back. “Enough with the massage, please” he laughs and turns you around “Do you have any other idea of reliving some stress?”

You don’t respond him; you crash your lips on his and flip both you. On top of him you start to place kiss all over his chest getting lower each time and before you can take his black boxers out someone enters the room. “You two love birds aren’t going to leave the bed?” before you can respond you see your favorite lamp flying in Sam’s direction and Bucky shouting for him to get out.

“We should lock the door.” You say laughing “I agree but later.” He flips you over again. Let’s just say after you are both done you aren’t stressed anymore.

pretty please Leave feedback i would love to know if there is something i need to change about my writing.

Let me know if you want to be tagged in future fics

@shamvictoria11 , @dracsgirl , @capbuckyfics @you-should-love @myluvislikewow

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i just started writing again (simonvsbram is the blog i'm posting on for that) and idk do you have any advice? i'm here to supply the simonvs fandom with as many fics as i'm able

K, hoping @simonvsbram (welcome, welcome!!!) does not mind, but I am going to hijack this ask and turn it into a long, multipurpose post.

(First, go read their fic! It’s called “Greenfeld”,” and it’s way cute! It’s got some awesome Garrett stuff, and it’s Bram POV, how can you not like Bram POV?)

I’m going to start with some general Simon Vs. fandom advice, directed at anyone.

1) Contribute! Our fandom is bite-sized at the moment, but that is seriously liable to change soon. Get in now! I literally read SVTHSA only like three months ago, and have managed to worm my way in.

Write fic! Any fic! And make art! Make random Tumblr posts about it! Go on the Discord!

2) Most popular Tumblr tags are: #simonvs, #simon vs, #svthsa. I’m pretty sure the word “homo” can’t be used in a tag, so if you’re doing the title, go for #simon vs the homosapiens agenda or #simon vs the homosapien agenda.

3) The Discord is an awesome place to chat about Simon or Upside, which I am terrible at visiting, but you totally should, if you haven’t: 

4) Can only speak for myself here, but asks (both anonymous and otherwise) are great! Will 100% give answer about anything Simon-related (or probably anything bookish at all). You can totally talk to me! It might take a few days, but I’ll try! But if you’re asking me or anyone else anything at all, always remember that there’s a human on the other end of that screen. Let’s all be nice :D

5) Speaking of this, one of the things I love about SVTHSA is just how…kind it is? Will prob do a whole post about it sometime, but like, angsty assholes aren’t glorified for being angsty assholes in Becky’s books. Let’s all be kind and supportive of each other around here, too! (To clarify, I’m not responding to anything, but just, this little fandom is so lovely, let’s keep it that way!)

Now, general Simon fic advice, too. This is also for anyone.

1) Let’s talk about structure for a minute. SVTHSA is written in the first person, present-tense. You absolutely don’t have to mimic this style. If you don’t feel comfortable writing this way, don’t. I basically can’t write in the first-person, and I probably never will. I HAVE done a couple of Simon fics in present-tense, and wow, is that an uphill-battle. Do what makes you comfortable, and make sure to edit for verb tense. Stay consistent (this is sooooooo hard for me, I always have to do a bunch of edits even AFTER I’ve posted a fic).

2) Use your tags. You have to remember that SVTHSA is one of those rare queer stories that has a happy ending. It is a safe, happy mental space for a lot of people.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be writing angst! Write the angstiest fic you can imagine! Write a long, angsty Simon/Bram breakup fic if you really, really want. (I would read the fuck out of it, but be miserable every moment.) Hell, my current fic is a wee bit angsty. No one can or should police that. But like I said, use your tags. Tag slurs. Tag bullying. Tag angst. And respect that some people might not want to read those things.

4) It is both incredibly weird and incredibly awesome to have an author who reads fic, and even tweets about it sometimes. What a concept! Don’t let this affect you, though. Fic how you’d normally fic. Don’t let the fact that Becky Albertalli may some day see your sex scene prevent you from writing said sex scene.

5) Read, review, and give kudos to other people’s fics, when you can. Let’s have all the mutual love around here!

6) Write AUs. This isn’t directed at anyone. It’s not even really advice. Just, the existing Simonverse AUs are my favorite things in the universe, so. Can someone make this happen? Um, please?

7) I want to end on a note about everyone’ fave, Bram. Guys, I fucking love Bram. A gay, Black, Jewish, shy, nerdy, sweet, athlete love interest? He’s awesome.

But (and this goes out to you specifically if you, like me, are white), he is also a human being, with a complex inner life. Let’s all remember that. (I’m not directing this to anyone, nor have I seen anyone who this should be directed to. It’s just that I think there are about to be A LOT more Simon fics soon, and Bram is going to be the subject of A LOT of them.)

Especially when we’re writing fic, let’s all be real careful not to fetishize him (or Simon for that matter). Bram is fucking wonderful, but he is not pure and perfect, as much as we may adore him and joke about it. He makes mistakes in SVtHSA. He’s a human with flaws worth exploring. We owe it to him to explore them, sometimes.

P.S. I seriously wasn’t kidding about those AUs? Zookeepers? FBI agents? Teachers? Neighbors? I’m waiting, folks.

Oh, and I’m one to talk, but some more Leah/Abby for me to read would be fantastic. If anyone is inclined.


So, for those of you who had been reading Charlie’s Wolf and Lamb WIP (Fragrant), it was also plagiarized from @esselley but if you’d like to know how the story ends (since Charlie never go to post the ending), and would like to give the actual author the hits and kudos, please check it out here: Hunger.

Also, @louandhazaf had a lovely idea of leaving a comment on the original fic Dreamless if you had loved Lilin (as they’re essentially the same fic).

To everyone who’s messaged me, thank you. I’m mostly hurt that I felt like I had really connected with someone over something only to find they had been lying. But the real sympathy should go to the writing team behind the plagiarized works. They’re obviously super talented and deserve all the kudos, comments, and praise that was directed elsewhere. Hopefully this incident brings them new fans and followers. 

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Hello there, love your blog. I was wondering if you could kindly point me in the direction of some pike x reader fics please and thank you.

Hello Nonnie!

Thank you for the kind words!

I know there have been a handful of Pike X Reader fics floating around lately, but I honestly haven’t read any of them as it’s not my cup of tea.  I do know of someone who may be able to help you out, though!

@gracieminabox is our honorary Chril Queen and Christopher Pike’s Girlfriend™ and if anyone would know of such fics, it would be her!

Can you help this lovely Anon out at all, Gracie? 


anonymous asked:

Hi there, do you know of any Veela fics??? please and thank you *sends loads of love and adoration to you and your beautiful blog*

Yes, anon, I sure do! I’ve been wondering when someone was going to ask for these, cause there are some great ones out there. Let me also direct you to the do-me-veela comm, for more of your veela fic needs. Meanwhile, enjoy these, and of course remember to leave some appreciation for these fab authors!

Drarry Recs: Veela

A Consummation Devoutly to be Wished by Mirabella - NC-17, 6.5k - Um… dracoisaveelaandHarryishismate.  Shut up. 

The Garland Gay by Vaysh - NC-17, 35k - Draco Malfoy has it all &#150; – sex, money, power. But a family secret threatens to become the undoing of the successful head of Malfoy Bank. His troubles bring him to private investigator Harry Potter, who lost it all  – girlfriend, Galleons, Auror career &#150; – over a tenacious obsession with a certain blond. Both become entangled in the vengeful schemes of a stranger from the past. As much as Draco tries to resist, in the end, he must make a fateful choice for the man he is destined to love.

Haute Allure by zeitgeistic - NC-17, 12.5k - Harry is famous for his menswear now. Malfoy is the inside leg that he loves running his tape measure up.

I, Ferret by curiouslyfic - PG-13, 2k - Draco’s embraced his inner Ferret. Now it’s Harry’s turn. Starring Veela!Draco, mpreg, an old wives’ tale, and a Weddiwizard.

In Flight by eidheann - NC-17, 5k - What a Malfoy wanted, a Malfoy got. And Draco Malfoy wanted Harry Potter.

In His Nature by create_serenity - M, 20.5k - Harry agreed to have sex with Draco once a month in order to keep him alive, what he didn’t agree to was Draco popping up all over the place and disrupting his life in more ways than one.

Mate by LadyVader - NC-17, 15k - Obligatory Veela fic: Draco’s a Veela and does NOT want Harry for his Mate - well TOUGH ;P 

A Mother’s Son by cyn_ful - NC-17, 3.5k - All Harry wanted to do was return Draco’s wand.  Unfortunately no one thought to warn him that he was a Veela, even though everyone knew about Lily.

Shine, Even in the Darkness by raitala - NC-17, 41k - Harry hasn’t seen Draco for over fifteen years, but now he’s showing up everywhere and Harry is sort of weirdly attracted to him, but that can’t be right?

you look so fine by michi_thekiller - NC-17, 16k - “When Draco Malfoy turned 16 years old, he thought he’d make a night of it. He went to a club, met a bloke, and then promptly took himself next door pay-by-the-hour hotel, determined to get the most bang for the Galleon, in a manner of speaking. Not even one full Galleon into it, Draco Malfoy lost his virginity. It all went just how he’d always imagined it, and it was, all in all, a bloody good time. Waking up the next morning, however, next to a bloody ribcage and a man’s intestines strewn all over the bed like thick wet streamers - that was a bloody bad time.”

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never have i ever written a switch-up au? (ie someone else is the champion, or someone else is the emperor/empress, or someone else was frozen for 10k years, etc)

How about someone else crash-lands on Earth? ;) 

Please let me direct you to Collision! Ulaz and Shiro, written for Uliro Week 2017, 10k, ch ½. definitely a role-reversal AU, of sorts, and probably one of my favorite WIPs. (I’m biased.) Enjoy if you haven’t peeked at it already! :)   

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can i have a list of your favorite fanfiction writers for the inuyasha fandom?? i'm looking for more stuff to read! :)


May I first direct your attention to this list I complied a while back of my fave fics? It’s not the same thing, but authors are below, so no worries :{


If links don’t work let me know!

It’s super long so if you’d rather I put it under a read more, let me know and I’ll edit this.

In the particular order of who comes off the top of my head:

From Tumblr:

@moonlightdiva - Writes some seriously kickass MirSan and hey I hear she also had an InuMir fic going on so if you need some quality MirSan I most def recommend her to you hold up here’s her account

@inuyousha - Precious writer of amazing little ficlets they’re pure gold and I guarantee you’ll just love them!! Here’s her tag for them

@inuyashasforest - She writing this really amazing fic called Light Me a Lantern and it is like snow in fall— pretty and amazing yes I most definitely recommend her

@amaayasha - If you’re in desperate need of adorable friendship fluff and fabulous Disney Au’s may I present the queen of IY friendship, Ale? Yes I can you best read her stuff here you gooo

@fast-moon - Also known as holy debunker of Inuyasha fanon myths, they write some super rad fics! Please check out Memoirs, a great story following Inuyasha’s father as he grows up

@czarcastic-dog - Has written an absolutely fabulous Naraku-centric fic, the famous Chemistry AU that you know you absolutely have to read well here it is

@sluttybrowniez - Does some really great fic-work for SessRin and the writing is just gorgeous and wonderful and please check her out

@hanmajoerin - A really great writer who’s profile can be found here and just read her fics you’ll cry and not even regret it

@artistefish - Has some very quality AU’s and art to boot to accompany them! I really rec reading her stuff it’s wonderful and magical eep

@halfdemons - Writes some really amazing ficlets omg and their tag can be found riiiight here and come on tell me you do not love the formatting

@princessango - How about some more MirSan um yes?? It’s really supr gorgeous and you will love their fics go go go

@inuijiness - More art and fic yayayay like seriously you should check out the amazing Sword and Arrow it is top notch

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i really need a fic of Roxy finding out that Merlin has tattoos and completely pulls Merlin away from his work just to undress him down to his underwear so all his tattoos could be put on display and proceed to spend hours just tracing every tattoo with her fingers and demanding to know why Merlin got that specific tattoo, how long it took to finish, how long had he had it, etc 

idk i just need more of Merlin with tattoos in my life tbh